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A first time event which I have decided to try and write from my hubbys point of view
This is my first time posting on here,so I am feeling somewhat nervous about the kind of reception I may get.
My story as yet is unfinished but I thought I would post this first part then, depending on response, may post the rest.

I do hope you enjoy. All constructive comments are most welcome.

I'd like to say the evening started out simply by my being simply intrigued. except I knew it was a good deal more than that and now I wasn't so sure it had been such a good idea. Down below though a certain appendage of mine was begging to differ.

I was stood by the bar, waiting to be served some drinks. My sexy wife Lin and I had decided on going out for a few drinks and a meal however, unlike previous evenings, this particular evening we were far from being alone. We'd been joined by Dave, a guy my wife had once dated.

Their re-union had not been pure chance. It seemed Dave had contacted her though the website Friends re-united and having got her email address from her sister who had been registered on the site, had mailed her.

They had exchanged several mails before I ever got to know about it.

Lin eventually informed me about the guy several months ago. It seemed like us he had moved away from London, down to a sleepy village in Devon some 50 odd miles from where we lived in and to cut a long story short, it had been his suggestion to meet up and catch up on old times, hence my wife's reason for letting me know about him for it was then she asked me if I was ok about the idea of her meeting him halfway for old times sake.

That was several months ago and since then (what I hadn't known) was the two of them had met up on a number of other occasions and not, so it seemed, purely to catch up on old times. In truth what could I do? I suppose I could have said no but had I done that, what was there to stop her from meeting him anyway? Besides, I considered as she'd told me about him, the chances are it would be no more than had been suggested...a meet to catch up on times past.

Their meeting went ahead. They met at some equidistant point that suited them both and when Lin told me about their meeting it seemed they had indeed caught up on old times.

I put it all to the back of my mind which is where it would have remained had my wife not have met him again.

I'd found out about this purely by chance. I had come home early from working away to find my wife was out. To be fair I didn't exactly expect her to be in just for me but I was surprised that she didn't get in til after nine that evening.

When I asked where she had been she told me she'd simply been visiting a friend, which was of course true, what she didn't tell me at first was just who this friend was. I don't know why but there was something about her manner that evening that arose my suspicions. I also think it was more a case of guilty conscience but that night in bed when I pressed her again on where she had been she decided to confess all.

She told me who it was she had met... Dave...She went on to tell me she had seen him several times since that first meeting and when I pressed her on the point, "Was anything going on between the two of them?" she admitted there was.

She explained how at first it had been just as she'd said. They had met up...had a drink together, recounted old times and had departed with little more than a peck on the cheek. A few weeks later he had contacted her again and again had asked for her to meet him. When I asked her why she had gone this second time her answer was that though she knew it was wrong, something inside of her had wanted to know if there was still a spark left between them.

It seemed on this second occasion things had stepped up just a little for after they had enjoyed a drink and a chat they had gotten onto his car which he had driven to a secluded wooded area. When I asked what had happened Lin had told me they had kissed a little and had caressed one another, but that was as far as it had gone.

When he'd returned her to her car Lin said she had driven home vowing it would be the last time they would meet and as such there was no need to tell me what had taken place but a week or so later he had called her again, and again she had reneged on her own decision and had gone to meet him, this third meeting being that day.

Like before they had enjoyed a drink in a quiet pub and again when they had finished they had climbed into his car. She admitted she suspected he was going to try and do the same as he'd done before, drive off to somewhere quiet, secluded. She told me she had made her mind up to stop him if he tried, but when he started the car, when he pulled away out of the car park, as much as she was telling herself she needed him to stop and turn around, something inside of her stopped her prevented her from doing so.

Like before they stopped near some woods, a secluded out of the way place and like before, with the two of them alone they stopped talking and started kissing, touching, fondling one another.

As she had been telling me this I found myself imagining my wife alone with this guy in his car and could so easily picture his hands all over her body. At the very least I should have been annoyed yet instead I found the very idea of what she was telling me extremely arousing and when I again pressed her for more detail about what had happened in his car it hadn't taken my wife long to realise her account of the meeting was getting me as aroused as it was her. Her hand had found my swelling member and as she recounted how Dave had tipped her seat back and had unbuttoned her blouse she felt my cock twitch.

"Are you angry with me?" she'd asked as her hand continued to rouse my ever hardening cock.

"Yes.... A little." I'd replied

"Is it because I went behind your back?" she asked, adding, "Or because I have let another guy touch me?"

I had taken time to think for a moment before answering. "A bit of both, " I had said.

She had continued to stroke her fingers against my stiffening cock.

