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Debbie hires a Nanny, Rosa to care for her baby. What develops between Debbie and Rosa turns into a hot, erotic sequence of events that neither woman expects. Aroused when she finds Rosa masturbating in her room, Debbie finds a passion for another woman welling up inside her, something she never expected. This leads to eventual intense, romantic and erotic encounters between Rosa and Debbie that eventually include Debbie's husband Jason.
Debbie and her husband moved to the low desert area of Southern California after her husband's father retired and asked his son if he wanted to take over his extremely successful restaurant and bar. Of course, Jason jumped at the opportunity. It meant he would have to put in a lot more hours but this was the opportunity of a lie time. After their move, Jason took over the restaurant, learning everything he needed to know from his father. Jason was also introduced to the important clientele.

The transition was very smooth and before long they were into the swing of things. Still, with a baby, they needed to hire a nanny to help Debbie care for him. Luckily Debbie found someone she connected with right away. Her name was Rosa and she was a strikingly beautiful woman of Mexican descent. She is 22 years old, 5' 7" tall with shoulder length naturally wavy jet black hair and beautiful brown eyes. Everything about her spoke elegance. Debbie liked her light accent that would creep in during their conversation. She was sold on Rosa when she said,

"I have one more question. Would you object to living at my residence with my husband and I. He is very busy taking care of the restaurant that we own and I do a lot of community and charity work?"

"This would be perfect for my situation, I would be more than pleased to accept your generous offer."

"Excellent, there is only one more thing I need to know and that is how you and my baby are going to interact with one another. I want to know if the two of you will bond and if he like you. Are you willing to try?"

"Yes, I would love to see your baby, is he with you?"

"No, he's at his grandparent's house, come over tomorrow around 8 am and you can meet him then."

"I will be there right on time. Thank you so much for talking to me and giving me this opportunity. I will see you tomorrow."

Debbie handed Rosa her address and then left for home. That night she told her husband Jason that she had interviewed some that she felt would be excellent but she wanted her to meet the baby to see if there was a connection. She asked Jason if he wouldn't mind sticking around in the morning so he could meet Rosa as well. He assured Debbie that he would stay until she came but not much longer as he had to prepare for a special group coming into the restaurant that evening. Once he laid eyes on Rosa he decided that he suddenly had more time. Debbie shooed him out the door just to tease him more than anything after which she took Rosa up to see the baby. Her timing was perfect as he started crying. Debbie told her,

"I'm sorry Rosa, time for his morning feeding. You don't mind do you?"

"Not at all, I would love to watch your nurse him if you don't mind. Some women are nervous about having a stranger watch, if you like, I can go downstairs."

"Nonsense Rosa, you're going to be taking care of him, no reason why you can't watch, I'm not bashful."

Debbie pulled her robe to one side, exposing her breast so her little boy could nurse. Rosa couldn't help noticing Debbe's swollen milk filled breasts and her large nipples. Debbie thought she would be nervous with Rosa looking at her breasts and watching her nurse but it all seemed so natural. They talked while her baby nursed. When she was done feeding him Rosa held out her hands aking,

"May I hold him?"

"Yes, just be careful, he's just eaten."

"Yes of course, not a problem."

Debbie smiled at the way Rosa held him and put him on her shoulder, gently patting him on the back until he burped. Once he burped Rosa held him in her arms, singing to him, songs in English and then lullabies in Spanish as well. He was smiling and loving it as Rosa sang to him. Debbie felt more than comfortable with the thought of having Rosa caring for her baby. She finally put him down to sleep and then Debbie told her,

"Come with me Rosa, I'm going to show you where you'll be staying."

She took Rosa down to the basement that Jason's father had converted into a living area. He had cooking facilities installed along with a stove as well as a small washer and dryer. The room was completely finished, ready for occupancy. Needless to say, Rosa was thrilled with the basement. She looked at Rosa asking,

"Well, do you like it, Rosa?"

"Oh yes, it is so beautiful, I don't know how I can afford it?"

"Can you afford free? You're working for us as a live-in nanny, so the room comes with the job. All I need other than caring for my baby is some light housework. Some vacuuming and other things that I will tell you about. What do you think?"

"I think that I am going to love it here. You are so very generous, I can't believe it is true. You see, I work hard to save all the money I can to send home to my family in Mexico. My mother is sick and my brother and my sister are trying to go to school. So most of what I make goes to them and I keep enough to eat on. Debbie hugged Rosa saying,

"I love what you are doing for your family. If you need any more help financially just let me know, I will be more than glad to help you and your family, no questions asked."

"Thank you again, Mrs...I don't even know your last name, I'm so sorry."

"It's not your fault Rosa, I forgot to tell you in all the talking we were doing. I want you to call me Debbie, alright? No need to be formal when it's just the two of us. Now come on up and I'll show you some of the chores I would like you to do when you have the time."

Debbie showed Rosa what she wanted to be done around the house and then told her to go unpack and get more comfortable. She would have dinner at 7 pm that night. Over the next days and weeks, Rosa and the family became closer and closer. Debbie and Rosa became especially close. One evening after Rosa was getting ready for bed, Debbie stopped by her room to see if she wanted to go shopping over the weekend. She had noticed that most of Rosa's clothes were looking worn for lack of a better term.

