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Kendra found herself sitting at home after her youngest left for college. She had friend s but that wasn't enough until one day her son's friends from school paid her a visit. Kendra soon found herself seducing them and as a result one of her most erotic fantasies come true....two cocks at the same time. And there is more as you will soon see.
Kendra stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel wrapping it around her just washed hair. She was about to dry off when she looked at herself in the mirror. She is 42, divorced and feeling a little depressed. Her youngest son had left for college leaving he all alone for the first time in her life. She had become rather critical of herself, thinking now that she was alone she was doomed to a life of loneliness. She knew she was being silly but she couldn't help feeling lonely. Her house had always been bustling with activity even after her divorce. Her sons were all involved with athletics, football, baseball, basketball, all kinds of school activities.

She had always been the house where everyone gathered before games, after games and on the weekend. She always had someone around to keep her busy. Now with her youngest son, the last of 3 boys gone off to college Kendra felt so alone. She felt old as she stood there looking at her naked body in the mirror. Still, even she thought she looked good. Her breasts were nice and firm, her stomach was flat and she still had a nice ass as she turned, looking at herself in the mirror. She smiled thinking back how all her son's friends would come over and check her out, smiling at her as they looked her over.

She ate that up because it made her feel young and desirable. She loved flirting with them as they undressed her with their eyes. Now even that was gone. Now she was reduced to going out to lunch occasionally with her friend Destiny. Kendra sighed and started drying her hair, so she would be ready when it was time to go meet her friend Destiny for lunch. She finished her hair and had just applied her lips stick when the doorbell rang. She grabbed her robe and slipped it on, not expecting it to be anyone important. It was probably someone selling something and she would quickly get rid of them.

She went to the door and looked out the side curtain to see who it was. To her surprise, it was two of her son's friends from football. It was Mike and Jerry, both of whom were wearing shorts and no shirts. It was summer so it wasn't unusual that they would be shirtless. They looked so handsome with their broad shoulders and six-pack abs. Kendra felt a tingle between her legs as Mike caught her peeking at them. He waved to her as she felt like an idiot looking out the window at them. She tightened the belt on her robe and opened the door. She smiled saying,

"Well, hello you two, what brings you by?"

"Well, we were in the area and we thought we'd come over and say hello. We were reminiscing about how we spent so much time here and well, we just thought we'd drop by. We can see you're busy so we won't keep you."

Kendra's mind started racing as she thought about inviting them even though she was naked under her robe. Still, she loved the attention these two young men paid her when they came over all the time when her son was on the team with them. She heard herself say,

"Nonsense, you're more than welcome to come in and talk to me. Wouldn't you like something cool to drink? It's so hot out there already, please come in."

"Alright, as long as we are interrupting anything?"

"Not at all, since Billy left for college there's nothing to interrupt I'm afraid. It's just me and these four walls, I don't get much company anymore. Come in and have a seat on the couch so we can talk."

Kendra led the way so she could sit down in the middle so Mike and Jerry would have to sit on either side of her. If they were anything like they were in the past, they will jump at the chance to sit next to her. Once the guys had sat down, Kendra put hand hands on each boys leg saying,

"So tell me, what have you two handsome young men been up to?"

"Oh just doing the usual stuff I guess. We've been going to school, partying, trying to have a good time."

"How about you Mrs. Kline, what have you been up to?"

"Not much I'm afraid since Billy left for college I don't do much. Not having a husband around makes it kind of lonely, then again he was a cheating bastard so I'm better off without him. I go out now and then with my friends, other than that I do get out much."

"Wow, Kendra, a beautiful woman like you, I would think you'd have a lot of men wanting to take you out and stuff."

"Ya," Mark replied, "A hot looking lay like you, I would think you'd have lots of men around."

"Oh my how I miss having you boys around to compliment me but no, I've dated for a while after my divorce but they were mostly losers. The worst part was, some of them I found out were married, looking for a one night fling. I have no problem with that except not with a married man. So, I'm pretty much left to my own devices, you know, the battery operated ones?"

The guys laughed as Jerry said,

"That's why we loved being here so much, you're not uptight like the rest of the Mom's were. You were and are so cool and not a stick in the mud."

"Mmm, why thank you, Jerry, you know, if the truth be known, I loved it when you guys flirted with me. It made me feel desirable and sexy. Now at 42, I don't feel like that anymore but such is life I suppose."

