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My Mother, Grand Mother & me 2

My mother left for work and my Grand Mother came back to bed. She said my god Bobby, what was that all about. I repeated what I had told them in the bathroom that I had opened the bathroom door without realizing Mom was in the shower, because the water wasn’t running and I was half asleep. “Why did you have a hard on then?” she asked. I told you I had to pee real badly; I always get a hard on when I am asleep and then have to pee. “So it wasn’t because you saw your Mother naked then.” No, I already was hard when I walked into the bathroom, why do you ask I said. “Oh I just wondered. What did you think when you saw her naked?” At first I couldn’t think, but then I thought gosh Mom is so beautiful, she has a perfect body. “She is isn’t she?” said Grandma.

I began to play with her tits and she reached over and took my hard dick and placed it into her Mouth and began to suck. She rolled over so that she was on top straddling me. Her pussy was right above me and reached up and pulled her vagina lips apart. I was amazed at how pink she was in side. I took two fingers and shoved them into her bright pink hole and began to finger fuck her. She let out a little moan and pushed down on my hand. I pulled my fingers out and then put all four fingers up into her hot snatch. I was shoving in and out of her pretty good when I folded my thumb into my palm and my whole fist went into her wet cunt. I began to pump my fist into her very hot and wet cunt. Faster and faster I went, she was moaning and grunting but she kept right on sucking my cock. I pulled out of her just enough and extended my middle finger and found her cervix opening. The tip of my finger went in about a half inch as I continued to pump my fist in and out. She was Cuming like a fountain and her juices were running down my wrist and arm. I was so fascinated with watching my fist pump that wonderful fuck hole that I lasted a long time, almost twenty minutes before I blew my wad into her mouth.

“Gees, Bobby that was absolutely wonderful, I couldn’t stop cumming, you certainly are a wonderful lover for being so young. Better even than my husband who was very good." Who was your husband, and why did you divorce him? “Some day I will tell you but not right now. It’s time for you to get ready for school.

A couple of days later I was at school and one of the guys brought a porno magazine. He passed it around while we were at lunch. On one of the pages it showed a guy eating this women’s pussy. Under the picture it said “What every woman loves.” One of the guys said “that’s gross, look he is kissing her where she pees.” One of the older guys in the group said “just shows how immature you are. That’s called eating pussy and it’s great so long as she is clean and doesn’t stink to bad.” We all asked him if he had ever done that. “Sure lots of time.” Well who we asked him. “Well Mary lee for one, she has a very nice pussy. Now Sandra has a skaggy snatch and she stunk. I told her that if she didn’t clean her pussy I wouldn’t eat her anymore.” Wow we all said in unison. I made a mental note thinking maybe I could have some of that. Another page of the magazine showed several women eating each other. It also showed men fucking women in the ass and men too. I thought now that’s gross.

That night when Grandma came home from work and before we got into bed, I asked Lil, have you ever had anyone eat your vagina? “Why do you ask” she said. Well today I saw a porno magazine that showed a man eating a women’s vagina and also two women eating each others. “Well yes if the truth be known. My husband used to eat my vagina a lot.” Did you like it I asked? “Yes very much.” Would you like me to eat your pus-I mean vagina? “It’s alright to call it a pussy in private but vagina is better when around other people. Would you like to eat my pussy” she said with a big smile on her face. Yes, I think I would. “Well, wait here and I’ll be back in a minute of two.” She went into the bathroom and I heard the water running. Mom was sound asleep and I looked over at her and she looked like an Angel lying there. I started visualizing her beautiful tits and body I had seen just such a short time before and my cock started to get hard.

Grandma opened the bathroom door and motioned me to come in. She locked the door and laid a towel on the toilet seat and sat down. She scooted forward and opened her legs up very wide. She didn’t have to say anything more, I got down on my hands and knees and opened those lips and gazed at her pink inner lips. I bent down and kissed her hole. I put a finger in and got it wet and then I smelled it and tasted it. It smelled like when you first put spearmint gum in your mouth. It tasted like spearmint with a slight hint of vinegar. I took my tongue and ran it up and down just inside those lips. She let out a low moan so I stuck my tongue inside her as far as I could and began to lick it like a dog. She began to moan a little louder. I saw her little hood covering her clitoris and ran my tongue over it and she jerked her ass and let out another moan. I began to lick and suck her fuck hole like I thought it was going to run away. She grabbed my head and pulled my face hard into her crotch. Her ass was quivering and she was jerking her cunt into my face. I couldn’t breathe at first but soon managed to get some air in and out of my lungs. When I pulled back I could see this creamy dull white stuff oozing out of her fuck hole.

All of a sudden there was a knock on the door, and Mom asked, “What is going on.” “Shit” said Grandma. She pushed me back and stood up and then whispered, “Lean over the toilet and stick your finger down your throat and make yourself vomit. Just a minute Teresa, Bobby’s sick.” She waited until I had vomited a little into the toilet before unlocking the door. “Oh Bobby I’m sorry, what did you eat” Just about then I let go a good amount of vomit and a lot went over my finger and hand from having it down my throat. I stood up and pointed to a glass and whispered water. Mom rushed over and poured me a glass of water. I flushed the toilet and put the lid down and sat on it. Mom squatted down and handed me the water. I had my head bent down with my hands on the side of my face. Before I took the water I glanced over at Mom. I don’t think she realized it but her legs were wide open and I could see her pussy. I held my gaze for a short time before I took the water. I took a big swallow as Mom started rubbing the side of my head with her hands, so I dropped my head and continued to stare at her beautiful pussy. Mom leaned forward and pulled me to her chest and said “Oh you poor dear, let Mommy make you feel better.” Christ, I had a burning desire to reach under her gown and shove my finger into her open pussy. I was even starting to get a hard on. I new I had to do something to distract myself from what I was seeing and feeling. I forced myself to stand up, saying I’m ok Mom. She gave me a hug and my half hard on that was only just starting to get in front of me went into her crotch a little. She didn’t seem to want to let go and I was afraid if I continued to stand there with her hugging me my cock would get completely get hard and I was afraid she would react in a negative way. I’m OK Mom I need to rinse my mouth out. I could almost swear just before she released me her legs came together a little squeezing my cock.