She knew why Rosa was sending every last penny she got to he family. She tapped lightly on the basement door before going in. The door wasn't locked, to begin with, so she thought it would be alright. She looked around for Rosa but didn't see her. That's when she noticed the TV. There were two women, totally naked and they were making love. There was a blonde and a brunette and they were going down on one another, licking and sucking one another's pussy. The passion was intense as were the moans of pleasure. She didn't notice Rosa come into the room from the bathroom until Rosa said,

"I'm sorry for the video on the TV, I had no idea you were coming down."

"Oh, that's fine Rosa, I don't mind. I admit I'm a little shocked but I'm fine. I came down to ask you something but now I've forgotten. You look beautiful by the way. You have a very beautiful body, Rosa."

Thank you, does this mean I'm not being dismissed because of the movies and being naked?"

"What? Of course not Rosa. This is a free country, you can watch lesbian video's if that's what you're into, it's none of my business. You can also run around naked when you feel like it, within reason of course."

"Thank you very much for understanding Debbie. You see, I am bisexual but I really prefer women when I make love. If I am alone and want to masturbate, I like to watch movies like this and masturbate while I watch. I do like a nice hard cock sometimes but that is very rare. Am I telling you too much information as they say?"

"Probably Rosa but I love the idea that you trust me enough to share your feelings with me. It's sort of fun to have someone to talk to, even if it is about masturbation. Just so you know, even though I'm married I sometimes have to pleasure myself. With Jason spending so many hours at the restaurant lately, he's either too tired to make love to me, or he cums too soon and I have to finish myself. Now I feel like I've shared too much."

"Oh no, not at all Debbie, I would love to talk to you anytime you need to share."

"Thank you, Rosa, that's good to know. Well, Jason will be home soon, I'll see you in the morning, Rosa, don't worry about a thing."

The next morning Rosa was up making coffee and breakfast when Debbie came into the kitchen. She looked so sexy in her short little robe but like everything else Rosa own, it looked worn. It was obvious that she sent most of her money to her family rather than spend it on herself. Debbie walked over and put her arm around Rosa giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Thank you for making coffee and breakfast Rosa, you didn't have to do that but I appreciate it."

"No problem, I love working here so I thought I'd make breakfast for you and Mr. Jason."

"Yes, well thank you very much, Rosa, but Jason is gone for a week. Seems there is a big restaurant convention or expo, I'm not sure which, so he had to go to it. His father insisted he go because he always went to them. He's running the restaurant while Jason is gone. So it's just you and me Rosa, which means we're going out to buy you some clothes this Saturday."

"You are so generous Debbie, are you sure you want to waste your money on me?''

"Hush Rosa, you are worth every penny of it, now no arguing, it's set in stone."

After breakfast, Debbie went down and checked on the home security system. She or Jason did that monthly to make sure it was working well. While she was checking out the system she happed to press the basement button, and up came the basement. She could see the entire basement as the security camera scanned every nook and cranny. Suddenly she stopped when Rosa came into view. She was totally naked again, fresh from a morning shower. The baby was asleep in his crib upstairs which meant she had a minimum of two hours alone time. She also had a baby monitor next to her bed should he start crying. Debbie watched as she put something into the DVR and laid down. Soon two women came on, kissing and caressing one another.

They were both beautiful as they continued kissing. Soon they were caressing one another's breasts and taking turns sucking one another's nipples. Rosa in the meantime was caressing her beautiful breasts and pulling one up to her lips and sucking her dark brown nipple and flicking it with her tongue. Then she would repeat the process with her other breast. Just watching her was making Debbie more and more aroused. She never had feelings for women of a sexual nature before but then this was Rosa. Debbie's pussy was tingling and beginning to moisten as she watched Rosa slide her fingers through her thick, black bush. She parted her legs and was soon working her fingers deep into her pussy.

Debbie in the meantime couldn't resist the temptation to finger her own pussy, something she rarely did. She gasped when she felt her fingers slide over her wet lips, her middle finger sliding between her folds. Both women continued fingering their pussies, while Rosa continued watching the action on TV and Debbie watched Rosa. Rosa was busy working her fingers in and out of her pussy, rubbing her clit furiously with her other hand. Debbie now had two fingers buried deep in her pussy as well, watching Rosa and trying to copy what Rosa did. She had two fingers in her pussy and was rubbing her clit as well. Suddenly Rosa gasped and arched her back as her body started to shake on the bed. Debbie knew she was cumming which only took her closer to cumming as well.

When Rosa finished she reached over and opened her dresser drawer. She pulled out a dildo and started unwrapping it. So clearly Rosa used some of her extra money on herself. Instead of clothes, she bought sex toys and videos.The dildo looked so life like that no wonder Rosa bought it. She began running the dildo over her swollen lips, working it in between them, then slowly inserting it as Debbie watched. Oh, how she wished she had a dildo to shove in her pussy right about now. What fun it would be to masturbate, laying next to Rosa on the bed, masturbating together and then when they were done masturbating, eating one another out.

