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Wonder Woman and Superman were just coming from a Justice League battle completely tired. Damn!!!! If I have to look at one more computer after Brainic I’m going to lose it said Diana. That’s the last time I will use a computer for anything other than research said Clark. What other things besides research do you use your computer for? Well there are other things said Clark, use your imagination. Ok said Diana as they reached her room in the headquarters of the Justice League of America. As Clark was glancing at the room Diana was untieing the strings on the back of her costume. Umm Diana I think we have to hurry if we are gone make it to the Justice League meeting at………….His voice trailed off as Diana stood their topless with her big round tits in her hands as she started to play with them. Oh Clark the meeting is not for another hour and I think you need some sexual healing after that last battle said Diana. As Diana took off her skirt and panties to reveal her fat pussy lips the bulge in Clark’s pants grew. Someone is horny!!!! said, Diana as she inserted two fingers inside her pussy and begin to finger herself. Clark took off his cape and tights to reveal his 12’inch cock. Damn that’s big!!!! said Diana as she got to her knees and began to stroke his cock. Clark began to moan as Diana begins sucking on the tip of his dick and made her way down the shaft of his dick. Oh Shit!!!!!! Not even Lois is that good!!!! Moaned Clark as she inserted his whole cock into her mouth all the way to the back of her mouth choking herself a little bit. Precum began to ooze from her mouth as she took his cock out her mouth. Diana walked over to the bed with the precum dripping from her mouth and laid on her back. She opened her legs and motioned Clark over who didn’t need to be told twice. Tell me if I go to fast as he inserted the tip of his dick into Diana’s pussy and began fucking her as she wrapped he legs around his waist. Oh don’t worry about me Clark!!!!! just do your think as his pelvis slapped against her thighs and he began to suck on her nipples. Oh Clark!!!!!!!!!!! Yelled, Diana as her precum began to go down the side of her thigh. Clark grabbing on one of her breast and sucking on the other began to fuck Diana harder as she began to yell uncontrollably. If it wasn’t for the sound proof walls in the Justice League everyone else in the headquarters would have heard them. Clark pulled his cock out and let her suck on it for a while as he then turned her onto her knees. Clark slowly put his cock into her ass and began to fuck Diana smoothly before increasing his speed. As he began to fuck her Diana began to cum and it started to go down the back of her thigh from her pussy. As he fucked her Clark grabbed her hair and began to fuck her harder from behind. Oh shit I’m Cumming like a motherfucker!!!! Screamed Diana as her cum began gushing out of her pussy down both of her thighs and onto Clark as well. I’m gone cum!!!!! Yelled Clark as Diana turned over allowing Clark to cum into her mouth and he even sprayed the sides of her mouth with cum. As his cum covered his cock from the tip down to the shaft of his dick Diana began to lick it off and started sucking his cock. Oh man that was great said, Diana as she laid down on the bed. Tell me about it, I guess we will just have to come up with an excuse to why we missed a JLA meeting again, said Clark. You know Clark, Lois is gone kill you for cheating on her again said Diana. It was well worth it said, Clark.

While Superman and Wonder Woman were resting from hours of sex. Supergirl having a quiet night was for the first time in months about to start enjoying herself.

I have only been on this planet a few years and I already love it. The people here are just nice, well some are. Being Supergirl has giving me a new feeling of what it feels like to be respected and loved. The only problem I have right now is finding the right man to be with. I was currently dating Nightwing but we broke up do to some problems and now I sit here alone writing in my journal watching some HBO movie. This movie is boring let’s see what else is on TV. I flipped through the channels and came up on Sex in the City. That Sara Jessica Parker girl was having sex with a cute guy built with a gorgeous six pack As they were having sex I noticed my nipples were starting to get hard, the last time I had sex was eight months ago when I was with Nightwing. I started to open and close my legs trying to resisting masturbating. I hate doing that stuff, but my pussy was throbbing me and I decided to do it this once. I took my night gown off and began to play with my nipples. My nice round medium breasts were just right for my body with my average juicy round ass. I started to squeeze them hard and pushed them up towards my face so I could lick them. I furious took off my panties ripping them in the process and slowly slipped two fingers inside of my pussy. As my fingers went deeper inside of me I started to pump my fingers in and out of my pussy. As I was doing this I was licking my left breast. I slipped my finger in and out my pussy furious as my precum began to come out. With my other hand that I had used to lick my breast I took some of my precum with two fingers and began to suck on it. I then stopped fingering my pussy as I began to cum and turned onto my knees in a doggystyle position. I then took two fingers and started fingering my asshole and by that time I was cumming like a motherfucker. My Cum started down my pussy and then started running down my thigh like a damn river. I fingered my ass violently and started to finger my pussy at the same time with my other hand. By then I was yelling “Oh shit!!!!!!!!!!! This feels so fucking good’ over and over. I started to have multiple orgasms as from my ass and down was covered all up with cum. My beds sheets which had been pink were covered half with cum and a minute after I blew a shit load of cum onto the back of my thighs I finally was done. Whoa!!!! That was good!!!!!!! I said as I rested my head on my pillow. I think I might have to take back what I said about never doing this again.

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2013-08-06 01:29:51
the story was good but you could make a few improvements

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2011-11-13 21:47:49
I liked it you should make more and i put the nivce heroes comment

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2010-06-07 15:42:29
it needs to be longer. other than that it was ok


2007-01-15 18:43:16
2/10 - It was so riveting that I only read about a 1/4 of it !


2007-01-09 18:36:18
bitch, you stick like my moms pussy 0/10

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