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Last offering for the Flight of Sin series
I wake up early. You are sleeping soundly. So pretty, your little body curled up against my hip. Soft smooth breathing. Of course I am hard.

I lay and remember last night. God, what incredible sex, what love. How long can we keep it secret from Linda?

I want you again but thinking to tonight with 3 beautiful females I know I best not make love to you today. Save my cum to be shared with all three of you. I know I will enjoy fucking Lucy, Sheela and you and will be so tempted to cum in you every time.

No, not every time. I have seen Lucy, she needs to be fucked and filled with real man cum. Not that phony stuff that squirts out of a dildo or vibrator.

I get up, start my coffee and then go for my run. Back I shower, check the time. Almost time for my baby to get up.

I go back to the bedroom. Stand and watch you sleep before putting my knee on the bed and kissing your sleeping lips, my hand going under the covers to cup your little sopping wet pussy. I groan with need but wake you up.

'Get up Keri, you just have time to shower and dress for school baby doll'.

You put your arms around my neck, smile that man melting smile, a kiss for me.

'Oh Daddy, lets just stay in bed today'.

'No baby girl, it's only the first week of school plus you will have a busy evening'. 'Remember Sheela'.

You purr like a kitty, arch your back against my hand, another kiss and you are up. Walking boldly, proud of your nakedness and knowing you look incredible.

I put in some toast, get the butter and jam out of the fridge. You bounce in. Looking like a dream come true. Your face bright and clean. No need for make up on you for school.

You get the milk and fix a bowel of cereal to go with your toast and juice.

'Daddy, what should I wear tonight'? You giggle, 'at least to start'? 'I know we will all be naked pretty quickly'.

I am a little saddened by your lose of innocence but the reward of having you, having your body more than makes up for it.

'Wear something slutty baby girl'. 'Look in Mommy's things'. 'She is not that much bigger than you'. 'She has some very hot undies and you can go bra less'. 'You don't really need anything to hold you up anyway'.

You giggle at the idea. Just last week you were oblivious to all this, or were you? I wonder how long you have had feelings. I know I have done my part to wake them up over the last year or so. God, you look good! Those fucking boys at school best just look and drool. They are going to be a problem one day.

A honk in the driveway, a quick kiss and out you go. Sherry waves to me from the front seat window. She looks pretty good herself.

Checking messages. Sharon is begging me to come in. I return her call. 'No, I will not be in till Monday'. 'You have a husband'. 'Give him so of that sweet hot pussy'. I know what she is really after other than a good fuck. She wants to pump me for information about the big check I gave her for deposit. I bet her handlers want to know who 'Interior Works' really is.

I promise I will be in Monday. She likely is genuinely horny. She is delicious and I suspect would like me to get her pregnant. Seeing that as a way to really get her hooks into me.

Women! Such incredible creatures. Pure and innocent, evil and scheming at the same time. I chuckle. All I need is another family to support and give time to. No Sharon, you will never get that from me. Keri on the other hand can have anything she wants. She is the best and the last love in my life. Suzie is precious but I cannot give her a child. I will not begin a line of flawed children and she is too smart to want that either.

I practice my Zen for a couple of hours. Must keep my mastery crisp. Now to the local shooting range. A couple of hours shooting the 22. I would not use such a small caliber weapon in the field but it is excellent practice and does not draw too much attention to me.

Almost 4pm, Keri is on the way home I am sure.

Pulling in the garage I see you and Sherry are already out by the pool. Laying on your tummy's, swim suit tops down to prevent strap lines on your backs. I am glad you don't tan your breasts. I love how the contrast from dark brown to paler skin tone looks when you are naked. Damn, hard as a rock already!

I go in the house. Go to the patio door and call to you. 'Do you girls need anything'? I almost laugh. Sherry pretends to be startled, enough to raise up and give me a quick glimpse of her small hard titties. She has all the budding qualities of a young Sheela. Hot, horny and just the right amount of tease.

