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After weeks in captivity I had begun to change inside. The smell of shit in my mouth and nose had become second nature, and I actually began to develop a fetish for the funky odors to which I was subjected daily.

New conditioning methods were added on a regular basis...and my tongue had grown noticably in length and muscular development. Now I was introduced to a new training which I actually ate my daily nutrition from rubber anus models. My food consisted of a substance with exactly the same color, consistancy, odor, and
taste of feces.

As I sucked the rubber assholes lumps of brown food were forced out for me to eat, and now my total daily nutritional allowance came from the conditioning room. My liquid needs were satisfied by other models made to precise specifications...and I had to suck the urethra of the female models to obtain my drink. The liquid was exactly the taste and odor of real piss, and I drank mouthfuls of it as I ate the nasty brown food.

My vitamin needs were satisfied by the ingestion of mouthfuls of thick liquid from cunt models. The taste and smell was exactly the same as the real thing. So I was eating simulated shit, piss, and cunt juice for my daily meals. Paradoxically the foods were
supposedly very high in nutrients and vitamins...which didn't help their palatability at all while I was feeding on them.

I hadn't eaten regular food for two weeks now, and would have given anything for a hamburger and fries. I actually couldn't tell the difference between the fake food and the real thing, and eating the disgusting substances from the females here became ordinary to me. I had developed a severe fetish for going down on every woman in sight, and was reduced to a panting, licking, swallowing animal by now.

One day I was taken to the area where prospective female customers came to see the captive male slaves, and once again the Madam was there, standing with her arms folded. She had a slight smile on her face, which I found a little unusual, and I knew I was about to be degraded again. I was intensely horney from the aphrodisiac given me, which had been increased four levels of intensity since I arrived here, and frankly, at the moment I would gladly eat her farts when she commanded me or do anything else.

There were three very pretty women, in their thirties, and they were quite stunning, wearing expensive business suits, and they looked at me if they knew something that I didn't. I stood there naked, hands cuffed behind, as usual...and the Madam reached behind me and grabbed my swollen balls. She pinched them between her fingers and my eyes opened widely, but I didn't make a sound, knowing better than to do so from past experience.

"This is one of my best tongue slaves ladies," said the pretty Madam..."he now eats shit without being forced...he really likes it...and we can't feed the scumbag enough!"

Each of the women possessed a perfect, and well formed ass, and they came over and looked at me closely, staring into my eyes. One of them grabbed my peter and pulled on it painfully, and my hard dong was stretched to it's limit by her gloved hand.

"Open your fucking mouth dirtbag!", she commanded, pinching my hard dick. I opened as wide as possible immediately, and she stuck her finger inside and pulled my tongue out. She pulled it out painfully and I gagged a bit as she stretched it. "I see what you mean," she said, looking briefly at the Madam..."nice fucking tongue."

She looked into my eyes directly, and her stare was quite penetraing and intimidating..."So you fucking eat shit!" I nodded my head up and down and said yes, my mouth still fully open. She let go of my tongue and pinched my nose..."Do you like
to eat long wet farts!", she grunted, pinching it painfully. I nodded again, desperately eager to please her, knowing that I could be severely punished later by the Madam.

"Show me!," she breathed, letting go of my sore nose. She pulled her expensive skirt up over her hips and pulled her panties down to her knees. The Madam pushed down hard on my shoulders and I dropped at once, knowing what I had to do. I was breathing rather hard now, in an intense state of arousal, and when she spread her
perfect asscheeks revealing her dark, hairy crack, I couldn't control my self and dove in with my tongue and licked the dark smelly hair around her open bunghole.

I cleaned the slight shit stain from the hair surrounding her smelly butthole and began to suck her round, glistening anal sphincter hoping for a mouthful of the gas I was becoming highly addicted to.

"Suck my raw stinking asshole you dirty bastard, and you'd better eat every fart or you're going to piss me off!" She groaned and her anus stretched outward expelling a large puff of internal gas. It was loud and echoed throughout the room.

My cheeks bulged out from the odorous kiss, and as she continued farting I allowed the funky gas to fill my nostrils and ate it, actually swallowing each nasty gust of fart wind. It was obvious that she had eaten a large amount of beans or something similar, and as I sucked the putrid gas from her stinkhole little dribbles of shit stain began to accumulate around my mouth, which I swallowed eagerly.

