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A pact was made to keep incest out of the family...
“Papa lets make another pact”. I asked Papa while we laid on bed after having fucked. “What is that daughter?” “Well, I was thinking that we should agree in how to raise the twins…We are both sexually open individuals, and well we both share the same taste”
Papa pushed himself up and sat down knowing were I was going. I moved too, sitting down in front of him, he opened his legs so I could accommodate myself there.
“Since we’ve known each other we have share our predilection for kinky sexual preferences, specially, incest. But it’s always been just that a fantasy but nothing else. I want our children to be open with us, but we have to promise each other never to fuck our kids”
Papa looked at me for the longest time, I was afraid he would say no, but then nodding he said “I agree, I satisfied that fantasy by calling you daughter and you calling me Papa, that’s enough for me. There will be no incest in this house”

The twins have been growing so much, Brice and Julia. They are identical, and they have the perfect combination of their mother and me. They both have auburn hair, a little curly, little Julia has it long reaching her waist, and they both have deep brown eyes like their mother. They have a combination of both our complexions, a little lighter than their mother, being blessed with her nose, and her full lips and smile, the shape of my eyes and my chin.

They are four and are little daredevils, they love each other very much and are always playing together, as natural, Little Julia is closer to me and Brice is closer to his mother.

As for us…we were leading our lives, Angela and I having sex even more than before, now that she could fuck other people freely she was on the pill so she would not get pregnant. It was a perfect existence until one day…

I was sitting down at the computer looking at some of the pictures we had taken from one of Angela’s fuck fests. I was hard as I watched pictures of my lover being fucked by three men. Suddenly Julia came from nowhere and sat on my lap. I quickly closed the window and pretended as if nothing was going on.
“Daddy, what were you looking at?” “Some work stuff baby girl” “Uh I thought I saw mommy on the screen…I think her boobies were out of her dress”
I could not handle the direction our conversation was going to, we were very open with the twins, but having Julia sitting in my lap her little bottom so near my hardon was driving me mad. “Uhh well yes, baby girl that was mommy, you know I like seen mommy naked” “Ahhh I see, and why did mommy had that thing in her mouth, that thing coming out of the man” “Well she was doing something she likes to do and the man liked it too”
Julia started moving in my lap slowly as we spoke, I was trying to hold still so her little ass would not touch my hard on but I could not stop her.
“Daddy why does it feel good between my legs when I rub my thingy like this?” And she moved again to demonstrate just that.
“Well when your little pussy is stimulated it feels really good, when mommy rubs herself there she feels good too.”
She looked up at me with her big innocent eyes and started rocking slowly against my lap. I was going crazy my cock straining for release, if Julia only knew what she was doing to me. But in her innocence, she was just trying to find out what that feeling she was experiencing in her pussy would lead to. To top it off she was just wearing panties and a little t-shirt. Angela always encouraged the twins to dress lightly in the house when only the family was home.
Little Julia started moving faster, her breathing quickening as she reached the peak. “Oh daddy it feels good…” “Yes baby girl it does feel good” I started stroking my cock through my pants, Julia oblivious of my pain. I had had it enough and I was about to take my cock out… “Julia! Come Mommy just got here she brought us some new toys!” Brice had come barging in the room, and Julia got off quickly and ran out behind her brother “Bye Daddy!” she waved as she left the room. I closed that door and jerked off, coming with the memory of Julia’s warm little pussy on my lap. That’s day the torment started.

The twins were six and they had grown so much over the past years. My daughter and my son were the most beautiful kids I’ve ever seen, and they were growing big, taking after their father. Now its not only motherly love, people use to say it every time they saw them on the street. My two little devils were precocious, always wanting to know and learn new things, they were feisty and had strong tempers. Now that they were in school they were wreaking havoc their too, driving their teacher’s mad. They had decided after kinder garden to place them in different classrooms after several incidents that had Papa and me running to school.

I was especially close to Brice, although I loved them equally. Brice always used to come to me when he wanted to know something and he loved spend time with me. When we were out doing errand and Papa was not there, he would hold my hand and said that he had to protect me, so that the men didn’t look at me. Papa had told him that when he was four and he had taken the mandate to heart.

One day I was on my way home from the beauty salon and I got a call from the twins’ school. Apparently, Brice had gotten into a fight and he had been hurt and needed to go home. I was immediately concerned, and I rushed over there to see what had happen to him. When I arrived, the teacher explained to me how Brice had gotten into a fight, after one of the kids had told him that his mom was a slut. Now, I know that had had to come from his dad’s mouth, he called me a slut, but sure, he had cum to one of my many movies. Double morals, how I hate people like that.

