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Michael and Mioyko in Osaca
Six-Mile High Club chapter 5

"Come on Daddy, let's get some breakfast. We can go to my house and play all afternoon if you want. My mom won't be home until late this afternoon."

She was OK. Michael didn't break her after all; Thank God. They went outside and he took his motorcycle out of the garage. She loved to ride behind him. She had told him several times that the vibration of the motorcycle made her pussy tingle. What a girl he thought. She looked so cute in her miniskirt and a motorcycle helmet, that he couldn't help getting excited.

They rode down the street at a very safe speed. Michael didn't want to take any chances with her on the bike. Although it wasn't yet nine o'clock, the waiting room to the restaurant was almost full, so they sat down and waited for a booth. A very large tattooed man, who looked to be a weight lifter on steroids, was giving Jess the eye. When she saw him, she grabbed Michael's face and kissed him then said reasonably loud,

"Oh Daddy I am so happy. Just think in six months we'll have a new baby girl."

She then put her arms around him and squeezed. The tattooed man looked away, and didn't look back. Her statement did the job in warding him off, but just for a second scared the hell out of Michael. Although he had suggested it, he was a little surprised when she ordered the steak and eggs. She had never eaten that much before, but she said that whatever he did to her caused her to really be hungry, and besides now she was eating for two. With her statement, she smiled and winked at him. Michael ordered coffee and a mushroom omelet, while Jess had a coke with her breakfast.

While they ate Michael sat there and stared at her. She was so gorgeous he couldn't think of what he had done to get her. Thank you God he thought. After they left the restaurant, they started for her house. It was almost eleven o'clock. Michael wondered all the way, if after the devastating clitoral stimulation that left her with no energy and the large meal, she would be even less interested in having sex. Soon after they walked into her house, she began to do a strip tease for him.

She took off her shoes, long white stockings and her blouse. That left only a little bra on top; then she removed her mini-skirt; which left only a pair of cute little light blue thong panties. Michael sat there staring at her moves. She was as good as any stripper he could imagine, having never actually seen one in real life. Michael was temped to take some dollar bills and stuff them into her panties, but she disappeared into the hallway not giving him the chance. Suddenly her bra and panties came flying into the front room.

"Daddy come in her and make love to Mommy, and bring my bra and panties with you."

With his cock as hard as it was, it wasn't easy to get up from the couch. Carrying her discarded under things, he walked down the hallway and into her room. She looked at him with a sad face from under the covers of her bed. Her lower lip was sticking out.

"Why does Daddy still have his clothes on? Mommy wants to make love. Doesn't Daddy want to make love to Mommy, and squirt his cum into her pussy?"

As Michael got undressed all he could think of was WOW! When he was completely naked, with his cock sticking out like a big pink dildo. Jess looked at it, smiled and said,

"Oooooo, he really loves me."

Michael decided at that time; that the Arabs could keep; their promised seventy-two virgins. This young lady was as much as he could handle. As soon as he crawled into bed, Jessica moved down toward his stomach. With the grace and dedication of an Olympic athlete, she began sucking his penis. What could he say; the girl had talent.

As she was busy, he positioned himself so his mouth was in direct contact with her little clit. Michael set out to do the same thing that he had done earlier in his own bed; and found with all of her screaming, thrashing and moaning, he was accomplishing his mission.

She came harder than she had in the morning and she was out cold. Michael felt like a combat pilot who had just returned from his last sortie, and had never taken flack. Jess came so quick that she never gave him a chance to cum. She had rolled on to her stomach with her pussy open and available, so he got behind her and pulled her butt cheeks open. Easing his cock into her saturated pussy, he began to take his turn. He was fucking her very hard when she mumbled,

"What are you doing Michael."

"I'm not Michael," he said, "I'm George the Gardner, and I'm raping you little girl. When I saw you walking down the street in you catholic uniform; I knew that I had to have you."

She shifted her hips up allowing his penis to go deep, and said in a squeaky voice,

"Ohh Please mister George, don't rape my little pussy with your big pee-pee and squirt all of your creamy stuff into me. My mommy isn't home and if you keep doing it to me I just don't know what I'll do. But Mr. George ... you can do it a little faster, can't you?"

