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life in solitude can be quite interesting
1940, Montelepre, Sicily, Italy.

"What a beautiful day it is, perfect for a stroll in the mountains." Turi thought aloud. Aspanu, his cousin & best friend came to the house. Turi wondered what Aspanu had been doing all of yesterday as he had a look of satisfaction on his face.

#Salvatore Guiliano or Turi to his friends, was a peasant, He was a Greek God in his appearance. His beauty came from the tall muscled torso indicating his daily turmoil & the exquisite features in a finely carved face. Eyes a dark green reflected light shining beautifully changing colour tones, full red lips, chiselled nose & a fair complexion. The typical, you know.#
#Aspanu Pisciotta was the dandy with a lean lithe body, slightly muscled, shaded a light brown. He was tall & lanky with an attractive face which could woo any woman.
Both were 20 years old.#

But ofcourse Aspanu was very much in a good mood & a mischeivous smile lurked on his lips. They ate breakfast together & went up into the mountains surrounding their tiny village from all four sides. They were laughing & racing towards one of their secret hideouts. They lumped down on the soft moist grass & started talking.

"What were u upto, yesterday?" Turi asked Aspanu.

"Well, its none of your business, signor." Aspanu teased.

Ofcourse it is, you good-for-nothing bastard," Turi retorted "and you better tell me right away."

Aspanu, pleased with Turi's curiosity said, "I was in Palermo, visiting a whorehouse but then th................". " Stop! " said Turi, "I am aware of what you are going to say next & I am least bit interested. Aspanu it is against the morals of a true Sicilian & you boast about your immoral acts after committing them."

"Turi, Turi, listen to me first." Aspanu pleaded, "Hear me out, my mate. I was, as I said, visiting a whorehouse. But there I met this beautiful farm lady in her early thirties. Wow! what eyes, what lips. She was amazing in bed. Do you know that she was a virgin. Unbeleivable, isn't it? I almost married her, buddy. That's how wonderful she was. But you no me, I can't stick to one woman all my life, ........................."

But Turi knew the exact reason why Aspanu was like a 'male slut' sleeping with anything that moved around in a skirt & it saddened him even more. For Aspanu had weak lungs. So Turi never argued much with him to change his unreligious life disobeying the morals of the society.

"Turi, what are you thinking? Did you here all that I said just now?" Aspanu questioned.

Turi nodded 'yes' & they talked for hours in the cool breeze over the mountains until dusk. A cluster of stars had begun to peep through the darkness of the night sky. They were completely unaware of the curfew declared by the Carabinieri (Police) because a bandit group had decided to attack the village that night.

They both slowly descended down the narrow pathway through the woods when they were confronted by three carabinieres. These officers assuming the boys to be members of the band of dacoits were arrested. They were tying Turi's hands.
"But officer, I am Turi Guiliano & this is Aspanu Pisciotta, my cousin. We both are from the village. We are honourable farmers & not bandits. Let us go." Turi blurted out.

The officers being drunk were in no condition to show any mercy & started to abuse the boys physically & verbally. Aspanu who was famous for his short temper moved swiftly like a snake & grabbed the lupara (rifle) of one of the officers. "If you don't let us go peacefully then you will regret the consequences." Aspanu warned them.

Yet they didn't heed his warning & were going to shoot them, leaving them no choice but to kill them first. Aspanu shot down an officer & Turi snatched his rifle. But the third one shot him. There was a big gaping hole in Turi's left hip were the bullet was lodged.
Just then Aspanu, filled with rage, shot down the rest of them.

Turi bleeding profusely & the village no longer accessible due to encounter with other guards made it even more terrible. But Aspanu knew of a safe place to hide & flinging Turi's right arm around his neck, half-carried & half-dragged him into the woods, far away from the village.

They were in the monastery of Abbot Roccofino. He was a heavily built man in his fifties' who still showed signs of his fading handsomeness. There were 45 monks in the monastery built in the 14th century following the ancient Cistercian order where monks were 'not' allowed to cross the holy grounds into the outer world. Aspanu had explained his crisis, the doctor sent for & Turi's wound dealt with. Turi was restored back to health almost after a month.

