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As mom finished the dishes, I was getting James off the phone. Well mommy he and one of his friends will be here in a little while, I told her. She smiled at me, I am looking forward to this, she told me. Thats good, i told her, James about shit when I told him I wanted him, and a friend to fuck my mother. He was excited about that, I added.

Mom, let's go outside and pick out a nice dog to fuck, I told her. Ok honey, she replied. Let's do. He looks like a good one. She picked out the walker hound I had fucked for the mailman. He looks like he would have a nice cock, she said. He does mom, believe me, he does, I answered.

I called the dog into the house. Honey, when will those boys get here? she asked me. Anytime now mom, I answered. How do you want to do this mom?, I asked. Do you want to do the dog for them, or do you want to watch me, while the boys do you? Let's just get started, she answered me. My pussy is just so hot right now I dont care what or who fucks me, she laughed, and said.

Lets play until the boys get here then, I told her, as I threw my robe over the back of the chair. Mom did the same, and we walked into the den to join the dog. Mom quickly sat down at the dogs side. I watched her as she stroked the animals soft coat. She pushed the dog to his side, as she got on her knees, with her ass in the air, she bent down, laying her head on the dogs belly. Her face was at the opening of the dogs sheath.

I put my hand down and cupped her wet pussy. Your sweet pussy is wet mommy, I told her. Yes, she moaned. Mommy, you suck the dog, I will suck your cunt, and get you ready for the wonderful black cocks thats on the way, I said to her. Yes baby , eat mommys cunt, please eat mommy, she replied.

The dogs cock was fully exposed, in moms face. You are so sexy mom, I told her. Suck that dogs cock, I want to watch you pleasing him, I added. She opened her mouth and placed her lips over the tip of the dogs cock. She moaned, as she ran her mouth down the length of the dark red shaft.

Thats it mommy, suck him for me, I said to her. Suck his dick real good mommy, my pussy is wet watching you, I told her. I slid two fingers into her cunt, as her sucked the animal. She moaned, as I fingered her hot pussy. Suck his balls mommy, I want to see you suck his balls into your mouth, I told her.

She kept moaning, and followed my instructions. The dogs cock popped out of her mouth, she then moved her mouth to the dogs balls. She licked and sucked them into her mouth, as she jacked on the dogs dick. The juices of her cunt flowed over my fingers. God mom, your pussy is really hot, I told her. Suck me baby, suck mommys cunt, she begged.

Not yet mommy, I want to watch you make love to that dog. I need to see my mom sucking dog, I laughed, and told her. Eat his ass mommy, suck the dogs asshole for me, PLEASE MOMMY, do that for me, I begged her. Yes baby, she said to me. Mommy will do anything for you, she smiled.

She moved her head to the dogs ass, her tongue circled around the animals asshole. Thats it mom, I told her. Lick his ass good for me, I added. She put her full lips over the dogs asshole and sucked. Oh, God Yes, mommy, thats it suck him, I shouted. She was juicing my fingers, as she sucked, her ass rocked to meet my stabbing fingers.

Mommy was sucking the dogs asshole like a pro, go mommy, tongue his ass, make him feel gooood, I laughed. Does mommy like dog sucking? I asked her. Do you!. Yes mom loves it, she told me. Cum for me mommy, cum on my fingers. She moaned, and rocked her ass wildly as I fingered her cunt.

FUCK MEEE, FUCK ME BABY, she yelled. MOMMYS CUMMING, FUCK MOMMYS PUSSY, she said, as she went back to sucking the dogs ass. Her lips covered the dogs ass, as she pumped his hard cock. Her cum flowed over my probing fingers, as I watched my mother totally consumed in dog sex.

I want his cock in my ass honey, she begged. Help him fuck mommys ass, PLEASE, she begged me again. I slapped her on her tight ass. Ok mom get to your knees, be his bitch, I told her. MOMMY NEEDS IT, she yelled, as she got to her knees. PUT THAT WONDERFUL DOGS COCK IN MY ASS, she yelled again.

I rubbed her cum, over the opening of her asshole. I raised the dog onto her hips, as I aimed the pointed cock to her asshole. YES, YES BABY, FUCK MEEEEE, she screamed, as the dog drilled her tight ass. Her ass swallowed the dogs cock. He would have her knotted soon. YES MOMMY, FEEL IT, I told her. Feel that dick.

IM CUMMING, she yelled, GOD DAMN IM CUMMING, FUCK MY ASS, she screamed again. You like being a dog whore mom? I asked her. Mommy likes dog fucking! I added. YES BABY, MOMMY LOVES DOG COCK, she answered. OH GOD, she yelled, as the dogs knot was now inside her asshole. NOW ,your his bitch, I told her. That dog owns mommys ass, I moaned, as I watched moms eyes glaze over.

