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After taking a short cut home, a young woman witnesses the brutal mutilation, rape and murder of another woman.

On my way home late at night, I hesitate, then decide to take a short cut down a long dimly lit alleyway between some shops. I get about half way, when I see a tall, well built, smartly dressed man, viciously dragging a woman by her hair, up the alley towards me. She is wearing heels and frequently stumbles, but the man yanks her back to her feet by her hair. I quickly duck into a darkened doorway. He takes her behind a dumpster so that passers by on the street can't see him, but from where I am hiding, I have a clear perfect view.

The woman is stunningly attractive and smartly dressed. She has long silken brown hair and dark brown eyes. She's tall and slender with the backside of a catwalk model. She's dressed in a classy, expensive, fitted skirt suit, with a shimmering white satin blouse peeking from beneath her jacket. This is the kind of woman you notice.

She tries to wrestle with him. I get goosebumps when I see him pull down her skirt, revealing her silver satin slip, with pretty black lace trim around the hem.

She is fighting with him and trying hard to get free, but I can't understand why she doesn't scream. I'm not sure if what I'm watching is real, or some lovers fantasy role-play. He pulls her satin slip up around her waist, tugging savagely at her silk panties, the elastic cutting into her flesh. Finally the elastic snaps, the thin silk panties are torn from her body, revealing a small bush of dark brown hair. Now I'm almost certain I'm about to witness a rape.

He places one hand around her neck, pinning her to the wall. He plunges his fingers into her hairy mound and buries them deep into her cunt, thrusting his fingers in and out. Her face is contorted with pain. He withdraws his fingers, sniffs them, put his fingers in his mouth, then thrusts them back up inside her cunt. He finger fucks her as fast and furiously as he can, only stopping to sniff his fingers and taste her pussy juices, before ramming his fingers back up inside her once again.

The man rips open her tailored jacket and pulls it off her shoulders, tugging violently at it until it is completely off. I'm mesmerised by her shiny white satin blouse. Pinning her to the wall once again, with one hand around her throat, he unbuckles his belt. I can clearly see the wonderful shape of her breasts and nipples through her satin blouse.

Fumbling about for a moment, his trousers fall to the ground. As he tries to step out of his trousers, the woman seizes the opportunity to try and escape. A quick sharp punch to the side of her head causes her to fall ungracefully, leaving her sprawled across the ground. He steps out of his trousers and removes his jacket, placing them on top of the dumpster. Now standing in just his shoes, crisp white shirt and black tie, he pulls her back to her feet by her hair. He slams her up against the wall, then removes his penis from his underpants. I watch nervously, but at the same time I feel excited, hoping he is about to fuck her.

He starts to stroke his penis vigorously. With his free hand, he awkwardly grabs and squeezes her breasts. At that moment, I would give anything to be able to play with her breasts in that lovely silky satin blouse.

I can see his fully erect penis, but he isn't a big man. Actually, he is a very big man, probably well over six feet tall and extremely muscular like a professional wrestler; but his penis is tiny in comparison, maybe 4 inches at the most. I actually feel sorry for him.

Pinning her against the wall, he lifts both her legs off the floor. Grabbing her ankles, he spreads her legs high and wide, level with her shoulders, trapping her arms against her sides. Her flexibility is impressive, but it looks uncomfortably painful. Then he begins to rape her.

He starts thrusting his hips back and forth, but it's not like normal fucking; it's more like he's trying to stab her with his tiny cock. She turns her head and looks in my direction, I'm almost certain she sees me! She looks familiar, I feel as though I know this woman, but I can't place her. She is wincing from the pain. Her lips appear to mouth the words, "help me," but still she doesn't scream, or call out for help. It's then I realise he is sodomising her. I've never seen a woman look so helpless as she did at that moment. The streetlights highlighted the tears running down her cheeks.

I don't know why I didn't help, it's more like I hesitated, but the moment I did, the choice was made. I notice a tingling in my vagina and I can't suppress it. I feel ashamed, but also excited as my pussy starts to get wet. The most disturbing thing is, deep down inside, there's some animal part of me that wants to see this other woman hurt.

He stops and releases her, letting her stand once again. She seems relieved and rubs her inner thighs to relieve the pain.

"Is that it... Is it over?" I ask myself.

Without any warning, the man raises his fist and punches her in the face; her head is thrown back and she stumbles backwards against the wall. My heart misses a beat when he punches her for a second time, splattering blood from her nose all over her lovely satin blouse. I shudder at the sound of her head cracking against the wall when he hits her the second time. Her body goes limp, as her legs buckle beneath her. He quickly grabs her before she falls and pulls her towards him, holding her tightly. She is dazed and confused, with no strength to fight back.