Debbie surprised herself as she watched Rosa being to fuck herself with the dildo. She couldn't believe the impure thoughts she was having, especially about another woman. Still, she was loving it and was seriously thinking of someday making love to Rosa. The only question was, how to approach it. She stopped thinking about Rosa when her own pussy started to quiver as she was starting to cum. When it was all said and done, Debbie had one of the strongest orgasms she has ever achieved masturbating. Maybe all she needed all this time was some incentive such as seeing Rosa masturbating. Debbie watched Rosa masturbating a couple of more times before their shopping trip.

They were up early and went out to breakfast where Debbie learned a lot more about Rosa as they ate. She learned that Rosa wanted to find to become an American citizen but she needed help financially. She also learned that Rosa wanted to eventually bring her ailing mother to the U.S. as well as a couple of her nieces and nephews. They talked until it was time for the mall to open. Once they were finished they dropped the baby off at the grandparent's house and headed to the mall. Debbie and Rosa spent the better part of the morning buying things for Rosa. It was like pulling teeth to get Rosa into allowing Debbie to buy anything for her. Debbie got frustrated saying,

"Damn Rosa, if you don't stop balking at everything I try and buy for you, telling me it's too expensive I'm going to turn you over my knee and spank your bare ass. The only problem is, I think you would like it too much!"

Rosa smiled, "Yes, you know me all too well but then maybe you would enjoy spanking my bare ass too? Yes...No?"

"Oh my gosh Rosa, you are incorrigible but yes, I suppose I would now that you mention it? Just don't tell my husband, he still thinks I'm a perfect little angel."

Rosa laughed with Debbie then paused saying,

"I hope this is not out of line but should you ever want to explore some secret desires, feel free to let me share them with you. I hope I have not offended you?"

"Shame on you Rosa, you naughty little slut. Of course, I'm not you see me angry? Now let's see what else we can find."

"We have enough Debbie, really. I don't know where I'm going to put all of this anyway."

"Hmm, point well taken. Alright, let's go pay for this and then we can have lunch at a place I know. There's something I want to talk to you about anyway."

Once they had paid for their clothing they headed to a little care for some salads and some coffee. Once they had their food and beverage Debbie made sure no one was nearby. She then said,

"Now, I have a suggestion for you Rosa AND IT IS NOT A CRITICISM...I want to make that perfectly clear. I'm only suggesting this because I think it might be of use in the future. That first day when I came into your room and you were lying naked on the bed, do you remember that?"

"Oh yes, how could I forget?"

"Yes, well I noticed how hairy your pussy is as well as your inner thighs. I have to admit I've never seen anything like it, to be honest. Now, I know a really good salon that could clean that area up a little if you know what I mean? Get rid of all that wild hair and make it look cleaner?"

"I don't know Debbie, I never thought about it. From the look in your eyes that night, I thought you were pleased, now you're telling me you think I look ugly?"

"No, Rosa, not at all. I don't think you are ugly at all. I just thought...I just thought you were the sexiest thing I'd ever seen. I don't know what I was thinking really. Rosa, if you like it then don't do anything you don't want to. There is nothing about you that is ugly, on the contrary, you are beautiful, especially your very, hairy, pussy now that I think about it. I'm sorry, let's go home and try on some of the clothes, what do you think?"

"Yes, I would like that very much. Are you sure you aren't wanting me to make changes to myself?"

"No, just leave everything alone. Now let's get out of here."

Once they arrived home, Debbie put the baby down for a nap. Once he was asleep she and Rosa went down to the basement where Rosa stripped down to her bra and panties so she could try on the new clothes. The first thing Debbie suggested was the new panties they bought for Rosa. She put them on but they did not cover her bush at all. There was hair protruding from the legs of the panties as well as the top. Rosa looked at herself in the mirror and then turned to Debbie asking,

"Is this what you meant my ugly? Because this doesn't look very nice."

"It's the style of the panties Rosa. You've been wearing the old-fashioned, what I call "granny panties." They are big and not very sexy but they do cover things. What you're seeing how is why I was suggesting going to a salon and getting it trimmed. I would never suggest to wax off all that beautiful pussy hair, that would be shameful."

Rosa looked at herself in the mirror again and then started laughing,

"Yes, I can see it looks like I have something trying to escape or something. The thing is, I wouldn't want a stranger to touch me there, it would feel creepy to me. However, if it was someone I knew, someone who liked watching me masturbate of a morning while the baby sleeps, well then, maybe she might be interested in touching me there and maybe even other places? What do you think Debbie?"

Debbie stood there, dumbfounded not knowing what to say. Finally, she said,

"Yes, Rosa, I have been watching you of a morning and masturbating right along with you. I know it's creepy, I even felt creepy but seeing you with your fingers working in your beautiful pussy, well all I can say is I'm not sorry. You've brought one of my fantasies to mind that I had put aside. If I offend you I apologize but I would love for you to be the first woman that I make love to. If you want me after what I've told you."

"Yes, Debbie, more than you can ever imagine. First, I think it would be better if maybe you were to help me clean up a little if that's alright?"