"Oh no Kendra, you're still sexy as hell...right Mark?"

"Oh ya, given half the chance I wouldn't mind showing you just how sexy you are."

"Oh you naughty boys, keep talking, I love it. Oh look, I forgot to get your sodas, or would you prefer something stronger like a beer?"

"Sure, that would be great Kendra."

Kendra got up, her mind racing again. This time she was wondering if she should try and seduce Jerry and Mike. She knew it wouldn't take much at all, they were the two horniest boys around. She went into the kitchen and grabbed three beers, taking them back into the living room. As she moved over to the couch she bent over to set the beer on the table rather than just handing the beer to each one. As she bent over, her short robe rose up, exposing her bare ass to each boy. She paused as she stood there her ass in full view waiting to see their reaction. She pretended to be looking for coasters saying,

"Now where in the world are those coasters. I know they..."

Kendra paused as she felt a pair of hands on her ass, one hand on each of her ass cheeks. She just stood there moaning softly as the two of them fondled her ass. After a couple of minutes, she felt herself being pulled down onto the couch. What she didn't know was, Mike had his hand on the belt of her robe, pulling it open as she sat back. By the time she was sitting on the couch, her robe was open exposing her breasts as well as her pussy. Kendra looked at Mike and then at Jerry, each of them grinning at her. No one said anything as Kendra looked down seeing each young man had an erection making a visible bulge in their shorts. She smiled saying,

"Well gentlemen, are we just going to sit here and look at one another, or are we going to have some fun together? It looks to me like the two of you have something on your mind, judging from the bulge in your shorts. Why don't you slip them off so I can get a better look at the two of you."

Mike and Jerry slid their shorts off giving them a toss. Kendra smiled as she looked down at Jerry first and then over at Mark. Jerry had the largest cock, whereas Mike was closer to average although she liked what she saw in both of them. She took their cocks, one in each hand and started stroking them slowly. Mike and Jerry took turns kissing Kendra while she slowly stroked their hard cocks. Mike started caressing her left breast, gently squeezing it and toying with her nipple. Jerry was soon doing the same to her other breast, also playing with her nipple. It all felt so good as Kendra sat there thinking how lucky she was having had them show up when they did.

This went on for several minutes when Kendra got an idea. She draped her legs over Mike and Jerry's lap, exposing her pussy to them even more. She looked like such a horny slut with her legs spread like they were. It didn't take much time for the two boys to get what Kendra was looking for. Mike was the first to place his hand between Kendra's legs and began playing with her pussy. Kendra gasped as Mike ran his fingers through her bush, down between her legs as he started gently squeezing her mound. He began making circular motions as he eased his middle finger between her wet lips. As he moved his finger back and forth, his finger easily slid into her pussy.

While Mike continued fingering Kendra's pussy, Jerry moved onto his knees placing his cock in Kendra's face. She wrapped her fingers around his thick cock and started running her tongue over the head of his cock. She heard him grunt and groan as she swirled her tongue around the thick head of his cock. It has been so long since she had sucked a man's cock she hoped she was doing a good job. Still, judging from the sounds coming from Jerry, it seemed she was doing just fine. She looked down when she felt Mike remove his fingers from her pussy but she needn't have worried. He had only stopped long enough to move down between her legs.

She felt his warm breath on her pussy and soon his tongue was licking the length of her creamy slit. Now, as Mike licked her pussy, she went back to Jerry's cock. Kendra tried taking his cock down her throat but he was just too large to take him all the way down. Still, she got a good portion of him down her throat as she began sucking his cock. In the meantime, Mike was doing a superlative job, licking her wanton pussy. His tongue was now deep inside her pussy as he began tongue fucking her causing her to moan and squirm on the couch. She loved having her pussy licked and Mike was just amazing at oral sex. He took her clit into his mouth and she was soon cumming hard.

Once she had finished cumming she suggested that Mike and Jerry trade places. Jerry moved down, taking Mike's place between Kendra's legs while Mike placed his cock on Kendra's lips. As Jerry went to work licking her pussy, Kendra started licking Mike's cock. She loved the taste of her own cum on his cock, running her tongue down his shaft to his balls and back again. She had Mike moaning as she took his cock into her mouth and began to deepthroat him. She found his smaller cock easier to take all the way down her throat. She was soon deepthroating Mike as he struggled not to cum too soon. She wanted him to save that for later. Before long, Kendra was cumming again as Jerry brought her off orally. Kendra gathered herself saying,

"Oh boys, you have no idea how wonderful you've made me feel. Now, are you ready to take it to the next level? You see, I've always had this fantasy of having one cock in my pussy and then one in my ass, getting fucked at both ends until I cum. Are you interested in helping me fulfill my fantasy?"