He appears to hug her, one hand gently on the back of her head, holding it beside his, as he lowers his face into the nape of her neck; he seems to be smelling her. He kicks her ankles apart, opening up her stance a little. Then reaching down for the hem of her slip, he pulls it around her waist. He lifts her left leg and guides his penis into her vagina. He fucks her for what seems like only seconds, his hips jerk roughly and deeply into hers; just a few quick thrusts and he lets out a suppressed groan of pleasure.

"OMG!.... Are you fucking kidding me?" I say to myself, as he releases her. "Was that it?.... What sort of man are you?"

She barely had the strength to stand up, still dazed and confused from the punch to her face, she slowly drops to her knees and slumps down on the floor. He grabs her by the hair and tries to push his now limp cock into her mouth. She turned her head from side to side, refusing to suck his tiny penis. He seems to be growing impatient and getting agitated, constantly looking towards the end of the alley. He picks up her discarded skirt and wipes his penis with it, then reaches for his trousers and jacket and gets dressed. I suspect that the her ordeal will soon be over, but this is only the calm before the storm.

I'm surprised when he helps her to her feet, then replaces one of her shoes and gently brushes the dirt from her legs. It's almost as if he's waiting for her to regain her senses, to make sure she is going to be okay. He even takes a handkerchief from his pocket, spits into it, then wipes the drying blood off her face. He's looking up and down the alley to make sure they are still alone, then reaches into his inner jacket pocket. At first It looks like he is holding a pen as he removes the plastic top, but as he holds it up to her face, I suddenly realise it's a surgical knife.

I grab my chest, my heart is pounding, feeling like it is about to explode. I am completely awestruck as he slashes the blade across her chest. The blade slices through her flesh like a hot knife through butter. He slashes the blade across her breasts once more. She bleeds profusely from the gashes he has made in her breasts, turning her white satin blouse a deep shade of red.

The woman looks directly at me; now I'm certain she sees me. I see the look of sheer terror on her face, she is genuinely scared for her own life. I still don't understand why she doesn't scream out, it's as if she is paralysed with fear.

He places his hand around her neck, pinning her to the wall. He puts the knife up to her face, then slowly and deliberately carves WHORE into her forehead. He then cuts through the flesh of her cheeks, first one side, then the other, putting the blade in her mouth and slowly slicing through each cheek towards her ear. I can see it so clearly, I feel sick to the stomach. I turn away and try not to vomit.

He pauses to admire his handiwork. Then once he has checked to make sure that the alley is still clear, he continues to disfigure his victim. Still with his hand around her neck so she can't fall, he places the knife between her legs and cuts gently through her blood soaked satin slip; starting at the lace hem and slowly cutting upwards across her stomach to her midriff. He exposes her hairy bush, which is now soaked in blood as it pours from her abdomen and her breasts. He then watches the fear on her face, as he puts the knife slowly up inside her vagina. He thrusts the knife in and out of her cunt as blood begins to poor down the insides of her legs.

When he's finished, he just lets go of her, and she slips slowly down the wall like a rag doll, into the large pool of blood at her feet. Once on the ground she moves slowly, rolling over onto her side. She curls into a fetal position, then stretches out again. I'm transfixed. I just stare in wide eyed awe until she stops moving.

He takes pictures of her with his phone, rolling her body over onto her back and spreading her legs wide apart. He takes his knife and gently runs it down the front of her satin blouse, slowly peeling back the blood soaked material clinging to her body, to expose her mutilated breasts. He takes more pictures, then takes out his penis and urinates over her lifeless body. Then he adjusts his tie, turns and calmly walks away without looking back.

I stay hidden in the darkened doorway until I'm completely sure the attacker has gone. I hear the slamming of a car door and the screech of tyres as a car pulls away at high speed.

I sit in the darkened doorway for what seems like hours, but probably only minutes, trembling uncontrollably at the horror I have witnessed. I pick myself up and slowly walk over to where she lays, unable to control my body from shaking. Her head is turned to one side, her eyes wide open. She actually looks very calm. She's half clothed, although completely covered in blood. Her most private area is on full display, once a beautiful hairy vagina.

As I kneel down to get a closer look, I recognise the woman and suddenly realise where I've seen her before. Tomorrow night, instead of reading the evening news on the local television station, she herself will be the headline news; the third female newsreader to be raped, mutilated and murdered in as many months.

I realise this is a life changing experience. I'm mesmerised by the destroyed elegance of this woman.

The End.
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