Looking back, I believe it was then my wife took something of a risk. A turn of events which, though neither of us knew at the time, was to change our lives.

"Are you still angry with me darling? Or is this?" she squeezed my cock between her fingers, "a sign it's turning you on hearing about how Dave was touching me up today?"

I couldn't deny it. Even as she was speaking those words, and even though I had never met him, I had this vision of his fingers unbuttoning her blouse, his hands slipping inside, cupping her breasts over a lacy bra.

"A little....yes!" I'd replied.

"Hmmm! Just a little? Are you sure darling? Are you sure this," again she squeezed me, "is more because you quite like the idea of his hands all over my body?"

She'd paused for a time, letting what she'd said sink in. She stroked at my cock once more.

"Would you have liked to have been there darling? Watching him unbutton my blouse. Watching as his fingers petted my breasts?"

She kissed me on the lips as her words brought my vision back to life. "Admit it darling! You'd have liked that wouldn't you? Watching another guy getting it on with me?"

Not only could I not deny it, Lin also guessed she had got it right and chose to press on, using this to her advantage.

Her lips were now giving me lights pecks against my cheeks as she continued.

"Would you like me to go on darling? Would you like to me tell you how he made me feel?"

Aware she had the upper hand she didn't wait for my answer.

"It felt good knowing he wanted me. Feeling his hands, his fingers on my breasts, another guy touching my body intimately, where only you should. He was turning me on darling and he knew it, so much so that when he slipped one of my breasts from the cup of my bra I begged him to suckle me. Does that excite you darling? Does it excite you hearing me tell you how it felt??

She didn't need to ask. The reaction given by my cock was answer enough.

"His lips felt so good on my breasts," she continued, "and when he started to kiss and lick and bite at my nipples, I was in heaven. I kept thinking of you darling and the idea what I was doing was so wrong, but the more I thought about it, the more aroused it was getting me. Oh God! He's so expert darling. He knew just what it took to turn me on and feeling those lips of his drawn too and fro over my nipples, I wanted more. I grabbed at his hand and pushed it between my legs. I wanted him to know just how aroused he had gotten me. It's not like he hadn't been there before darling. He had, years ago, but I needed for him to know he was still capable of getting me wet and horny, just like I am now, just thinking about the two of us were doing."

She broke from her deion to press her silky lips over mine. The kiss was firm, passionate, a sure sign of how aroused she was feeling and as angry and jealous as I felt I was too aroused not to respond.

She broke from our embrace to continue with her deion.

"He didn't need any more encouragement. I knew it was what he'd been wanting all these weeks. I opened my legs and he pushed his hand up the inside of my thigh, onto my panties, these panties," she said as she took my hand and placed it between her legs. "Feel how wet they are darling, and all because of Dave."

Again she took time out to kiss my lips, her fingers still teasing their way up and down my hard erection. She squeezed firmly once more.

"It's turning you on too isn't it darling? The thought of your wife in his car.The thought of me being so naughty! Just imagine it! There I was, in his car. We were kissing....Hmmm! A better deion would be snogging like a couple of teenagers. Only by then he had his fingers up my cunt!"

I groaned, unable to believe this was my wife talking to me! Never before had she spoken to me this way. Her fruity language alone was enough for my imagination to stir.I closed my eyes and could picture the two of them, could almost taste the smell of sex in the car. Her hand was moving along the length of my cock with purpose now. I could sense she was recalling the incident almost as if it were happening again. She pressed her lips over mine once more but this time, aroused like never before I closed my arms around her body and rolled her so she was on her back with me on top. She was hot...her breath coming in short sharp gasps. I could tell she needed relief, she needed to cum. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into an embrace, kissing me long and hard before moments later pushing me away.

"Ohhh God! I need to cum!" she screamed. "Finger me darling! Make me cum just like Dave did!" she mewled.

I moved off her body, slightly to one side. I slid my hand upwards along her thigh. Her hips bucked, showing how eager she was for my fingers. I pushed aside her gusset and slipped two fingers into her very wet and horny cunt.

She bucked from the hips again, driving her pussy upwards onto my fingers.

"That's it Dave! she cried out. "Do me with your fingers! Make me cum! Show my hubby just what you can do to his dirty little wife!"

I wasn't sure if she intended to speak those words but looking back now I suspect she did. Her recounting what had taken place had turned me on. She knew this and I suspect wanted to see how far she was able to push things.

It took only moments for her to climax. A climax I have to admit I had never seen the like of before. To say she was wet was an understatement. The sheet, her legs, her panties were all soaked in her pussy juices.

