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Paul befriends me at work, but he has a hidden agenda. I knew he was planning something, but I didn't see it coming. This is a true story of friendship with a truly shocking end.

If you have read BLACK SATIN SLIP, parts 1 and 2, this story is part of the same series, although it is an independent story in its own right. You do not need to have read BLACK SATIN SLIP to understand this story, although it would give you a better insight.



I turned 20 years old on Wednesday 23rd. I was working as a building site labourer for a large local building company. I had been assigned the task of chain boy to the site engineer, to help set out the levels for a new cash and carry warehouse.

Paul was 22 years old. He was a newly qualified civil engineer, having recently left college. Paul was assistant to the main site engineer, who was soon to retire and whom he would eventually replace. Over the next 12 months, I was to become very goods friends with Paul and (Lisa) his girlfriend. At the time of meeting Paul, I had not yet fucked my sister, which incidentally happened early November.


My first memory of Paul may seem insignificant, but there's obviously a very good reason why I remember it.

We were sitting in the site canteen during tea break. I was browsing a porno mag, which someone had left on the table.

"What you looking at that rubbish for?" Paul mocked.

"You never look at porno mags?" I asked.

"I don't need to, not when I'm living with six girls," he bragged.

"Six girls?" I queried, not believing him.

"Yeah!..... I share a house with six girls," he boasted.

What he failed to mention was, he was still living in a student house, sharing one room with his girlfriend (Lisa) and the rest of the house with 5 other female students.


December 1985.

"So what you doing this weekend?" Paul asked.

"I'll probably go round my sister's house to see my niece. If the weather is okay, I might take her to the park," I replied.

"Oh Yeah!..... How old is your niece?" asked Paul.

"She's four," I replied.

"Still too young to fuck then!" said Paul.

I'm not sure whether Paul was deliberately trying to offend me, or whether he thought my niece was much older and read something into my comment that wasn't actually there, or maybe he was testing the waters to get a reaction. I decided to play Paul at his own game.

"Yeah, but my sister isn't," I replied.

"Ha, Ha, Ha!" he said, not really laughing at all. "You've fucked your sister?"


"Let me guess..... It started as two naked teenagers fooling around in their bedroom, and you accidentally slipped your sister one?" he asked.

"No, not at all..... I went to my sister's house to see my niece, but my sister's husband had taken her to see his mum. My sister was on her own, so I raped her." I told Paul, testing him, to see his reaction.

"You raped your own sister?..... When did this happen?" asked Paul mockingly.

"The first time, about a month ago."

"The first time?..... Is she hot?" asked Paul.

"I wouldn't say she's hot, but she's not unattractive and she's got a great figure," I told him.

"Hmm!...." said Paul, in a doubting manner. "Anyway, I meant, what you doing Friday or Saturday night?"

"Friday night, I usually go to the gym," I replied.

"Saturday?" asked Paul.

"Nothing much, I'll probably just stay in and watch the television with my mum."

"You still live with your mum?" he scoffed. "Have you raped her as well?"

"No I haven't," I replied, not amused by his attitude. "Maybe I'll rape yours instead."

So you not got a girlfriend?" he asked.

"Nope," I replied bluntly, getting bored with the conversation.

"You should come out with me sometime. We'll go for a drink," said Paul. "You do drink?" he asked.

"Yeah.... I drink," I lied. It's not that I didn't drink, but having no friends to go out with, I rarely had reason to drink.

"Great. This Saturday then?" said Paul.

"Yeah okay!" I replied reluctantly.

So Saturday night I went round to Paul's house. When I arrived, Paul took one look at me and said, "You won't get into a club wearing jeans and t-shirt, you'll have to go home and change."

"I didn't know we were going to a club," I replied.

"It's okay, we can go to Peggy Sue's," said Paul's girlfriend. "Hi, I'm Lisa" she said, kissing me on the cheek.

"Wow!... She's friendly," I thought to myself, wondering who she was.

"Hey Lisa, look after Steve, while I go take a quick shower," said Paul.

"Sure, I'll look after him babe," she replied, eyeing me over.

"Shit!.... You're not going to leave me alone with her?" I said under my breath, suddenly feeling very nervous. I didn't have a clue what to say to Lisa without making myself look like a complete dork.

"So you are Paul's girlfriend?" I asked timidly.

"Yes, I am. It's nice to meet you." Lisa looked me up and down, smiling to herself. "You like to workout?" she asked.

"Yeah," I replied.

"You'll do nicely," she said. I had no idea what she meant.


Lisa was 19 years old and a student at University. She was only 5' 6" tall, but weighed 154lbs or nearly 70kgs. She was by no means fat, but she was a big meaty girl, especially up top. I could see she had very large breasts, which she hid under a frumpy loose fitting blouse. Lisa was your typical cash strapped student, she bought most of her clothes from charity shops. Her dress sense wasn't stylish or flattering. She wasn't physically unattractive in any way, but if I passed Lisa in the street, she wasn't the type of girl that would turn my head. Lisa had long wavy auburn hair and very pale skin. Other women often complimented Lisa on her hair and were usually surprised when she told them it was completely natural.

As I got to know Lisa, I discovered she was one of the nicest friendliest people you could wish to meet. Lisa never had a bad word to say about anyone and would gladly help anyone in need. She was the type of person who would give you the last pound in her purse, if she thought your need was greater than hers. Lisa rarely complained, she only saw the good in everyone and everything. She was very easy to talk to, mainly because she did most of the talking. She had the ability to make anyone feel completely at ease. She never judged you, she never made fun of you, she never made you feel uncomfortable in anyway. I never knew nice girl's like Lisa existed. That's why, eventually, I fell in love with her.


Early 1986.

I soon realised that Paul and Lisa were inseparable, if you wanted to be Paul's friend, you had no option than to be Lisa's friend too, and vice versa.

As I got to know Paul and Lisa, I realised they were both sexually adventurous, but I had no idea how far they were prepared to take things or where they drew the line. Paul constantly made sexual innuendos, as though he was testing me to see how I would respond. I suspected that Paul and Lisa had a hidden agenda and that I was part of it.

Every time we went out, at the end of the night, Paul or Lisa would ask me if I wanted to stay over at their house, to which I usually declined. They would say something like, "You shouldn't walk home on your own at this time of night, it's not safe. Why don't you stay over at ours?" At first, I thought it was just them being friendly and worrying too much, but I later realised it was all part of their plan.

Paul had a habit of always being late, so while waiting for him to finish his shower one night, I was pacing around their room and generally being nosey. I found a rather extreme porno magazine and when Lisa came into the room, I asked her who's it was.

"Oh that's one of Paul's," she replied.

"I thought he didn't read porn mags?.... At least that's what he told me," I said.

"He's got a huge stash of them in that trunk, videos too," replied Lisa, pointing to a large wooden padlocked box. I looked at the padlock and wondered, "Why would he padlock it, unless he has something to hide?"

I've always considered myself broadminded and unshockable, but what I saw in that magazine, was beyond anything I had ever seen or even thought of. Once seen, the seed of curiosity was planted.

"This can't be real?" I said to Lisa. "People can't actually enjoy this stuff.

