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Sarah’s a Bad Girl
Chapter 1
Right across the street in my subdivision lives a mid forties woman by the name of Sarah. Her husband Gary, looks to be quite older, maybe in his late fifties and sort of a button down boring kind of guy. He is an accountant for a company in town and works long hours.

Sarah on the other hand, does not work, she keeps house and does the yard work. I have watched her outside many times doing her yard, sometimes she is in very little clothing when it is hot out. .She looks to be about 5’6”, around 125 lbs and nicely proportioned. Her hair is just slightly red and I just imagine that her mound is also red but a lot redder shade I’m sure.

I am self employed and have my office at home, so I am in and out during the day. I noticed 3 days ago a car outside Sarah’s house that I have not seen before. It was not a big deal so I just ignored it. The car was parked there for several hours before I needed to leave, but when I returned it was gone.

Yesterday as I left in the morning, the car and a man inside was parked down the street about a block away. So I went just past the car and parked, watching in my mirror to see what he was doing there. About 5 minutes passes and Gary drove by on his way to work. The man immediately started his car and moved to the house next to Sarah’s and parked. .He got out and went to the side gate of Sarah’s and let himself in.

He appeared to be in his thirties and not bad looking, wearing casual clothing.
Being this was the second day in a row he was there and that he waited for Gary to leave made me suspect something was going on, something that I wanted to watch.

I waited about 20 minutes and went in to the backyard just as the man had. Seeing no one, I tried opening the back door slowly. It was unlocked and I poked my head in.
I was starting to wonder what I was going to tell them if I got caught. I had no idea.
I could hear some sounds from down the hallway and I slowly moved that direction, the sounds getting louder as I moved closer. It was now obvious that they were in the bedroom, the door standing open and I could hear the sounds of Sarah giving head to the man. The sucking and slurping and his moaning were definite giveaways.

Sarah then opened her mouth a spoke. “Do you want me to stick my finger up your ass as I suck your cock Ben?” There was a pause and then Ben replied, “Fuck yes.” He really got loud then and within 1 minute he was coming in her mouth, I could hear her trying to swallow it ass he came. Ben then told her to strip, it was time to fuck her.
Sarah then told Ben “get a condom from the dresser, we don’t want any evidence for Gary to find.” I could hear Ben opening the drawer and opening a package, in a few seconds he told Sarah to get on all fours. Sarah said she didn’t really like that position all that much and so he told her to lay on her back and spread her legs. I could hear the sound of his cock pumping her wet pussy and after 5 or so minutes she was cumming.

Ben told her he couldn’t stay longer today as he had a business meeting, but would be back tomorrow, same time. I quickly got out of the house and went back to mine.
My cock was hard and aching; I needed to cum so I stepped inside my front door and jacked off right there. That was enough so I could go to work.

I definitely wanted to watch tomorrow and not just listen. So I bought a wireless cam and decided I would try to install it without her knowing. When I got home she was in the front yard working. Looked like she just started, so I took the equipment and snuck into her backyard again and into the house. I went right to the bedroom and found a stuffed animal on the dresser. Cutting a small hole in a seam and inserting the camera only took a few seconds. I pointed to the bed and made my way back out.

After getting home, I checked the picture on my computer and everything was lined up.

The next day I couldn’t hardly wait, 9am rolled around and here was Ben.
I started recording from the camera and was definitely not disappointed.
Today Sarah rode him on top and then sucked him off again. The audio was only fair but I could make out most of it. The critical parts were he was going out of town for a week and she said she could fuck all day. Ben couldn’t though as his lane was leaving in 2 hours. In 15 minutes Ben was gone and Sarah was back out in the yard. No one would know what Sarah had been up to, except me of course.

Chapter 2

My cock was damned hard now, but I wanted more than jerking off, so I burned the video to a DVD and went over to see Sarah.
She said “hello Jack” as I approached. I replied. “Sarah I want to talk to you about something, can we go inside.” Looking a little nervous, she said OK and we went in.

I said, “Sarah, for some time now, I watch you from across the street and I will just say it flat out, I want to fuck you really bad.”

Sarah’s mouth dropped open and she exclaimed “Oh My God, I can’t believe you said that” I replied that I had wanted to for quite some time, but today I want you bad enough to tell you and I wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Sarah stated “I am flattered that you find me attractive and want me sexually, but I am married, you know that, and I just can’t do that to Gary”

At that point I knew she was in need of persuasion, so I pulled out the video and put it in the DVD player. I told Sarah that I had something to change her mind and she should play the video. She timidly did as I asked, and when the video started it was at the point she was riding him from on top, she took on a different tone about her.

I said, “Now Sarah we know that Gary is not the problem or that your married, so who is Ben?” Sarah said she met him at a store, he was helping her pick out carpeting and she couldn’t help herself. Gary hasn’t touched her in six months. He can’t get an erection and won’t have any sex until he can. Sarah said she was extremely horny most of the time but I can’t just screw anybody. I told her that she won’t be. She was to get rid of Ben and from now on, only I would be fucking her, as often as possible.

I pulled her up off the couch and led her to the bedroom. I undressed her slowly. Sarah’s breasts were perfect, her nipples were already standing out, so I sucked them one at a time. Sarah started a small moaning and put her hand behind my head to pull me in harder. She was still aroused from being fucked just an hour earlier and I still needed to release. I stripped quickly and spun her around and pushed her over the side of the bed, I heard no complaints and quickly pushed the head of my cock passed her pussy lips and buried my shaft all the way to by balls. Sarah gave a huge moan as I bottomed out.

As I pumped her, I said, “Why don’t you like it from behind you little slut?”
Sarah through the moans, replied “I love your cock from behind, Gary’s and Ben’s are too short”
I told her that is what 8” of hard cock can do for you.
I reached around in front of her and started frigging her clit, she was so wet it took only seconds before she was cumming. I slowed my thrusts to let her get her breath and then continued the assault on her fucking hot cunt. Two more minutes and I could feel my balls start to tighten, I slowed a bit just to feel it all. Sarah could tell I was near cumming and yelled, FUCK ME HARDER! EMPTY YOUR FUCKING BALLS IN ME!
That was it, I started cumming in her, shooting ropes of my thick cum in her.

I was coming down off the high, pulled out and turned her over. I could see gobs of my cum running out of her pussy, and I was right, bright red hair.

I put my cock back in her and started kissing her. We stayed locked this way for about 20 minutes before I got hard again. 3 hours later I went to work as tomorrow is another Sarah day.

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2008-12-13 23:43:49
Good story.


2006-10-15 15:55:54
nah, that was bollocks


2006-10-15 15:14:22
good story I gave it a 9


2006-10-03 07:03:58
loved the story. Wonderful!


2006-10-02 17:34:53
I imagine this girl Sarah to be the pornstar Sara Jay
nice story though

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