I went to see Brice in the nurse office and he was all dirty, and had a swollen cheek. The other boy was all beaten up and looked far worse than Brice looked. Deep down I was glad to see that my baby boy could defend himself and his mama.

I took Brice home to find that Papa had gone to the office to do some editing and the nanny was on vacation so the house was empty. I asked him to change his clothes and get in shower to bathe after that, we would talk. When I came to see why he was taking so long I saw him standing in one corner of the shower holding his left side.
“What happened B??” “I think Joey hit me hard here, it hurts a lot” “I thought the nurse had seen you! Why didn’t you tell her it hurt?” “Well mama, I couldn’t let them know that I was hurting” “Oh get on with you, come closer so I can soap you up”

I took the soap and started lathering him up, Brice was now taller than Julia, he was going to grow tall when older. He looked like he was 10 instead of only six. I slowly washed his body, running my hand carefully around his chest and back not wanting to hurt him more. I started humming as I washed him and started going down to wash his parts. At this, he tried to cover himself up but doing so made him hurt again. “B, I’m your mother there is no need to be ashamed” I brushed his hand aside and realized, that Brice was having a hard on. He looked ashamed and confuse, he didn’t understand why is body was reacting the way it did.
I explained him that it was normal to feel like that, sometimes boy felt like that near girls. I was calmed as I started soaping up his little cock but soon I realize that my hand started jerking him off. I tried stopping myself but I liked the look of satisfaction Brice had on his face. I was starting to get wet but soon I stopped myself got up and told him to finish washing himself off.
I left the bathroom repeating to myself “No incest in this house…No incest in this house…

The twins are 10 now. Julia tormented me every day, her body had started to develop now and her sight made me hard every time. Innocent things like hugs and kisses would have me running to the bathroom to jerk off. I had always told everything to Angela but this I could not tell. We had made our pact and I loved her too much to break it. I was 75 now and I still had a pretty strong libido for a man of my age, and as I had to keep up with my young lover, I had started taking the blue pill.

Every time that my daughter was home she would dress in her panties and t-shirts. I could not stand it anymore and one day I decided to talk to her. I went to meet her, when I heard her arrive from school. Angela was out with her friends, and Brice had baseball practice that day. When I came in her room, she was already in her panties and a t-shirt and she was combing her hair in her dresser.

I came in the room and sat at her bed to face her. “Julia we need to talk” She turn around to face me, her toned legs slightly open. Julia was developing to a beautiful lush figure as her mother. Her breast had started to show, little globes, pushing slightly against her t-shirt. Her legs were starting to grow long and womanly, and her hips and ass were starting to show. She still wore her hair long to her waist, and her face had this angelical look, with her brown big eyes, red cheeks and full mouth.

“Yes Daddy?” “You know you are my little girl and I love you right?” “Sure Daddy, I love you too you” “Well as you know you are starting to grow, and it’s not appropriate for girls your age to be around in panties”
She pouted at this, “But mommy doesn’t mind at all, she says I should be proud of my body” Damn this opened mind business, Angela with her preaching was going to make me break my pact.