"If it offends you, don't look at it. You always have a choice," she said.

"It doesn't offend me," I replied. "But how do people enjoy this sort of stuff?"

I couldn't help but remember something my sister had said to me, "You can do anything you want to me and I won't stop you." I never really understood what she meant or expected from me, but as I browsed through that magazine, it put ideas in my head.

"So were you snooping around our room?" asked Lisa.

"No!.... No, not at all. I found it on top of that chest of draws over there," I replied.

"Were you looking through my underwear?" asked Lisa.

"No!....... No, I promise you I wasn't snooping."

"It's the second draw down if you want to take a look," she said.

"What!..... You're giving me permission to look through your underwear draw?" I asked surprised.

"Only if you want to. Isn't that what all men do?" she replied. "If you want to look through my clothes and try anything on, my side of the wardrobe is on the left," she said.

"Why would I want to try on your clothes?" I asked.

"I don't know, just thought you might want to. Paul does it all the time, he's always wearing my blouses. My little brother was always trying on my underwear when I lived at home," said Lisa. It was later that night, while we were out, I realised Paul was actually wearing one of Lisa's blouses, but I doubt I would've noticed if Lisa hadn't already said something.

Hearing Lisa tell me about Paul and her little brother made me feel better about myself. Perhaps I wasn't so different after all. So I decided to take Lisa up on her offer and look through her underwear draw and her wardrobe. Not one single pair of silk or satin panties in sight, definitely not my kind of girl. I opened her wardrobe door, looked at her clothes and cringed. Not surprising really, that I hadn't realised Paul had been wearing Lisa's blouses; they weren't exactly pretty or feminine, like the lovely blouses my sister wore.

Then something caught my eye at the other end of the wardrobe, I was drawn to a blue satin shift dress. I took the dress out of the wardrobe and held it out to Lisa, "Do you wear this dress very often?" I asked.

"That's not mine," she replied. "It belongs to Paul. He likes to wear it when we have sex."

It just keeps getting better and better, I thought. Paul wasn't the straight laced guy he liked to make out he was. "You can try it on if you want," said Lisa, "Paul won't mind."

"Thanks, but I'm a bit bigger than Paul, I don't think it will fit me," I replied.

"Actually, it's a bit too big for him, it would probably fit you better than it does him," said Lisa.

"I don't think so, thanks anyway. Unless of course, you want me too," I said.

"Maybe another time," said Lisa, taking the dress and hanging it back up. "So what are you into?" asked Lisa.


"What turns you on?" she asked. I thought about it for a moment before answering. "Sorry, have I embarrassed you?" asked Lisa.

"No, I was just thinking...... I HAVE A SATIN FETISH," I blurted out nervously.

"So does Paul," replied Lisa. "That's why he likes to wear that dress."

"Yeah, but I bet he doesn't need the dress to get aroused. I have a genuine fetish for satin, I can't get aroused unless the girl is wearing something shiny and silky, or unless I fantasise and imagine she is."

"So a women's naked body doesn't turn you on?" she asked. "If I were to take off all my clothes, stand in front of you naked and play with my pussy, are you telling me you wouldn't get a hard-on?"

Hearing Lisa mention, "play with my pussy," threw me a little. Being as shy as I was, my response was very different back then, to what it would be today.

"Probably not..... I'm not saying I don't find a women's naked body attractive, although it does depend on her body I suppose. Maybe if she were a page 3 model like Samantha Fox," I told Lisa.

"Paul thinks I could be page 3 model," said Lisa, " He thinks I've got a much nicer body than Samantha Fox and he love's the idea of other men jerking off over my pictures. Do you like to jerk off?" asked Lisa.

"I think you would make a great Page 3 model," I told Lisa, avoiding her last question. "But if I were to meet Samantha Fox in real life, I'm still more likely to be attracted to her if she was wearing satin."

"So was your sister wearing satin when you raped her?" she asked, calmly.

I suddenly became very anxious; "I can't believe Paul told you that!" I said.

"We don't have secrets, we tell each other everything," said Lisa.

"I didn't rape her," I told Lisa. "I wanted to fuck her, but she didn't try to stop me or say no, so it wasn't actually rape," I said, trying to justify what I had done to my sister.

"So what made you want to fuck your own sister?" she asked. "Is she pretty?"

"This is going to sound really silly," I told her.

"I'm not judging you, I'm just curious," she said.

"My sister was at home on her own, wearing a lovely black satin full-slip. I was so turned on by her slip, I wanted to fuck her."

"When you say 'slip', is that like a petticoat?" asked Lisa.

"Yeah, I guess so," I replied.

"So she wasn't wearing anything else?..... Just her petticoat?" asked Lisa.

"She was wearing satin panties too, but she didn't have anything on over her slip," I told Lisa.

"So is it normal for your sister to let you see her in her petticoat when you visit her?"

"No it's not. That's why I got so turned on. When I saw her in just her slip, I desperately wanted to fuck her."

"Wow!... And she actually let you?" asked Lisa.

"If she hadn't, I would have raped her, but she didn't try to stop me."

"Was it just the once, or have you fucked your sister again since?" asked Lisa.

"Several times," I boasted. It was only 4 times to be exact, but I didn't tell Lisa that.

"Wow!.... That is so hot. It makes me wet thinking about what it would be like for my own little brother to fuck me," admitted Lisa. "So does she always wear a satin petticoat when you fuck her?" asked Lisa.

"She usually wears a nice slip under her skirt and blouse," I replied.

"Paul said your sister has a 4 year old daughter..... Is she older or younger than you?"

"She's three years older," I told Lisa.

"Have you always been really close when growing up?" she asked curiously.

"No... I hated the bitch when she lived at home, but since we fucked, we've become much closer."

At that moment Paul walked in. "What are you two whispering about?" he asked.

"Steve was just telling me, he has a fetish for satin. Apparently, he fucked his sister, because she was at home on her own, wearing only a black satin petticoat when he visited her," replied Lisa.

"Maybe you should wear a black satin petticoat then," said Paul to Lisa.

I wasn't sure what Paul meant about Lisa wearing a black satin petticoat, but I didn't bother to ask.


Several weeks later.

Lisa told me, that she and Paul had been to the cinema, to see NINE AND A HALF WEEKS, on a Wednesday night (student discount night) and that the cinema was packed solid. She said they were going to see it again and asked if I wanted to come.

"Why would you want to see it again?" I asked.

"You'll understand why when you see it," she said.

"What's it about?" I asked.

"It's an erotic film. You will love it," she told me.

So I agreed to go and see NINE AND A HALF WEEKS the following Friday night, with Paul and Lisa. There was a massive queue and I was glad we weren't at the back, not sure if everyone would get in. I noticed that there were a lot of women wearing long white silk or satin slips in the queue. I was trying my hardest not to get aroused.

"Why are there so many women dressed in white silk slips?" I asked Paul and Lisa.

"They've obviously seen the film before, like we have," said Lisa, not really answering my question.

"Looks like you got an admirer or two," said Paul.

"Who?" I asked.

"Those two blondes keep eyeing you up," Paul told me, pointing to two attractive females several places ahead of us in the queue.