'Yes Daddy, we need some lemonade please'!

'OK Keri'!

When I bring the drinks I get a delicious smile from you and a 'I want to fuck you smile from Sherry'.

I play it straight though. 'Remember we have to leave about 7:30 baby girl'.

'No prob Pop, we will quite sunning in a little while'. 'I have all weekend to do homework'.

'How are you Sherry'?

'Just great Mr. McFarland'.

Mmmm. Yes you are little girl I think to myself. You would be great taking me balls deep and crying with pleasure and pain as my big hard dick almost splits you in to.

Returning to the house, I sit in the patio den, a nice toddy and enjoy the view.

You and Sherry could not be more different. Your Thai heritage insured your body bloomed early. By 8 you had curves and by 10 breasts that looked good enough to keep in a bra. Your face is shear delight. The soft sensuality of a pretty Asian girl with a mischievous pixie look. A mouth that no one could not want to kiss. Dark brown hair, down to your waist, dark tanned healthy skin that begs to be touched. Linda dresses you well. I give her all the credit. Linda has excellent taste and she buys only the best for you. For me too for that matter.

I wonder why I want to fuck Sherry. I cannot stand more than a 1 minute conversation with her mother. Her father is OK. I chuckle. He is just like my wife. Gone on business. I wonder if Linda is gone to avoid me? No, she enjoys my attentions in bed too much.

Sherry's mother is a ding bat ditsy boob. The same angel fine blond hair, huge tits that flop. A big ass that is spreading by the day. She is likely the type that fucks the pool boy. Well, everyone has to get some someplace. I certainly get my share.

Sherry's dad likely has someone on the side too. Can't fault him that either.

Now little Sherry. Tiny thing, almost a head shorter than you Keri. Perky is the term but sweet cute perky. Little hard breasts, delicious figure. Just what you would picture a Jr High cheerleader looking like. I bet she is tight too. I wonder if she puts her finger in it yet? Too bad if she doesn't. Terrible waste in my opinion. How would she look laying on her back with you licking and sucking her little slit? Mmmmm. Then me slowly giving my dick to you Keri.

I go to the computer desk. Log on and retrieve my email. Nothing important. A couple of nice pics from Suzie. One of her mom, Kan. They are both so pretty. I love laying with them on either side of me. Two beautiful women, both in love with me and devoted to me. Could make a man forget his humility. Perhaps it does. I love to watch them love each other. It was Kan after all that took Suzie first. But that is another story isn't it.

I check on you and Sherry. Both of you are just climbing out of the water. Beautiful body's wet and sexy. Wow!

I can't stand this so I go to the master bath to shower, shave and get ready for tonight.

I take my time. No hurry and I don't want to get dressed too soon.

I kill some time then get in the shower. I no more than get my head soaped good when you slip in with me. Naughty, obviously horny you sit down and immediately begin sucking my dick.

I must have good will power because I make you stop, pull you up to kiss you and kiss you. My mouth loving yours, your tongue dancing with mine. Feeling your hard nipples against my chest and your hot wet pussy rubbing my bare wet leg.

Finally the kiss finished, 'Behave yourself Keri'. 'You will have me fucked out before that redhead or Sheela even get their panties off. You laugh, grin evilly and start to sit down and suck me again. 'No and I mean it'. 'Stand still while I wash the chlorine and sunscreen off you'.

We take a nice shower together, drying you I tease your nipples and make you raise your left leg so I can kiss and lick your pussy. Mmmmm. So good but must not tarry, must not give in.

You bounce over to Linda's lingerie drawer, show me pieces, some I recognize, some I don't. Try a few on and we decide the semi bikini thong in hot red is the best choice.

Now for a bra or at least a top that shows your beautiful breasts while covering them too. I don't care what the two women we are seeing think. They may want you dressed like a little school girl or even more demure but you are my woman, my lover and I want you dressed the way I like. To me they are just pussy. Granted Sheela is very good pussy and Lucy has great potential but they can never be more than that.