"Of course, you want me to trim your beautiful pussy, why I'd love to Rosa. Let me get my things from the bathroom and I will be right with you."

Debbie returned from the bathroom with everything she needed to trim Rosa's beautiful bush. She sat down on the bed next to Rosa asking her,

"Now, I want you to know that I'm mainly going to trim the sides of your beautiful bush. It's so beautiful, I would hate to take too much. If you'd like, I can also wax around your labia. I have to say, that your lips are so full and think, I love the way they look, like petals of a beautiful flower, so full and rich. I think you will find that having the hair out of the way, will make them far more sensitive when they are touched."

"Then what are you waiting for Debbie. If you don't mind, would you mind taking your clothes off as well? I would like to see you naked as well if that would be alright with you?"

"Of course Rosa, I don't mind at all."

Debbie took off her clothes as Rosa watched. She smiled as Debbie took off her bra, revealing her breasts to Rosa. Her nipples were tingling and hard as Rosa smiled at her. Then Debbie stepped out of her panties revealing her blonde bush to Rosa. Like Rosa, her bush was thick yet neatly trimmed so she wouldn't have any wild hairs sticking out of the sides of her panties. Debbie picked up her scissors telling Rosa that she was going to start trimming the excess hair and shape her bush for her.

She couldn't resist running her hand through Rosa's bush, feeling how soft, and silky her pussy was. She looked at Rosa whose eyes were closed as Debbie continued caressing her pussy. She then started trimming the excess hair and shaping the sides of her bush. She was careful to make sure everything was perfect as Rosa cooed softly. Once she was finished she told Rosa that she was going to clean away the excess hair from her labia by waxing the area. Debbie took great pains to make sure she was as careful as possible. Once she was finished so told Rosa,

"Now I'm going to put something on your labia that will make it feel very cool and take away any irritation. I'm going to have to touch you, is that alright?"

"Yes, of course, it is."

Debbie poured the lotion into her hand as she applied more lotion to the area she had just waxed. Rosa moaned and lifted her hips from the bed as Debbie smoothed the lotion into her pussy. She added more lotion as she lovingly applied the lotion to Rosa's pussy. Rose started caressing Debbie, running her hand over her back as Debbie squeezed Rosa's pussy gently. She began running her fingertips along Rosa's pussy, looking down at Rosa as she pleasured her. Not saying a word, Debbie eased her middle finger into Rosa's pussy, followed by another finger. Rosa gasped saying,

"Yes, yes, that feels so good Debbie, please don't stop, it feels so beautiful!"

Debbie worked her fingers deep into Rosa's pussy, her fingers exploring every inch of her pussy. After several minutes, Debbie took things a step further as she moved between Rosa's legs and lowered her head. She took in the erotic aroma of her nanny's pussy, then lowered her head as she began running her tongue over her pussy. Rosa gasped and squealed as Debbie moved her tongue the length of her wet pussy. She worked her tongue between her folds, licking the length of her pussy as Rosa squirmed on the bed. Debbie took things further when she worked her tongue into Rosa's opening where she began tongue fucking her as Rosa's moans turned to squeals of passion. She tongue fucked her until she couldn't do it any longer.

She then replaced her fingers back in Rosa's pussy and then sucked her meaty lips into her mouth. Again she was squealing as Debbie sucked her lips into her mouth. Before long Debbie was sucking Rosa's clit and working her fingers deep into her pussy. Before long Rosa was cumming over and over with intense orgasms coursing through her body. Debbie moved up taking Rosa's breasts in her hands, caressing them as she sucked her nipples into her mouth. Her nipples were so sensitive as Debbie took her to many smaller orgasms just sucking her nipples. Rosa pulled Debbie up to her, kissing her before rolling her over onto her back. Now it was Rosa's turn to pleasure Debbie.

She began with kissing her with as much passion as she could, then working her way down to her breasts. Debbie's breasts are slightly smaller but they were full of the milk inside them. Rosa began sucking Debbie's, enjoying the taste of the milk as she continued sucking them. Debbie was beside herself, never imagining that making love to another woman would be so erotic. There was something about Rosa that brought out intense passion for another woman in her and she was loving every second of it. Debbie is the kind of person that once she sets her mind to do something she dives in head first and this was no exception. Rosa took her to a smaller orgasm sucking her nipples as she moved on down Debbie's torso making her way to her pussy.

She loved Debbie's blonde bush, sliding her fingers into it, squeezing her mound as Debbie had done to her. Debbie's pussy was awash in her juices as Rosa squeezed and teased her pussy. Soon she had her finger deep inside Debbie's pussy, followed by another as she worked them both deep in her pussy. Her pussy was so tight, clamping down on Rosa's fingers as she worked them around inside her. Now it was Rosa's turn to lick Debbie's pussy, licking her wet lips as she lapped up her juices. She soon had worked her tongue between her lips causing Debbie to squeal out in passion. While the two women were making love Debbie's husband Jason came home early from the restaurant. He looked around for Rosa and the for his wife but couldn't find either one of them. He finally gave up and decided to go up and change his clothes.

