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Part D of the Flight of Sin series
My cell rings. I see it is Sheela.

'Dale, we are on for Friday night'. 'I showed Lucy the pic of Keri and her mouth fairly watered'. 'She thinks I am a total bitch and you are a fucking bastard but wants Keri as bad as I do'. 'I told her how good she came on the flight, how deliciously sweet and tiny her little pussy is'.

'Friday night eh'. 'Where'? 'What time'?

'Lucy is afraid she is walking into a trap, you raping her so she wants me to bring Keri to her apartment at 8pm'. 'Then you can come around 9'.

Me, 'Tell her to go fuck herself Sheela'. 'Where Keri goes, I go and you know that'.

'OK, OK Dale'. 'I will go to Lucy's at 8, you and Keri come shortly after'. 'If she does not want to play it this way then we will just leave and go to my lake house'. 'OK Dale'.

'No Sheela'! 'You know the deal'. 'I get you and Lucy and you and Lucy get Keri'. 'I don't need Lucy or you'. 'I have a wife and the hottest most sensual female on the planet in Keri'. 'You are the one that wants in my circle'. 'Pay the price or fuck off Sheela'!

Sheela, 'OK, OK, I will make Lucy know that it's all or nothing for the both of us'. 'She just gushed at the thought of having Keri so I am sure she will go along'.

Me, 'OK Sheela, but make sure that lesbo knows what I get for even letting her look at Keri'. 'By the way, Keri wants you too baby'. 'Just be sure no one hurts my daughter unless she wants it'. 'I will cut your heart out and feed it to you if you fuck me over Sheela'. 'You might tell Lucy that this guy is not one to cross too'.

I hang up, think about it for awhile. I am taking a chance. I want to fuck Lucy but I want you safe and mine more. Still, you like the idea of a beautiful woman tasting you, making you hot and making you cum. I will go along this once so you can have the full bi-sexual experience. If you get unhappy at any point then the evening is over.

I hear a car in the driveway. It's you. I step to the door, wave to Sherry and her mom as you bounce in. I quickly close the door so they cannot see the hot kiss we exchange as you press your little body into my waiting arms.

Holding you at arms length so I can finally fill my eyes with you, 'Have you eaten baby girl'?

'Yes Daddy, I got a sandwich at school'. Tugging at the clasp on my slacks, 'Oh Daddy, I want to go straight to bed but I need a shower first'.

'We'll take one together darling baby girl'.

You run to your room to drop your books then hurry to meet me in the master bath room. I have the water running and grab you for another long kiss as I start to undress you. God, each part of you uncovered is exquisite. At the tender age of 12 you are quite likely one of the most beautiful females on the earth.

Naked now, helping me out of my clothes. Standing there, innocent but proud. Your body blooming almost before my lustful eyes.

Stepping into the shower, water pouring down on us as I take the soap and begin to bathe you. Each little part requiring a touch, a kiss. Your hand already pumping my turgid member.

Both of us clean, I shave. You are a naughty demon, sitting in the shower, sucking my dick while I try to shave. 'Behave Keri, I'll cut myself and then we'll have to wait for me to stop bleeding'.

You look up at me, a wicked little smile and run your teeth across my hot knob then suck me hard.

I should punish you. Give you a mouth full of cum but no, I want this first time to be deep in that sweet pussy. The second one will be in your little bottom. I just don't know if I will get all of me in you there tonight. I want you to experience everything but only as you want it, as you enjoy it.

Finished, I pull you up for a kiss with my fresh smooth face. My mouth devours yours, our tongues loving each others. My hands lifting you against the side of the shower as my hard knob searches for your wet opening. I want to give you a little here and then a lot more later.

Mmmmm. Just like on the plane that first time, your arms around my neck as I work my big dick into your tiny little pussy. The water spraying everywhere as I begin to thrust into you.

Your fingers digging into my back as it feels better and better. I am temped to let you cum right now but no, not yet. I am hungry for your pussy. Hungry to see you arch to my lips, hungry to feel and see you cum while withering under me. My dick balls deep in you as you use it, pleasure it. Withering and whimpering as I breed you, then filling your pussy with my semen.

You whimper as I lower you, taking your pleasure rod out of you. Turning off the water, pulling you out on the rug to dry you. You look almost angry but I coo to you that you will soon be feeling me in you again. Making your body purr and sing to me.