What you will wear decided you go to your own room to dress. I pick out my own clothes, dress then peek in to see how you are doing. You are still naked, sitting at your vanity fixing your face make up. I cannot resist coming up behind you, seeing you smile at me in the mirror as your touch up your lip gloss. You look older, still divine but with eye shadow, liner and the lip gloss quite the beautiful woman and not the girl that came home from school just hours ago.

I put my arms around you, cup both delicious breasts and you moan softly. I quickly leave to wait with a drink in the den. If I touch you once more I will carry you to the bed and then we will both have to start all over again.

Sitting sipping my drink it occurs to me that I will want a picture of you dressed for a night of sex.

I get my digital camera, the one I don't take picnic and swimming party pictures with. The one I like to use when I can get Linda to be a little kinky. Hmmmm. I wonder if you would like to see your beautiful mother in a setting less motherly?

It is almost 8 when you make your appearance. Stunning is putting it mildly. You have selected the 'Chinese' dress that you wore for your last birthday party, fishnet stockings, red spike heels and just your pretty face, your long hair soft and silky down to your waist.

I start to kiss you but you hold up your hand, 'Daddy no'! 'Don't mess this up'. You giggle, 'Yet anyway'.

I pose you for about 5 pictures then grab my car keys and out the garage door we go. Opening the Vet's passenger door for you to get in then getting in myself as the garage door goes up.

A 30 minute drive and we are at Lucy's condo. I have had my hand on your knee or on the inside of your thigh the whole way when not shifting gears.

My dick is hard as a brick and as we walk to her door I wonder if you are trembling. Wondering what is going to happen tonight.

I see Sheela's Mercedes in the parking lot so this appears to be going as planned.

I ring the bell and Lucy opens the door. She gives me a cold look but her eyes go sultry and hot at the sight of you. She looks delicious as does Sheela behind her. I can tell they have been necking already. Their hair and make up are perfect but there is a slight puffiness to their lips. I bet there has been some serious pussy rubbing going on too.

Lucy shows us in, offers me a drink, gin and tonic for me. She is devouring you with her eyes and looks at me. 'Keri can have anything to drink she wants and you can kiss her if you like'. 'She will not break'.

Lucy smiles, I like her manner. Not hurried as Sheela is. Sheela is already sitting next to you, her arm around your shoulders. Dying to slip her hand inside your dress I am sure.

I sit in the recliner. Sheela looks like an angel. Her black hair perfect. The little innocent face, the small, taunt body, delicious legs. She has on a wraparound skirt, bare midriff and a matching halter like top. You can tell she has no bra. Her nipples are nice and perky, making little impressions on her top.

Lucy is delicious too. Her red hair up, those incredible green eyes. A blouse, two buttons open, Capri like slacks that show those curves off wonderfully. She hands us our drinks then sits down beside you also.

Two almost perfect women and one absolutely perfect one. What a sight! The lights are not dim but softened. All of you looking at me to see what I want you to do.

I smile, motion for Sheela to come to me. She gets up eagerly, I pull her into my lap and we kiss passionately. I watch your reaction for any hints of anger or jealousy. You smile at me, slip your left hand onto Lucy's leg and just turn to her, your other arm around her neck and kiss her. Sheela and I stop necking to watch. I rub Sheela's bottom and she moans softly at the sight of you and Lucy now kissing and beginning to touch each other. I am not surprised that your first intimate touch is those big full breasts of Lucy's. She is larger than Linda and they do look so good.

I kiss Sheela's ear, 'Go on darling, join them, I know you want to'. She squeezes my hard dick, gets up and sits down beside you. Lucy immediately leans across you, letting you cup both her breasts to give Sheela a nice welcome home baby kiss.

Over the next few minutes I am treated to quite a show. Both grown women gently kissing you, touching you and undressing you. They are like children with Christmas presents as they uncover your body, kissing each other, you and the newly exposed parts of your body. You get to touch some nice tits and feel two very hot wet pussies yourself.