After, we lay there for quite some time before either of spoke. Like me I think she was stunned by what had just happened and was trying to get her head around the enormity of it.

We lay there wrapped in one another's arms and when we did finally speak the tone was soft and quiet, asking one another how we felt about what had just taken place.

We discussed it all, not just what she had done but of how it had made her feel. We discussed how I felt about her cheating this way as well as discussing how I felt about her describing what had happened.

In the end there was no point in denying our feelings. Both of us admitted, while our love for one another was as strong as ever, what had occurred that day had changed us, had shown us the numerous possibilities that existed. Possibilities that if we were brave enough, if we were willing to take the risks, could add untold benefits to our marriage.

It was three in the morning before I finally fell asleep having agreed in principal we should invite her old flame to join us.

So now here I was, stood at the bar waiting to be served the drinks I had ordered.

I glanced back to our table where Lin was in conversation with Dave. I had no idea how she had gone about inviting him along, nor what she had told him about me or about what I had since found out about them, she hadn't said, but looking at how comfortable he looked with her, I suspected she had pretty much told him all.

She'd taken her time to get ready for tonight and had eventually decided on wearing a cream, v necked top below which she wore one of those lacy, push up bras that accentuates her 34c breasts. I don't know if this was for my benefit or his, I suspect the latter. Her skirt, a light beige colour, was just above the knee, nothing too revealing and she'd finished off her look by wearing light coloured stockings and three inch open toed, strappy shoes. She looked good and there was no doubt in my mind he would think so too.

I saw her glance in my direction. She smiled then pressed her lips close to Dave's ear. Quite what she was saying to him I had no idea but whatever it was caused Dave to look in my direction. Moments later I witnessed him slipping an arm around her, pulling her close and, in a clear public display, kissing her full on the lips. It was obvious this was entirely for my benefit. A clear act of throwing down the gauntlet by way of a challenge. It struck me then his action was a way pf letting me know tonight, my sexy wife was all his. They broke from the embrace moments later where Lin looked in my direction to smile once more. It was obvious she had enjoyed that show of public affection, her look suggesting this was merely a taster for things to come. Down below, as jealous as I was now feeling, my cock twitched.

Finally, being served the drinks I made my way back to the table where neither I nor they chose to mention what had just happened.

The three of us sat there for a while making general chit chat as we mused over what to order but even as I tried to focus on the menu I could sense the almost electric atmosphere going on between the two of them.

Finally, with the waitress having taken our order Dave turned to face me.

"Lin's been saying how you are aware of our recent meetings?" he said.


"Hmmmm! And you don't mind?"

I gave his question some thought before answering, not wanting him to think I had given up on my wife in any way.

"If by that you mean, am I not jealous? Then yes. I am. But I figure....If I was to object, what would stop the two of you seeing one another behind my back?"

He smiled. "Yes that's true." Then added, "Still it's been good meeting Lin again after all these years though if I am honest it's made me realise I was daft letting her go."

His words cut through me. It was as if he was re-enforcing his earlier show of affection, re-establishing the gauntlet he'd already laid down by saying while he'd been fool enough to let her go in the past, now that he'd been given a second chance he wasn't going to allow that to happen again.

"What do you mean?" I asked, already fully aware of his meaning.

"I mean I should never have let her go. We were always good together and meeting her again has proved we still are. She was always attractive but....well what can I say? You don't need me to tell you the years have been more than a little kind on her. In fact I'd say she's sexier and more attractive now than ever."

Again his words caused a rush of blood to my head, but if that wasn't bad enough and as if to labour the point, he then leant close, pushed a hand around the back of her neck and pulled her lips onto his.

If my wife had any reservations she certainly didn't show it. Her level of comfort with him came as a complete surprise to me, responding to his kiss in a way that emphasised she was more than ok with his public display of affection.

I glanced around the room, a part of me fearing others in the restaurant would be sat up taking notice but of course everyone else was far too busy getting on with their own lives besides, why would anyone suspect there was anything unusual going on here? It wasn't a restaurant we frequented very often and as such we were unknown. As far as anyone was there was concerned, Dave and my wife could so easily have been the married couple with me being the "gooseberry" friend, which is how I was feeling right at that very moment.

It was a full thirty seconds before they eased back from their embrace by which time I had had to reach below the table to adjust my crotch for just watching my wife kissing this way with her old flame was causing a stirring below..

She turned to look at me. "Thank you darling for being so understanding and agreeing Dave and I could meet. We really appreciate it!"

Unable to think of how else to respond I offered her a smile.

"She's right Mike." Dave added. "Lin and I have got a great deal of catching up to do and it's not every guy who would be ok letting their sexy wife loose with an old flame."