As he reached the top of the stairs he heard some moaning, it sounded like two people having sex or something. Curious, he carefully tiptoed to where the sound was coming from. As he neared the bedroom he could see the door was slightly open. As he peeked inside he received the surprise of his life. There on the bed was his wife and Rosa and they were making love. He couldn't believe his eyes, this was like a dream come true. He and Debbie enjoyed their sexual fantasies and this was one of them but he never dreamed that Debbie would ever be with another woman and yet there she was, making love to Rosa with Rosa eating her pussy. His cock had turned to stone as he watched the two of them having intense sex. He watched as Rosa took Debbie's clit into her mouth and began sucking it as Debbie gasped,

"Yes, oh fuck yes Rosa, suck my pussy Sweetie, suck my fucking clit. I want to cum so bad, suck it, make me cum!"

He stood there motionless as he watched Rosa take his wife to an incredible orgasm, her body shaking and shuddering as the orgasms washed over her. Then he watched as Debbie and Rosa entwined their legs, and began rubbing their pussies together, taking one another to another to more strong orgasms. Afterward, Debbie and Rosa cuddled and kissed. Jason was about to leave when he heard Debbie say to Rosa,

"Rosa, I know you like to use a dildo when you masturbate. Does that mean you might enjoy a nice hard cock deep in your pussy? The reason I ask is, my husband Jason has a really nice hard cock and he's the same size as that dildo you use. I'm not trying to make you do something you don't want to do, but I know Jason would love to make love to you. He thinks you are very beautiful and I know he would love to pleasure your pussy with his mouth and especially his cock. Would you ever consider such a thing?"

"I don't know, I've never thought about it. I like your husband very much, he has been very kind to me and always a perfect gentleman even when you aren't around. To answer your question, yes, I would like to have my pussy filled with a nice hard cock and if your husband is as well endowed as you say, that would be wonderful. I do prefer women but on occasion, I do fantasize about a hard cock in my pussy. Are you suggesting what I think you are suggesting?"

"Yes, after making love to you today I would love to include Jason sometime. I'm not suggesting everytime we make love but on occasion when the urge hits you I would like to include him in a threesome. I'm sure he would be willing, all I have to do is come up with a way to suggest it to him. Would you enjoy a threesome together?"

"Yes, I would like that very much. I don't know how to thank you, Debbie. You buy me beautiful clothes and make love to me and now you offer to share your husband, you are such a wonderful person, I don't deserve this."

"Yes you do Rosa, you are very kind and loving person, I can't think of anyone I would rather do this for. Just let me work it out and I will let you know. Now kiss me and then we have to get ready before Jason comes home."

As the two of them caressed and kissed on another Jason carefully went back downstairs so as not to be discovered. He couldn't believe what Debbie had proposed to Rosa but the thought of having a threesome with her intrigued him. She was a beautiful young woman and he would like nothing more than to have a threesome with his wife and Rosa. Before long Debbie and Rosa came down to find Jason sitting and reading the paper. Debbie was surprised to find him home too soon asking,

"Jason, what are you doing home so early, is everything alright?"

"Yes, everything is perfect actually. The guy I hired to be my assistant manager has finally learned enough that I feel confident leaving him on his own. He can call me if he gets in trouble but I think he is capable of handling any situation that comes up. I trained him for most anything and he's confident so I'm confident in his abilities. Now, what's for dinner?"

"I don't know, I haven't thought about it yet."

"No problem Hon, I was just curious. Hi Rosa, I didn't mean to ignore you, how are you doing?"

Just fine Sir, thank you for asking."

"Rosa, you can call me Jason, I don't want you to be so formal, after all, you're part of the family. Just relax and call me Jason."

"Thank you, Jason, I will do my best. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to check on the baby."

"Yes, I'll go with you. I'll have dinner at our usual time Hon, glad you're home."

"Thanks, me too."

Debbie followed Rosa into the babies room. As Rosa changed the babies diaper, Debbie said,

"See, Jason really likes you. If you're interested I sure that the three of us having some fun together wouldn't be a problem. You just let me know when you're comfortable with the idea and I'll take it from there."

"As long as you have no problem with it, then I have no problem with it. If you don't mind my saying, I think Jason is a very handsome man and I wouldn't mind having sex with the two of you."

"Good, let me go down and get dinner started while you finish here."

Debbie went down and started dinner trying to come up with a way to approach her husband about a threesome. After dinner that evening she had Jason went to bed after a shower. As they were laying there cuddling Debbie was thinking of different ways to approach the subject. Jason asked her what she was thinking about, she looked like she had a lot on her mind. She smiled saying,

"Well, now that you bring it up I was thinking about Rosa. I was thinking about how wonderful she is with the baby and how hard she works around the house so we don't have to. I was also thinking about how beautiful she is, don't you think she's beautiful Jason?"

"Yes, she is beautiful. I get the feeling this is going somewhere right? I mean you're asking all these questions about Rosa, saying how beautiful she is and complimenting everything she does. I found it kind of curious that the two of you looked so...well so satisfied when I came home. If I didn't know better I'd say the two of you had just been well fucked. Then again, there's no man around here that I know of anyway, so that means that maybe the two of you were having some fun together. That and the fact that I watched you two this afternoon when I came home early."