That was their first shot at make believe fantasy sex and it was great. They did it many times over the following year they went together. Sometimes Michael was a 'Police Officer and she was a prostitute'. They roll played the 'traveling salesman and the farmer's daughter', 'the supermarket delivery boy and the lonely housewife', among a long list of others. Michael even played the 'Cat, while Jess was the mouse'. No actual words were spoken. He "meowed" while he ate her pussy and she "squeaked" like a mouse in terror.

Keeping up the sex story chatter, he said,

"Little girl I'm going to squirt all of my cum in you tiny pussy and then I'm going to tie you up and fuck you again later."

"Oh please don't fuck me later. Please fuck me harder right now, Mister Gardner, I won't tell anybody honest."

With that statement they both began to cum. Michael lay there for a while, however as Mommy was off to never, never land he got out of bed and got dressed. Clicking on the TV in the front room, he kicked back and relaxed on the couch. He watched a golf match, where a newcomer named Tiger Woods was in the lead. When Tiger birdied the ninth hole he smiled. Michael thought, God that guy has a lot of teeth. About a half hour later Ann, came home. She looked at Michael and asked,

"Where's Jessica?"

"Taking a nap in her bedroom."

"What did you do Michael; screw her brains out again?"

"Not exactly, but close."

"I'll tell you, that girl doesn't think much beyond her next fucking. She is a lot like I was at her age; hell she's a lot like I am now. The girl loves sex. Well better sex than drugs. Sex is less expensive."

"Unless you get pregnant." Michael said.

"Tell me about it. Why do you think I have her on the pill?"

Not knowing what to say, he said nothing, hoping Jessica would soon wake up. When Ann sat down on the couch next to him, he became a little nervous. She looked at him and asked,

"Is Jessica enough for you Michael?"

"How do you mean Ann?"

"Does she give you enough pussy? Are you satisfied with her?"

"Yes; absolutely. Jess is the best I have ever had. Why do you ask?"

Michael didn't really care much for where the conversation was going. Was she concerned that he might cheat on her daughter and break her heart, or what?

"Well I was thinking, if you weren't getting enough from Jessica, I would be happy to help you out once in a while."

WOW! He thought; he was being propositioned by his girlfriend's mother. What could anyone say to that? Did everyone move into a trailer park in the middle of the night? Ann had at least four dates every week, with different guys all of the time. She must be like a praying mantis and kill her lovers right after sex.

"To tell you the truth, I can just barley keep up with Jessica. If her appetite for food; was as great as it is for sex, she would weigh four hundred pounds."

"That's my baby." Ann laughed, "She told me she would rather fuck with you than do anything else."

Michael wondered how many guys were privileged to be able to talk to their girlfriend's mother in such graphic manner? 'Come on Jessica,' he thought, 'you've slept almost two hours. Get up.'

"So Ann; do you come from a large family?"

"Two sisters and a brother."

"Are you guys close? I was just wondering, as I'm an only child."

"No we aren't really close. My brother Jimmy and I are now, but not when we were younger. He would make me go into his room three nights a week and suck him off, then he would fuck me usually two or three times until morning. I couldn't say anything; as my father didn't give a shit and my mom was afraid of my Dad. She used to go to church every day and pray for everyone; like that was going to help. While she was in church, my Dad would have my little sister Janet in the bedroom. He told me once that she was the best piece of ass he ever had. Too bad she couldn't handle it. I guess some people just can't."

"When Jimmy wasn't doing it to me, he was screwing my sister Deloris. My mom told me that Deloris is now a hooker in Hollywood. I suppose I would be too if it weren't for Jessica. My other sister Janet is in the Looney bin. She finally went off her rocker, as my Dad continually used her for his sperm depository. He is in jail now for raping his next-door neighbor. He probably should have stayed in his own backyard."

"I don't understand how you have come to forgive your brother. He raped you, made you suck him off and then he made Jessica suck him off."