“I know that but you don’t have to flaunt your body to show you are proud of it. You can wear short pants, that’s all I’m asking, you have to remember you live here with two men” “Yes Daddy…” She said lowering her voice at the Daddy, I knew this was not over. I let her thing what she was going to say next, but when she didn’t talk I asked “Do you have something else to say?” “Well yes. I don’t understand why is it bad for you to see my in panties. You are my Daddy, so its ok, I mean I wouldn’t show my panties to the boys at school but with you is different” She them came to sit besides me, sitting down looking at me, while I look at her dresser still, she brought her legs up and opened them and fold them so she could be more comfortable. This showed me her young pussy covered by her panty. I got hard instantly; I was tired of fighting it.
“Daddy is just another man, and if you sit like that and run around in panties Daddy gets hard” “You mean…your…dick?” My children knew what we did for a living and knew the basics of sex, so she understood what “hard” meant. “Yes my dick”
“Ohhh Daddy that’s bad, you shouldn’t get hard by looking at me” “But I do so you better cover yourself ok?” I was getting up when she pulled me back down.
“Daddy, do you remember when I was little and I use to ride your leg?” Oh God…
“Yes” “Well, I want to do that again, that felt really good, I’ve tried doing it myself, but I don’t feel the same”
I needed to leave right away but something held me there. She took that as a sign and came to sit on top of my leg. She felt my hard on and touched it softly with her hand and then withdrew it. She then started moving slowly. It was torment, I was going to burst in my pants. “Uhh Daddy it feels good” She kept moving and moving and soon I felt some dampness between her legs. “Baby girl maybe is best if we you took your panties off.” Her eyes widen, and she felt reluctant to do it but then she stood up and took them off. Her little smooth pussy was pink and beautiful, her clit bigger than I would have thought for a 10 year old.
She sat back down and started humping my leg again, I threw caution to wind and took my cock out of my pants and started jerking off while she masturbated with my leg. When she was my cock out she got scared and tried to get off my lap. “Its ok baby girl I won’t hurt you, I just want to feel what you are feeling too”
She looked at it for a while making my cock twitch. “Well maybe I can do that…” And with that she put her little hand around my cock. I almost came right there and then. I put my hand around hers and showed her how to jerk me off and then I told her that I had a better way to making her feel good. I asked her to get on her knees, but to keep the position she had.
I touched her little pussy and it felt so warm and soft, I started playing with her clit and she moaned and jerked off my cock faster, we got in a rhythm and we soon were breathing hard, with Julia moaning “mmmm oh Daddy yes like that”. I put a finger near her little hole and I found out she was wet with my touch, I started moving my fingers faster around her clit when and then I felt her push against my hand and scream “Ohh Daddy yess ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!” With that I started coming in her hand, my cum shooting off as she stop moving her hand on my cock.

Brice was 11 and what a handsome young man he was becoming. He was still my little boy, and we kept close as always. He was doing really well in school and was playing baseball; he had decided that he would be a ball player when he was older.

I had kept nursing Papa after the kids had stop breastfeeding. Papa knew I love to have my tits full of milk so I could nurse him so we kept nursing, and kept my pumps for when he was not around to suck my tits.

Papa had gone out for the afternoon; he had to do some errands concerning our company. Julia was in her cheerleading practice and would then go to her friend Gail home. Brice was in his baseball practice and would be home a little later.

My tits were hurting bad so I decided to use the pump to relieve myself. I went to my room, and took off my shirt and bra. I then got the pump, and realized it was not working. Shit! I thought now what would I do? My tits were ready to burst and Brice would be home soon. My children did not know I nursed their Dad and I had no intentions of them finding out.

I was going to get dress again to go out and by a new pump, when my nipples starting sipping out milk. I sat down on my bed, and squeezed them a bit so I could get some milk out so I wouldn’t wet my shirt. As always, I felt the tingle in my pussy as milk came out of my nipples. I closed my eyes and kept on squeezing when I heard

“Mom! What are you doing!?”
“Oh Fuck” I opened my eyes to see Brice standing there, mouth opened and staring at my tits. “Mom why is there milk coming out your breasts?” “Uh baby, look, see your father and I…” I didn’t finish my sentence when milk again came out of my nipples.

Brice stood there watching, mesmerized, he came closer and sat down besides me. “Mom you know I’ve always wonder how it tastes” “What?” I said in a choked voice, dreading his answer. “Breast milk” “Well maybe you can taste it now…”
“Really? Isn’t it bad or something?” “Now baby boy that’s natural, I fed you from those then, I can do now…and actually my pump is not working so if you like it, maybe you could help mommy and empty my breasts”

I saw hesitation first in his face but I was too eager to be released of the pressure in them. When I thought he would say now he approached me slowly and licked my right nipple. “Well maybe I should lie on your lap?” “Yes bring those pillows there”

I sat against the headboard of the bed and placed the pillows on top of my lap. Brice settled himself and I brought my right nipple to his mouth. He took it and was rewarded with my warm milk. I moan a little and he seemed encouraged by this and started suckling my tit. I hold his head lovingly as he sucked my tit dry. When he finished he started with my other tit. I was wet by now and my pussy was contracting as always, I wanted to cum but tried to hold myself in check.
I stop looking at his loving face sucking my left nipple to notice that his uniform pants were tented. Oh my, my baby boy was being turned on by this. He did not realize I saw this and he finished sucking my tit. When he finished that one, he gave a last lick to each nipple and smiled at me. He then stood up and just as I came, he left the room.

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it was a nice story. my father used to get me into our bathroom after school when mom was working..and make me jerk him off...i was only six. he'd get my stomach bared and then i'd jerk him off so he would shoot all up my belly. sometimes he would rub my cunt.. that was all.

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chapter 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, please hurry with them awesome story made me cumm

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