Again my senses were aroused and not wanting him to believe I was a complete pushover said, "Well, Seeing the two of you so comfortable together tonight I'm not so sure I am."

Dave's eyes met mine. It was as if he was assessing what risk, if any, there was. He held my gaze for a moment before answering.

"So far as I can see you've got no worries Mike. Lin is sexy enough for the both of us to share!"

I glanced to my wife then back at Dave meeting his gaze firmly. "And what if I don't want to share?"

His smile was almost disarming and what he then said threw the ball firmly back in my wife's court.

"The thing is Mike, what we both have to acknowledge is, your wife is not a possession. We neither of us own her so any decision is entirely hers!"

Again he smiled, a smile that suggested he had won this particular round. He turned to face Lin where at the same time I noticed his hand slip under the table. "What do you think Lin?" he asked.

I saw my wife move slightly in her seat and it suddenly became clear where Dave had placed his hand. She turned to look at me from across the table.

"Oh you know me darling," she said, looking into my eyes. "I'm always happy to share!"

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a movement from Dave's arm . I nodded in the general direction of the table. "And is that what you're doing now Lin? Sharing?"

Completely unfazed Lin's smile broadened. "Mmmmm! Yes!" she murmured and still holding me with her gaze added, "And I know you don't mind darling. Because I know the thought of where Dave has his hand right now is turning you on...isn't it?"

I didn't answer. I was lost for words. Yes it was true I had no illusions what this evening was going to be about. But of course what I hadn't known was the direction it was going to take. I guess in truth I had expected the three of us to go for this meal, to chat, to get to know one another some more then maybe back to our place where then, and only then would I have expected things may have taken an upwards turn. I had certainly never expected this.

"How about you open your legs a little more Lindy? Just so I can show hubby here just what my fingers can do for his sexy wife?"

Lin smiled first at Dave then at me. "Don't you think that's being a little naughty Dave?" she asked.

He leant closer. "Yeah, but I happen to know you like naughty!"

With that I saw my wife sit back slightly in her chair where I assumed she had done as he'd asked. Again I felt the need to glance around the restaurant to see if anyone had begun to notice what was going on here, When I looked back Lin had closed her eyes and was clearly enjoying whatever his fingers were doing to her beneath the table.

"You like this don't you Lin?" he asked her.

"You sod!" she almost gasped, her eyes still firmly closed.

He laughed. "Shall I make you cum Lindy? Shall we show your hubby just how easily I can make his wife cum?"

Lin finally opened her eyes. "You Bastard Dave!" she moaned at him.

Again he laughed. "Yes! But isn't that a part of why you are drawn to me Lin?" his voice firm, quiet, yet loud enough the three of us could hear all that was said

She didn't answer, she simply closed her eyes once more.

"Look at him Lin!" He told her, his voice no more than a loud whisper. "I want you to open your eyes and look across the table at your hubby. Look into his eyes. Let him see the pleasure in yours when I make you cum!" Though the tone of Dave's voice remained quiet there was something of a firmness about it that told me Lin was going to do just as he'd asked. Her eyes opened, her gaze meeting mine.

"That's it baby! Let him look deep into your eyes. We want him to see the pleasure in them when I make you cum don't we?"

"Oh yes!" she moaned, biting her lower lip.

Down below my cock was swelling. I was finding it hard to believe how easily Dave was able to manipulate my wife. Despite this I could feel my erection pushing against my trousers. It was bad enough watching the two of them, but hearing him telling her what to do was turning me on like never before.

Just then my wife mewled like a kitten and tilted forward on her chair placing both elbows on the table. I guessed her action was entirely the result of his fingers entering her hidden and no doubt sloppy cunt. Her eyes broke from mine but Dave, ever watchful remained insistent.

"Look at him Lin! Look into his eyes and ask him if he's getting turned on?"

"Oh God Mike! Is it turning you on?" she gasped, her eyes meeting mine once more.

I guessed Dave had thrust deeper for suddenly Lin let out a groan much louder than she had before. I quickly glanced around to see if anyone had heard. If they had they were showing no signs.

"What's turning him on Lin?" he continued. "Ask him what's turning him on?"

Again he appeared to thrust deeper for Lin clenched her fists, her knuckles turning white as she fought to keep back a gasp of pleasure. She looked across the table at me.

"What's turning you on darling?: What's getting your cock nice and stiff?" she asked, as she fought the desire to close her eyes from the pleasure.

"That's more like it Lindy!" he remarked. "Now you're getting into the flow of it!"