"Don't be daft, they are much older than us, why would they be interested in me?" I replied.

"You shouldn't keep putting yourself down. Paul's right," said Lisa. "They definitely keep looking at you."

I watched the two women Paul had pointed out, but apart from the occasional glance back in our direction, I saw nothing to suggest they were eyeing me up.

The cinema was absolutely jammed packed full, without a seat left in the house. I hated being crammed into a packed cinema, I always preferred to go on a Saturday afternoon when it was much quieter. Lisa sat between me and Paul on my left. The two attractive blondes that Paul had mentioned earlier, who I guessed to be in their mid to late thirties, sat next to me on my right. They were both very smartly dressed, wearing pin stripped skirt suits, as though they had come straight from work. The woman nearest me, smiled at me as she sat down, undoing her jacket. She was also wearing a plain white satin slip under her jacket.

"What did we tell you?" asked Lisa.

"What?" I replied.

"Do you think it's just coincidence those two women have sat next to you?" asked Lisa. "They were watching you when you came in, to see where you sat," she whispered.

"What should I do?" I asked.

"Talk to them," replied Lisa.

"What should I say?" I asked.

"Just be yourself. Say whatever comes into your head. All women love compliments," said Lisa.

"I like your perfume.... You smell really nice," I said to the woman next to me, shaking nervously.

"Thank you," she replied. "It's Youth Dew."

"What is?" I asked nervously.

"My perfume, it's called Youth Dew, by Estée Lauder," she replied.

Okay!.... So that's the end of that conversation, I thought, wondering what to say next.

"I noticed you are wearing a white slip," I told her.

"Yes I am... Do you like it?" she asked, removing her jacket.

"I think it's very nice," I replied. "But I was wondering why there are so many others also wearing white slips?" I asked shyly.

"Have you seen this film yet?" she asked.

"No, this is my first time," I replied.

"What's your name?" she asked.


"Well Steve..... You'll know why, once you've seen the film," she said.

"So why didn't you wear a slip?" I asked, turning to Lisa.

"Not really my thing," replied Lisa, "but I'd wear one for you though, if you asked me," she whispered.

"Okay!......" I said, surprised by Lisa's comment. I didn't intend to pursue that conversation any further, so I just sat quietly and waited for the film to start.

When I saw Kim Basinger dancing to Joe Cocker's "YOU CAN LEAVE YOUR HAT ON," I finally understood why so many women were dressed the way they were. I also noticed there were a lot of men shuffling around in their seats uncomfortably. I hadn't seen people dress up like a movie character, since I saw Grease when I was 12 years old, when people dressed as Olivia Newton John and John Travolta in that final dance scene of the film.

"Oh.... I get it," I said to the woman to my right. "You and your friend are both dressed as Kim Basinger."

"That's right," she replied.

"You look similar too, except you are much prettier," I said blushing.

"Thanks," she replied.

I pretended not to notice when Lisa gave Paul a hand job during the film. The woman to my right had noticed too. I looked at her and she smiled at me. "Someone's having fun," she said, referring to Paul and Lisa. I noticed that her friend had removed her jacket and the guy in the row behind, was reaching over her shoulder and fondling her breasts through her silk slip.

"So is your friend," I replied.

"Would you like to swap seats Steve," she said.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because my friend likes you," she replied.

"Why don't you swap with her then?" I said, feeling like a complete twat as soon as the words had come out of my mouth.

"Because I like you too," she chuckled. "We both really like you."

I stood up and quickly swapped places, moving one seat to my right so I was between her and her friend. Both women removed their skirts, so they were only wearing their lovely white silk slips. One unbuckled my belt as the other unzipped my jeans. They took turns to stroke my cock and suck me off as I sat there absolutely clueless what to do.

"Oh Jesus Christ!" I exclaimed, as I cum into one woman's mouth. She then leant over me, to spit my cum into her friends mouth and I got a fantastic view of their breasts. I had never seen anything so gross and actually felt quite repulsed as they shared my cum.

Lisa was making some kind of gesture at me, but I couldn't figure out what she was trying to say. After the film had finished, both women put their skirt and jacket back on and left without speaking to me.

"Fucking loser!" said the bloke in the row behind me. I looked at him and he just shook his head and laughed.

"Did you see what they did?" I asked Paul and Lisa. Paul shook his head and said nothing, Lisa didn't looked happy either. What's up?" I asked.

"Two gorgeous hot women you've never met before just sucked you off and you just sat there and did nothing," said Paul.

"What was I supposed to do?" I asked.

"I would have taken them both outside to the lobby and fucked them up against the wall," said Paul.

I looked at Lisa to see what her response was, she nodded in agreement with Paul. "They both looked really annoyed when they left," said Lisa. "Did you even bother to ask their names?"

"Things like that don't normally happen to me," I said. I couldn't have felt anymore stupid as I did at that moment.

I went straight round to my sister's house to tell her about the film and what had happened to me, desperate to hear her opinion.


October 1986.

It was my 21st birthday on Thursday 23rd. After I arrived home from work at around 5pm, I showered and ate my dinner as usual. My mother asked if I intended going to the gym that night. I told her, as it was my birthday, I might miss it for once. After dinner, my mother said she was going to take a quick bath, which I thought was a little unusual. I sat watching the television on my own.

At about 6.45pm, my mother came back into the lounge. The first thing I noticed was the lovely smell of her perfume. My mother was wearing a sleeveless red satin dress with a spotted pattern of various shades of pink. I had never seen that dress before, in fact I had never seen my mother wear satin before. I couldn't take my eyes off my mother's dress, admiring how nice she looked. The dress was snug fitting at the top with a vee-neck showing off her ample breasts, which in itself was unusual for my mum to wear something like that, then it flared out at the bottom.

"You look really nice," I told my mum, suspicious of why she was dressed so nicely.

"Thank you sweetheart," she replied.

As she sat down, she discreetly pulled the hem of her dress up, to reveal a bright red satin, lace trimmed slip underneath. She didn't look at me, but she knew I was watching her. I was getting very aroused at seeing my mother dressed so elegantly.

It had been almost a year since I fucked my sister for the first time, since I found out that both my mother and sister had read my diary. Even though my sister had told me my mother was willing and waiting for me to fuck her, it had never been discussed or mentioned between my mother and myself. I had never managed to build up enough courage to act upon it.

My diary was never intended to be read by another person, and even though I knew my mother had read my most personal thoughts, I thought it best that some fantasies stay a fantasy. So now it was my 21st birthday and my mother was clearly planning to give me a very special present. I knew that once I fucked my mother, our relationship would never be the same again.

"I think I will go to the gym after all," I told my mum.

I tried not to look at my mum as I got up and left the room, but I could sense she was very dissappointed. I left the house at 7pm to go to the gym, telling my mum I would be home at the usual time, between 9.30 and 10pm.


Paul and Lisa unexpectedly came round my house that night to give me my birthday present. I was still at the gym when they arrived, so they both got to meet my mum for the first time. I sensed an air of awkwardness when I arrived home and entered the lounge. They all looked at me, like naughty children that had just been caught with their hand in the cookie jar. My mum looked hot and flushed, with her hair dishevelled and was trembling slightly.

