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nicci meets the nieghbor
After the rest area we finally made it home, and Daddy told me to get a shower while he got my bags from the car. I was hoping he'd join me in the shower but I finished my shower alone, and extremely horny. After I dried off I left the bathroom naked to find Daddy in his room going through my bags. When he saw me he told me that he would have to take me shopping for new clothes. When he came across my swimsuit ~ a one piece I had from the previous summer ~ he handed it to me, and told me to put it on. I knew it was a little small for me but it was the only suit I had.
"Wow you look sexy," Daddy told me once I had the suit on, and did a complete turn making me glad I had packed it instead of donating it to Goodwill.
"This old thing," I said jokingly as the way Daddy was looking at me got my pussy wet, and throbbing for his big cock.
"I love the way it molds to your body, especially this sweet pussy of your's," he said as he moved in front of me, and rubbed my pussy through the suit.
"OOOOOOOOH Daddy," I moaned out as I held onto his shoulders enjoying the pleasure Daddy was giving me.
"Oh baby your pussy is soooooo hot," he said as he turned me so I was sideways to him, and as he rubbed my pussy with one hand his other was caressing my ass.
"I'm horny from you making me suck that guy's cock earlier," I panted as I began to tease my nipples through my suit.
"You looked like such a slut sucking his cock as you fucked me," he said as I felt the bottom of my suit slid to the side, and Daddy's fingers on my naked pussy.
"I felt like such a naughty slut," I moaned out as I felt Daddy's finger slip over my asshole, and into my wet pussy.
"You definitely were a very naughty slut," he said as he began to finger-fuck me while rubbing my throbbing clit with the other hand.
"I'm glad you enjoyed it cause you're gonna be a very naughty slut all summer," he groaned as he slipped his finger from my pussy then drove right up my tight ass.
"YESSSSSSSSSS DADDYYYYYYYYY," I cried out as the orgasm that had been building just swept over me causing my whole body to tremble.
"I love watching my little girl cum," Daddy said after my orgasm subsided, and he pulled his fingers from my pussy, and ass.
"I love when you make me cumm Daddy ~ but now I want to make you cum too," I purred as I dropped to my knees, and basicly ripped his pants off to get to his hard cock.
I engulfed Daddy's cock with my hungry mouth, and grabbed his ass as I began to deep-throat his big hard cock.
"Such a good little cock sucking slut you are," he groaned as he put a hand on my head, and guided my mouth faster, and deeper on his throbbing shaft.
I could only grunt as Daddy fucked my throat, and I slipped a hand to my pussy driving two fingers deep inside.
"OOOOOOOH BABY ~ GONNA CUMMMMM," Daddy groaned as he pulled his cock from my tightly suctioned mouth, and shot his gooey cum all over my face.
Once he was done covering my face with cum I took his cock back in my mouth, and sucked until he went limp. Then he pulled me to my feet and told me to clean up, and suggested we go for a swim. After I got cleaned up I went out to the pool to find Daddy lying on a raft drifting lazily around the pool. I dove in, and when I resurfaced I tipped him off the raft, and before he resurfaced I had climbed on the raft.
"That wasn't very nice," Daddy said as he stood beside the raft while his eyes roamed freely over my body.
"But it was sooo much fun," I giggled as I let my hands roam over my body.
"If you didn't look sooooooo sexy I'd punish you for that," Daddy told me as he watched my hand rub my pussy through my suit.
"And just how would you punish me Daddy," I asked as I used my free hand to rub his half hard cock thru his trunks.
"I'd spank that very sexy little ass of your's," he told me as he traced my stiff nipple causing it to stiffen even more.
"I bet that guy next door watching would love to see you spanking my naughty ass," I told him as I slid my hand in the leghole of his trunks to stroke his cock.
"Maybe we should get out so I can spank that naughty little ass," he told me just before he tipped me off the raft into the water.
By the time I resufaced Daddy was already out of the pool, and about to sit on a lounger. As I got out his eyes were riveted to my wet body making me tingle all over.
"Man you look sooo incredibly sexy in that suit sweetie," he told me as I walked right up to him so my pussy was eye level with him.
"Do I look slutty too Daddy," I asked as I pulled my suit to the side, and slid a finger along my swollen pussy lips.
"Yes ....... very slutty," he said as he spun me around then smacked my ass causing me to wince but it also sent a shock straight to my engorged clit.
"OOOOH DADDY ~ he's stroking his cock," I moaned out as Daddy smothered his face in my ass, and replaced my finger with his rubbing my wet pussy as my eyes never left the nieghbor.
"You wanna fuck him ~ don't you you horny little slut," Daddy asked as he once again spanked my ass at the same time he drove a finger up my pussy causing me to moan out loudly hoping the neighbor guy heard me.
"I want you to watch ... as I ride his ... big cock Daddy," I moaned out as I began to ride up, and down on Daddy's finger as I squeezed my breasts.
I was sorely disappointed when he left the window as I really wanted him to watch me cum on my Daddy's finger so I just closed my eyes, and enjoyed being finger-fucked as Daddy would spank my ass. After I achieved a minor but splendid orgasm I opened my eyes, and was surprised to see the guy from the window standing in front of me stroking his big cock.
"You want some cock slut," the guy said as he moved his hand between my legs to replace my father's.
"Yesssssssssss please," I moaned out as he buried a finger up my pussy, and I had to hold onto his broad shoulders to keep from falling over.
