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I'm still a daddy's girl
I laid in a euphoric state touching daddy's penis. I leaned in to kiss the tip and noticed a smell, it was different from and more intoxicating than any other scent that I had encountered. It was a clean yet musky smell. I though I was going to kiss the tip and in a way I did... the second the tip touched my lips a thrill ran through my body and the kiss turned into more of a sucking. I didn't let my lips go past the rim of the head, I just sort of sucked it trying to tease some more of the clear fluid out. As I sucked his glorious penis, I let my fingers continue to play up and down his shaft, feeling all the pulsing veins and firmness. My little pussy was so wet it was dripping a little down the side of my thigh.

I decided to wrap my hand around the base and gave a squeeze while sucking on it. The moment I squeezed, daddy's penis thrust forward, the head went past my lips, over my tongue and hit the back of my throat which caused me to gag and jerk back. Daddy had woken up and caught me.

"Sweetie! I'm so sorry! What happened? Why was your head down there? I'm so sorry sweetheart." Daddy looked panicked, he pulled me into his lap. I was terrified, I was sure I would be in trouble. "I'm sorry daddy, I just saw your thingy sticking out of your shorts and I wanted to see what boy parts look like"... I was hoping he didn't realize I had had my mouth on it before he thrust awake. "I'm sorry sweetie, I didn't mean for that to happen, I must have been having a dream. But you know what boy parts look like honey, you've taken baths with your cousin Sean when he's stayed with us". My heart was sinking, daddy found a flaw in my logic. "I know daddy, but I wanted to see what grown up boy parts look like. Sean's thingy doesn't look like yours and he doesn't have hair down there."

Daddy looked at me for a while as if he was trying to read the truth through my skull. My heart was racing, I was sure that he was going to tell mom and I would be in huge trouble. I could see the dreadful future, I was never going to be left alone with daddy again and I would never get to see his penis again. My stomach was a mixture of terror and sadness.

Daddy took me off his lap and sat me on the bed with my legs dangling off the side. Then he stood in front of me looking down at me. I was ready to be yelled at or lectured when daddy said "Do you still want to see what grown up boy parts look like?"... I was so stunned, I couldn't speak. "I'm your father and I'm willing to show you, but I need you to promise me that that you will never tell anyone about this, especially your mom. You see, normally a teacher in high school would tell you all about this kind of stuff, but since your not old enough for high school and I'm technically not a teacher, we could both be in trouble. Do you understand sweetie?". I looked down at my knees and though about what daddy was saying. When I looked back up I nodded and said "I promise daddy. I wouldn't want you to be in trouble."

He smiled but said, "thank you sweetheart, but remember you would be in trouble too, do you understand? Normally you would have to be older to learn about this. I'm trusting that if you are grown up enough to ask for things like this, you should also be grown up enough to keep a secret". I thought about how much I didn't want to get in trouble, but I mostly didn't want daddy to get in trouble,after all he was taking a big risk to give me what I wanted. "I swear daddy, it will be our secret."

He smiled and touched my cheek "Okay princess, I believe you. We'll keep this our secret forever" then he took a step back, looked down at me smiling slightly and began to pull down his boxers.

By now daddy's penis had gotten small and soft again. "It doesn't look like it did a few minutes ago" I said sliding off the bed and getting closer to him. "That's because most of the time it stays soft and smaller so it doesn't get in the way when boys are going through their day and also so it's easier to pee" my eyes were glued to his penis, it still looked soft but I swear it had grown a little, "why is it easier to pee?"... "well sweetie, if a boy pees when it's big and hard it might go in the wrong direction or just be harder to pee, when it's soft it's like using a garden hose"... I was curious, I had never seen a boy pee before. "Daddy, can I see how you pee?"... Daddy smiled, "Of course sweetie"

He put a hand on my shoulder and guided into his bathroom where he lifted up the toilet seat and stood in front of it with his feet apart. Daddy took his penis in his hand and began to pee, when he was done he shook his penis with his hand a little and then turned to me. "Does that answer your questions about boy parts sweetie?"... "No daddy, I want to see it get big"... Daddy looked pleased "Okay sweetheart, but it has to get excited first"... I was a little confused, "Why do we need to get it excited daddy?"

