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Final chapter of the story
A unusual situation Part 5 V.W.O.M. BUSTED
Day by day went by and Debbie would bring first one girl then another home for me to fuck. I tried several times to find out about Rene but Debbie only said "I told you she is a blonde with died black hair. Then Friday night arrived and the girls started arriving. Ann pulled me aside and said Debbie wants you to wait out by the pool for her and the girls. Then She added find a seat and just cover up with a towel and pretend to be asleep. I did as told and a few minutes later all the girls came out wearing nothing. Susan, 5' 6" and about 36b tits and about 100 pounds.T.J. was next about 5' 9" and maybe 115 pounds with 34b size tits. Then Brenda who had just shared my bed the night before. She was 5' 0" 80 pounds and only cherry size tits. But after she got started one hot little ass. Then Rene came out and immediately stopped and stared at me. I was peeking at her and I could see several interesting things Black hair on top and Blonde hair on her pussy. She stood about 4' 10" and her tits must have been 38b and she might have weighed all of 70 pounds.Her hands went directly to trying to cover herself, one arm across her chest and the other to her crotch. Debbie laughed and said Rene why are you staring at dad sleeping? He will get up later and go in the house and not even pay attention to any of us will he girls? They all answered together NO! The they dove into the pool. Soon Rene joined then in the pool. After a few minutes Debbie swam over to where my chair was and said ok dive in Dad and the fun can start. I did as told and Rene didn't even notice I was naked also. Debbie announced we would all play tag. She said no grabbing of any thing between anyone's legs, but other then that we could tag a victim anywhere.She volunteered to be first one to be it. She swam over to Rene and tagged her on her tit. Rene hesitated about going after any of us until Debbie asked her if she was afraid of putting her hands on others. The group started chanting at Rene to tag George over and over. Rene then set out to tag me and as Debbie had already instructed me I kept leaning back so she would have to tag me low or let me get away. After several attempts and failures she did tag me right on my thigh. As Planned I tagged one of the girls who tagged Rene. "TAG GEORGE TAG GEORGE" the chants started again and she came after me this time tagging me on my cock. She got red and I played my part to the hilt. "HEY watch where you are tagging, or things might start poking out at you." The girls took their clue and the next time Rene was it the chant became "TAG GEORGE'S DICK, TAG GEORGE'S DICK!" Rene moved to the side of the pool and started to climb out. Debbie said "WAIT RENE! Before you leave I have to show you something and we need to talk. Debbie climbed out and walked over to Rene said something and they went into the house. About a minute later Debbie yelled, "Dad come in here!" My dick jerked to attention and I walked into the house. Rene sat at the table crying. Debbie said as if Rene knew what was going to happen already. "Dad take Rene to the guest room and wait for me to join you. Then she added don't start fucking her until I say so." Rene looked at me and cried a simple "WHY ME." I took her hand and lead her to the guest room and told her to set on the bed. After a couple of minutes Debbie came in and said " OK DO THIS CUNT IN EVERY HOLE!" Then in a normal tone she said I want to see you fuck her face, pussy and ass, and fuck being gentle.