"I forgave him for everything he did to me, as he really introduced me to sex and caused me to love it so much. By the time I was old enough, I was begging my brother to fuck me every day. As for what he did to Jessica; well she really wanted to do it with him. Actually it was more my fault than his or hers. When she was nine, she came in the house after playing in the back yard. A friend of mine was seated on the couch, where you are now; with his head back and his eyes closed. I was on my knees in front of him between his legs, really involved in sucking his cock. Jessica had been taught to never interrupt adults and stood there for a full ten minutes watching her mother giving head."

"I explained that it wasn't really sex. It was just something a girl can do for a guy to make him feel good. Well sometime later, she was at her uncle's place and saw him in the bathroom after he had just got out of the shower. He was sitting on the top of the toilet seat drying off, when his darling niece walked in, knelt down in front of him, took hold of his penis and began to suck on it. He wasn't sure how to handle it, so he let her complete her experiment and shot his load into her pretty little mouth. When I ask her about it, she said that her Uncle looked sad, and she did it just to make him feel better. She also told me that she liked doing it. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

TMI; Too Much Information. Michael realized that it wasn't Jessica's fault, as she was only doing what she had been taught. She became very good at it and now she doesn't want to go a day without it. He wondered at the time if sperm was addictive. Since then he had tried to find anything related to sperm addiction on the Internet, however he could find nothing.

Jessica and Michael went together through junior college. How they graduated, he would never know but they did. After graduation, Michael went to UCLA for two more years, and they slowly drifted apart. Her mother told him later that she had moved to the desert, with her Uncle, to go to a college near his place. Michael rather doubted that was why she moved in with him, as he lives in Barstow California and there isn't a good college within a hundred miles.

"Where are you Michael asked Miyoko. You haven't said a word in almost an hour. I have been laying next to you playing with your penis and you haven't even reacted."

"I'm sorry, I was just thinking about my business. I keep forgetting that I am on vacation, and with the most beautiful girl in Japan. You are the only girl I want and need. May I lick your gorgeous pussy, please?"

"Oh yes! Michael, I love when you do that. Someone taught you well, and; If you ever see her, please thank her for me."

By this time Michael was between Miyoko's legs again. His mouth was sucking hard on her pussy and clitoris; his specialty. Michael's lips were a little numb by now, like when he was ten and ate five Popsicles, one right after another, but he knew she loved oral sex so much, that he had to do his very best. Michael was trying something new; at least to him. He curled his tongue so it looked like a little pig penis, and shoved it into Miyoko's vagina as far as he could. The action was good for a while, however she kept whispering for him to suck her clitoris. He thought; if that's what she wants, that's what she will get. After a half hour and six loud orgasms, Miyoko passed out again. By noon, the little coffee and roll he had for breakfast, was doing nothing to quiet the growling in his stomach. When Michael began to awaken her she moaned and said,

"Michael, please fuck me."

She reminded him a lot of Jessica. Her sexual appetites were as strong; as Jessica's ever were. Michael took two pillows and shoved them under her tummy, lifting her butt up in the air. As her pussy was pink, open and inviting, he got behind her with her legs in the middle and his on the outside. Michael's cock was extremely hard by now and it found her swollen labia almost on its own. It felt like he was fucking butter, her pussy was so slippery and yet so very tight. In all the years since the Kama-Sutra incident and his darling Jessica, he hadn't changed his mind about sex. To quote Woody Allen, the famous Writer-Director, "Sex is the most fun you can have without laughing."

As Michael fucked his little sky waitress, he realized why the individual who originally designed women's bodies placed the pelvic bone where it is. So guys; would have something to hang on to, and something to pull on when they shoved. His continual pulling and shoving was creating a moan he hadn't heard before. It was more like a growl than a moan. It would be just his luck for Miyoko to be metamorphic and change into a Werewolf or a Vampire. Of course that wasn't possible; as he didn't believe in that Bullshit. Along with the supernatural growl; was the continual vaginal explosions, each time she had an orgasm. Michael had lost count.

The real problem was that all of these things occurring within her sexy little body; were causing him to be distracted. His cock was hard, erect, and moving as fast as he could push it, however he had no desire to cum. Michael supposed at the time he would just continue until his knees gave out or until he killed Miyoko from too many orgasms.