"You're right Paul ~ she is a very sexy little slut, and so horny too" he told my father as he began to finger-fuck me towards yet another orgasm.
"She is extremely horny for a good fuck," Daddy said as he got off the lounger, and sat in a chair to watch his litle girl get fucked silly by his neighbor.
"Lay down slut so I can taste this sweet pussy of your's," he told me as he pulled his finger from my pussy, and I basicly collapsed onto my back with my legs spread wide for him.
He moved between my wide spread legs, and ran just the tip of his tongue ever so lightly up the length of my swollen pussy lips.
"OOOOOOH YESSSSSSSS," I moaned out as I clutched his hair in my hands, and began to hump wildly on his tongue.
Watching his slutty daughter had his cock throbbing hard, and when he stood beside me I happily sucked it into my mouth moaning around it as his neighbor captured my engorged clit in his lips, and sucked it as his tongue flicked over it. I was in sexual pleasure overload as one man I didn't even know ate my pussy while my father was now fucking my mouth.
"I think she wants fucked now Bill," Daddy grunted as he pulled his cock from my mouth.
"PLEASE BILL ~ FUCKKKKK MEEEEEEEE," I moaned out loudly as Bill drove his tongue up my pussy.
As Bill climbed over top of me I knew I was in for a great fuck as I could see the desire to fuck me silly in his eyes. I reached down between my wide spread legs, and wrapped my dainty hand around his throbbing shaft to guide it in my wanton pussy. After running the head of his cock up, and down my wet pussy a few times I positioned it at the hungry hole, and he began to work it in going deeper with every thrust.
"OH Baby you're soooooooo tight," he groaned when he had his cock buried to the root inside me, and held still enjoying the milking contractions of my pussy.
"OOOOOOOH FUUUUUUUUUCK," I cried out as he withdrew his cock to the head then drove it back deep inside me, and held it there.
"You like my big cock ~ don't you slut," he growled as I began to hump my ass up, and down fucking myself with his cock.
"YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS," I moaned out as the friction of my throbbing clit rubbing against his stomach quickly had me falling over the edge into orgasmic bliss.
"Man you are soooo sexy when you cum," he said as he easily picked me up in arms ~ his cock still deeply embedded in my pussy, and sat down on the lounger with me on top.
"His cock is soooo big Daddy," I panted as I began to slowly ride up, and down Bill's cock as he pulled the straps of my suit down exposing my small breasts.
"That's it sweetie ~ fuck him like a good slut," Daddy said as he got out of his chair, and moved up beside me.
I was hoping he'd give me his cock to suck but he reached down, and began to caress my ass as I rode Bill's cock a little faster.
"OOOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSSSSS," I cried out when Daddy slid a finger up my ass, and I began to gyrate madly on Bill's cock as he fondled my breasts.
"You like that don't you slut," Bill said as he slid his hands to my waist, and began to pump his cock up in my pussy.
"YESSSSSSSS ~ FUCKKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEE," I cried out as I was overwhelmed with the pleasure these two were giving me.
"I wanna cum all over that pretty face of your's," Bill groaned so I quickly scooted back, and as I took Bill's throbbing shaft in my mouth Daddy slammed his cock up my pussy.
As Daddy pounded my pussy deep, and hard Bill flooded my mouth with what seemed like a gallon of gooey cum so just to be slutty I let it drip down from the corners of my mouth as I kept sucking avidly. I did such a good job sucking Bill's cock that it never went soft, and I wanted it stuffing my pussy once again.
"I want you ... to fuck my ... ass as I ride ... his cock Daddy," I panted to my father as I moved back over top of Bill's cock, and sank down on it again.
"Relax baby," Bill told me as he pulled me down against him, and I felt the head of Daddy's cock nudge against my asshole.
"OOOOOOOH DADDYYYYYYYYYY," I cried out when the head of his cock slipped past the tight ring of my asshole.
"FUCK BABY ~ SOOOOOO TIGHT," Daddy groaned as he began to work his cock deeper in my ass.
"Feels sooooooooo gooooood Daddy ~ fuck my ass," I moaned out as I began to gyrate on the two cocks buried inside me.
"This little slut loves to be stuffed full of hard cock," Bill groaned as he loved the feel of my pussy tightend up by the cock in my ass.
"FUUUUUUUUUUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE," I cried out as the two guys began to fuck my pussy, and ass sending me quickly towards another orgasm.
"OOOOH FUCKKKK ~ GONNA CUMMMM," Daddy groaned as I felt his cock swell inside my ass, and I could feel his cock throb with every squirt of cum he injected deep in my ass.
After Daddy was spent Bill had me get down on my hands, and knees where he proceeded to fuck my cum soaked ass until he too deposited his cum deep inside me. All three of us were wiped out, and as we laid around in sexual exhaustion they discussed my future as a slut, and I got aroused just hearing about it.

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I really couldn't ask for more from this aritlce.


2009-11-03 12:32:34
Maybe daddy will be taking little Nicci to a xxx- theater, pass her around?


2009-05-01 13:13:07
very very nice. but about those daughters and daddys in other parts, where, it is very difficult to initiate them into such things; though, daddy is well and readily willing to go through all this kinds of to overcome ?

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2009-03-10 00:06:44
im female and it made my pussy drip wish it could have been me!!!


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so fuckng hot. i love the talking

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