I leaned her back on the bed and started kissing her on the face and neck. I wispered to her to relax and except what none of us could stop or do anything about. Like it or not we had to do this. She relaxed an little and I moved down to her breast (which I was dying to suck on since I first saw her.) I licked around the nipples and sucked each one in my mouth. Then I moved to the top of her blonde haired pussy and flicked my tongue over her lower stomach. She giggled a little and then I moved to my goal and kissed her pussy lips. I licked, sucked, and nibbled on her clit until she was moaning and then she began to stiffen up as her climax approached. It was then that Debbie yelled "STOP NOW!" I jerked away from Rene and sat straight up.Debbie walked over to me and said you aren't here for her pleasure so just fuck her. I nodded and eased my cock into the virgin hole and had planned on going easy until I was all the way in. Debbie stuck her finger in my ass with one quick jab causing me to thrust forward as fast as I could. Rene screamed and I yelled "What the fuck was that for?" Debbie smiled and Said I told you not to be gentle with this fucking cunt and that's what I want to see. I started fucking her as hard as I could and it took several minutes before she relaxed enough for me to start sliding in and out with ease. I looked down and saw my cock covered with streaks of virgin blood. "Stick it in her mouth and let the whore taste herself and her blood." I pulled out and offered her my cock to suck on. When she didn't open her mouth right away Debbie moved up behind me. She leaned over my shoulder and said Take it bitch and clean it off good. Rene slowly opened her mouth and I shoved my cock into her mouth. I could tell her mouth was virgin because she had no idea what to do with a cock in her mouth. I told her how to lick and suck a cock and how to massage a man's balls as she did. Just as I was getting close Debbie said ok fuck her ass. I froze, I had never been a man that liked to fuck women (or girls) in the ass. I was a pussy man. "NOW! FUCK HER ASS NOW YOU FUCKING COCK! I rolled her over and Fran handed me a tube of lubricant. I greased my cock and started to grease Rene's ass when Debbie grabbed the tube and said "NOW!" I slid my cock between her ass cheeks and shoved into her tight unlubricated hole. She screamed and fought to escape my invading cock to no avail. The girls were holding her in place and I sunk into the hilt. I started pumping her ass and after a minute or two I was ready to cum. Debbie said stick it back in her pussy and fill her with your seed. I did as told I pulled out of her ass and slid back into her pussy. after about ten or fifteen strokes I came deep in her. As my cock started to shrink I pulled out and Debbie told me to stick it in her mouth so she could clean me up.
That weekend I fucked Rene about five times and I fucked Fran twice which I learned later was her reward for helping Debbie get the goods on Rene. The girls all left Sunday evening and things went back to routine except every once in a while Debbie would arrange for one of the girls to sleep over so she could help them with their homework. This went on for a couple of months and then about two weeks before Debbie's 12th birthday she said all the girls would be here this weekend. I said will any of them be here for your birthday? Yea select ones will be but not here the birthday party will be held at a nice hotel were mom has rented the conference room. The weekend arrived and so did the girls. All of them came in and as they did they gave me a kiss and went directly to the living room. Debbie called me in after the last of the girls showed up. When I walked into the living room there was a dry erase board set up in the corner and chairs had been arranged so every girl could see the board.
Debbie told all the girls to be quite. Then she drew a line down the center of the board and a line across the top. On the left side she wrote success and on the right she wrote treatment needed. Then she stated calling off names and putting them on the board. Fran left side, Joan left side, Tina right side, Judy left side, Dee right side, Brenda left side, T.J. left side, Susan left side, Rene left side. Then she proudly announced that all the girls on the left side had been successful in getting pregnant but she was disappointed in Dee and Tina and if they weren't pregnant soon they would be out of the club and she would have to make them suffer the results. Tina asked for a couple days during the week and Dee did the same. Ok Debbie said Tina I will arrange for Tuesday and Thursdays for you and Mondays and Wednesdays for Dee. Of course both of you will be here for the weekends. Then She erased the board and wrote Birthday Party at the top and under it she wrote Fran, Joan, Susan, Ann, and no one else. Under it she wrote Dad will be busy fucking Tina and Dee. Then she put the marker up and turned to the other girls. Each of you will fuck the guy I tell you wants to fuck you and then that asswhole will be told later the baby you are caring is his. These fuck heads don't have enough brains to think about protection. All they can think about is shooting their cum into a pussy. Then she handed out envelopes to the girls. Brenda spoke up and asked "You mean I have to let Roger Brown fuck me? How gross!" Debbie very calmly stated "Well if you choose not to then I will be forced to use what I have against you, UNDERSTAND BITCH?" Brenda just nodded her head yes.