"Because sweetheart, big boy things only get big when they are excited about a girl"... I thought about it being big before, was it excited because I'm a girl, or because daddy was thinking about another girl like mommy or something... "I'm a girl daddy, I could get it excited"

Daddy's smile got bigger, "okay honey" daddy closed the toilet seat and sat down on it, why don't you give it a try" he sort of leaned back with his legs a bit apart so I had clear view of his privates. My little pussy was so wet, I couldn't believe I was looking at daddy's wonderful penis. I thought about the times it had gotten hard around me, it had mostly been when I was on his lap and I could feel him against my butt or my vagina. So I decided to try by sitting on his lap, his penis was still a bit squishy but it was definitely longer, as if just us talking about it made it excited. I crawled on daddy's lap facing him and he helped me up. I lifted my body up a little and moved his penis so it would be directly under my pussy, but the second I put my hand on it daddy let out a his and tilted his head back with his eyes closed and his penis got really big and hard. "Daddy, are you okay? Did I hurt it"... Daddy opened his eyes while smiling at me, "No sweetheart, it didn't hurt, it just felt so good for you to touch it. I don't think my penis has ever been this excited before, I think it likes the way you touch it more than anyone else who's ever touched it. You are such a special girl." I smiled, I was thrilled. I knew mommy had touched daddy's penis before, but daddy said it liked me more than anyone. The fact that daddy's penis liked me even more than mommy, it was like being told that I was the best girl in daddy's life. I grabbed his hard penis and positioned it so when I lowered my body, my pussy was on top of it, with his shaft pressed into my pussy lips like a hotdog on a bun. Daddy's head went back again with his eyes closed and sighed. I looked down to see the perfect purple head and a couple inches of shaft protruding past my pussy slit. I reached down and ran a finger along the rim of his bulging head. Daddy hissed again and thrust his hips up a little. The feeling of his cock moving along and being pressed into my pussy slit felt so good I closed my eyes and pulled my hand away. I started to try to move back and forth but with my legs dangling on the sides of daddy. Daddy opened his eyes and looked at me "What are you trying to do sweetheart?"... "I'm sorry daddy, it's just, your thingy feels good on my privates and I was trying to feel it more"... "Oh sweetie, don't be sorry. Boy parts and girl parts are supposed to feel good together. When they feel good enough working together they do something called cumming"... I looked down at his penis touching my pussy, "So does this mean that we are cumming right now, daddy?"

He chuckled, "No baby, this isn't cumming, but it's the path you take to cum."

"Why do they cum, daddy?"... "Well princess, it's how babies are made, but it also feels really good when you cum"

I froze "Daddy, I don't want to have a baby"

He laughed again "Sweetheart, your too young to have a baby, your body won't make one. Right now, cumming is just something that will make you feel really good."

"okay daddy"

I began to try to rub myself on daddy's penis again but I still wasn't getting the movement I wanted. Daddy must have understood because he grabbed my hips and started to move me back and forth across his lap. I was so wet that my pussy slid over his cock easily and I was getting wetter. When it started making squishing sounds daddy put his head back with his eyes closed and started breathing faster. My privates were getting warm and starting to tingle and daddy was starting to move my hips faster. Strings of clear stuff was coming out of the tip, his penis was shining with my wetness. My breathing got faster and more ragged. Daddy opened his eyes "Are you okay sweetie?" I couldn't focus through the yummy tingle feeling that was happening between my legs, I closed my eyes and nodded. "Is it feeling good princess?" I nodded again, it was starting to feel like the jets in the jacuzzi. "That feeling is your body getting ready to cum sweetheart. Do you want daddy to make you cum on his big hard cock" I was losing focus, the feeling was building,but I nodded. "Okay sweetheart, daddy is going to make you cum hard".. With that he grabbed my hips harder rubbing me back and forth faster, I put my hands around daddy's neck. Between one stroke and the next I came. I came so hard that I let out a moan and collapsed against the front of daddy's body with his hard penis throbbing between my pussy and daddy's stomach.

"I'm sorry daddy" I said. He frowned a little "Why are you sorry princess?"... "Because I didn't help you come".... Daddy's smile was enormous "Oh you will honey, let's go back to the bedroom"

To be continued ;)


2018-05-20 14:33:29
Love this story


2018-05-16 17:51:44
Thank you

Big PickelReport

2018-05-09 19:53:51
Mu hubby and I were just reading this together. We have no kids but have had a couple of teenager girl toys over the years. I started masturbating in my single digits and truly cannot remember when I didn't cum at least once everyday. We were both raised as only children however he had a step-sister and a half-sister who lived with his father. He had a long sex relationship with the step-sister but nothing with the half. The step and I also had sex for many years. I really wish I had had some sexual relationship with a male regularly in my youth but was technically a virgin until I was 18 in 1971. I fucked my mom's youngest brother once a year or so later but no other incest for me. You write well and I look forward to the rest of the story.

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