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The touch of her fingers on him completed the construction of his hard-on, she put fingers through the hole of his briefs and wrapped them around him. She lifted her face to put her mouth next to his ear and told him a little white lie “I’m too scared to go back to my room, can I stay here?”
Five weeks after that night with her brother she crept to his room. When she eased onto the bed at 2:20 in the morning he roused and she whispered “I had another nightmare” then snuggled next to him for comfort.

Nighmare Part II

She lay with her brother her head on his shoulder, he put an arm around her back, his hand lying on her hip. He could feel her shaking, her breath was quick and warm across his chest. His hand slid off her hip to her butt then pulled her closer, her groin pressed against his hip. She flexed her back rubbing her crotch on him which caused a thrill to start in her pelvis then vibrate to her heart, she gasped lightly. His sister’s reaction, her nearness, created a tornado of chaos in his balls, his prick swelled and lengthened in seconds. She pressed even more against him while moving a hand to his fast growing erection. The touch of her fingers on him completed the construction of his hard-on, she put fingers through the hole of his briefs and wrapped them around him. She lifted her face to put her mouth next to his ear and told him a little white lie “I’m too scared to go back to my room, can I stay here?”

He rolled to his side facing her then reached under her shirt and quickly pulled on her panties. She lifted enough that he could take them down her legs where she kicked free. Her hands went to his briefs to help him pull them off. Moments after the two were unclothed below the waist he pushed his sister to her stomach then moved up and over her. She arched her back causing her butt to rise off the bed then with no hesitation, no foreplay, he pressed between her legs and into her body. She was ready, she was wet, she was hot for him so as he slipped in with no effort, she moaned into his pillow. He pushed up on his arms then looked down on her back as he fucked her. She was lying with her head turned to the left, her eyes closed, her mouth partially open as she breathed. Her hands grasped the blanket each time he thrust against her ass.

He studied his sister as she let him fuck her. Her back was covered by an oversized t-shirt so he pulled the hem of it up until she was bare below the shoulders. Her back formed as an hourglass from shoulders to narrow waist then her hips flared and rounded. Her ass cheeks rose from the small of her back as twin mounds of firm smooth flesh then molded into the top of her thighs. The vision of his petite sister rolling her back as they mated drove hot spikes of hormones to his balls. Pressure was building too fast, he paused and withdrew from her. She opened her eyes, rolled them up to him and smiled.

She sat up then pushed him over until he was on his back, his erection pointed at the stars. She gripped his cock, stroked it several times then rose up, straddled his lap and centered over his groin. He thrust up, she lowered and once more she took him as deep as she could. She grabbed two fist fulls of his chest then set a rhythmic pace of rolling her hips, fucking him. He pulled her shirt over her head and she lifted her hands one at a time to let it slip off her arms. When her breasts were bared he put his hands over them then began to palm the tips of them. Her nipples grew firm under his touch, her smile grew wider.

It started in her womb, the first climax climbed from the center of her lust then burst through her body in waves of rapture. She collapsed down on his chest her hips bouncing on his groin as her body quivered. She clenched her lips together to keep her passion quiet so their parents wouldn’t hear.

She was completely relaxed on him, her breath coming as quick pants, his erection still lodged pleasantly in her. She raised her head and whispered “Did you?” He looked into her soft green eyes and shook his head. She kissed his chin then offered “It’s okay tonight.” Her permission to let him cum in her caused his erection to jerk and his balls boiled, only mind over matter kept him from injecting his sister just then. He pushed her off his stomach then together they moved into position, him over her, between her legs. He plunged into the girl until his balls pressed against her body.

She lifted her knees forming a cradle for her brother then put her heels on the small of his back, her legs were spread wide, her body open and yearning for what he was giving her. He hooked his arms under her knees then the two screwed urgently but quietly for several minutes then her brother paused, again to relieve the growing need to cum. As they lay quiet pinned together by his erection he bent low and put his lips on hers.

A kiss, a tentative, tender kiss.

She hadn’t given thought to kissing her brother but his lips were not repellent so she returned his with one of her own. He lifted his head and said the first thing since his sister woke him “God you turn me on.” He put his mouth over hers, pushed his cock down and deep then gave up holding back. The feeling of him pulsing, filling her womb triggered her second orgasm. She arched off the bed under him then the two clashed their groins while they climaxed together.