The a week before Debbie's birthday party the house caught fire and burned to the ground. The fire was so hot that it melted everything. When the fire was out the fire department allowed me to look around to try and locate my safe since I had important legal papers in it. (Ok so I lied but I wanted to get my hands on the safe.) A fireman found it and the door had been popped open from the heat and sudden cold of water hitting it. The fireman pulled out an envelope and handed it to me. Then another. Then he pulled a third one out and some of the pictures fell out. He looked at me and said interesting are the others as interesting as this one. Lights went off in my head. This guy was already being turned on by what he saw. I said we need to talk about these. He said oh yea you got that right. He rose up and we went to one of the fire trucks as I put the pictures back in the envelope. Before I had a chance to say anything he said "I want in on some of the action." I said look it is not what it seems and I could explain. " Yea sure" he said "To me it sure looked like you fucking a little girl. Now explain how that isn't what it seems."
I said meet me at the coffee shop around the corner and I will tell you. He agreed and an hour later I fully explained what was going on. After talking for about a half hour he shook his head and said so how you getting out of this? I told him I figured if we could get something on Debbie worse then anything she had we might turn things around. "WHAT'S THIS WE?" I need help to pull this off and I will pay you a thousand dollars to help me. He thought for a moment then said ok but I want a chance to fuck her also. AGREED!
At the birthday party I showed up with Jim and said Debbie we need to talk to you NOW GIRL! She looked at me shocked and said why are you here you are suppose............Jim said Little girl you had better shut up and do what you are told right now. Debbie glared at me but got up and walked over to us. Jim opened the envelope and showed Debbie it's contents and then said the police would like to talk to her also. She started crying and followed us out of the conference room and out to my truck. She got in and we three drove to the house I was renting. When we got there we went inside were two more guys were waiting in their police uniforms.
Debbie I have pictures of you stealing money, sucking a man's cock, eating a woman's pussy, and a picture of you trying to stab you mother with a butcher knife. You know all your stuff was destroyed in the fire so now you will do what I say or your fucking little ass can be sent away for a long time.Debbie said "I will get the girls to tell what you did to them." OH! Girls can you please come in here. Sure Dad we would love to. Debbie wants you to tell what I did to you. Together they all said "FUCK YOU BITCH!" Then Fran said Dad didn't do anything to us what are you talking about? Where's your proof whore? Debbie started crying and Judy spit in her face. The girls all said have fun guys and thank you. Bye Dad we will visit. When the girls left I turned my attention to Debbie and said strip baby these gentlemen have something for you. Debbie stripped and the guys took turns fucking her and making her suck their cocks. each one had her in every hole at least twice before they left. Jim on his way out said George forget the money it was worth that to put a little whore in her place.
I told Debbie from now on she would do exactly what she was told when she was told to do it or I would be forced to use the evidence against her or I might get some more friends to visit her first, then use it. Ten years later Debbie has become my perfect little step-daughter. She is planning to get married this year if I give her my permission to do so.

Now to answer the question fact of fiction????

Well the story is based on real facts but of course I had to dress it up a bit, change the names, and hopefully create a story each reader truly enjoyed reading. The real girl did have some pictures which showed her mother having sex with a guy she worked with, and she did manage to get a few pictures of girls she went to school with that she also blackmailed for a couple months until she got busted for having crack in her locker and the school found the pictures. The girl went to a group home for almost a year and was then put on five years probation. The step-father and mother were never charged with crimes and the girls that were blackmailed have either grown and married or just moved away. Life is full of unusual situations and what happens depends on how we handle each situation. Hope you enjoyed this fact based story and look forward to seeing "THE CAVE" when I post it.


2007-03-06 14:01:19
THAT FUCKING TEENAGE CUNT FINALLY GOT IT AS HARD AS SHE WAS MAKING U DO ALL THOSE OTHER LITTLE COCKSLUTS. were those real cops in those police uniforms or were they other firefighters?

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