"We wanted to give you your birthday present," said Lisa, breaking the silence. "It's just a shirt.... I had it made for you, I really hope you like it," said Lisa.

"You had it made for me?" I asked curiously, as I tore off the wrapping paper. "Oh My God!" I exclaimed. "You had a satin shirt specially made for me?" I said, astonished. "It must have cost you a fortune."

"No not really," replied Lisa. "I remembered you saying how hard it is to find men's satin shirts in the shops, so I had a friend at Uni' make it for me."

"We were hoping to go for a meal tomorrow night to celebrate your birthday. It will be our treat," said Paul. "I've already booked a table.

"You can wear your new satin shirt," said Lisa.

"How can I possibly refuse?" I replied.

"So do you like it?" asked Lisa.

"I absolutely love it," I told Lisa. "You have no idea how much this means to me," I said, putting my arms around her and hugging her.

"We know you like satin, but it's just a shirt," said Paul. "It's no big deal."

After they had left, I asked my mum what she thought of Paul and Lisa. "They seem like a really nice couple," she replied.

"Well I'm off to bed, I'm really tired," I told my mum.


I arrived at Paul and Lisa's house Friday night, at the arranged time. I wore my new brown satin shirt, beige trousers and brown ankle boots. As usual Paul was still getting ready. Lisa was wearing a lovely bright yellow military style satin blouse, tucked into a knee length stone washed blue denim skirt. It was the first time I had seen Lisa wear satin.

"Is that a new blouse?" I asked. "I've never seen you wear satin before."

"It's supposed to be a shirt-dress. My friend made it for me, the same friend that made your shirt. I put a skirt on over the top because it's a little shorter than I would have preferred," she replied. "Do you like it?"

"I think it looks great on you. The colour against your red hair, looks amazing. You should wear yellow more often," I told her.

"I wore this for you," she said. "I was really hoping you would like it."

"For me?....." I replied, puzzled.

"I'm wearing black satin camiknickers too," said Lisa. "I couldn't find a black satin petticoat anywhere."

"Okay!" I said, wondering why the hell she was telling me?"

Paul comes into the room looking very smart, wearing a black suit, white shirt and black tie.

"Oh, look at you in your new blouse," said Paul to me. "Doesn't he look smart?" he asked, turning to Lisa.

"He looks very handsome," said Lisa. "I'm sure he will be fighting off all the ladies tonight."

I ignored Paul's comment about my new blouse, not sure if he was trying to provoke me or not.


We arrived at the restaurant, only to be told that there was a dress code and no denim was allowed. I couldn't believe they were refusing to let Lisa in, just because she was wearing a denim skirt.

"We've got a table booked," said Paul.

"I'm sorry, I don't make the rules," said the hostess. "I can't let you in if the young lady is wearing a denim skirt."

I was stunned, when Lisa removed a thin black belt from the waistband of her skirt, took off her skirt, handing it to the hostess, put the belt around her waist, pulled down the shirt, then calmly announced, "Problem solved, now it's a shirt-dress."

"Can we come in now?" asked Paul. The hostess looked at Lisa, smiled awkwardly, then showed us to our table.

"I can't believe you did that," I told Lisa. "I was waiting for her to say something about your dress being too short.

After we had finished our meal, we retrieved Lisa's skirt and went on to a nightclub. After queuing for over 30 minutes to get in, the doorman said, "Sorry, I can't let the lady in wearing a denim skirt." Me and Paul just laughed as Lisa removed her skirt once more, tossing it into the nearest rubbish bin. The queue behind us all cheered and clapped, with a few wolf whistles thrown in.


It was supposed to be my birthday celebration, so maybe I drank more than I normally would. Lisa was flirting with me outrageously and Paul seemed to be encouraging her.

"Has Lisa given you your birthday kiss yet?" asked Paul.

I turned to look at Lisa to see her reaction to Paul's comment. Lisa just threw her arms round me and stuck her tongue down my throat. I had the impression Lisa was a little drunk, but kissing Lisa was an experience I have never forgotten.

"Wow!" she said. "You're a really good kisser."

"Thanks... I've got a really good teacher," I replied, suddenly cringing when I realised what I had just said, hoping that Lisa hadn't understood what I meant.

"I'll let you into a secret..... Paul doesn't like kissing on the lips," whispered Lisa. Then without warning, she put her tongue in my ear and swirled it around. I had never experienced anything like it, but it felt amazing.

"I need the little girl's room," said Lisa.

As soon as Lisa left me and Paul alone, Paul pointed to a group of three girls he had been watching all night. "Which one do you like best?" he asked me.

"They're all attractive, but the brunette is gorgeous," I replied.

"Because she looks like your sister, or because she's wearing satin?" asked Paul.

"How would you know what my sister looks like?" I replied. "Actually, because I like brown eyed brunettes. The fact she's wearing a satin dress is just a bonus."

"Keep an eye on my drink, I'll be right back," said Paul, and walked over to the three girls. I watched as he put his arm around the gorgeous brunette and started chatting to her. I had seen Paul do this so many times since I had known him. I couldn't believe she was responding so well to whatever it was Paul was saying to her. The one thing Paul didn't lack, was self confidence, and women seem to love confident men. In less than two minutes, he was fondling her breasts and she seemed to be loving it. The brunette looked straight at me and smiled as Paul said something to her. Then Paul kissed her on the cheek before coming back over to me.

"What was that?..... What the fuck did you say to her?" I asked.

"I said, you'd been watching her all night and desperately wanted to get into her panties, but you are too shy to go over and talk to her. So I told her to meet me in the men's toilets in 30 minutes and I'll fuck her brains out."

"No fucking way!..... You're not going to fuck her with Lisa here?" I asked.

The annoying thing was, I knew Paul was telling the truth. I had seen him do it so many times before and it angered me that he had so little respect for Lisa. I knew Paul cheated on Lisa at every opportunity he got, and I loved her so much as a friend, I thought she deserved better.

"Do you really think so little of Lisa, to do things like that?" I asked Paul.

"Where do you think Lisa is right now?" he asked me.

"She's gone to the little girl's room," I said.

"How long does it take to have a piss?" asked Paul.

"I don't know, but it always takes women longer than it does men," I said.

"You don't have a fucking clue, do you?" asked Paul.

"Meaning what?" I asked.

"Lisa's been flirting with you all night and you haven't even touched her," he said.

"Because she's with you, she's your girlfriend," I replied.

"She wore that yellow satin dress for you. She even went out and bought black satin camiknickers because she wants you to fuck her. You could've fucked her anytime you wanted. You could've bent her over the table in the restaurant and fucked her and she would've let you," he said, trying to make a point. "She's been gagging for it all night and you haven't even slipped her the finger. She's so frustrated, she's probably in the men's bog getting gang banged in every hole as we speak. If she comes back with cum stains all over her dress, the next round of drinks are on you," said Paul.

"Fuck you!... Arsehole!" I said angrily, getting up and going to the boys room to check.

As I made my way to the toilets, the brunette that Paul had been chatting to approached me. She kissed me gently on the lips, with a small flick of her tongue. "Happy birthday," she said, placing something into my hand, before returning to her friends. I looked to see what she had given me; a pair of blue silk panties. I realised that Paul had arranged that for me and suddenly calmed down.