It was told in Michael's family, that his great-grandfather's brother on his mother's side, who was a six foot three Irish farmer, married a little girl of fifteen in Ireland. Nobody ever said what happened, but she died; on their wedding night. Michael always wondered if he had fucked her to death. He guessed it's as good a way to go, as any.

Later he married the twenty-six year old widow of the town clerk. She bore him three sons and two daughters. It was said that they were after a time, very much in love. He died at age eighty-six, leaving his wife, five children and eleven grandchildren. His wife who was seventy, died four days later, of no apparent illnesses.

Miyoko was again completely out. Michael surmised at the time, that if he wanted a girl lucid, he shouldn't fuck her quite so hard. He knew that she would be out for a while anyway; so he opened the honor fridge and took out a trail mix energy bar, which was desperately needed to avoid starvation, and a small bottle of ginger ale. It wasn't a great combination, but it did relive the ravenous hunger pangs that were plaguing him.

The television had an American channel and he turned it on. The only thing on was the "so called"; reality programs, and Michael just don't care for them. He guessed that it's an acquired taste like pussy, but he would take pussy anytime. Michael turned back to a Japanese version of old time sitcoms, where he had seen "I Love Lucy" and "The Love Boat". They were showing "Bonanza" in Japanese of course. It was ok, and although he didn't understand the language, except for a few words, the plots were usually similar and language didn't really make much of a difference. He didn't think it was supposed to be funny, but the Japanese voice over they used for "HOS" was on the "effeminate" side and made HOS appear to be a flaming Japanese homosexual. It was very funny and Michael laughed out loud.

The station must have been on a limited budget, as Michael Landon's character, "Little Joe" appeared to have the same voice over. It was hilarious when the two of them talked to each other like a couple of West Hollywood "queens" having a marital dispute. A person had to pay close attention to their lip movement, to see who was talking. He recalled going to "Samurai" movies with his Dad a few times. It was a lot like that; only gay.

After "Bonanza" came "The Brady Bunch". Now that's where they could have used the effeminate voice over; as one of the stars Robert Reed who played the father, Mike Brady was gay in real life. Looking over at the bed, Miyoko wasn't moving; however there was a very light kitten snore, coming from her direction. Michael didn't want to wake her, as he didn't believe it is a good idea to piss off the girl you have been fucking, so he switched channels and found a music station. They had four music channels to choose from. The first was heavy classical; Beethoven and his buddies. The second was Rock and Roll from the fifties. The third was music of the Broadway Shows and the fourth was something he would not even call music. Hip Hop, or Rap, was not in his opinion music. He believed it should be played on death row. Then most of the inmates waiting for execution would be happy when their time came. The Rock and Roll was in fact Rhythm and Blues, with a track of Elvis thrown in every so often. It wasn't his kind of music but it was better than the rest.

A couple of hours passed and Miyoko, began to stir. Michael was next to her on the bed when she finally awoke. She looked at him and asked the time.

"I don't even know what day it is and my watch is still on Los Angeles time, but it is still light outside."

"Are you hungry Michael?"

"Oh yah about that, I had an energy bar and a soda from the fridge. I'll be glad to pay for it. Just tell me how much."

"Don't worry; it's covered under my expense account. The company will take care of it. I'm getting up and we can have dinner if you want."

"Great. I'm still hungry. Do you know of any good restaurants around here?"

"I should Michael. I make this trip three times a month. By the way, I want you to know that you are the only passenger I have ever brought here."

"I believe you, and thanks that means a lot."

She sat up on the side of the bed and held her head in both hands moaning.

"Are you OK Miyoko?"

"Yes, but I feel like I've been kicked by a mule. Although I really enjoyed it, your penis should be registered as a lethal weapon. You are quite a good lover Michael. If we lived together, I think you would kill me in about a month."

"We don't have to do it anymore, if you don't want to."

"Are you crazy? I may never have sex like this again in my life. You know the kind that curls your toes. I won't give that up for a little danger and the slim possibility of death. No; I own you for two more nights, and I'm going to have all I can get."