"Sure, why not, it sounds like a great idea. Who do you want where?"

"Jerry, I want your cock in my pussy and Mike, I think you will be a much better fit in my ass if that's alright with you?"

"Sure, I don't have a problem with that at all."

"Good, now please do me a favor and go to the bathroom where you will find some petroleum jelly on the counter. Bring that out so we can lube my ass and the head of your cock."

Mike went into the bathroom and returned with the petroleum jelly. Kendra had Jerry lay on his back while she hovered over him, lowering her pussy down onto his cock. It took her a couple of minutes to get used to his girth but once he was inside her tight pussy it felt good. She then told Mike how to prepare her for his entry into her ass. Once he had lubed his cockhead with the petroleum jelly he very slowly eased the head of his cock into her ass. Once he was deep inside her ass, he and Jerry started fucking Kendra. They started slowly at first, each of them finding a rhythm as they continued fucking Kendra.

In the meantime, Kendra was loving having two cocks inside her, one in her ass while another was in her pussy. She had no idea it would feel so good as Mike and Jerry picked up the pace, fucking her ass and pussy. It was an incredible sensation having Jerry stretching her pussy with his big cock and mike stretching her ass with his cock. Kendra was gasping and moaning as the boys fucked her, each filling her full with their cocks pounding her pussy and ass. Over and over they pumped their cocks into her ass and pussy, each stroke taking Kendra closer and closer to orgasm. It wasn't much longer before Kendra was cumming.

Her pussy started to shudder as one orgasm after another coursed through her body. Her pussy was quivering from orgasm along with her ass or so it seemed as she was consumed with erotic, orgasmic pleasure. Then she felt Mike's cock start to throb as he filled her ass with his cum, which was soon followed by Jerry's cock throbbing and filling her pussy with his load. When everyone had finished cumming, they all lay in a heap on the floor in the living room. As the cum oozed from Kendra's pussy and from her ass, Mike and Jerry got up and dressed. They asked Kendra if she were alright. She smiled saying she was ever better, thanking them for coming over and making love to her. They smiled saying,

"It was our pleasure Kendra, we'd love to cum visit you again sometime if you'd like?"

"Yes, leave me your phone numbers so I can call you.'

Mike and Jerry wrote their cell numbers down and then left Kendra basking in her afterglow. No sooner had Jerry and Mike gone but the friend she was supposed to meet for lunch called her asking her why she stood her up for lunch. She was obviously upset so Kendra had to come up with an excuse and quickly. After some fast talking, she schmoozed it over between her and her friend Destiny. A couple of days after her time with Mike and Jerry Kendra was at home thinking about when she might get in touch with the boys again. It had been a few days since they had been there and she was getting horny again. Just as she was thinking of giving one of them a call she heard her doorbell.

She got up and peeked out the side curtain seeing Melissa, her son's girlfriend. He had dated her off and on all throughout high school. Now that he is in college and Melissa is going to the local community college she hadn't seen her in some time. Kendra liked Melissa and Melissa seemed to like her, maybe even a little too much. Kendra always got the feeling that Melissa was not just looking at her but more like she was checking her out. There was that and the few times she talked to her son about Melissa and he would tell her he didn't know if she was into guys or more into girls. He would joke with her, telling Kendra that he thought Melissa had the hots for her. She would laugh telling him he was being silly. He told her once,

"I don't know, she won't let me get past kissing her. When I try anything else she shuts me down real quick. It's like she doesn't like it or something, then there are the girls I see her hanging out with being really chummy. I don't know, it all seems strange to me."

Kendra opened the door and said,

"Well hello Melissa, I haven't seen you in ages, you're looking especially nice today. What brings you by?"

"Oh, I was in the area and I haven't seen you in so long I just thought I'd stop in and see if you were home."

"Well, how sweet of you to be thinking of me."