As I entered the men's toilets I was happy to prove Paul wrong, Lisa was nowhere to be seen. When I returned, Lisa was standing next to Paul finishing her drink. I looked at Lisa's yellow satin shirt-dress, then turned to Paul, "It's your round, I believe," I said.

At that moment, some guy approached me; "Hi, I'm Mikey. I love your silky blouse, it looks so good on you. Can I buy you a drink?"

"No you can't buy me a drink..... FUCK OFF YOU QUEER CUNT!... And it's not a blouse, IT'S A SHIRT," I told him angrily. Then I suddenly realised, I had just responded exactly how I dreaded girl's responding to me.

"You didn't have to be so nasty, he was only being friendly," said Lisa.

"He thought I was gay," I told her.

"It's your silky blouse," mocked Paul, laughing.

"He thought I was gay just because I'm wearing a satin shirt?"

"Yes," said Paul. "Take a look around. How many other men do you see wearing satin?"

"So if a woman wears satin, she's classy and elegant, but if a man wears satin, he must be gay!" I said.

"Unfortunately that's the way some people think," said Lisa.

"He also called my shirt a blouse, which really annoyed me," I told Paul and Lisa.

I then told them both about the blue satin blouse I wore to school when I was 12 years old and that my nickname was Blousie. (Refer to my story, BLUE SATIN BLOUSE)

"I'm really sorry to hear that," said Lisa. "I can understand why you got so angry."

"I've never heard of someone being afraid of buttons," laughed Paul.

"Now you have!" I replied, unamused.

"So have you ever wondered what it would be like to suck another man's cock?" Paul asked.

"Funny enough...... No I haven't," I replied.

"So what would you do, if I were to come on to you, Steve?" he asked.

"Hopefully you won't..... but as you're my friend, I'd politely turn you down," I replied.

"What if I offered to suck your cock?" asked Paul. "I'll even let you cum in my mouth, but you don't have to return the favour."

"Is he being serious?" I asked Lisa.

"Very!" she replied.


As we walked home, I suddenly became very dizzy and struggled to stand up. Paul and Lisa had to support me, to stop me falling over. I remember a policeman approaching us to ask if I was okay. Paul just joked it was my birthday and I had drank one too many, but I wasn't so sure it was the drink.

"You can't walk home on your own in this state," said Paul. "You are going to have to come home with us.

I'm not absolutely certain, but I thought I heard Lisa say, "How much did you give him?"

I was in no fit state to argue, so I just went back home with Paul and Lisa. They shared a double room with two single beds. Paul undressed me and put me on one bed, telling me he would share the other one with Lisa. As I lay there, everything started to spin and I felt as though I was floating on air. I was completely aware of my surroundings, but I was unable move or speak.

I tried turning my head towards Paul and Lisa, to see what was happening. They were both naked on the other bed, Paul was fucking Lisa doggy style. I watched as they changed position, Paul on his back with Lisa on top. I could see Lisa's breasts jiggle very slightly, as she bounced up and down on his cock. Her breasts were amazing, much bigger than my sister's, but I couldn't fathom how breasts so large could be so firm. After they had finished fucking, I could hear them whispering.

"Do it," said Paul.

"Why?" said Lisa.

"Just do as you are told," said Paul.

"I want to know why?" said Lisa.

"Don't Make Me Get Angry, Just Fucking Do As I Tell You," said Paul, raising his voice.

Paul left the room and Lisa called out to me.

"Steve, are you awake?" I tried to respond but managed no more than a murmur. Lisa got up, put on her black satin camiknickers, then slithered over to me, laying down next to me on the bed. "We're going to have some fun," she whispered in my ear. She started to stroke my cock slowly, watching to see if I responded. Then Lisa slid down the bed and started sucking my cock. When Paul re-entered the room, Lisa was already on top of me, fucking herself on my cock. Paul stood to one side and masturbated as he watched Lisa rape me.

I'm not sure if either Paul or Lisa was aware I was still conscious. As Lisa continued to fuck herself on my cock, Paul leant over and kissed me on the lips and whispered, "I love you Steve." Paul stood next to the bed and pulled me nearer to the edge. Then he turned my head and pushed his cock into my mouth as Lisa watched. I guess having your cock in someone's mouth isn't much fun, unless the other person is sucking on it. Paul quickly got bored and withdrew his cock from my mouth.


I could hear Lisa crying, begging Paul to stop.

"Shut your mouth, you whore," he told her.

"It was your idea, you told me to do it," she cried.

I managed to turn my head to see what was happening. Lisa was on her back, Paul was pinning her down with all his body weight, her legs spread wide open. He was fucking Lisa with all his might, more like raping her than making love to her, as though taking his frustration out on her.

I must have fallen asleep or passed out. When I came to, it was daylight. I was in bed, under the duvet, with Lisa snuggled up beside me, still asleep. I lifted the duvet and looked down at myself, "What the fuck?" I said. Lisa was completed naked, but I was wearing her black satin camiknickers.

My head was banging, my neck hurt and my throat was extremely sore. I had a strange taste in my mouth. My anus felt like it was burning. I lifted my head and looked across the room. Paul was fast asleep, snoring out loud, on top of the other bed, wearing Lisa's yellow satin shirt-dress. I realised Paul had spiked my drink the night before. I had no way of knowing for sure, but I suspected Paul had raped me. I had fantasised about rape so many times, but never had I considered, it could, or would, happen to me.

Was I traumatised?... Was I emotionally scarred from my experience?..... The answer was, "No". What Paul and Lisa had done to me, was no worse than what I had done to my own sister. If Paul did actually rape me, then I'm grateful that I had been unconscious and had no memory of it.

I was in no fit state to get up and go home, I just lay there thinking about things. I must have been awake about an hour, when Lisa finally stirred. "Hey there," she said, kissing me on the lips, slipping me some tongue. "Did you enjoy yourself last night?.... I know I did," she said. I didn't answer. I just lay there, staring at the ceiling. Lisa looked across at Paul on the other bed. "Paul's still asleep. Would you like to fuck me again?" she asked, rubbing my cock through the satin camiknickers.

Fuck her again?... I couldn't remember fucking her the first time, but I had a vague recollection of Lisa raping me. "What are you doing?" I croaked, my throat feeling like sand paper.

"Don't worry, I'll have you hard in no time," whispered Lisa. After several minutes of vigorous cock sucking, Lisa demanded, "I want you inside me. Come on," she said, grabbing my hand. "You can fuck me again in the shower."

Lisa lead me through the house (still wearing her black satin camiknickers) to the shower. Lisa didn't seem to care that she was still naked, or that we might be seen by her housemates. As we passed through the lounge, three of her housemates were sitting watching television, eating breakfast. I just smiled, as they all looked at me.

"You go girl," said one of Lisa's friends.

"Can you manage, or do you need some help?" asked another.

"Get a room," said the third girl.


Monday, back at work, Paul was offish with me all morning. Lunch time in the canteen, "We need to talk," he tells me.

"Okay," I reply.

