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Sarah has a choice
Sarahs a Bad Girl - The Next Day

I woke around 7:30 AM, wondering if Sarah was up or still in bed. Did she have on a nightgown or did she sleep in the nude. These things kept going through my mind until I realized that Sarah wasn’t just a woman I was lusting after, but I felt a real connection to her. She was a very sweet woman, just very hot as well.

I decided then and there that even though I could have her any time I wanted, I didn’t want her this way. As soon as Gary left the house I called her and told her to come over immediately. Without hesitation she hung up and seconds later I saw her door open as she headed across the street. She rung the bell and I answered the door. I told her to not ring just come on in when she came over.

Sarah asked me if I wanted to fuck her now. I had a hard time doing what I asked her over for after that question. This is what I told her.
“Sarah, I have watched you from here for several years and lusted for you. As of yesterday, I have had you, enjoyed you more than any woman I have ever been with. You are sweet, still have an innocence about you and I can not continue with the circumstances the way they are.” Sarah interrupted me and asked “Are you going to tell Gary?” I looked are her and replied “How could I ever hurt you like that? This must be your decision. I want you always, I want you to wake up in the morning next to me, I want you to want me not just fuck me because I might tell Gary.” I then handed her all the DVDs and told her I deleted all the hard drive recordings. She now had free will to come back or never see me again. We could keep this up, or she could leave Gary. I said “Whatever you decide is OK, I might not like it, but I will respect whatever you want to do.” I told her where the camera in was hidden in her bedroom so she could remove it.
Sarah look puzzled but took the recordings and went home. The whole meeting took less than 5 minutes.

About an hour later I was doing paperwork and I decided to click on the web cam from Sarah’s bedroom. To my surprise, the camera was still connected so I continued to watch and see if anything was going on. About 20 minutes passed as I continued to work and I saw Sarah come out of her bathroom on the cam. She had a bathrobe on and wet hair so she obviously had been in the shower. She combed her hair and then gave me a sign of things to come. Sarah turned to the camera, removed her robe and started to masturbate for the camera, or more importantly for me. Of course she didn’t know I was watching. She might have thought that was not watching since my talk with her, but she didn’t disconnect the cam, so I was free to watch.

Sarah started rubbing her nipples, one and then the other and then she slowly slid her hand between those silky thighs, over that red haired mound and started to moan slowly.
The web cam doesn’t have the best resolution but I could see pussy juices all over her fingers as she slid them in and out of her hot snatch. My cock was hard again wanting her more than ever. She was getting off knowing “maybe” I was watching but not really knowing. She continued to rub her clit and shove her fingers in and out of that hot pussy. Sarah pulled her fingers to her mouth and started sucking them like she was giving a blow job, licking off her pussy juices as she sucked.

Several minutes of self pleasuring finger fucking endured until Sarah reached for the nightstand. She opened a drawer and pulled a vibrator from it. Immediately she switched it on and inserted it into her now dripping pussy. I could hear the vibrator and also her moans getting very loud now as she slammed the vibrator in an out of her as fast as she could. Her legs pulled up high as if giving the deepest access to a lover burying his cock in her. Two minutes of vibrator fucking and Sarah started cumming. I could see her convulse as the orgasm rolled over her. She let go of the vibrator and left in inside her still vibrating as still continued her orgasm. One minute later she pulled it out and shut it off. Sarah got off the bed, moved toward the bathroom and stopped at the door. She turned toward the web cam and said, “If you are watching, come over and spend an hour or so. Then we’ll see.”

I immediately went across the street, opened the door and went in. I could hear the shower running from the bedroom door so I entered and found her in the shower, once again finger fucking her pussy. God she as horny, just what I wanted. I stripped and opened the glass door, not even startling her, she told me to get in. I dropped to my knees and started tongue fucking her pussy, putting my tongue in as far as I could an licking inside her pussy walls. Her pussy was juicy as hell having just had an orgasm and I loved her taste. She leaned against the back wall and I continued to slide my tongue up and down her slit while hearing her moan and say Oh God time and time again. After a few minutes I started moving up till I was licking on her extremely large clit. I stated sucking it like I wanted cum from it, Sarah started breathing extremely fast and started yelling “Don’t’ fucking stop OH FUCKING GOD , DON”T STOPPP.” Of course I didn’t stop, an elephant couldn’t have pulled my mouth off that clit and then she started gushing pussy cum. Spurts of it were coming from her snatch and going down my chin. She acted like she wanted me to stop sucking at this point but I wasn’t going to let this massive orgasm stop for quite awhile. I slowed the sucking and linking but after several minutes I could tell the orgasm was finally ending. Sarah looked drained and was slumped up against the shower wall. My shaft was hurting and my balls were feeling mightly blue, so I pulled her from the shower quickly dried us both off and laid her on the bed.

I pushed her legs up over my shoulders and buried my cock all the way, in just one thrust. Sarah’s pussy offered no resistance and I was glad, I started pumping her long and hard almost dazed from lust and Sarah was moaning again. Never met a woman this insatiable but who was I to complain about a good thing. I could feel the head of my cock pushing against her womb, Sarah must have felt it also. She opened her eyes, looked into mine and said “Cum in me, empty your balls into me, I want it now!” This was all it took to make me give Sarah just what she wanted, a full load of my cum. I could feel my nut sack start to tighten as my orgasm neared. I wanted to make it last but I wanted to cum in her more, so I started banging her as hard as I could, feeling my balls slapping her ass and then I started shooting my cum. It felt like 8 or 9 solid spurts before I started slowing down. Sarah looked in my eyes and pulled me closer to kiss me. Out tongues met and she started sucking my tongue. This was making my cock hard again, and when I could take it any longer I started fucking her again, but she pushed me off onto my back.
Sarah reached between my legs, grabbed hold of my shart at the base and started sucking my cock like a Hoover. God she was good at head. She deep throated my shaft and swirled her tongue around the tip. Ten minutes and she was still going for it. Sarah reached below my nuts and started rubbing my asshole, but not for long before she pushed a finger inside my ass. Ten seconds of this and I started cumming in her mouth. She didn’t let go and I shot streams of cum , some of it leaking over her lips. She licked up all the cum she could find before we stopped completely.

Sarah and I got dressed and I started to leave when she stopped me and asked, ”Am I really free to choose what to do?” At which I replied, “Yes”. Sarah then said “For the next week, I’ll be in your bed at 10AM everyday. If you can do to me everyday, what you did today, I’ll be yours forever at end of the week.”
I asked if that means we will keep seeing each other during the day or is there more?
Sarah came to me, moved close and frenched me for a minute, and said, “If I’m yours at the end of the week, I’ll move in with you so we can fuck all night. If you want I’ll marry you.” I couldn’t ask for more so with that I went home. Sarah has been my wife now for 2 years. She hasn’t slowed down and my cock is really happy.

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