It had been some time since we had ordered. I quickly glanced around fearing any moment the waitress would appear with our food. For the moment there was no sign. Dave's words snapped my attention back to my wife.

"Your wife asked you a question Mike. Don't you think you should answer her?"

I could only groan as once more Dave set to work on her with his fingers.

"Answer her Mike! She wants to know what's turning you on? Is it the knowledge I've got my hand inside your wife's knickers? Or is it cos you can see the pleasure on her face?"

I looked at Lin, her eyes closed once more then looked at Dave amazed at how quickly he had taken control of the situation, to the point he seemed to have both of us reacting as he wanted.

I groaned, "Oh God Yes!"

I heard him chuckle. "How about you Lin? Is what I am doing turning you on?"

"Oh God Yes!" she moaned.

Again there was humour in his voice when he said, "Do you want to know how good it is for her Mike?"
Not waiting for my response he went on...."Tell him Lin! Tell him how it is for you! Tell him what his dirty little wife is allowing me to do to her!"

Lin bit down on her lip and groaned as she looked across at me. "Oh Fuck! He's gonna make me cum darling. God he's sooo good. I'm gonna cum!" She let out a low mewl and slumped forward.

With that I saw Dave's arm jerk hard and fast for several moments. Lin let out a low guttural type moan while at the same time tilted forward until her forehead was almost down on the table. It was clear Dave had just bought her off.

"Oh yes Lin. That's it! Cum for Dave! There's nothing better than the feel of warm pussy juice all over my fingers," he told her.

I watched as he pulled back, sliding his hand from beneath the table, from between my wife's legs, more than a little pleased with himself. He turned to look across at me.

"Your wife's just cum Mike! How do you feel about that? Are you as hard as I am knowing your horny little wife has just cum for me?"

I was at a loss for words. I looked first at him then Lin unable to comprehend how quickly things had gotten out of hand. Down below my cock was raging, throbbing like never before. Just then out of the corner of my eye I saw the waitress headed our way. Dave too had seen.

"Ahh! Just in time!" he said. "Our food is about to be served. Let's chat while we enjoy our meal."

As the waitress served our table Lin took the time to compose herself. As soon as she'd left Dave turned towards my wife.

"Are you ok Lin?"

"Hmm! I think you already know the answer to that." she replied.

He grinned and turned to face me. "You see Mike. Your wife has already decided what it is she likes. It seems she wants to share. How about you?"

I looked at Lin then turned my eyes on Dave my mind a mix of conflicting thoughts. So far the evening was not turning out how I'd expected. We were barely half way through our meal yet already my wife had shown me how easily she could succumb to his charm and manipulations. I had just witnessed my wife and her old flame "getting it on" at the table. Yes it had been undeniably arousing, I couldn't deny that, but a bigger part of me was not so sure I wanted things to go any further.

"I'm not so sure now!" I answered, expecting to see disappointment written on his face. But it was me who was disappointed. He simply smiled and turned towards my wife.

"It seems your hubby has had a change of heart Lin. We can't have that now can we? After all, I think it's only fair we all need to be happy with the situation, wouldn't you agree?"

Lin looked at Dave then at me. I could see the disappointment in her eyes.


I watched as Dave took a mouthful of food and when he next spoke it was clear he had used this lull in the conversation to think of what next to say.

"Tell me Mike. Lin told me you enjoyed her telling you about our recent meetings? How it got you aroused? Is that true?"

"Yes it's true." I answered honestly, aware with the two of them having discussed it, there seemed little point lying.

"Hmmm!" he mused. "And what about just now? Isn't it fair to say you were more than a little excited seeing your sexy wife acting like she did?"

I looked at the two of them. I wanted to say no. To tell them nothing could be further from the truth but they would have known it to be a lie. I turned my attention back to Dave.

"Yes that's true too. But I am not so sure I could handle the idea of it going any further?"

"Yes! I can understand that Mike." he said, taking another mouthful of food."But tell me this. Is it fair to say you want your wife to be happy?"

"Yes of course but....."

"Let me finish." he said, stopping me short. "Would it also be fair to say if Lin had a problem with something you would do whatever you could to help her through it?"

"Yes of course." I responded, suddenly not quite so sure where he was going with this.

"Well then, look at it this way," he continued, "It's pretty obvious to me you and Lin have a strong, loving relationship. If that wasn't the case the three of us would not be here now. Lin and I would have continued with our "discrete liaisons" as before leaving you none the wiser....Yes?"

"Yes maybe." I replied.

"Good! Then we're agreed on that." he said, glancing from me to Lin then back at me.

"Yes ok but what's your point?" I asked.