Kendra told her to sit on the sofa asking if she wanted something to drink. She went in and got a soda for Melissa remembering that she was Mike's sister. That made her wonder if those idiots had been talking about what went on the other day. If so, Melissa may have overheard them or they told her. Now, what was she going to do? She had always had a fantasy about being with another woman and if Melissa was lesbian or bisexual this could be her chance. Still, that was very risky, if something went wrong it could be a disaster. Thinking she should play it safe, she decided to talk to her and see if she could find out what was really on her mind. She went back into the living room and handed her the soda. They talked about what Melissa had been doing, what she was studying in school and so on. Pretty soon Melissa had run out of things to talk about. Then Kendra ask her,

"So, I remember you used to be here all the time. Since Brain left for college I haven't heard anything from you. Now you're at my door, I wonder why Melissa?"

Looking down as if she were trying to hide something Melissa said,

"I...I um just was thinking about you is all. I remember who nice you were to me when the other kids weren't."

"Well, I'm sorry to hear that Melissa, I hope my son wasn't one of them?"

"Oh no, he was always good to me. I liked going out with him but most of all I liked talking with you. You were and still are so beautiful and all, I just enjoyed being around you."

"Well. thank you, Melissa, thank you very much. Still, I don't believe you just thought of me on the spur of the moment. I know your brother Mike and Jerry were here a couple of days ago. Did they say anything to you about our visit?"

"Mmm, no not really."

"Melissa, Sweetie, you aren't very good at not telling the whole story. I won't get mad but I think you're here for another reason other than to just drop by and say hello. Now tell me the truth, did the boys say anything about their visit?"

Melissa sighed, "Yes, I heard Jerry and Mike talking about it in Mike's bedroom. I was walking by and when I heard them talking about you and then about what the three of you did, I got so horny I couldn't help myself. All I could do was....I'd better not say. This was a mistake coming over her, I'm sorry, I need to go."

Kendra put her arm around Melissa and pulled her close saying,

"Nonsense Melissa, you have no reason to be embarrassed in the least. I wish those two would have kept their mouths shut but at the same time, it's not your fault you overheard them talking. Besides, I'm more interested in what you did after hearing what they said. I've always liked you Hon and I think you like me. At least that was the impression I got whenever you were over. The way you would stare at my breasts and look at my ass and legs. I have to admit, it got to me sometimes. You being so young and beautiful, it just made me...well it made me aroused thinking about it. So share with me, Melissa."

"Really, my staring at you made you aroused?"

"Yes, it did. Now are you going to tell me or do I have to beat it out of you? You know I'm kidding right?"

"Yes, I know you would never hurt me. Alright then, I suppose I can tell you. If not you, then who?"

"I got so aroused hearing about what they did to you, all I could do was imagine what you looked like naked. I tried to picture in my mind what your breasts look like and your beautiful ass. Not to mention, you have such beautiful legs and skin. Then, of course, I tried to imagine what your pussy looked like. I got so hot I ran to my room and locked the door. Then I took off my clothes and started masturbating until I came like crazy."

"Oh, my goodness Melissa that makes me hot just thinking about you doing that. Tell me more Sweetie, I'd love to hear more."

That's about it, I don't know what else to say?"

"I see, well that was very interesting. You know, I've always liked you as well. I think you are a beautiful young woman just so you know. I think you should know, what went down between your brother an Jerry was accidental. They caught me at a time when I was feeling particularly lonely and vulnerable. Being divorced is not easy, especially when it comes to sex. Oh, I dated men and all that but they were either jerks or they were married me looking for a one night stand. After a while, I got disgusted and gave up looking for a man. I was content to masturbate and take care of my needs that way. Then when Mike and Jerry came by, things just sort of happened."

"Wow, I had no idea that someone as beautiful as you, didn't have men knocking her door down. I know if I had half a chance I would make love to you all the time. Oops, sorry that sort of slipped out."

"Don't apologize for saying what's on your mind, Melissa. You seem honest to me but I need to know if I can trust you. It's obvious your brother isn't very careful talking about what happened earlier this week. I need to know you won't be as careless."

"Oh I am honest and as for talking, I'm very good at keeping my mouth shut. I learned the hard way never to confide in someone unless you feel you can really trust them. I trust you Mrs. Kline and you can trust me."

"Call me Kendra and I do believe I can trust you, Melissa. Now, if you had your way what would you like to do?"

"What do you mean Kendra?"

"Oh Melissa, you aren't that naive are you? I think you know exactly what I mean don't you?"

"Yes, I suppose I do. Well, I would like to kiss you for starters."