Sheela and Lucy take off an item of clothing with each of yours. I am fascinated they can work it so all three of you are exposed about equally.

Both women throw a fit of happiness at your red panties and those fishnet hose. As I suspected Lucy's breast are large, nicely full and it really turns me on when you suck each nipple hard while pinching Sheela's till she whimpers.

Neither Sheela or Lucy have panties on. I am a little surprised since Lucy strips I had expected her to be wearing a g-string at least.

Now Lucy has two fingers in your tiny pussy. I watch your face. No pain just pleasure as you move to suck Sheela's nipples. I can see your tongue teasing them then your teeth pulling on them, stretching them while Sheela withers in pleasure. So much pleasure she moves herself up on the couch, brings her pussy to your lips, a beautiful pussy, shaved but for the little patch of black hair above her hooded clit. I can see her shiver, hear her gasp as your lips kiss her clit.

Lucy quickly moves down to spread your legs, kissing you on your hard arching mound. Her tongue expert in exploring a lover, another girl. Her slit is there for me to enjoy. Such a pretty thing, red labia, clearly damp with woman juice.

I take off my shirt, slip out of my shoes, no socks. Stand and undo my pants letting them fall to the floor. Now my briefs. My big dick hot and full of blood. Straining to taste this delicious buffet before me.

I walk over beside you. You are driving Sheela out of her mind with your lips and tongue. She is moaning and whimpering for you to give her your fingers. 'Oh God, Keri, fuck me, fuck me hard darling'!

Lucy sees me and stops eating you. She sees my dick, looks into my eyes and knows she has to service that dick. Suck that dick, make that big dick swell before I ram it up her pussy deep.

I enjoy the moment. She is lesbian and should have no desire for a man. Still I find that hard to really believe. How could a woman, any woman, in the throes of desire not want to feel a hard, throbbing dick deep inside her, not want to dig her finger nails into a hard muscular arm, shoulder or back? Feel the intense lust of a man as he breeds her, the primal desire of all humans, all creatures to breed the members of the opposite sex. The touch of a man as he uses her body, owns her body for that short time.

I want Lucy to look at me. See the effect she has on me. Know that the lust, the desire I have for her will soon cause me to pump hot cum deep inside her beautiful body.

She leans back, opens her lips as I move forward to give my dick to her. Her fingers still fucking you slowly she closes her eyes and sucks my dick. Very nicely. Using her tongue and gentle touches on my shaft with her teeth. Taking me deep into her throat, making her mouth a pussy. A hot tight, squeezing, licking wet pussy.

Her face is so beautiful, I can see her pussy is completely bare. I watch her pleasure me, waiting as long as possible to ram this dick in her, fill her with real man cum.

Sheela is going nuts. You are driving her crazy, I decide the bitch needs to be fucked and you need to be licked and sucked by Lucy.

I grab Sheela, pull her off the couch and push her down on the floor. She looks like she is in pain so I don't even pretend to be gentle but ram my dick into her deep. She winches and then starts fucking me. Using me, her mouth on mine, my arms griping her like iron bands as she grinds and I hunch. Fucking her as hard as I can on the carpet. Letting her have what she needs. Raised up off her so she can use every inch, every bit of my dick I watch Lucy back at your little pussy. She is enjoying you immensely. You are enjoying her too. I am thrilled as you start to cum. You eyes closed, your body arching to receive her tongue and fingers deep inside.

Mmmm. Good! Sheela is cumming. I help her with hot hot kisses and bites on her nipples. I pump it into her hard. Filling her pussy with my dick. Making her head bounce on the carpet as I fuck her through her orgasm.

I let her lay under me, her pussy sucking and squeezing my dick as I watch Lucy's pussy. She has two fingers in it as she devours your pussy.

I get off Sheela, lead her around to straddle your face so you can lick her juices. Delicious girl cum that makes my dick wet and shiny.