He smiled, the kind of smile that indicated he'd lead me just where he wanted.

"My point Mike is this. Shouldn't you be asking yourself WHY your wife felt the need to meet me? Ok...I don't so much mean the first time. I think we all realise our first meet was out of pure curiosity. The two of us wanting to see if we had changed over the years. But the second time Mike? The third? Why do you think your wife wanted to meet me on those occasions?"

I looked across at my wife and thought about what he'd just asked. I pretty much knew the answer, just didn't want to admit as much.

"I don't know!" I lied.

"Don't you Mike? Are you sure?" he came back at me.

I looked at the two of them and could sense he knew I was teetering on the edge, denying the obvious.

Again his voice came across the table at me. Not raised, not loud in anyway, instead soft, almost soothing.....yet despite his tone, forceful.

"Let me tell you what I think Mike. I think the two of you love one another a great deal. You've a strong, happy marriage and no doubt enjoy an equally good time in bed. Then one day, out of nowhere I come along. It could have been anyone Mike...It didn't necessarily have to be me but in this instance it was. Your wife and I met...we enjoyed one another's company for an afternoon and for all intents and purposes that should have been that. Except it wasn't!"

He paused to take a mouthful of food as if what he was saying was all so matter of fact.

"She left that day and returned home to you," he continued. "Except, with no intent on her part things had changed Mike. Your wife had felt the sexual spark that I'd felt that day and it had become a problem for her. You've been married a long time Mike. She loves you. She always will. That much is clear, but here was something new for her Mike. A chance, a possibility for her to experience some kind of additional excitement outside of her marriage. It isn't that she loves you any less. It's not that you've done anything wrong, you haven't. But think about it. How many people could say no to something like that without wondering what they might be missing? Could you Mike? Could you do that if it were you who'd met an old flame?"

He looked at me waiting for an answer.

"I can't honestly say."

"That's a fair enough answer," he replied. "But with that in mind ask yourself. Is it so hard for you to understand her need to fulfil her desires?"

He paused, probably allowing time for all he had said to sink in. I looked from one to the other, my mind still a mix of emotions.

"Look at her Mike. There's no need for me to tell you how sexy your wife is. She has desires, we all do. For the most part you are enough to fulfil those desires and you could do that now for her Mike by helping her through her dilemma, her problem. It's lust Mike! Nothing more, nothing less. I want her Mike just as I know your wife wants me. Help her Mike. Help your wife through this problem."

As I looked at the two of them I let his words sink in. He made it sound so easy, he made it sound full of sense but deep down I knew it was never going to be so straightforward. I knew enough of the two of them to believe this was never going to be just a one off.

"I don't know if I can!" I replied. "Yes sure, I know when Lin was telling me about your meetings the idea of you and her together did excite me...but....I'm not so sure now."

Dave looked across at me. "Ok Mike. As far as I'm concerned it has to be yours and Lin's decision. You know what I want and I think you realise it's also what Lin wants, but if the three of us aren't in agreement, then it would be wrong to go ahead."

He looked across at Lin where I could see his eyes asking her to intervene.

"Can you give us a few minutes Dave?" she asked.

He pushed his cutlery onto his plate then eased back his chair. "Yes sure! I'll go order us some drinks!"

I waited for him to leave, watching him make his way towards the bar before turning back to my wife.

"You want this don't you Lin? Or should I say, you want him?"

Her eyes met mine. I could see she was biting her lower lip.

"I think you already know the answer to that darling and as I have no intention of lying to you. Yes! I want him! But I also want you to understand, if this isn't what you want then it's not going to happen. I'm not going to do anything you don't want. I won't go behind your back. You will have to trust me on that, but yes. The idea does excite me."

"Can I ask why?"

"Excitement!... The thrill! Any number of things really, but deep down I suppose it's the thought he's different!"

"Different? You mean better?"

"Nooo!" she said. She reached for my hand. "That's not what I mean at all! I mean different in the sense it's all new...illicit, something I haven't experienced before."

I lowered my eyes then met her gaze once more.

"Tell me something. If I hadn't known what was going on would it have happened anyway?"

It was Lin's turn to lower her head. "I can't say because I really don't know....maybe. But I promise you darling. If you say no to this then it's not going to happen. We will finish this meal, Dave will go home and nothing more will be said."

"That's as maybe Lin but how will you honestly feel towards me knowing you've missed out on this chance?"

"I'll be fine. It's just one of those things. We'll move on." she said, trying to sound so matter of fact.

"Will we Lin? Or isn't it more the case you are always going to wonder, what if?"

This time she chose not to answer.