"I need to ask a favour," he tells me.

"Sure, what is it?" I ask.

"Next time you see Lisa, don't mention Friday night," says Paul.

"Okay!... Why's that?" I ask.

"Lisa is feeling really embarrassed about what happened, she's really regretting it all. So next time we go out, if you could just not say anything about last Friday," he asked.

"Sure!.... no problem," I replied. "So what exactly did happen on Friday?"

"Let's just leave it, shall we?.... I don't want to lose you as a friend, so let's forget about Friday.... Okay?"

"Sure, not another word," I agreed.


Saturday night and I arrive at Paul and Lisa's house. Lisa is wearing another satin shirt-dress the same as before, but this time in a light shade of pink.

"You're not wearing your new shirt?" asked Lisa, looking disappointed.

"No, not tonight," I reply.

"Okay!" she says and turns away.

Throughout the whole night I feel uncomfortable, not knowing what to say to Lisa. She doesn't speak to me or even look at me much. It's almost as though she doesn't want to be there. Paul is acting like everything is fine, joking and making sexual innuendos as normal. At one point, I thought Lisa was about to cry, but she got up and went to the ladies. Paul did his usual thing while Lisa was in the powder room, flirting with other women and feeling them up, exchanging phone numbers so he can arrange to fuck them later.


Tuesday night, I get home from the gym. I'm surprised to see Lisa sitting in the lounge next to my mum. She's wearing the same pink satin shirt-dress she wore on Saturday.

"Where's Paul?" I ask.

"He's at home."

"Does he know you are here?" I ask.

"No, he thinks I'm visiting a friend from Uni'," she replies.

"So what are you doing here?" I ask.

"Can we talk?" asks Lisa.

"Sure!... let's go up to my room," I reply.

"So didn't you enjoy what we did?" she asks.

"You mean, have sex?"

"Is that all it was?.... Just sex?" she asks.

"Well........ Not to me, it wasn't. It was a little more special than just sex."

"Me too," said Lisa. "So why don't you want to talk about it."

"I don't mind talking about it, but Paul said you were embarrassed and regretted it. He told me not to mention it, so I did as he asked."

"Ahh!...... I see. He told me exactly the same thing," said Lisa.

"So.... It looks like we've been played," I tell Lisa. "Does Paul know we had sex in the shower?" I asked.

"Yes, I told him."

"Why would you do that?" I asked her.

"I told you before, we don't have secrets from each other. Also, I thought it best I told him, rather than him hearing it from one of my housemates."

"So you are going to tell him you came here tonight?" I asked Lisa.

"No," she replies. "I was actually thinking of breaking up with him."

"You know he cheats on you, right?" I asked.

"Oh sure..... and he brags about it too, telling me every little detail," says Lisa.

"So if I ask you something, will you be completely honest with me?" I asked.

"Always!" she replies.

"Did Paul spike my drink?"

"Yes he did, but only after he failed to get the answer he was hoping for, when he asked if you had ever thought of sucking another man's cock."

"Did Paul rape me while I was unconscious?" I asked.

"Yes," replied Lisa. "He said that anyone who fucks his own sister isn't likely to report him to the police."

"What about you?" I ask.

"What about me? she replied.

"Why did you rape me?"

"I didn't rape you," she said shamefully, looking away.

"Have you ever considered the fact that Paul might be Gay?" I asked.

"He's not gay," she refuted. "He just likes to experiment; he likes to try new things."

"Like watching you fuck other men?"

"Yes..... exactly," she replies.

"So how many other men has he forced you to go with?" I ask Lisa.

"Just you..... You are the only one, I swear on my mother's life," she replies. "But he didn't have to force me. The more I got to know you, the more I wanted you to fuck me."

"I'll tell you what I really think.... I think Paul is gay, but too ashamed to admit it to himself. I think he is only with you for appearance sake. I think he fucks other women and brags about it to you, because he needs to convince you as well as himself that he isn't gay..... You said Paul doesn't like to kiss on the lips and yet he kissed me on the lips and told me he loved me."

"You heard that?..... You were awake?" asked Lisa, surprised.

"I was conscious and aware of everything that was happening, but I couldn't respond. So why did you rape me?" I asked again.

"Paul told me too. He gets angry and hits me if I don't do as he tells me," Lisa sobbed. "But it was never meant to happen that way, I never wanted to rape you. Paul desperately wanted to watch you fuck me, but every time we asked you to stay over, you always refused. No matter how much I flirted with you, you never responded. Your shyness has always been a problem, so in the end, Paul said spiking your drink was the only option."

"It's okay, I believe you," I told Lisa, putting my arm around her to reassure her. "I'm not angry with you. I think I love you," I told her.

Lisa looked at me and quietly whispered, "Will you make love to me?"

"It's getting late and I should be getting ready for bed, I got work in the morning. Would you like to stay the night?" I asked her.

"Very much so!" she replied.


Lisa spent the night with me. The next morning, she told me I actually fell asleep with my cock still inside her. I told her I was tired after going to the gym and I was really sorry, but she said she didn't mind. I felt so guilty, I decided to phone in sick and didn't go to work that day. Lisa didn't have any lessons that day until the afternoon.

We spent most of the morning making love. It wasn't just about fucking, the way Paul fucked Lisa, or the way I fucked my sister. With Lisa, it was a whole new experience. She was gentle and patient, touching me and kissing me all over my body. Lisa touched me in a way I could never replicate by touching myself. I couldn't believe that someone of her age could be so mature and experienced when it came to making love. She was in no hurry to fuck, as if she were saving it for the grand finale, although when we finally did, the fucking was intense and pleasurable.

"That was incredible," she said. "Paul has never done that to me."

"Paul has never eaten your pussy?" I asked, both confused and surprised.

"I meant he's never given me an orgasm," said Lisa. "But actually no, he won't go down on me either."

Lisa told me that she had reached orgasm twice that morning, but had never experienced an orgasm with Paul. Paul had never once made love to her, he didn't like to touch her, he didn't like to kiss her, he never went down on her, he only liked to fuck. Lisa finally admitted that Paul might be gay, she said he often talked in his sleep and had called out my name several times and said he loved me. I didn't know whether to feel flattered or disgusted.

Before Lisa left to go home, I asked her something that had been bothering me for several days. "That night you both came round to give me my birthday present, did Paul fuck my mum?"

Lisa looked away, not wanting to answer, but I already had my answer the moment she did.

"Did he rape her?" I asked.

"Oh God No!" replied Lisa. "I promise you, it wasn't rape."

"Okay, I believe you. I'm not going to ask you if you took part in any way," I told Lisa. "I don't really care, if you did or not."

"I'm not going to lie to you Steve. After Paul cum inside your mum, I went down on her," she admitted.

"Ohh!....... Did Paul force you to do it?"

"No he didn't force me, I wanted to do it," said Lisa. "Your mum really enjoyed it. Actually, that was what we were talking about last night, just before you came home from the gym. She told me she had never been with another woman before, but had often fantasised about it, she even admitted fantasising about her own daughter, your sister Kelly. She said it was the first time another women had given her oral sex. Your mum said she loved it and she actually thanked me for the wonderful experience. She also said, she hoped that she would get the chance to do the same for me."