Urging you to scoot up so I can get on Lucy from behind. She stops eating you and looks at me over her shoulder. She looks ready to be fucked. I will gladly accommodate that need right now.

I grab her hips, press my dick against her slit and ram it deep inside her. She gasps at how big I am, how hard it is and how deep I thrust into her.

I ride her, fucking her so hard she is moaning and almost screaming with lust as she still tries to love your pussy. You have stopped eating Sheela and you both watch me fuck Lucy. There is something so arousing at seeing someone take what they hate and hate themselves for wanting it. Lucy wants my dick right now. She just thinks she is a lesbian. She loves my big hard dick. Loves it just like you and Sheela love it.

I pull out of her, drag her to the floor and spread her, ramming it back in. Kissing her hot lips, making her moan with pleasure and lusts. Make her want to fuck a man. Fuck a man and be bred as his slut, his cum bucket. Feeling her cumming, pushing it in deep then relaxing so she can use me. Use a man, not some stupid piece of rubber or plastic. Use a man as he should be used. Use him to achieve orgasm. An orgasm that opens all her internal organs to receive their full lot of cum, full lot of sperm.

Letting her have it! Loving her gasps and the kiss she gives me as she feels the first hot spurt of cum spray inside her. Pumping her full, filling her completely. Making her love it as she cums again. So much girl cum, so much from me since you did not drain me today.

Laying on her, loving her down. Holding myself up, kissing her lips, touching her beautiful face. Not the cold face of a dike now but the warm soft face of a woman that has felt passion and love in a man's arms.

We look at you and Sheela, cuddled together smiling. Lucy giggles. You know what she just felt. You know what is like nothing else in the realm of sex and lust. You both know what joy comes from the so natural act of joining with a man. Feeling his love and lust fill your body as it needs to be filled.

Sheela, being the cum-slut she is slides off the couch and goes down on my sopping cummy dick. She licks and sucks me clean. I've never known a woman that loves the taste of man milk like Sheela. She cups Lucy's pussy while she devours my dick. Lucy is smiling that soft smile of a woman that has been fulfilled and we lay kissing tenderly.

I keep an eye on you Keri. You seem happy. Taking all this in. I will talk to you about it later in our bed. I hope you are OK with me fucking these other women. I would not upset you for the world. I hope you know that.

Sheela wants to suck and lick me out of Lucy too but Lucy tells her she wants to keep me for awhile. It has been so long since she has been full of real cum and she wants to savor it a few minutes. She does reach up and take your hand. She squeezes it lovingly. 'You are so lucky Keri'. 'Your Daddy is wonderful but then you know that don't you'.

You slide down to join us on the floor. A sweet kiss for Lucy, one for Sheela and one for me.

I pull Sheela up as I lay flat. Lucy on my right, Sheela on my left and my beautiful baby girl straddling my hips.

We lay there, sort of playing spin-the-bottle without the bottle. All of us kissing each other, touching each other. Waiting to see who gets aroused first. I seem to have a nice soft famine hand around my dick constantly. It will be interesting to see which delicious female wins the jackpot and gets me hard again first.

I do see that you are already finger fucking both women again. Sheela nice and wet and Lucy sopping with cum. It will be interesting to see who needs a mouth or tongue on them first. I want to eat all three of you and as you are already close to the right position I urge you to slide up to give my lips your sweet little pussy. You encourage Sheela and Lucy to move so you can keep them going with your fingers but instead they turn their attention on you. Both squeezing and kissing your ass cheeks and then sitting up to exchanges kisses before going to work on your hard pink nipples.

I so love to just look at your body. Here with your tiny pussy so close to my lips I savor you. Gently kiss your skin on both sides of your wet little slit. Suck that tender skin on the inside of your thighs, tease your hooded clit. The taste and smell of your growing arousal intoxicating. My dick beginning to swell again. I suspect I am going to find out what my limits of arousal are this evening.