"Let's go find something to eat." I said laughing. "I really need some calories."

"Do you like sushi?"

"I don't even like cooked fish. Raw is out of the question."

"They say that it's brain food Michael."

"When I took Psychology at UCLA, they gave us IQ tests as a scientific exercise. The Professor said that my IQ is well over a hundred thirty. Early man enlarged his brain with meat and sugar. I don't need brain food. I need something to keep my stamina charged up."

"Ok we can look for something else. What do you think you would like?"

"A double thick; chocolate malt."

They were both dressed and were ready to go out. She reminded him that they should, meet outside the hotel as the company frowns on flight attendants who have visitors in their rooms, when they pay the bill. She took the elevator down, and he caught the next one. When Michael got outside, Miyoko was waiting with a taxi. They got in and she told the driver their destination, in Japanese.

"There are a lot of good restaurants in Osaka Michael. There are more Indian restaurants here than anywhere else in Japan, and there is a very good one called "Banjara". It is rated five stars but it is very expensive and you have to eat with your fingers. We just left the Hilton where they have a buffet that is also five stars, but I wanted to get out somewhere. "Los Inkas" is a very good Mexican and South American restaurant, but as you said you wanted a chocolate malt; I told the driver to go to "The Hard Rock Café." I think they will have what you want there."

The driver went down the street like his was the only vehicle in Osaka. Michael was more nervous than he was during the flight to Japan. Thankfully they arrived at the restaurant in one collective piece. They had to wait fifteen minutes until they were seated. He looked at Miyoko and wondered why she picked him? She was unbelievably beautiful and very sexy. They ate without much conversation, as the music was louder than normal. Michael had his chocolate malt and a cheeseburger, while Miyoko had a Cob salad and Ice tea.

After dinner she thought it would be fun to go out to a nightclub. She found a Karaoke bar where the drinks were very good and the music wasn't quite as loud as the Hard Rock Café. Lucky for him, no one was required to sing, but if someone did the bartender would knock twenty-five percent off of the bill. They had a good time and left about ten o'clock. Upon arriving back at the hotel, they did the separate elevator trips again. When Michael arrived at the room, Miyoko was stripped naked and in the shower. She called to him to join her. As he got undressed and looked at her in the shower his cock started tingling and began to get hard.

She greeted him with a nice kiss pressing her wet titties, against his chest. After washing each other completely, she began playing with his cock. She then bent over, looking at him over her shoulder. She smiled and pointed to her pink little pussy, inviting him in. Easing his overworked penis into her tight vagina, Michael groaned as it gripped his cock. He fucked her in the shower and then twice more in bed. She sucked him off again while he licked her pussy. It was three in the morning when they finally stopped from exhaustion. The bed was saturated, which cooled their overheated bodies. As they were both worn out, they fell asleep in each other's arms satisfied.

They spent the following forty-eight hours wisely; having sex, eating and sleeping. However the time finally came when Miyoko had to report back. When Michael ask her about her schedule and when she would return to Japan, she said that it would be several months, as she had been assigned to a flight to Australia, then to Rome. After that she would be on flights from Rome to New York and back to Europe, for the rest of the year. She added that she was going to put in for a transfer to be based in Los Angeles, and she would call him when it came through. Michael just stood there as the 747 taxied out onto the tarmac. She was gone and he felt lost without her.

To Be Continued...


2007-02-13 13:01:24
I don't care what Quincey Jones says, "Hip Hop" is not music. Poetry yes...Music no.


2006-11-26 18:47:24
Hip Hop, or Rap, was not in his opinion music. He believed it should be played on death row. Then most of the inmates waiting for execution would be happy when their time came.

that is the funniest thing i've ever read in my life.

your stories are awesome.


2006-10-11 00:37:34
I like this ending, very good. I'm starting to wonder if he'll see his previous lover again or not, and if he'll ever even see his parents...haha. Oh, and I'm liking the return to the first person view, although the 3rd person was a nice way to make it so that the sequal didn't get old, I'll give you that.


2006-10-07 00:35:23
Is he going to see her again?


2006-09-30 23:27:47

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