It was not unusual for the Abbot to suggest the holy path of serving the Lord to the visitors & Turi when presented with the oppurtunity readily accepted the proposal.
Sicilians are very religious by nature so this was not a surprise at all.
But Aspanu on the other hand was reluctant to leave his vagabond life to become a holy monk.

"My dear cousin, come & follow the path of the righteous, become a holy servant of the 'Almighty God', don't hesitate to grab this prestigious oppurtunity,.................." Turi used to keep saying to Aspanu until at last he gave up & became a monk. His love & loyalty to his cousin forced him to accept the humble life.

"This is miserable life Turi, please let us escape from this state of celibacy. I cannot take much more of this holy torture. My desires haunt me day & night, in my dreams & even during prayers. You are a virgin, Turi, you have yet to taste the forbidden fruit. Come with me & I will show you the world of pleasure." Aspanu begged a month later.

"No Aspanu, come with me, for I will give you peace of mind...........& body." Turi stated & taking him by the arm took him to a huge dungeon below the monastery. There were numerous contraptions in the centre of the circular hall & there were many iron doors in the walls leading into smaller rooms.
The already puzzled mind of Aspanu became blank with confusion & Turi was pleased with his friend's expression, first of confusion, then, of fear. Fear of the Unknown.

"What is all this? Tell me Turi, don't keep me in the dark anymore. How long have you known about the existence of this secret room?" Aspanu demanded angrily.

"Aspanu my mate, don't be angry with me for I too was informed about this place just a week ago & since you had joined a week later, the Abbot had chosen today to reveal all to you." Turi explained. "Come with me into the other room for now. I will personally teach you the purpose of each mechanism, slowly, with time."

They went into one of the adjoining rooms. It was dark & Turi lit some candles revealing a small room with a huge double bed which occupied most of the space. There were silk sheets on top of the soft & comfy mattress constituting the bed.
There was nothing else in the entire room.

While Aspanu was trying to figure out things, Turi quietly freed himself of the coarse Monk's uniform & slid on top of the covers. Then he beckoned Aspanu to do the same.
Aspanu badly wanted to sink into the silken softness as it was a treasure compared to the hardness of the floor on which they were made to sleep every night.

They had seen each other naked countless number of times in the past but tonite the sight of Turi, sprawled naked on the bed, smiling at him, troubled him a lot. Nevertheless, he too stripped.
"Come & sit with me, Aspanu" Turi coaxed him, flashing his devastating smile. Aspanu complied. He slid into the bed & on a sudden impulse, covered himself with the sheet. Turi laughed at Aspanu's nervous fumblings.

'He has no idea what's going to happen to him.' thought Turi to himself & this thought gave him the control a predator has over its prey. Aspanu was perplexed yet seemed to relax under the covers. He couldn't help but remember his sexual episodes with beautiful girls whom he had taken great pains to seduce. The soft bed reminded him of the whorehouses he used to visit. His eyes were closed, his mind was completely focused & his cock was rising, forgetting all about Turi lying so close beside him.

"Aspanu, I am going to relieve you from all the tension & frustration build up inside you." Turi stated & he groped Aspanu's full erection over the thin silk cover.

"Uuunnngh" was only what Aspanu could mutter. But when he realized that it was not his imagination he cried out saying "Turi, stop. What are you doing?! This is not permitted. Hell will consume us."

"My, my, since when did YOU start caring about the right & wrong, good & bad, Heaven & Hell?" Turi mocked. Then he half-commanded in a tone which was dead serious "You must relax & surrender yourself to me. Trust in me to pleasure your body just like a woman, maybe even better."

"NO! I am going." Aspanu shouted back.

"Obey Me, Aspanu!" Turi ordered. How dare this weak man insults my command thought Turi fuming. His patience & self control gave way to a fierce hunger & passion.
"You can't do this" said Aspanu,"Please!, Don't!"

He tightened his grip around Aspanu's cock hurting him. His other hand was firmly knotted in his hair. "Turi, please, you know that I wont fight with you even if I could." Aspanu screamed. "Have mercy! I am your cousin. This is pure incest. Your have gone blind with Lust. Will you rape your own cousin, like a woman?"

Aspanu was right. There was no mercy in Turi's eyes. There was only the raw lust encouraged by his virginity. He was strong & he knew that Aspanu could never stop him from forcing himself on him & he was very much intended not to let go of this golden oppurtunity.