"Alright, what else would you like to do Melissa."

"Well, I'd like to kiss you, caress you and I'd love to see your breasts, touch your nipples but I'd really like to see your pussy. Most of all I'd like to make love to you and you make love to me."

"Alright, but I have to warn you, Melissa. I've never been with a woman sexually before, so you'll have to bear with me Hon, I don't know a lot about making love to a woman."

"It's not hard at all Kendra, I'd be glad to show you."

"So is this a good spot Melissa or should we go somewhere else like a bedroom or something?

"I think this is fine. Let's start here, we can always move to another room later."

"Alright Sweetie, I'll let you start since I'm a novice at this sort of thing."

Melissa was a little nervous, giving Kendra light kisses at first. Kendra sensed that Melissa was nervous so she suggested they go out to the kitchen for a glass of wine. That will help break the ice and relax they both she thought. She went into the kitchen with Melissa close behind. She got a couple of wine glasses from the cupboards and poured some wine for the both of them. They stood there, talking and chatting about nothing. She began stroking Melissa soft blonde hair, telling what a beautiful young woman she was. Melissa thanked her as she started at Kendra's breasts. Kendra smiled saying,

"Why don't you unbutton my blouse, Melissa, I'm not wearing a bra, that's what you've been wanting to do for some time now isn't it?"

Melissa didn't answer, instead, she set her wine down and started slowly unbuttoning Kendra's blouse. Melissa's fingers were trembling slightly and Kendra's heart was racing in her chest. She was excited at the prospect of the young woman seeing her breasts and touching them. Finally, Melissa had unbuttoned Kendra's blouse, pushing it open and revealing her breasts. Her eyes widened as she looked at Kendra's breasts. They were so firm and her nipples were so hard as Kendra asked softly,

"Well, are they want you expected?"

"No, your breasts are so much more beautiful than I expected...they are perfect."

"Then what are you waiting for Melissa, don't you want to touch them, kiss them, I won't stop you."

Melissa reached up and started caressing Kendra's breasts. She had to gasp at the touch of Melissa's fingertips on her breasts. Her touch was so soft and yet her touch set such erotic thrills through her. She never knew a woman's touch would be so erotic, much more exciting than a man and his usual groping. Melissa continued as she became more and more comfortable with Kendra. She loved hearing her moans of arousal as she began strumming her nipples with her fingers. The look on Kendra's face made Melissa aroused just looking at her reaction. Melissa began gently squeezing Kendra's breasts as she leaned in and began kissing them.

She was soon flicking her nipples with her tongue and then sucking them as Kendra moaned and leaned into the counter. The more Melissa sucked Kendra's nipples the more aroused she became. Kendra reached over and pulled Melissa's top from her shorts and tossing it aside. Then she unhooked her bra giving it a toss. She smiled as she looked at Melissa's slightly smaller but just as nice. With Melissa still sucking her nipples, Kendra actually had a small orgasm. Once it had passed, she pulled Melissa up from her breasts and kissed her passionately, sliding her hands up and down Melissa's soft back. While they hugged Melissa unzipped Kendra's skirt pushing it down over her hips with it falling down around her feet.

She put her arms around Kendra hugging her only to find that she wasn't wearing any panties. She wasted no time caressing Kendra's ass and pulling her closer to her. Melissa broke their kiss, making her way down Kendra's stomach kissing her when she reached her pussy. Melissa paused for a moment as she ran her fingers through Kendra's bush while taking in the aroma of her aroused pussy. Kendra in the meantime looked down at the young woman who was touching her wondering why she hadn't been with a woman sooner. She was so sweet and loving as she began exploring Kendra's pussy. Melissa nuzzled her soft bush as she slid her hand between Kendra's legs, touching her ever moistening lips and running her fingers along her sensitive pussy. Kendra raised her leg, draping over Melissa's shoulder giving her better access to her pussy.

Melissa responded by working her middle finger into Kendra's pussy while running her tongue over her wet lips. The sensation of Melissa's lips on her pussy and her finger exploring her inner depths was really turning Kendra on. Melissa added a second finger causing Kendra to moan and begin to undulate her hips. With one hand on the kitchen counter for balance Kendra started humping Melissa's finger. Melissa started flicking Kendra clit with her tongue sending her over the edge again. Kendra suggested they go to the bedroom where they could really get down to business. She took Melissa by the hand and led her into her bedroom. Kendra put her arms around Melissa sliding her short off, followed by her panties. She smiled as she looked down at Melissa's pussy.