She was feeling content, cozy with her brother at her back, arms around her. Her head rested on a pillow, she whispered “I have to go back before they get up.”

She heard the words “I’ll wake you.” She nestled into the pillow, wriggled her butt against his cock then drifted to sleep.

The clock showed 3:42, he and she had screwed almost an hour before she tired but he couldn’t sleep. He looked at her in the dim light of the moon, she looked young, clean and innocent. Her disheveled blonde hair framed her face which still bore traces of liner and mascara, she looked too cute and sweet to be as wanton as the girl who came to his room earlier. Just looking at her created rising tide of hormones, his lust built quickly. He reached across the space between them and caressed the skin of her back. The touch on her soft smooth body caused her to move, she bent slightly forward which put her butt against him. He slid the hand off her back then eased it down and over her hip until his fingers met the top of her slit where her clit was waiting. The tip of his finger eased into the fold of her lips then pressed on the button, she shivered, his erection kissed her ass.

Carefully he lifted her leg and brought it so it lay over his thigh, the gap between her legs enough he could center the head of his cock on her, he put the knob against her slit then into the entrance of her vagina. He fucked his sister like that, taking just 2 inch strokes, only the end of his cock was caressing her. She began to warm to the erotic assault, her hips quivered, she sipped a light breath. His erection was being bathed in the fluids she was seeping. Coming up out of her sleep she realized what was happening; her brother was fucking her again and it was not displeasing. She straightened her back to be closer to him, reached over then with a hand on his neck and pulled his head down until is mouth was on her the nape of her neck. He pursed his lips and locked his mouth on her and began to suck a hickey, her hair would hide it. She bumped her butt against his groin forcing his erection deeper, she shook her head, clearing the sleep to enjoy what was happening. In her short sex life with her boyfriend they had never been intimate three times in one night. What she and her brother were doing was by far more incredible, more sensual than anything she had yet experienced.

She rolled to her stomach then pulled her knees up, he got to his knees between her thighs, gripped her hips then set a slow but lustful pace of screwing her. He wanted to ravage her, bang her with all the passion he felt but was afraid the applause of their slapping bodies would wake their mother and father and he sure as hell didn’t an audience. His sister reached between her legs with one hand and cradled his balls as he pummeled her. The end of his endurance was near when she put her fingers on his erection and stopped him from moving. She pulled it from her then moved it slightly so the tip of his cock touched her nether hole. When she had him where she wanted him she pulled him closer, pressing him to the tight opening to her ass. This was something she had never done before but at that moment she felt another orgasm straining to be free and knew that taking her brother that way would set it loose.

Surprised but not revolted he knew what needed to be done. He spit a string of saliva on his hand then pulled away from her long enough to wet the bulb of his cock. He stroked her butt hole with a wet finger then dipped it in, she shuddered and moaned softly. He replaced his finger with the end of his prick then gently began to butt fuck her. It was a slow teasing beginning to an explosively erotic act. The longer and deeper he stroked into her, the more relaxed her anus became, the more she enjoyed this new sexual adventure, she called out as his groin pressed on her butt. Startled at the volume of her passionate cry he reached around her head and put a hand over her mouth. The force of his hand on her mouth caused her neck to stretch, her back bowed and her body pressed even harder against him. She began to shake as the muscles in her butt tightened around her brother’s hard-on. His cock was bloated with semen, he was on the edge when he could hold his rapture no longer, his orgasm slammed into hers and together they rode on the crest of an orgasmic tsunami. Her muffled cries of release gradually quieted as her knees folded and she fell full length to the bed.

He was lying across her legs and watched as she put a finger in her butt then withdrew it wet with his cum. She twisted around to face him then kissed him in a most non-sisterly way, her tongue danced briefly with his. They rested, cooling, panting, looking at the other.

Whispers of “Did you like that?” and “Awesome.” floated softy between the two. She sat up, gathered her night clothes then made to leave his room. He stood beside her, reached between her legs then again pressed a finger into her backside opening. She rose up on her toes, wriggled her hips then slapped his half hard prick lightly, “I have to go.” He withdrew his finger then brushed it across her lips, she kissed the tip of it.

So ended her second night of nightmares.


2018-04-17 01:19:13
That was awesome!!! Hope there is more in the future.


2018-04-17 01:18:35
That was awesome!!! Hope there is more in the future.

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