"You really do want this Lin don't you? You want to Fuck him?" There...I'd said it, used the one word so far each of us had avoided.

For a moment she looked beyond me to where Dave was stood at the bar. "Yes! I want to Fuck him. Just that Mike, not to make love to him but to Fuck him....and only if you're prepared to agree!"

"And what, if having "Fucked him", you find yourself comparing the two of us? Then what?"

She took a deep breath. "I've told you. That's not why I'm doing this. It's not to compare what he is like over you and ok...if some of those thoughts do cross my mind, that's all they are only thoughts. It's you I love darling, not Dave. What I feel towards Dave and he feels to me is as he said....Lust....a chance for some added excitement. As you say...a chance for the two of us to Fuck one another. And don't you see, it's not just for me but for all of us....I want you to be a part of it too, to share, to watch, to encourage what's happening and maybe join in."

Lin took a hold of may hand once more. "Just think back to how aroused you were feeling the night I told you what happened in his car. Remember how you felt? Remember how you wanted me to go over and over what had happened? Well just imagine if I don't have to describe.. that you are there watching it all for yourself! Isn't that what you really want? Wouldn't that be so much better? You in the same room watching.. watching him getting it on with your wife?"

"You mean Fucking don't you?" I replied somewhat more harshly than I intended.

"Yes I mean Fucking. But not just that.. I mean kissing.. touching...everything involved in foreplay."


"Yes everything!"

Like going down on his cock too?"

"Yes...Going down on him...him doing the same to me! Isn't that what you really want Mike? To watch your wife acting like some kind of slut?"

I closed my eyes and could picture it all. The two of them touching...kissing, Lin down on her knees taking him into her mouth. Him between her legs sucking her pussy to orgasm and as these thoughts were running through my head I could feel myself growing hard.

"Yes!" I finally conceded.
Lin smiled with the notion she had won me over to the idea.

"Really? You mean that?" she asked, as if wanting to pinch herself for fear she'd misunderstood.

"Yes really!" I said, quickly adding. "Now you'd better go tell him your news before I change my mind. Go show him how pleased you are I'm alright with the idea."

Dave was still at the bar, shill waiting to be served. Lin left the table and I watched the sway of her sexy arse as she made her way towards him. Drawing alongside she slipped an arm around his waist and pressed her lips to his ear. I saw him turn to acknowledge me with a nod of his head. He turned back and this time it was he who whispered something into her ear. Whatever was said had Lin reaching for his neck and pulling him into an embrace. It was only brief but even from where I was sat I could see Lin's tongue slide sensuously into his mouth.

A few minutes later they returned with the drinks. Each of us played with our food which by then had gotten a little cold though in fairness I think by then we had all lost our appetite for the meal.

The chat was very general as we played with our food and drank with little being said about our agreement. Finally it was Dave who decided it was time to move the evening on.

"Well guys, unless either of you fancy another drink or want a dessert I think it's high time I picked up the tab and we made a move?"

I looked across at Lin and she at me, both of us aware of the consequences of our replies. I could sense she was willing me to make this decision. I looked at Dave.

"That's fine by me!" I replied.

Dave called the waitress over and paid the bill. A few minutes later we had finished our drinks and were making our way out of the restaurant.

Outside the September night had turned chilly and Dave was quick to slip his arm around my wife's waist, pulling her close as we made our way across the car park to the car. I unlocked the doors and while a part of me had expected my wife to climb into the front seat beside me, I wasn't surprised when I heard Dave suggest the two of them could be more comfortable in the back.

I climbed into the drivers seat glancing in the mirror to see Dave sliding in close to my wife. Not for the first time that evening, I felt a jealous twinge and I felt sure it was sure not going to be the last.

Turning the key I started the engine, slipped the car into first and headed out of the car park onto the road.

As I drove I could hear the two of them talking quietly to one another in the back. I looked into the rearview mirror but the car was in darkness, illuminated only infrequently as we passed by a street light. I knew these too would soon disappear when we turned from the main road onto the country lanes that would eventually lead to our cottage. With only a mile or so left on the main road and with my curiosity at a peak I took the opportunity to look into the rearview mirror again. For a moment I could see nothing.through the darkness, not even enough to make our their shapes until a passing street lamp lit up the car just as a flash would light up its subject for a camera. I struggled to stifle a moan. The image of Dave kissing my wife, his hands all over her firm breasts was instantly burned into my memory.

I turned to concentrate on the road once more.

"You two ok there?" I ask somewhat foolishly.

"We're fine Mike." I heard Dave answer. "Just you concentrate on the driving and let me take care of your wife!"