She cupped her pussy in her hand, gently squeezing it as Melissa cooed and moaned telling her how good it felt. After a couple of minutes, the two of them were on the bed with Kendra becoming the aggressor. She wanted to feel what it was like to take control. She began kissing Melissa as she began caressing the young woman's breasts. She loved the feeling of power she felt as she kissed and caressed her young lover. Kendra made her way down to Melissa's breasts where she began by moving her tongue over her aureole, listening for Melissa's reaction. She was soon moaning bringing a smile to Kendra's face. She continued, alternating between that and flicking Melissa's nipples with her tongue. The more aroused she became, the more aroused Kendra became. She took Melissa's nipples into her mouth, sucking them one at a time as she moved her hand down between Melissa's legs.

Her pussy was wet with her juices as Kendra began gently squeezing her pussy and making circular motions. She eased her middle finger between her moist lips, working her finger deep into Melissa's wet pussy. She was soon undulating her hips as Kendra added a second finger making her all the more aroused. Kendra kissed her way down to Melissa's pussy taking in the aroma of her arousal. For the first time in her life, she experienced the aroma of an aroused pussy. The aroma went right to her head making her want to taste Melissa's pussy. She moved down between her young lover's legs and after removing her fingers from deep within her pussy. She began moving her flattened tongue over her wet pussy, finding out what an aroused pussy tasted like. Again she smiled, finding she not only liked the taste of Melissa's pussy, she found that she craved it.

Kendra worked her tongue all over Melissa's pussy, parting her lips so her secretions could tun down onto her tongue. She licked the length of her creamy slit, making Melissa moan and squealed as she began to undulate and then thrust her hips into Kendra's face. By now, Kendra was possessed with making Melissa cum but not before she eased her tongue into her pussy where she began tongue fucking her. She worked her tongue as deep into her pussy as she could, fucking her as if her tongue were a cock. Eventually, Kendra moved up and took Melissa's clit into her mouth and began sucking her clit as Melissa ground her pussy into Kendra's face before cumming over and over again. When she finished Melissa asked,

"Oh, Kendra, are you sure you've never been with a woman before? You made me cum so hard, I can't imagine this is your first time."

"Yes, Sweetie, this is the first but certainly not the last time I've made love to a woman. It was so incredible, the taste of your pussy, the aroma and just the feeling of making love to another woman is incredible."

"I'm glad, now it's my turn to eat your pussy, I haven't enjoyed doing all that I wanted to do."

With that said, Melissa moved on top of Kendra, kissing her and then sucking her nipples again. She soon made her way down between Kendra's legs where she began licking her aroused pussy while Kendra gasped and squealed. What Melissa had done to her in the kitchen was nothing compared to what Melissa was doing now. She parted her folds with her tongue, licking her pussy from top to bottom. She even worked her tongue between her ass cheeks, working her tongue over her asshole and slightly penetrating her ass. That alone sent erotic chills throughout Kendra's body. After briefly teasing her asshole, Melissa worked her way back up to Kendra's clit, taking it into her mouth and sucking it while working her fingers into her pussy and her pinky finger into Kendra's ass.

Again, Kendra was beside herself with lust as she thrashed on the bed, gasping, squealing and trying not to scream as one orgasm after another surged through her body. After she finished cumming, Kendra and Melissa entwined their legs so their pussies were touching. Then the two women held hands and began grinding their pussies together. The sounds of moans and squeals filled the room as the two of them worked toward their final and strongest orgasm.

Finally, they both began to cum, gasping and squealing as one orgasm after another coursed through their bodies. Afterward, the cuddled and hugged as they enjoyed the afterglow together. From that day forward Kendra would invite Mike and Jerry over for great sex. She loved having sex with Melissa but she still needed a good hard cock in her pussy, ass, and mouth. She kept the knowledge that Melissa and she were having an affair with her brother Mike for the time being. She would eventually let him know but for now, she and Melissa thought it would be better he not know. As for Melissa, she and Kendra became lovers on a regular basis. Melissa spent as much time at Kendra's without raising suspicion. Eventually, she would tell him but for now, why bother. She was happy and that was all that mattered. As for Kendra she has discovered a world she had never known and is enjoying her life as a sexy Milf.
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