Debbie was flabberghasted, she had no idea that Jason had caught her and Rosa making love, not to mention that he watched them. On the one hand, she was angry that he watched them but on the other hand, what a perfect solution to her problem of asking him about a threesome. She smiled at him giving him a sheepish little grin asking,

"So how long did you watch you pervert? I suppose you enjoyed it I'm sure."

"Hell yes I enjoyed it, the only thing that was missing was me, or does Rosa prefer pussy over a cock?"

"Yes she does prefer women over men but she does think you are a very handsome man and after I told her about how well endowed you are, she's more than willing to join us in a threesome. Are you interested, Jason?"

"I think you know the answer to that one. I'd love to join the two of you in a hot threesome."

"Good, I'll set it up. I think this weekend would be perfect. I'm taking the baby over to your mom and dad's house for the weekend. They have been begging me to let them have some time with him and I think this would be the perfect time to let him spend Saturday night there."

"Great idea, they've been bugging me about it too. They have everything he would need so that won't be a problem."

"Good, I'll call your mom in the morning and set it up for Saturday."

The next morning Debbie called her mother-in-law asking her if she would be interested in having the baby spend the night. She jumped at the chance to have the baby overnight. Debbie made arrangements to take the baby over Saturday late afternoon and drop him off and then would pick him up the following day. When she got home she told Rosa that she had come up with the perfect scenario for her to be with her and her husband. Rosa was excited and was looking forward to it. Debbie thought about how it would go down when Rosa made a suggestion.

"I have always had a fantasy of someone finding me swimming naked. In my fantasy, of course, it was a beautiful woman coming upon me and finding me. Then she joined me in the water and the two of us ended up having incredible sex. We could use the same fantasy only you would be the one finding me in your pool where you would join me. We could start out making love when your husband finds us, only instead of getting mad, he joins us. Where it goes from there is up to you."

"Oh Rosa, that sounds so sexy, you're making me wet just thinking about it. Did you know that when Jason came home early that afternoon he saw you and I making love in the bedroom?"

"Really, why didn't he join us?"

"He wanted to but he didn't want to interrupt us in case it was something special between us. He was worried that maybe you wouldn't want him to interfere, so rather than take a chance, he left us alone."

"That is so sweet of him, he is really a good man. I'm looking forward to Saturday night, now I have a lot of work to do as well as go to the grocery store. I will see you later."

"No problem Rosa, we can talk later."

The week seemed to fly by with Rosa and Debbie making love a couple of times before Saturday rolled around. Debbie dropped the baby off at the inlaws house and then went home and made dinner. Rosa joined Debbie and Jason acting as if it were a normal Saturday evening. When they finished Rosa went back down to the basement and Jason and Debbie did what they usually did on a Saturday evening at home. At around nine, They went up to bed and took their showers and then got into bed as usual. At around 10 Debbie said she couldn't sleep and was going downstairs.

Once she was downstairs she looked out on the patio. Because it was a full moonlit night she could see Rosa in the pool. She was naked and swimming in the water. Debbie went out and saw Rosa, naked and looking so beautiful. Her nipples were hard and her thick bush looked so beautiful as she swam. She took off her negligee and stepped into the shallow end of the pool, watching as Rosa swam. Debbie waded into the water and then submerged herself as made her way over to where Rosa was. She put her arms around Rosa, cupping her breasts in her hands. She kissed her ear whispering,

"My your nipples are so hard from the cool water, and your breasts feel go soft. Are your nipples sensitive Rosa?"

"Mmm, yes, I love having a beautiful woman like you touching them. It feels so good when you touch my breasts and nipples."

Debbie began caressing Rosa's breasts and strumming her nipples as she looked up at her bedroom window. She could see Jason had gotten up and the light was on in the bedroom meaning he was watching them. Debbie began kissing Rosa with deep passionate kisses. Rosa cupped Debbie's pussy in her hand and kissed Debbie back with the same passion. They moved to the shallow end of the pool, where Debbie started sucking Rosa's nipples as her husband watched. Rosa was cooing and moaning as Debbie took her toward a small orgasm.

They made their way out of the pool, with Rosa laying on her back as Debbie moved between her legs. She began licking the beads of water from Rosa's pussy, running her tongue along her swollen labia. Rosa in the meantime was squeezing her own breasts and rolling her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers as Debbie continued licking her pussy. Debbie had totally forgotten about Jason as she parted Rosa's thick lips, her secretions oozing down onto her tongue. Rosa was breathing heavy now, as her arousal continued to grow.

Debbie worked her tongue deep into Rosa's pussy, tongue fucking her as Rosa's head turned from side to side as she gasped and squealed. Debbie moved up and took Rosa's clit into her mouth, sucking it as Rosa tried down to scream out loud and alert the neighbors. As Debbie was sucking her pussy, Rosa looked up and saw Jason standing over her, his erect cock in his hand as he slowly stroked it. She smiled, she liked what she saw. His cock was much bigger than Debbie had described and she found herself actually looking forward to having his cock in her pussy.