"Pleeease, Nooo! Nooo! Stoooop!" Aspanu begged & struggled with Turi as he pinned him to the bed, tied his hands & legs to the four posts of the bed then straddled his face.

Aspanu's protests were muffled when Turi's big, hard cock penetrated his mouth, stretching it to the hilt. The penetration continued deep down into his throat until the whole cock dissapeared. Aspanu was breathless, gagging on the huge,leaking, salty-sweet cock of his own cousin.

He was in shock because he couldn't believe that his own blood, his best friend, the man he was ready to die for, was Raping him. He felt like a helpless woman, being used like a toy, without any considerations for his feelings.

Eventhough his mind was hating all this, his body no longer struggled, his screams had turned into loud moans & when Turi decided to retreive himself from his mouth Aspanu was left craving for more, so much so that, he said "Why.........Why did you stop suddenly? I am under your will, Turi. I no longer protest. Take Me, Lover!" to Turi in a husky voice, trying to heighten his animal hunger for his body.

With a sly seductive smile which said 'You are my slave & I am your master' Turi hovered just inches above Aspanu's luscious lips. He was restraining the urge to pounce on him & kiss him fiercely because he wanted to know whether Aspanu trully desired him as much as he desired Aspanu.

But Aspanu was not lying when he said he wanted more for he was now straining against the chains to which he was bound, to kiss Turi. He wanted desperately to be touched by this gorgeous male & was offering his body as a gift by arching his back, to be kissed & made love to.

Turi knew that Aspanu had become his slave, his whore, his lover. He fiercely entered his mouth & their tongues wildly probed each other's mouths, trying to engulf all that they could devour in their hunger for each other's body.

Turi slowly slid down the body of Aspanu to his raging cock & started to lick & mouth-fuck him like a tiger playing with its food. His soft lips, his warm mouth, his exploring tongue were all making Aspanu go mad with frenzy. Turi was drooling all around his cock, licking feverishly at this hard & sweet lollipop.

"AAAaaahhh", "AAAaaahhh","AAAaaahhh", "AAAaaahhh" Aspanu yelled in ecstacy.

Aspanu was being driven to the climax so fast that he was gasping for air, his breathing was short & quick, his heart was beating so fast it felt as if it would burst & his body was trembling like a leaf, nothing could stop his volcano from erupting. Turi's eyes fixed onto Aspanu's was mocking him, challenging him to try & stop him. But Aspanu had no such intentions. He was in heaven. He had never even imagined that such pleasure could exist in this world. Turi knew exactly how to instigate him in all the right places. Even the most experienced whore was not able to connect with him in such an intimate level.

"Uunnghh","Uunnghh","Uunnghh","Uunnghh" "Yesss" Do it" "Make me cum, big boy!"

"Unleash your wrath on me, Lover!"

Turi felt his balls twitch. He stopped.

"NO, NO, Don't stop now" pleaded Aspanu. Turi waited, watching his prey.

'It is time to make my next move' thought Turi. He slowly reached up & nibbled on his ears. "Aaaahhh" "Aaaahhh" This was preventing Aspanu's erection from going limp. His cock sprang into attention. They kissed again & again. The heat was rising.
Aspanu was dangerously close to orgasming just by the kisses.

Turi stood up on the bed. He knew what he had to do & he wanted Aspanu to beg him.
He didn't want to force himself on him again. It would be so much better if they both wanted the same thing.
Aspanu was in a fix, struggling against his restraints. He was looking hungrily at Turi's naked body like a Lion Provoked, yet helpless because it is caged. He understood the look in Turi's eyes & as if on cue, as if Aspanu could read his mind, he said "I NEED YOU" "You are my soulmate" "I BEG YOU TO FUCK ME, TURI."

"Do you want me to fuck your ass?" Turi asked innocently while lining his cock at the entrance. Aspanu could never say no because he, Really, wanted the release. Months of celibacy & Turi's attacks on his body were taking their toll.

"YES, YES, FUCK MY ASS! JUST PLEASE, LET ME CUM!" "Oh! I..........I want you inside me. Do It. DO IT TO ME NOW!" Aspanu screamed.