"That's really interesting. Thanks for telling me," I said.

"Are you angry?" asked Lisa.

"Angry you went down on my mum and gave her a wonderful experience?"

"No..... Angry that Paul fucked your mother?" she asked..

No... No I'm not angry. I guessed as much," I replied. "It's not up to me who my mother chooses to have sex with."

"That's not all of it though," said Lisa.

"What do you mean?" I asked. Lisa took a deep breathe and sighed, looking away shamefully. "What is it?..... You have to tell me now," I said. Lisa began to cry. "It's okay, whatever it is, I won't get mad...... not with you anyway," I told Lisa.

"I said Paul didn't rape your mum," she sobbed."But he did rape your sister."

"My sister?.... He raped Kelly?..... But he's never met Kelly, how could he rape her?" I asked confused.

"Paul said, you had told him, you wouldn't be going to the gym that night, because it was your birthday. We arrived about twenty minutes after you left, but decided to wait for you until you got back. Your sister, Kelly arrived shortly after us, at about 7.30pm. She must have her own key because she let herself in. Your mother was in the kitchen making me and Paul a cup of coffee when your sister arrived.

It was obvious from the way Kelly was dressed, she wasn't expecting us to be there. She had a really short satin dress on, it was so short it didn't even cover her panties. You could see her stocking tops and suspender belt. It was the sort of outfit you only wear in the bedroom. When she entered the lounge and saw us sitting there, she looked really embarrassed and dashed back into the hallway, then reappeared moments later with her coat on. As both Paul and myself already knew you were fucking your sister, it was obvious to us why she was dressed that way. Your mum was dressed really nice too, so it seemed obvious to us both, that they were planning to give you a very special birthday fuck. How come you've never mentioned that you're fucking your mother too?" asked Lisa.

"I'm not fucking my mum..... I've never fucked my mum..... That's why I went to the gym, to get away from her. I've never even seen my mum wear satin before, so when I saw what she was wearing, I suspected she was planning something. I had no idea my sister was coming round though, or I probably wouldn't have gone to the gym....... So how do you go from bringing round a birthday present, to raping my sister and fucking my mum?" I asked.

"Kelly asked us who we were. We told her we were your friends and had come to give you your birthday present. We told her you had gone to the gym. Paul asked if she was your sister. Paul had told me previously, that if he ever got to meet your sister, he would like to rape her if he got the chance, but I thought he was just joking........... He said, any woman that let's her own brother fuck her, isn't likely to report being raped." Lisa then paused, trying to fight back the tears, finding it hard to continue. I sat patiently and waited for Lisa to continue in her own time.

"As soon as Kelly said she was your sister, Paul didn't hesitate. Paul jumped up, grabbed Kelly by the hair and viciously threw her onto the sofa. I was worried, I had never seen Paul behave like that before. He had her coat off before she even realised what was happening. Then within seconds he tore her dress off and ripped off her bra and panties........ Paul prefers his women naked when he fucks them," said Lisa. "Your sister was struggling with Paul, trying to fight him off, but it was kind of weird."

"What do you mean, Kind of weird?" I asked.

"She wasn't kicking and screaming, like you would expect of someone who knew they were about to get raped..... It was more like..... ???" Lisa paused to think for a moment.

"Like play acting," I said.

"Yeah, I suppose it was," replied Lisa.

"And then Paul raped her?" I asked.

"Your mum must have heard the struggle, because she dashed back into the lounge. I thought all hell would break loose. I expected your mum to scream and try and pull Paul off your sister to help her, but instead, she yelled, "Rape her, fuck the little bitch."

"My mum called my sister a bitch?" I asked surprised.

"Yes..... I was genuinely shocked. She just stood and watched as he began to fuck her."

"Did he hurt Kelly?" I asked.

"Sort of...... but not really," said Lisa.

"What does that mean?....... Sort of...... but not really!" I asked Lisa.

"I've told you what happened. Isn't that enough?" sobbed Lisa.

"I want to know all the details..... I want to know how he came to fuck my mum too," I told Lisa.

"He was being very rough with Kelly, but the strange thing was, your sister seemed to be enjoying it. I think Paul sensed it too and I think it angered him, because he wanted to rape her and be in control. He started slapping her really hard, pulling her hair and throwing her around the room, trying to make her cry out, but the rougher he got the more she seemed to like it.......

Your mum seemed to be enjoying it. She said something so shocking I'm not willing to repeat it, so please don't make me to tell you. Just know that your mum was encouraging Paul to rape your sister. Can I stop now?.... I really don't feel comfortable talking about it anymore."

"It's okay..... You don't have to worry. You haven't told me anything that has shocked me. I know Kelly likes it rough. I know both my sister and my mum have rape fantasies," I told Lisa. "You still haven't told me how he came to fuck my mum."

"Paul was so surprised by your mum's comment, he stopped and looked up. Your mum was rubbing herself between her legs over her dress. Paul saw your mum was turned on and ordered me to remove your mother's dress. I looked at your mum for guidance, unsure what I should do, but she started to undress herself. Your mum removed her own dress. When I saw she was wearing a pretty red satin petticoat, I finally understood why you like them so much. Paul stopped fucking your sister and grabbed your mum, pushing her onto the sofa next to Kelly, but your sister jumped up, grabbed her coat and ran out of the house. Paul tried to grab Kelly but she got away.

Your mum pulled her petticoat up around her waist and she wasn't wearing panties. She spread her legs open and was trying to get herself off. Paul seemed really annoyed that your sister had got away, but seeing your mum with her petticoat pulled up, playing with herself, Paul fucked her instead," said Lisa.

"So he did rape her!" I said.

"No.... It wasn't rape. Your mother couldn't get enough of Paul, she was loving every second of it," said Lisa.

"Was he rough with her, like he was with Kelly?" I asked.

"No.... He seemed much more respectful towards your mother and just enjoyed fucking her. After about 15 or 20 minutes, Paul cum inside your mum and then just lost interest. Paul got up and walked away, like he always does. Paul always loses interest after he cums, until he gets hard again. I felt sorry for your mum, because she still hadn't cum yet and was still trying to get herself off. I know that feeling well, Paul has fucked me so many times, shot his load, then just gets up and doesn't care about how I feel. So I went down on your mother and helped her get off.

While I was giving your mum oral, your sister came back. We were both really shocked to see her again, but your mum didn't seem surprised at all," said Lisa.

"I have to admit, it doesn't surprise me either. I'm more surprised she ran away in the first place," I told Lisa. "I doubt she actually intended getting away, she probably intended Paul to catch her. Kelly likes to play games."

"Kelly took her coat off, dropped to her knees and sucked Paul off until he was hard again. I was still eating your mum, when Paul started fucking your sister again. She kept telling him to fuck her harder," said Lisa.

"Did you go down on my sister too?" I asked.

"Eventually," replied Lisa.

"Eventually?" I asked.

"After he fucked your sister for a while, he fucked your mum again. Paul kept switching from one to the other, fucking them both several times. It was getting late and we all knew you would be home from the gym soon, so Paul shot his load inside your sister and then went for a quick shower.