Debbie was totally unaware that her husband had joined them as he put his finger to his lips, indicating for Rosa not to say anything. Rosa was too busy enjoying Debbie sucking her pussy, taking her closer and closer to orgasm. It wasn't long before Rosa started cumming from Debbie sucking her clit. Once Rosa finished cumming, Debbie seemed to linger, her face still between Rosa's legs. She slowly moved up again, nuzzling her face in Rosa's thick bush, still unaware that Jason was there. Finally, she looked up seeing Jason with his cock in his hand.

"Well, hello Hon, would you like to join us? I hope you're not mad at my enjoying Rosa's sweet pussy?"

"Not at all Babe, just as long as I get to enjoy her when you two are ready. I didn't know you had such a taste for pussy. Then again, looking at Rosa's beautiful bush and those thick lips I can certainly see why. Let me know when you two are ready."

"Mmm, yes, we will but right now my pussy needs some attention from Rosa...right Rosa?"

"Yes Ma'am, whatever you say."

As Debbie lay back, Rosa moved on top of her, kissing her as she worked her way down to Debbie's breasts. She began caressing them and kissing them as she teased her nipples. Debbie was moaning and loving Rosa's lips on her nipples. She sucked Debbie's nipples into her mouth, teasing them and making Debbie even more aroused as she sucked her nipples, taking her close to orgasm. As Debbie had done to her, she moved down between Debbie's legs, licking her labia and teasing her as she worked her tongue between her folds.

Jason watched in amazement as Rosa licked his wife's pussy, seeing how much Debbie was enjoying it. He watched intently, taking mental notes of Rosa's technique and what she did. After tongue fucking her, Rosa took Debbie's clit into her mouth and began sucking it as Debbie tried not to squeal out too much. Rosa licked and sucked her clit making Debbie all the more aroused and taking her closer and closer to orgasm. Suddenly Debbie grabbed Rosa's head pulling closer as she thrust her pussy into Rosa's face, cumming over and over.

When she had finished cumming, Jason suggested that they go inside, fearing the neighbors might have heard something. Once inside the house, they headed upstairs to the master bedroom. Debbie and Rosa turned their attention to Jason. He took each one in his arms, kissing his wife and then Rosa. Debbie told Rosa that her husband was hers for as long as she wanted him. She could do or have him do to her anything her heart desired. Rosa looked at Jason not sure where she wanted to start. Finally, she told him,

"Make love to me as if I am your beautiful wife."

"How about I make love to you the way I would make love to any beautiful woman Rosa?"

She smiled as Jason moved next to her. He began caressing her breasts as he leaned over and started kissing her. Jason liked her full lips, they were so soft and sweet. The more he kissed her the more he enjoyed it. Rosa seemed a little intimidated at first, probably because it was something new and she was having sex with the same people that employed her. After some soft kisses and caresses, he could feel her tension easing. Their kisses grew more passionate as Jason started teasing her sensitive nipples. He kissed his way down to her breasts paying special attention to her aureoles and well as her beautiful brown nipples. He began flicking them with his tongue causing her to begun undulating on the bed.

Jason was soon sucking Rosa's nipples as he moved his hand down her stomach, sliding his fingers into her thick bush. Her hair felt like velvet as he moved his hand back and forth, feeling how soft her bush was. Rosa was moaning and cooing as Jason move his hand down further sliding his middle finger over her ever moistening pussy. While all this was going on, Debbie was watching her husbands every move. Not because she was jealous but because it turned her on to see him making love to another woman. She never realized she would enjoy watching her man playing with another woman's pussy. She watched as he eased his middle finger between Rosa's swollen pussy lips and begin moving it up and down while Rosa moaned even louder.

She could see that Rosa was enjoying her husband's touch, just maybe she was going to re-evaluate how she felt about having sex with me, or maybe she was more comfortable because it was Jason. As she watched, Jason added a second finger into Rosa's pussy, working them deep inside her pussy. She watched as his fingers probed Rosa's pussy, bringing her extreme pleasure judging from the sounds coming from her. Jason paused, removing his fingers from Rosa's pussy as he moved down pausing long enough to rub his face in her thick bush. That brought a smile to Debbie's face because that's exactly what she enjoyed doing so much. After several seconds Jason moved down and began licking Rosa's pussy.

Debbie moved to a better vantage point so she could watch her husband going down on Rosa. She moved closer so she could watch his tongue as it moved over her beautiful labia. Jason continued licking her pussy and sucking her lips into his mouth, working his tongue between them as he licked the length of her creamy slit. Her secretions were oozing from her pussy down onto his tongue as he licked her toward orgasm. He paused momentarily when Debbie pulled him to her, kissing him so she could taste Rosa's pussy on his tongue. When she finished the kiss, Jason turned his attention back to Rosa's pussy, thing time working his tongue into her opening where he began tongue fucking her.