Sucking your pink labia into my mouth, moving to put my finger into you. Lucy's hand finding my hard dick and stroking me slowly, Sheela kissing your lips and neck, her left hand finding your bottom flower to tease it while you begin to moan and enjoy the attentions of all three of us.

It is like music to hear you whimper, 'Oh Daddy, fuck me Daddy, please, I need it so bad'.

I untangle us, put you on your knees, position Sheela for you to eat, then Lucy below you so she can lick your pussy.

I kneel and enjoy the incredible sight. My sweet beautiful daughter on her knees licking beautiful Sheela's hot tight pussy, her smooth brown legs spread with a beautiful big breasted redhead licking and sucking her tiny little pussy. My dick is so hard it almost hurts.

I decide to begin at the closest pussy. I spread Lucy's legs. She stops devouring your pussy to flash me a big smile. I move onto her and she reaches down to guide my dick into her sopping pussy.

I begin to stroke her slowly. Enjoying how slick she is from all my cum already inside her. Loving the way it feels as she swallows me balls deep and arches her back to get all of me.

I start fucking her hard. Long deep thrusts, feeling her rise to meet me in perfect rhythm. I raise up and kiss your sweet ass cheeks. Lucy continues to suck and lick you. One hand on my hip, the other giving you two fingers to use. Sheela raised up on her elbows, her legs spread wide, watching all this, gasping when you suck her clit hard.

I can tell Lucy is getting close. I pull out of her, she whimpers but moans with lust when I move up and place my dick at your entrance, my balls laying on her chin. She laps your pussy and my shaft as I push my dick into your tight wet pussy. It takes a good three long slow thrusts to give it all to you. You are going wild. Lucy's hot tongue teasing you as my dick stretches you and strokes you toward orgasm.

You have stopped eating Sheela and she gets up on her knees and sucks your breasts between long kisses for your sweet mouth.

Sheela is telling me to fuck you. Fuck you good. 'God Dale, give it to her'! 'She wants to be your slut'! 'Use that tight little pussy, God Damn Dale'! 'Fuck her then fuck me so hard my back aches'!

Your pretty face up, eyes closed, I fuck you harder and harder. Loving the feel of Lucy's tongue on us both. My dick sliding in and out of your tight little hole. Pumping and thrusting it deep into you. Making you push into Sheela's face and chest as she tries to get you to suck her hard small breasts. Feeling you begin to cum. Lucy sensing it too and she moans and licks us both as hard as she can.

I grab your hips tight, fuck you hard through your orgasm. Fuck you till you slump into Sheela's arms, pulling my dick out of you. Lucy takes it into her mouth and sucks it hard. Loving the taste of your sweet girl cum all over it.

I don't want to miss a beat. I take my dick from her, slide down her body and kiss her hard, slamming my dick into her hot waiting pussy. She is so over heated she begins thrusting and using me immediately. Her need to release undeniable, burning her to fuck my body and cum hard. She is moaning and begging me not to stop. 'Love me Dale, love me hard'. 'God yes Dale, do that, don't stop'! 'Don't ever stop'!

I ride her letting her cum against my shaft, pressing my pelvis hard against hers to give it all to her. My mouth consuming hers, loving the taste of your sweet cum on her lips and tongue. She whimpers then moans and gasp loudly as her second orgasm of the evening sweeps through her. Fucking her till she lays still. Still holding my head to kiss me tenderly, lovingly.

I am on fire of course. I look at you hungrily then see Sheela. I get up off Lucy, my eyes burning into Sheela's. She knows she is about to get fucked and can tell it is going to be hard.

I stand up, reach and pull her to my hard dick. She looks up, that innocent smile she has. Takes me in her mouth and licking the taste of Lucy off my rod.

No time for this now, lifting her up, pushing her down on the couch, spreading her legs to receive me between them. Feeling her guide me in, her tight hot pussy swallowing me.

