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How my wife turned into my Hooker
Let me start off my saying my wife Aimee is absolutely stunning. She is 5'8'', 105 pounds, dark brown hair, full C and a complete slut in bed. Aimee will do anything I can possible think of and she has a most twisted mind then I. Like last week I came home and she was in her old catholic school girl uniform (which she still fits in from 7 years ago) with a ruler in one hand and and a 12 inch dildo in the other. She said to me, "Which one do you want to see in my pussy first". So i think you get the picture about my wife.

Even though Amiee is an absolute slut in bed, we have never brought anyone else in. She has always said "I am your slut and your slut only. You can do with me as you please and I will never say no." I always took this as noone else can fuck her.

One night (while fucking her in the ass) I decided to bring up the possibility of having her fuck some other people. Aimee was on her hands and knees on the floor with me behind her ripping her ass the pieces. I grabbed a hand full of hair and pulled her head back. Her body followed and she was kneeling now. I pushed my entire cock into her tight ass and held it there. She was moaning getting ready to cum. I whispered in her ear,
"Are you really as huge of a whore that I think you are?" she shouted
"I am more!" I said to her
"Do you want a chance to prove it to me?" she said
"I will do anything that will turn you on, I will never say no to you" I said
"Ok we will talk about what you are going to do later."

Still holding a handful of her hair and my cock completely buried in her ass, I grabbed Amiees black 8inch dildo off the floor and pushed the entire length into her mouth and down her throat. I told her to keep it in her mouth and she complied without hesitation. I continued pounding her ass. She was moaning so loud with the fake cock in her mouth that I couldn't hold my cum back anymore. I pulled out of her ass held onto her hair and moved in front of her face. The sight of her with a huge black dildo in her throat was more then I could take and I blew my load all over her face. I smeared the cum all over her face with my cock, Aimee just knelt there wait for me to finish. I pulled the dildo out of her mouth and replace it with my cock that she cleaned off. When Aimee was done she got up and went to the bathroom to clean off. I got into bed and waited for her to come back.

She returned a few minutes later and asked me
"What were you talking about before, what would you like me to do?" I replied
"I am going to throw a party, there will be a hundred dollar cover charge."
She looked at me puzzled.
"The cover charge will pay for the oportunity to fuck you in any hole the person chooses." she looked at me and said
"You want me to be a hooker for the night." I replied
"Ya that is a good way to put it. You will do whatever the paying customer wants." looking a little nervous she said,
"You know that I will, I even have a really slutty hooker clothes that I was saving for you. Now at least a bunch of guys can see me in it"
Now knowing she was down for it I said
"I will set it up for friday night, you have 1 week to prepare"
With that said we both drifted off to sleep.

Over the next week I sent out emails to everyone I could possibly think of. Everyone that I bumped into I invited. I even woke up early to invite my garbage men to fuck my whore. Amiee was also preparing for Friday night all week. Amiee wanted me to do the most the most depraved things that I and her could think of the get her holes ready to be fucked. One night in the middle of the week she walked into the bedroom wearing the tallest heels she owned (which in slut standards meant that a normal person wouldn't even be able to stand in them). She was carrying every vibrator and dildo she owned.
Shee said to me
"Tie me up and I want all of the cocks in me including yours all at once."
I jumped at the oportunity and got the handcuffs (4 sets) and tied each ankle and wrist to each bed post. I decided to blindfold her so she wouldn't know where I was putting the fake cocks. Amiee was spread out wating for me to start stretching her with fake cocks. Seeing her like this was more then I could take so I put my cock to her lips. She opened her mouth and I buried my cock in her throat. I fucked her mouth, getting her throat loose. I slapped her tits until they got red. I pull my cock out of her mouth and said
"Whos whore are you, who owns you?" as she opened her mouth to answer in one motion I buried the length of my cock in Amiee's mouth. Knowing that I asked her a question she tried to talk with a mouth full of cock. With my cock in her throat and the vibratation from her trying to speak i spewed 2 streams of cum down her throat, I pulled out and spewed another two on her face. After she cleaned my cock off she opened her mouth and said "I am your whore, you own me"
I picked up two dildos (a red small one around 5 inches and a pink one a little bigger) and put the smaller one to her asshole and gently pushed it in. Her ass was so wet from her pussy dripping down from it it wasn't hard to go in. I said
"How does that feel" and she said "I need more." I took the other dildo and and and pushed it into her pussy. I Picked up two more(one black and 8 inches, the other glass and 9 inches) and pushed the glass 9 Incher into Amiees pussy. She moaned slightly. I took the 8 Inch and pushed the right next to the 9 inch in her pussy. The moan got louder. She was really starting to enjoy this. I picked up two more (a real big glass one 11 inchs and thick and a skinny 10 incher) and took the skinny one and put that next to the other two in her pussy. I pulled the one in Amiees ass out. she said
"What are you doing I want them in not out" I replied
"Shut up bitch" and took the big glass and shoved it in one motion into her asshole. Amiee arched her back and screamed. I said
":I thought I told you to shut up" and I took the fake dick that was in her ass first and pushed it next to the glass in her ass. I walked over to her and said
"we are all out." she replied
"good i don't think I could take anymore" I said
"i have something we could use"
I walked to the end of the bed and removed her shoes. Each heel had to be at least 8 inches tall. I took each shoe and pushed the heel into her pussy. She moaned and she stretched further. I walked back over and said
"now we are out." she replied
"Put your cock down my throat. Then we are done" I got up on the bed and pushed my cock into her throat and held it there for a minute or two. I pulled out and looked at her and said
"you are amazing." she said
"before you cum cum on my face please." I replied
I start to jerk my cock off and from looking at her filled I lost it and blew my load all over her pretty little face. She was licking the air trying to catch some to swollow. After I was all out I said to her
"Now you rest for a while I want you good and loose for friday"
With that I walked out of the room and left her filled with fake cocks and covered in cum.

--Part 2 coming--

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2009-10-08 14:43:01
1) please for the love of god stop writing, you are horrid at it
2) you need to take along hard look at your relationship if this is true


2007-08-14 10:13:13
waste of space


2007-03-13 12:40:20
not bad


2007-02-28 07:15:50
What the fuck is up with your spelling? Dude, I have no fucking clue if you're the whore or if she is. I couldn't even finish reading it...and by the way, while you were cutting off her oxygen supply with the dildo down her throat, I hope you didn't take to long to cum cuz she'ld be DEAD you retard!


2006-10-14 07:41:59
Hot great start but too short. At 63 I could have done a lot more too her.

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