Rosa looked over at Debbie and smiled at her, winking and telling her how wonderful her husband was at pleasuring her pussy. Rosa was soon squealing as Jason working his tongue deep into her pussy, taking her attention away from Debbie and centering herself back on Jason. Jason removed his tongue from Rosa's pussy, but instead of taking her clit into his mouth, Jason went another way. He asked Rosa to turn over onto her stomach saying he had something special for her. Both Rosa and Debbie were curious what he was going to do as Rosa did as he asked. Once she was on her stomach, Jason moved up and began kissing her shoulders. She liked what he was doing so she relaxed and enjoyed the attention.

He kissed his way down her spine, running his tongue along her spine as he kissed her. When Jason reached her ass, he began moving his tongue over the cleft at the top of her ass. Debbie knew then what Jason had planned and smiled at Rosa. Rosa started moaning again as she enjoyed his paying attention to her ass. It was not something she was used to but it felt good. The only question was, what was he going to do? She moaned even louder as Jason started making his way down her ass crack with his tongue, his tongue not between her cheeks but moving along the top. She really was enjoying the sensation of his tongue pleasure her ass and wondered if he would slide his tongue between her cheeks.

Jason himself found he was intrigued by the short, soft black hair that trailed from her pussy, making its way along her cheeks. There was something so sexy about it he could keep his mouth off of her ass. He moved back up again, this time working his tongue between her cheeks. Now Rosa was beginning to squeal, moving so that she was on her knees, her face on the pillow. She reached back, parting her cheeks to Jason as an invitation to do as he wished. Jason worked his way down her ass crack, teasing her asshole with his tongue, flicking his tongue over her asshole driving Rosa crazy with lust. She was screaming with her face in the pillow as she pushed her ass into his face.

Over and over he would flick his tongue over her asshole until he finally penetrated Rosa's asshole with his tongue, as he tongue fucked her asshole. Rosa was beside herself with a passionate lust, never having had anyone do anything like what Jason was now doing. It didn't take her long to start cumming. Once she finished, Jason moved onto his back as Rosa turned and took his rock hard cock into his mouth. Debbie feeling a bit neglected at this pointed moved onto the bed, straddling her husbands face, grinding her pussy into his face. In the meantime, Rosa was deepthroating Jason, taking his cock as far down his throat as she could.

Debbie was so aroused from watching her pussy was oozing with her juices which were now covering Jason's face and running down his chin. Before long, Debbie was cumming as she moved from his face onto the bed. Rosa was the aggressor now, lowering her pussy down onto Jason's cock. She loved the way his cock filled her pussy, just like the dildo she used only this was better, it was the real thing. She began humping his cock, slamming her pussy down as hard as she could. As she continued humping his cock, Rosa reached up and started squeezing her breasts and tugging at her nipples. Debbie had her fingers buried in her pussy as she watched Rosa fucking her husband. Jason grabbed Rosa, turning over onto her back where he quickly slid his cock back into her pussy.

As soon as he was deep inside her tight pussy, Jason began fucking her as hard as he could. Sounds of flesh slamming against flesh filled the bedroom as Jason continued pummeling Rosa. Over and over he slammed her pussy hard as Rosa drew closer and closer to another orgasm. She was squealing and wadding the sheets up in her hands as Jason continued his onslaught of passion. Finally, Rosa's body stiffened and she started cumming over and over again until she fell limp. Still needing to cum, Jason pulled his cock from Rosa's pussy as Debbie took his cock in her mouth.

She loved the taste of Rosa's pussy on his cock as she deepthroated her husband. Jason was now the one moaning as Debbie took him to the edge. Jason felt his cock spasm and then the cum shoot from his cock, down his wife's throat. Debbie took every last drop of cum he had until there was none left. As Jason lay there spent, Debbie moved over to Rosa who was still basking in the afterglow of her intense orgasm and shared a cum filled his with her. After everyone had relaxed and gathered their thoughts Debbie asked,

"Well, Rosa, what do you think of making love to Jason. Was it everything you expected it to be?"

"Oh yes, it was even better than I could ever have imagined and I am not just saying this to make you happy. Jason, you are a very caring and loving man, you made me feel as if you loved me as much as you love your wife. You made me feel very special and wanted. As for making love to a man, I wasn't sure at first if I would like it but I felt since you are my boss it was the least I could do as you have been so good to me. Having you inside me was so much better than that dildo I use, now I don't know if I can use it again, I have been spoiled. Thank you both so much for making me part of your family."

"My goodness, Rosa you have no idea how good it makes me feel to hear you say that. I'm so happy you enjoyed Jason and believe me, this is not going to be the only time we get together and make love. You are right though, you ARE part of our family, a very important part of our family and we both love you. Now, to end this on the right note, I think it only fitting that we all share the same bed tonight, do you agree?"

"Yes, I would like nothing more than to sleep with you both tonight."

"Jason, how about you, are you alright with that?"

"Yes, and just so you know Rosa, other than Debbie, I've never enjoyed making love to a woman more than I enjoyed making love to you. You are definitely a part of our family and I will help you get anyone of your family in Mexico over to this side of the border. Now, let's get some sleep, you two have tired me out."

Rosa hugged Jason, thanking him for his generosity and caring. From that day forward Rosa found herself an integral part of Jason and Debbie's family and she couldn't be happier.
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