Dried, a damp towel over my shoulder, your little body in my arms I carry you to the bed. The covers already down, nice clean sheets to lay you on. A kiss, a tease for each hard nipple and my mouth devours your pussy. Slurping and lapping hard and fast to get you back to the edge of your orgasm. Your taste divine, you smell of the soap and of a woman needing a man.

'Oh Daddy, fuck me please'. 'It feels so good but I want you in me when I cum Daddy'. 'No Daddy'. 'Don't make me cum this way please'. 'I need your dick in me Daddy'.

You are whimpering, needing to be fucked so bad now, I quickly leave your pussy, roll you over on me and love how desperate you are to get my dick back in you. Riding me hard immediately. Little tits bouncing, nipples like little hard marbles, teasing them, pinching them to get more blood into them, make them sting a little as your pussy swallows my dick.

You start grinding on my shaft, head back, your eyes wide open, staring into space as all you know, all you want to know is the hot dick inside you. A dick, your dick, the dick of the Alpha male in your life. The leader, the one you must breed with. The one that owns you body, heart and soul.

I can tell you are cumming. Cumming hard, whimpering and sobbing its so good. 'Oh yes baby girl, use Daddy, make it feel good darling Keri'!

I let you fuck me till I cannot stand it myself. I roll you over, put it back in you. Trying to keep control but as you raise your legs, take me deep I fuck my baby girl. I fuck you so hard. Your pretty head bouncing on the pillow, my body sweating from the energy I am pounding into your body. Moving you, thrusting hard and so deep, your beautiful breasts bouncing in rhythm to my dicks entering and leaving, in and out. Ready to spurt in you, on you. No! This must fill you, breed my baby girl.

You begin to cum again. Eyes wild, leaning to the side to bite into my forearm. Loving the pain, loving your pussy. Filling it with hard spurts, spraying cum in you then thrusting in to make it fill every part of your female organs. The image of little sperm cells driving themselves deep into you, searching frantically for an egg to fertilize, make a new being. To insure the survival of the human race.

Spent now, too heavy for you lay under for long, rolling us to our sides, keeping it buried inside you. Kissing your face, eyes, nose chin and those lips frantically till I begin to calm down.

'Oh baby girl, that was the best so far'. 'You are so wonderful, so precious to me Keri'.

Holding you close, feeling your heart beating against mine. Cooing soft love words to you, touching you, pushing your hair from your face. Adoring you.

Parting a little. Looking down at us joined. Cum on the sheet. Cum on the lips of your pussy which still holds my dick tight.

Letting it come our slowly, turning to my back and pulling you and your pillow close I press the buttons on the TV remote. The porn film I selected earlier begins. I raise up so you can cuddle and see it comfortable.

Kissing your forehead, 'Now watch baby, this is how others make love'. 'Not as good as we do but still you will learn a few things'.

I have selected this particular one because the girl in it clearly loves anal sex. She seems to relish it and I want there to be no surprises for you when I ask you to give it to me.

We lay and watch as her boyfriend seduces her, fucks her several times, teaches her to give head. You smile at me and kiss me, my dick already in your hand. You know all this. You know you can take my cum from me anytime you want, or at least you think so.

Finally they come around to the anal scene. It is done quite well. The man teaching the young girl the mysteries and joys of making love in all forms. I get completely hard and we watch her ride him reversed on top, her cute little button hole so visible, so needing to be stretched and filled. I can feel more urgency in your fingers and the way you press your pussy against my hip too.

I am aroused again. Already wanting you again.

'Get on top of me again darling, that's it, now turn around and put Daddy in with your back to me baby'.

You turn around, reach back and position my sticky dick at your sweet wet slit again. It enters easily and you take it deep. Looking back over your shoulder as it feels good to you also.

I let the film run, letting you watch as she is opened by his dick. He tells her to breath, I feel you breath. He tells her, 'Easy Debbie, get used to it baby'. The girl presses down slowly, taking only a little. Letting it stretch her slowly.

I feel your pussy spasm around my shaft. You have cum again. Not big and wild but an orgasm for sure. This visual stimulation so overwhelming right now.

I reach the nightstand, open the drawer and get out the tube of k-y. You look aback, watch as I put some on my fingers, then rub it on your little flower, some inside. You know what I want.