On that command Turi plunged deep inside him till the base of his shaft was touching his ass. Aspanu screamed & screamed, for the PAIN was unbearable. Turi's cock had cut through him like a dagger tearing flesh. The ignorant boy had drawn blood.

A few drops of blood were leaking from Aspanu's asshole and MOUTH. He was trying hard not to cough because he would spray blood all over. All the strain had lead to this. He was embarassed at his weakness. He was angry at himself for not being able to control his body.

'I must be careful with him. He is delicate. Anymore blood & it might be fatal for him.' thought Turi. He leaned over & gently licked the blood clean, then, passionately kissed him.
Aspanu knew that Turi was cleaning him, the kissing was just so that he would not feel awkward. His eyes were filled with tears. Noone, had ever expressed such a deep & uninhibited love for him.

"Fuck, Fuck, Oh FUCK, Will you PLEASE FUCK ME!" Aspanu demanded trying to look brave eventhough every nerve in his body was throbbing & threatening to burst because of the immense pain he felt.

When Turi started to retreive his cock from his ass, Aspanu tightened his sphincter muscles around him. Turi looked up & what he saw left him frightened & awestruck.
For there was malice in Aspanu's eyes. He was at the verge of doing anything to please his lover. Turi knew how bad his condition was & which is why he felt his heart go out to him. He felt as if he were torturing Aspanu instead of pleasuring him.

'I do not want to hurt him anymore, than he already is. But look at him, being so brave & stubborn when he is so weak.' Turi thought to himself.

"Turi my love, don't despair, I promise you that I wont die from your love making. I desperately want you. PLEASE, PLEASE, don't leave me hanging in the air. Take me. Show me the depths of your passion & the give me the love that I give you." Aspanu beckoned.

Turi started to hump him slowly. "Faster" "Faster" "FASTER..................."Aspanu coaxed.

Nothing could stop them now. Turi fucked harder & harder. He was like a rabbit in heat.
Humping away as if there was no tomorrow. Aspanu was even more aggressive. He clamped down everytime Turi was pulling out. They were so DAMN horny. There seemed to be no end to their obsession with each other.

"Yyyeeessssss"......... "Yyyyeeeessssssss"..................."Uuuunnnnghhhh"...................."Uuuunnnghhhhhhhh"........................."Uuuunnnnngghhhhhhhhhh"............................"Aagghhh" "Aagghhh" "I am CUMING" "AAAAaaaaagggghhhhhhhhhh"
"ME TOO"................. "Aaaaaaaghhhhhhhhh"

Screams intertwined, the heated bodies sweating profusely, & at the end the eruption of the volcanoes with hot cum spurting out like smoldering lava.

Turi came first spurting load after load of cum, giving proof of his broken virginity, inside Aspanu's ass filling it to the brim & overflowing.
Within seconds Aspanu too followed shooting his hot cum high into the air like bullets from a gun. He was covered with his own cum from chest down spilling some even on Turi's chest.

The were completely exhausted. Turi slumped down beside Aspanu & with great effort released his hands & legs. Their bodies intertwined in a warm embrace with the knowledge that they had evolved from cousins to best friends to the highest level possible that of LOVERS.

"So the VIRGIN BOY has become a MAN at last! Turi I am your's for eternity. My body & soul are your's, lover. You know that don't you." Aspanu panted out.
Turi had thought the same. But there was no need for answering for Aspanu was not asking.

He already knew.


2007-09-27 19:56:08
“A martial artist must be relaxed and flexible,” He instructed.

I continued to breath and focused on relaxing my body. I began to feel his tongue gaining easier access to my inner regions. The muscles in my legs relaxed. Nothing was left but the pleasure of the Master’s tongue. My natural flexibility took over and I opened myself to him, enjoying having his tongue darting in and out of me.

“Good,” he said again letting my legs fall. My cock was jumping in small circles and leaking pre-cum. “Shall we finish your first lesson?”


2007-06-05 02:21:53
What balls to call this a "true story"! It's obviously all made up! Good! But made up!


2007-04-17 15:10:06
I just wanted a good theme & 'gay monks' is very innovative.keep up the good work girl.
I give 9/10.


2007-04-17 14:44:28
this is a very nice story. touching. i agree with this dude.keep writing,ok.


2007-04-17 09:05:10
Awesome! You are a very talented writer.

I love romantic stories & this is the best!!!!

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