Ramming my dick up inside her. 'Oh shit, oh shit'! Riding her hard from the beginning. Making her stretch and hurt to take all of me so fast. Fucking her, fucking her like an animal. Biting her little tits, sucking her nipples so hard it hurts them. Feeling her wither under me. Hearing her begging me to 'give it to her'. 'I'm your slut Dale, your fuck bitch, your cum slut'. 'God yes, fuck me, fuck me blue'! Slamming into her till I feel her spasm around my shaft. Pumping cum inside her, pulling my dick out to shoot some on her hard stomach then plunging back in to fuck her through her orgasm, more cum spraying her insides then falling on top of her, pressing inside as the last drops of cum ooze out of me into her.

She lays there, bathed in my sweat, her pussy squeezing and stroking my dick as it begins to soften. That incredible pixie like face of hers serene now, her breathing calming, her heart beating against mine. I could love this woman but she is a true slut. If it was not me banging her she would be doing someone else. She still wants someone to fuck her while her poor husband watches. Not my thing. Not my thing at all.

Rolling to the inside of the couch, holding Sheela tenderly. Both of us smiling at you and Lucy sitting on the floor watching Sheela and I fuck. All of us tired and satisfied.

We all just look at each other. Panting till our breath comes back, our hearts stop pounding and our bodies begin to cool off.

Lucy gets up. 'How about a shower girls'?

'Fix me another drink before you three go shower'. 'An no fun in the bathroom girls'.

Lucy stands up and proudly walks into the kitchen. Returning with my drink and 3 glasses of chilled white wine.

Passing around the drinks, she takes your hand to help you up then Sheela's. Each of you bend to give me a kiss as you head for the bathroom to wash the love off of you that I worked so hard to put there.

You all giggle and the sight of three incredible, fresh fucked girls walking out of the room is something special.

I lay on the couch, trying to recoup some energy. All I can think is Wow! I have had threesomes many many times but never anything as wild as this. God, Lucy is something! I hope this is not a one night stand with her. I know she makes good money stripping and doing couch dances. She has a lot of contempt for men in general but hope I thawed some of the ice around her heart with you and Sheela's help. Most titty bar girls will turn a trick for the right money. I doubt she does. Unless it's a hot female that is. I bet that is how she got hooked up with Sheela. Sheela has plenty of money and a huge appetite for sex. Likely she paid for her first piece of Lucy. Perhaps she still pays. Did she pay for Lucy to throw this little orgy? I wonder?

God, it's only 9:30! I plan to take Keri home by 2am. We can sleep in a little but need to get the house straighten up and pick Linda up at 4pm. I have to have some energy for her too. She and I have not had sex in over a week. She will be nice and mellow from the separation and want to be loved this first night home for sure.

Oh well, three in the hand are worth one in the bed tomorrow. I reach into my trouser pocket and pop the half Lavitra table in my mouth. Thinking, 'give me half and hour girls and you get a hard one for at least 3 maybe four hours'.

'I wonder what they are up to in the bathroom'?

(This is the last of this story line as Keri and I are finished. Thanks to all that enjoyed it and said so.)

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2011-04-22 14:55:35
i take my daughter to a motel once a month. we fuck so much.
she stays with her mothere, we are separated.
Cassandra is just...13....what a good fuck. I never use a conom
when fucking her. tight cunt. Probably soon she will have my baby in her belly....yes.

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2010-07-12 17:49:20
I do fuck both my dad and brother. Dad caught us fucing in the livingroom one day when he came home early. So I had to let him also. I take Jim, my brother one day, daddy the next.
I am 14, and I love it. Neither one uses a condom, so I will prybably get a baby in my belly..soon. I love to fuck.


2007-09-06 16:32:58
it was a little confusing and disjointed in places, but it was still hot :]
i'd love to fuck my brother or my father.
the thought really really turns me on :P


2006-12-30 05:29:12
I thought these were wonderful stories. Each one as good as the last,I hope you dont get put off by the negative comments,I thought they were all awesome mixing sensuality and horniness in equal quantities, not an easy task to achieve. please keep up the good work and keep posting.


2006-12-17 09:12:39

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