I stroke in you slowly as you watch the girl slowly take her man. She fingers her pussy and makes some faces of pain but slowly works him in completely. They depart from the first time innocence too quickly as in the next scene he is pounding away in her. Still you see the possibilities and I am hoping.

I pull my dick out, cover the knob with jelly and wait.

You look over your shoulder. That delicious wicked look you can give.

Slowly you take my sticky dick and place it at your flower. I hold my breath.

You push down slowly. Feeling it open and stretch you.

You remember to breath, taking it just up to your round muscle but not able take it deeper. Still it is so good.

My hands on your hips, I begin to thrust slowly at first. Not trying to ram it deep inside you, just let you feel it going in and out. The sweet slurping sound of my big dick in your tight little hole.

I can see you are not ready to take it all so I increase my thrusting. I am enjoying watching this so much my cum hits suddenly.

Just as I go stiff and before I spurt you push down, driving me deep. I hear you grunt with pain but shoot you full as you raise to relieve the pain, my last spurt landing on your back.

My dick out, I put it back and you allow me to go in enough to finish oozing my cum inside this last virgin orfis of your little body.

I am exhausted. I lay under you, savoring watching my cum spill out around my shaft and down your wet slit. You have given me everything now. All that is left is a lifetime of love and my adoration for you. My precious Keri is mine completely. I have put my mark on you. Marked you as mine and mine alone. Yes, I will let Sheela and Lucy taste your treasures but only a short taste. Suzi, Kan, Young Mei may have you too but only what I choose to allow. If Linda will loosen up we will make her faint with pleasure but she has to meet us at least halfway.

An idea begins to form in my mind. When you are older, when there is less risk of you being taken from me, perhaps we will force Linda to love us both, love us together.

'Keri, do you still want to see Sheela again'?

'Yes Daddy, if it is alright with you'.

'I think so baby girl'. 'I just don't want her to make you do anything you don't like darling'.

'No Daddy, I don't want to see her without you there too'. 'She looks like she would eat me up and I loved her hot mouth on my pussy but I don't think I would like her doing all the things we do'. 'Like what we just did'. 'That is just for you Daddy'.

'She wants us to come to a friend of hers house tomorrow night'. 'Her friend is very beautiful like she is but her friend only really likes other girls'.

'Oh yes Daddy'! 'I have read about lesbians in books'. 'Is she a lesbian'?

'Yes she is baby girl and she wants to make love to you very badly'. 'So badly, she will let me fuck her while she kisses and loves your pussy'. 'How do you feel about me fucking the lesbian and Sheela'?

'Oh Daddy'! 'It will be just like in the porn movies I watch on the Internet', you smile and giggle.

'You naughty thing Keri'! 'Watching porn on your PC'.

You giggle, 'I also creep up to you and mommy's door and listen to you make love to her too'. 'You do her just like you did me but much harder and she likes it doesn't she Daddy'?

I smile, kiss the sweetest lips on earth, 'Yes baby, mommy likes it a lot'. 'Now go to sleep baby girl'. 'Tomorrow is school and then tomorrow night we will fuck Sheela and her lesbo girlfriend till they cannot walk'.

You kiss me good night with a sweet giggle. You fully intend to do just what I said. Fuck those two women till they cannot take a tongue, finger or Daddy's big dick anymore then come home and put Daddy to bed with your sweet pussy cum all over him too.

I drift off to sleep. Best not do Keri in the morning. I am going to need all my energy tomorrow night. Perhaps one of those damn pills that give me a headache too.

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2015-02-25 01:58:54
My daughter and I are really enjoying this series. Makes me want to write about our sexcapades. We fuck whenever her mother is out or on a trip with friends. She'll be home soon from gymnastics and then we'll get to practice some of her sexier moves. I love how she does her handstands and lets her skirt fall away. I can see her slit in her tight panties and have trouble keeping my hands off her. When she calls me over I dive right into her muff and suck her for all she's worth. Once I get her clothes off her she slams her pussy down onto my cock and fucks me like a tigress. I cum buckets in that tight cunt and can't wait until I can fuck her again. What a lover!

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2010-08-30 12:32:13
ohhh it was good. mom left us. daddy is taking care of Kim and me...I am 12 now, and Kim is just 9...daddy fucks us both.
He says he needs sex. I love taking him in my cunt. He makes us cum lots. I am scared he may give me a baby.


2007-04-25 05:53:54
keep it up a real turn on


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you cant spell for toffee,your imagination is overun,get into reality more

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