I quickly turned around and took some mouth wash and rinsed my mouth. I looked at My Grandma through the mirror and she was looking at my cock that had gotten a little harder and was sticking out under the sink. She said, “Come on Teresa, lets let the boy finish cleaning up” Just as Mom turned around to go out the door Grand Ma gave my cock a squeeze. I went back to bed as soon as my hard on subsided.

When I got back in bed between them Mom reached over and pulled my head back into her breasts and said “You poor dear. What do you think you ate that made you sick?” I think it was a hot dog I traded for my peanut butter sandwich. Grandma said, “What, you don’t like my Peanut butter sandwiches?” No I love them I said but he said he never got to have one so I traded. Mom had her arm under my head and I was laying there face to face with her. I reached over and pulled her tight against me and told her I appreciated her concern. Feeling her warm body so close against mine I started to get hard again. Shit I thought what should I do, turn over or just lay here and see what she does.

I closed my eyes and just laid there as my cock got harder and harder. I was quite surprised when she threw her leg over mine. It caused her gown to rise up and my cock slipped between her legs. I just laid there for the longest moment mesmerized to what was happening. I could hear Grandma begin to snore. I pushed my cock slowly forward along her pussy lips and then with drew and repeated it. Her pussy lips were so hot against my cock. Mom began to breathe a little harder. I kept up a slow rhythm in and out between her legs.

Just when I thought about trying to enter her she pulled back and turned over. I thought Oh shit I blew my chance, but to my surprised she scooted her ass back against me and reached between her legs taking hold of my cock and placed it at her opening. She then scooted closer allowing my cock to enter her pussy about two inches. That was all it took I put my arms around her chest and squeezed her tit before plunging my cock deep into her vaginal cavity. I used my thumb and forefinger to rub her nipple and at the same time squeezing gently her lovely breast. I took my time I fucking my Mother very slowly. I could feel her inner walls as they smoothly rubbed up and down my shaft and I continued running my cock in and out of her pussy. Like Grandma her pussy was very hot and began to get wetter and wetter. She was much tighter than Grandma and her vaginal lips squeezed my cock as I fucked her. She was moaning softly and I felt her quiver as she came, whispering “Oh Bobby you feel so good. It’s been so long. I hope you don’t feel too badly about this. I whispered back, Oh Mom how can I feel badly about it, I love you and have wanted you for so long. I started to pump faster but she reached over and grabbed my butt and said “Easy, we don’t want to wake Mom. She would never forgive me for doing this.” I smiled and thought to myself, if you only new.

We fucked for about fifteen minutes before I came. She had cum two more times just before I popped my load into her. She whispered OH god Bobby I can feel you cumming inside me and it feels so wonderful. Just as she started to go to sleep I began to stiffen and I had not come out of her so I started to fuck her again. This time I fucked her for over half an hour. She kept moaning ever so softly as I felt her cum over and over again. When I finally came she turned over and gave me a deep kiss running her tongue into my mouth and tickling the ruff of it. She whispered, “Bobby you can’t know how much I needed that. We need to talk tomorrow after Grandma goes to work.”

When I woke up Mom had left for work and Grandma was in the kitchen fixing breakfast. I went into the bathroom and took a long hot shower and then got dressed for school. When I walked in and sat down at the kitchen table I said good morning Lil. She had her back to me scrambling eggs when she said, “fucked your Mother last night didn’t you.” What I stammered. “Don’t try and deny it. In fact you fucked her twice. I pretended to be asleep but I wasn’t.” I didn’t say anything. Finally she turned around and said, “So what are we going to do now?” What do you mean I said, why is fucking my Mother going to change anything. “Well we can’t let her know you are fucking me too. I don’t know how she would react if she new, and I don’t want to find out. I walked up and threw my arms around her and gave her a big french kiss and said nothing has changed I love you and will always want to fuck you. In fact, I pulled her robe apart and turned her around lifting both her robe and gown at the same time, I think I’ll fuck you right now before I go to school. I dropped my pants and boxer’s as she said “Oh Bobby you are shameless, and we haven’t even had our eggs yet.” We both laughed as she shoved her ass back bending over the sink letting me bury my cock deep into her waiting pussy. I fucked her long and hard before cumming deep into her love nest. I went off to school as happy as a lark and wondered if anyone could smell my Grand Mothers pussy juice on me. What the hell I didn’t care. I wondered what Mom wanted to talk about.
(continued) all right remain to the author.

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Great story, but add quotation marks for when Bobby talks. It helps keep track.

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Befor 1 week i found mom lying on her stomach on her bed but still awake and was wearing short night gown she said "i am lil tired" i offerd her a massage she accept but she said get a lil towel and to put it on her ass , i got the towel and put it i said why don't you let me put it on your and your night gown of she said ok and i did it and saw her breast then after one min i kissed her ass and she turn and said fuck i got 8in and i fucked her hard.

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I fucked my granddaughter when she was twelve she was so tight, know we fuck at lest twice a week and some time more when we get a chance.

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may grand mather et brather

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