I bit my lower lip as his idea of taking care of Lin swam through my head. The turning to the country lane was coming up on the right. I slowed, flicked on the indicator then waited for the oncoming car to pass by. As I waited I looked into the mirror once more aware the oncoming headlights would show me what was taking place in the back.

Sure enough the oncoming lights albeit briefly, lit up the car enough for me to see. As I expected, they were still kissing, only this time my wife had turned her body towards him obscuring his from my view. Not that I needed to see him for it was clear Lin was now being the more forceful, her hands on him as they continued their passionate kiss.

As soon as the car had passed I turned quickly, far more quickly than I needed, knowing it would have its effect in the rear. Lin's objections to my driving informed me, just as I'd hoped, she had been thrown back in her seat.

I smiled to myself knowing I had at least stopped them for a moment but of course I knew it would not be for long. Sure enough only moments passed before Lin started to moan.

"Oh yes! I like that! Go on! Make wet for you!"

A look into the mirror revealed nothing but it didn't take much imagination to realise what he was doing.

"Damn you're so bloody sexy Lin! Did you wear these stockings for me?" I heard him ask, his voice no doubt purposely loud enough that I would hear.

"Of course! Why else would I have worn them? I remembered the last time you saying how much you liked nylons!"

"Hmmm! I like then even better when they're on these sexy legs!" I heard him reply.

Lin groaned out loud again. "Oh Yes! Ohhh you dirty boy! Do me Dave! Make Lindy cum for you just like you did in that restaurant!"

I cursed silently at myself for allowing this to happen but down between my legs my cock was having other ideas. It had started to throb, to pulse over the very idea Dave now had his hand up my wife's skirt and just as he had in the restaurant, was now almost certainly playing with her cunt.

"What's up? you two?" I asked in the vain hope my conversation would put them off.

"Nothing!" Dave replied somewhat more tersely this time. "Unless it's my cock you're on about, in which case that's all down to your sexy little wife here!" he laughed.

Again Lin let out a moan, this time louder than before.

"Would it not be best to wait?" I said. "It will be more comfortable when we get home!"

"Yes, you're probably right darling. But right now pussy wants to cum all over Dave's fingers!" she cried.

"Oh Christ Lin! I love it when a woman talks dirty like that!" Dave told her. "How does this feel babe!"

From the front seat I heard Lin start to grunt. "Unnnnnnngh! Unnnnngh!" she gasped. "Oh shit yes! Go on you Bastard! Oh God that feels good! Fuck them up me! Go on Dave! Do it hard!"

Just then the lane turned into a series of bends which I knew went on for a good half mile. With the sounds of my wife ringing in my ears I had to try and concentrate on negotiating each one.

Lin was calling him names, telling him what a dirty little Fuck he was, using words I would never have believed she'd use. I had never felt so bloody aroused. Down below my cock was straining to be let out.

"Ohhh SHIT! Ohhh you BASTARD! I'm cumming! FUCK! I'M CUMMING!" she screamed before we'd even got halfway through the bends.

Unseen by me and still feeling the effects of her climax Lin lay back against the seat, her legs still open, her skirt hitched halfway up her thighs, Dave's hand still trailing along her stockinged leg.

"Come here you sexy Bastard!" I heard her tell him.

Seconds later as I drove around the last of the bends I heard the unmistakable sounds of lips meeting and parting, of satisfying moans and groans. I spoke out, informing them we were almost home but neither of them were listening, they were both far too wrapped up in one another to have heard. At that moment as their lips and tongues fought and their moans of pleasure filled the car, they probably weren't even aware I was in the car.


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2013-08-01 02:49:33
well this Mike is certainly a wimpy asshole. I'd nevere take that from my wife and allow her to fuck an old flame and then have them rub it in my face. I'd kick the shit out of the both of them, cut his cock off and make her eat he fucking thing then I'd rtick a .38 up her cuny and empty it. Believe me she'd never fuck again when I got through with her.

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I want more of this story please u need to finish it up

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I thought it was a very good story. It made me very excited and brought back memories of a time I cheated on my husband. I remembered how exciting it was and how horny he made me.

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2009-09-17 23:53:58
I'm sorry Mike! If my wife would have met behind my back I wouldn't be meeting with her and Dave in the resturant. I would have thrown her ass out the door, divorced her and told her to never come around me again. Your wife was nothing but a slut and one doesn't marry a slut unless he doesn't have a back bone to stand up for himself.

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sexy story but i agree with nyminus. I would have cut dave's dick off and watch him crawl away then cut him up and put him in a suitcase then burned the wife to death (i know you're the wife, sorry)

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