Mommys a dog slut, just like you, she told me. The animals ass was turned to hers. Hold him mommy. Feel how wonderful it is to be full of dog cock? I asked. Mommy, eat my cunt, while he is in you, I told her. I layed down, my pussy in front of moms face. I screamed, as her mouth sucked in my cunt lips. EAT ME MOM, EAT MY CUNT, YOU DOG BITCH, I yelled, as she sucked my clit into her mouth.

FINGER MY ASS TOO, I yelled. PLEASE MOMMY, FINGER MY ASS. I screamed, as she thrust two fingers into my wanting ass. YES, THATS IT, FUCK MY ASS MOMMY, I shouted. God mommy, you suck pussy good, I said to her. She moaned, as she sucked my pussy juices down her throat. THATS IT CUNT, EAT ME, EAT ME, YOU BITCH, I yelled. SUCK MY CUNT DRY, I added.

HARDER, FUCK MY ASS HARDER, PLEASE, I yelled, as she drilled my asshole, with her fingers. SUCK ME MOMMY, IM CUMMING, EAT MY CUM MOM, EAT ME, I screamed, as my cum flowed into her mouth. The dog still had her tied. I got to my knees, just as the dog pulled out of moms ass.

I want his cum, I want to eat his cum out of your ass mommy, I told her. YES, YES BABY, she moaned. I got around behind her, I put my mouth over her cum drenched asshole and started sucking the dogs juice from her used ass. SUCK ME, mom yelled. SUCK IT ALL, MY SWEET GIRL, she kept yelling, as my tongue slipped in and out of her.

I put four fingers into her wet cunt, as I ate her ass. HONEY YES, FUCK MEEE, she screamed, as her juices flowed. MOMMY NEEDS HER CUNT FULL, she added. I now had my fist inside her pussy. I fist fucked her cunt hard, as her ass jerked wildly. GOD YES, FUCK MOMMY, FUCK MOMMY HARDER, she yelled, as I drove my fist deeper into her cumming cunt.

Take it mommy, take it all, you hot little cunt, I told her. YES BABY, tell mommy what you want, she said to me. Cum for me mommy, cum on my fist, I told her, as I fucked her wildly. She was humping my fist and wanting more. YES, FUCK ME, FUCK MY CUNT, YOU LITTLE WHORE, she screamed at me. DO IT CUNT, FUCK MEEEE, IM CUMMING, she yelled, as her body shook with every wave.

I slowed my movement, and gently brought her convulsing pussy back down. God yes baby, she moaned. Thats it, she said breathless, mommy needed that. Just then, James cleared his throat. Mom and I had been so involved, we hadnt heard the two boys come in. Jesus James, you scared the shit out of me!, I snapped at him.

Sorry Dottie, he said, we just couldnt stand it any more, he added. Both boys had their large cocks out of their pants, and were stroking them. I see you have been here for a bit. I said to them. Yes, we have had some show, he said. Well get out of those clothes then, and join in, I said to them.

I pulled my fist out of moms pussy, she fell to the floor. This is Pete, he's my neighbor, James said. I am Dottie, this is Becky, I pointed to mom. Both boys had huge cocks, Pete's cock was larger, about thirteen or so inches. James took his cock by the shaft and shook it, saying who wants some of this black meat first.

She gets all of it, both of you are going to fuck mom, I told them. Both boys smiled, and so did mom. The guys walked over to mom, they stood over her with their hard black cocks. Suck those black dicks mom! I told her, I got on the sofa to get a better view.Mom got to her knees, she smiled at the boys as she took their cocks, and started stroking them.

Damn! mom said, this is a lot of cock. Yes mommy, I replied, now suck them for me, please, I added. She started sucking Pete's cock, while jacking James. She moaned, as she tried to swallow him to his balls. Mom sucked one cock then the other. I spread my legs and started fingering my cunt, as mom sucked the black kids. James, just how old are you two? I asked. I am seventeen, Pete is fifteen, he answered. Shit! I replied. Suck those black kids mom, I told her.

They really are just boys mommy, I laughed, as she sucked their cocks even faster. My cunt was juicing now, watching mom suck the kids. SUCK THE CHILDREN MOMMY, I shouted as she ate their cocks. James, fuck her, I want to see you fuck my mom, I told him. He moved around behind her. He pushed her over to get access to her hot cunt. The whole time mom wouldnt let go of Petes cock.

Pete sat on the floor, as James put the head of his big black cock to the lips of moms cunt. FUCK MEEE, she screamed, FUCK ME YOU YOUNG BOY, she added, as James thrust his cock inside her. DO THE CUNT, I yelled. FUCK MY MOMMY GOOD, I shouted, as my fist went inside of my hot cunt. Pete was getting the blowjob of his young life, as James fucked mommy hard.

Pete, I said, do you want her to suck your little ass? I asked him. FUCK YES, he shouted. Roll over so mom can eat your ass, I told him. FUCK MEEE, IM CUMMING, mom yelled, as James just kept slamming his meat to her. Pete was on his knees, his ass infront of moms face. SUCK THE BOYS ASS MOM, I told her. SUCK THE KIDS SWEET LITTLE ASS, I kept yelling, as I was getting close to cumming.