Your sister looked totally exhausted and just lay on the sofa next to your mum with her legs spread open. I could see Paul's cum, trickling out of your sister's pussy onto the sofa, so I went down on her to clean her up," said Lisa.

"Then when I came home, I entered the lounge and you all looked so guilty," I said.

"If you had been just two minutes earlier you would have caught your mum without her dress on," replied Lisa. "Your sister hadn't long left, so we weren't sure if you had seen her leaving or not, but you never said anything, so........."

"There's one more thing that has been puzzling me," I told Lisa.

"What is it?" she asked.

"Saturday morning, when I woke up in bed, with you snuggled up next to me, I was wearing your black satin camiknickers?"

"I was asleep next to Paul on the other bed. You woke me up at about 4am and pulled me off the bed, saying you wanted to fuck me. You were already wearing them, so I assumed you picked them up off the floor and put them on," replied Lisa.

"So we had sex?" I asked.

"Yes.... You finally fucked me, while Paul was asleep on the other bed, so he never did get to watch after all. Then you fell asleep. Then in the morning I woke up next to you," said Lisa.

"I'm really sorry, but I don't remember it. The last thing I remember was you crying while Paul fucked you really hard. He called you a whore."

"Yes, I remember. That was after he raped you" said Lisa, trying not to cry. "I told Paul I felt sick watching him violate you the way he did. I refused to have sex with him again that night and he got angry..... So he raped me."

"Has he ever raped you before?" I asked.

"No, never, but ever since you told him you raped your sister, he has been obsessed with the idea of rape and wanted to try it. After he fucked your sister, he said it didn't feel like he had really raped her, because she enjoyed it too much and he wasn't happy about it."

"So Paul raped me instead," I said.

"Yes, but he wasn't happy about that either. He said fucking someone who is unconscious and doesn't know they are being raped, isn't proper rape," said Lisa. "Paul said for it to be proper rape, the victim has to fight back and suffer."

"So then he raped you," I replied. "But I'm guessing that doesn't count either, raping someone who you've previously had sex with many times?"

"No!" said Lisa.

"You look really worried, I'm sensing there's something else," I told Lisa.

"I think Paul is going to do something really stupid and I'm worried he will get into a lot of trouble," said Lisa.

"Like what?" I asked.

"You've seen the sort of magazines he likes to read. He's been talking about abducting a young boy or girl. I honestly don't think he's joking either. He wants to rape someone, but I honestly think he wants to hurt them more than anything else," said Lisa.

"You mean torture them?" I asked.

"Yes," replied Lisa.


Thursday morning at work, Paul confronts me.

"I know everything. I know Lisa spent the night with you Tuesday," he said angrily.

"Really!.... How would you know that?" I asked.

"Because she told me, we don't have secrets," he replied.

"So Lisa spent the night with me..... So what?" I asked.

"So we aren't friends anymore," replied Paul.

"Seriously?.........You raped my sister and fucked my mum. Then you spiked my drink and told Lisa to rape me, then afterwards you raped me too..... Then you call Lisa a whore because she did exactly as you told her, then you rape her as well..... Now suddenly you can't handle it!...... Now you are jealous because Lisa spent one night with me?"

When I accused Paul of raping my sister, he suddenly backed away from me nervously, knowing I could easily hurt him if I wanted to. Paul tried to avoid me for the rest of the day.

That night when I arrived home from the gym, Lisa is sitting in the lounge next to my mother. My mum had her arm around Lisa trying to comfort her. Lisa looked up at me and I saw she had a bruised left cheek.

"What happened to your face?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"Why did you have to tell Paul I stayed with you Tuesday night and that we had sex?..... Is it a male ego thing?.... You just had to brag about it didn't you?" cried Lisa.

"I didn't tell Paul anything. He confronted me this morning and said he knew everything. He said you told him."

"I didn't tell Paul a thing..... I promised you I wouldn't," said Lisa.

"Ahh!..... So it looks like he played us both.....again!" I replied.

At that moment the door bell rang and I went to answer it.

"Where is she?.... I know the whore is here?" said Paul.

"Don't call her a whore, she's not a whore!" I said, defending Lisa.

"What the fuck would you know about that?" asked Paul rhetorically.

"Does it make you feel big hitting a woman?" I asked Paul. "Perhaps you'd like to hit me too?"

"Just tell the whore I'm here. I'm taking her home," demanded Paul.

"She's not going anywhere with you," I told him.

"It's okay," said Lisa, from behind me. "I'll go with him."

"You don't have to go anywhere with him, you can stay here with me and mum. You'll be safe here, won't she mum?" I asked, looking at my mother for reassurance.

Paul just laughed. "You don't have a fucking clue, you dumb shit!..... She belongs with me, the whore does what I fucking well tell her to do," said Paul.

"I suggest you get away from my front door before I kick your arse down the street," I told Paul.

"STOP IT," shouted Lisa. "I'm going with him," she insisted.

"You don't have to do this," I told Lisa. "We've got a spare room you can have. If he's hit you once he'll do it again," I told her.

"He's right," said mum. "Men like that don't change."


Friday morning, I arrive at work and tell the site agent I need to speak with him. I tell the site agent that I would like to be transferred to another site. He asks me if it has anything to do with Paul quitting his job that same morning.

"Paul has quit?" I ask.

"He went straight to head office this morning and quit his job, effective immediately," the agent told me.

"Oh, okay!...... I'll stay here then," I replied.

"Would you like to shed some light on the matter?" he asks.

"The short version is, he fucked my mum and sister and I fucked his girlfriend," I replied."

The site agent just stared at me speechless, turned and walked away.


I never saw Paul or Lisa again after that. I received a letter from Lisa about a week before Christmas, to tell me she had gone home to spend Christmas and new year with her family. She told me she had split up with Paul after he beat her up and raped her again. She said Paul had become obsessed with the idea of violent rape. Lisa wrote to me many times over the next three years. In one letter she said Paul had taken a job abroad. Then suddenly the letters stopped.

I recently searched for Lisa and Paul on Facebook. Lisa was almost impossible to find, having got married and changed her name, until I found her on Paul's Facebook friends list. I contacted both Paul and Lisa, only to be blocked by Paul. Lisa told me she was happily married with three grown up children and two grand children. She said she was the proud owner of several satin petticoats, two of which are black, always thinking of me when she wears them.

Lisa told me she was still in regular contact with Paul who worked for a Humanitarian Organisation, travelling all over the world, providing help and support to countries in need. When I replied to Lisa that Paul had done something truly worthwhile with his life, I was shocked and sickened when I received her reply. Lisa then told me, Paul likes to write to her, boasting in great detail about the young women and men he has raped, tortured and sometimes killed over the last 15 years, including fellow aid workers. Paul told Lisa that being an aid worker was the perfect life style for anyone who enjoys rape and torture, as there is a limitless supply of victims and it goes completely unchecked.


Although my friendship with Paul and Lisa only lasted for one year, I am and always will be grateful for the time I spent with them. It was a friendship that taught me a great many lessons that I have learnt from and will never forget. I'm certain that my friendship with Paul and Lisa played a big part in making me the person I am today.
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