Mom spread the boys ass cheeks, then put her tongue inside the boys asshole. Fuck him mommy. TONGUE FUCK THE BOY, I kept saying. James was pounding her cunt, she was milking his dick, GOD YES, FUCK MEE, she screamed, as her juices flowed again, her body rocked as she came hard on the black dick. Mom looked hot between the two black kids. Keep fucking her James, I told him, fuck my white whore mom good.

Dottie, I am about to cum, James said to me. NO HONEY, not yet, dont give that cunt your cum just yet, I told him. Trade places with Pete, I added. I want to see Pete fuck her asshole. I demanded. YES, MOMMY NEEDS COCK IN MY ASS, she said to us. GIVE HER YOUR COCK PETE, FUCK MOMS ASS, I shouted. SHOVE IT IN MY ASS YOU LITTLE SHIT, mom shouted. GIVE ME THAT BIG BLACK COCK, YOU LITTLE BLACK BASTURD, mom added.

She was lost in black cock. Lost that is. in very young black cock. Damn moms cunt was hot for them. It was clear she didnt care how young they were. All she wanted was the meat they were throwing into her. James fucked her mouth, as Pete plowed her hot asshole. I now know where I got my need for more cock, mommy was a fuck machine, and looked really good doing it.

Sweat poured off all three of them, mom was really working her stuffed ass, on Petes cock. I had cum four times watching the three of them. MORE, I WANT MORE, mom screamed. FUCK MY CUNT AND ASS TOO, she demanded. She pushed James onto his back, god she was hot. FILL MY CUNT, FILL IT WITH BLACK COCK, she told the boy. She pulled away from Petes dick, then took James cock, and in one movement slammed her wet cunt down the length of the boys cock. YES, FUCK MY WHITE CUNT, she screamed.

She looked back at Pete, FUCK MY WHITE ASS OFF, she instructed the boy. FUCK YOUR WHITE WHORE GOOD, she added. Pete shoved his cock to his balls up her used asshole. Take that cock mommy, I told her. FUCK HER BOYS, FUCK THE SLUT, I added. That white cunt needs your cocks, I said, and laughed as they pounded mom for all they were worth.

TAKE IT BITCH, Pete yelled. TAKE MY COCK, YOU NASTY CUNT, he added. Yes, tell her boys, use mommy, use my moms sweet body, I told them. Moms cunt exploded on James cock. FUCK ME, YES FUCK MEEE, she screamed again, and again. FILL MY SLUT MOM WITH CUM, YOU BLACK COCKSUCKERS, I shouted. FILL THE WHORE FULL, I added.

Mom and the boys were soaked in sweat, I thought the three of them were going to pass out. Mom was riding the cocks, I knew the boys would fill her soon. Feel how good those cocks are mom, FEEL THE YOUNG BIG COCKS, I told her.

The three of them yelled, IM CUMMING, all at the same time. Mom was wild, she milked the two black cocks dry, screaming all the while, fuck me, over and over again. My cunt exploded on my fist just then too. The two boys kept fucking mom, drilling those cocks in her. The three of them were out of breath. Mom had got her wish to fuck black cock.

They all lay in a pile on the floor, not moving, just catching their breath. I pulled my fist out of my spent pussy, and looked at mom between the two black kids. James kissed mom on the forehead, you are one hot white bitch, he told her. She smiled, you can have my hot cunt anytime, she told him. You too Pete, she told him. Mom looked at me, honey thank you for this, mommy needed a good fucking, she told me.

Your welcome mom, now the three of you get in the bathroom, I need to get my hot piss from all of you, I told them. I stepped into the tub, and layed down. Mom rub your cunt and ass in my face, I begged her. I want the cum that is in you. Her ass, and cunt leaked the white goo, my mouth was watering for the taste. Mom put her cunt to my mouth, and the juice flowed down my throat.

I looked up at the boys, PISS MY FACE, PISS ME, while I suck mommys cunt, I told them. Both of the kids did as I instructed. They pissed my face as I sucked the cum out of mom. SUCK IT CUNT, mom said, as the golden liquid covered my face. TAKE THIS NIGGER PISS BITCH, the kids said, as they just kept pissing. Just as I drank down the cum out of mom, she started pissing my mouth too.

DRINK MOMMYS PISS, YOU LITTLE SLUT, mom told me. Drink all of it, you nasty little cunt. Mommys little whore daughter likes piss, she added. Her hot piss flowed down my throat, the boys were done. Mom flooded my mouth. DRINK IT CUNT, DRINK MOMMYS PISS, she kept on telling me. I love pissing on my baby, she added. Show these sweet black kids how you like moms piss.

Mom stood, the three of them looked at me, as I rubbed the liquid into my face. All four of us were exhausted. I dont know what time it is, all I know is its early morning. I kept playing in the piss as they watched.

Dottie, James said, dad has a surprise for you, and your mom if she wants. I smiled, she wants, I told him, and I love a surprise.


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