By the time she had relieved herself completely I was becoming light headed from the smelly methane gas, and my eyes were glazed over in pleasure as I kneeled there.

She stood and pulled her panties up and smoothed her skirt down. She looked seriously at the Madam..."He'll do," she said pleasantly..."this dirtbag will do." "Good!," the Madam said, as she looked down at me with her usual contempt... "That will be ten thousand dollars for the evening, and one of our staff will accompany to insure the usual safety proceedures.

The woman waved her hand absent mindedly...and pulled out a roll of bills from which she removed the ten thousand dollars.The woman smiled briefly as she looked at me..."I think we can get ten thousand worth of use out of him."

One of the wardens came in and stood with an equipment suitcase, and I was immediately whisked out of the door and to the limosine. My mouth was duck taped and I was unceremoniously shoved into the car trunk, and lay there on a thick pad as the car sped off. My stomach was churning and queasy from fear and shock, but I knew that I had to control myself whatever the cost.

We drove for what must have been two hours, and as I was jostled by the moving car my fear and dread grew...I had no idea what they were going to do to me...and still could not believe that the Madam had 'rented' me out, like I was a videotape or something.

The car finally stopped, and the trunk was opened, and I looked at them pleadingly, sick with dread. I was taken inside the large estate house by two women who showed no sign of emotion, and quickly ushered, still naked, into the lobby and then down a long set of stairs to the basement. We entered a small room with a bed, and the tape was removed from my mouth.

I was locked in there, hands still cuffed behind me, and the two house servants left without a word. I layed down on the bed and tried to get some rest, but I was trembling with anticipation, fearing the unknown. I felt that the Madam would not want her property damaged, and I suspected that I would merely be subjected to the same kind of oral filth that I had experienced at the other place.


A few hours later the woman who had 'purchased' me originally came in, accompanied by the two female house servants and the warden from the mansion. The warden sat on a chair beside me and pulled out a pint bottle of a chalky white gel. I knew it was the intestinal nullifier and I took it and drank it down. The gel was tasteless and had the consistancy of pudding and I finally managed to get it all down.

Then she gave me an injection from a large hypodermic syringe. I knew by experience that it contained powerful antibiotics and equally powerful aphrodisiacs and anti nausea drugs. It was a super cocktail that had been used on me many times before, and I must admit that it was extremely potent.

She got up and left the room and the other women surrounded me. The hostess looked at me with a sneer and pinched my dick again."You will not fucking speak while you are here, she said, "and you will do precisely as I fucking understood...nod if you understand!" Without hesitation I nodded my head erratically,
up and down in an exaggerated manner and she smiled derisively.

"We're having a dinner tonight with my special female friends in attendance and you will be out guest of honor and will be our entertainment for the evening."

"Let's just say I don't think you will forget this night," she smiled wickedly, and they left me alone once again. Even though I had a basic idea of what would be expected of me I still didn't know exactly what it would be. The suspense was filling me with butterflies of dread, and I lay down again and tried to sleep.

I did finally drift off and must have slept for a few hours when the door opened and I was pulled from the bed uncerimoniously by the two female house servants.
I was taken upstairs and to a large bathroom on the ground floor. I could hear the guests as they finished their dinner, and dreaded what might come next. I steeled myself and was prepared for anything. We stepped into the bathroom and the door was closed behind us.

I immediately saw a strange looking toilet stool. Raised a bit off the floor and wider than normal. There was a flat encasement behind the toilet that extended into the wall.

They opened a door into another room behind the toilet and took me inside. I was beginning to have an idea of what was going on and when they made me lay down on a sliding platform on the floor behind the rear of the toilet on the other side I had no doubt.

The thought of it gripped my stomach like a vise, but at this point there was nothing I could do and had to play it out the best I could.

They strapped me onto the platform surface securely and placed a special head restraint over me so that my face was looking upward. They then slid me back and under the toilet on the other side and I soon found myself staring upward out of the bottom of the toilet lid.

My face was about six inches under the lid and I grimaced, knowing what was coming next. They attached some kind of electrodes to my penis and balls and came back in to look down at me. Such a view was beyond my comprehension, what it actually looked like under a toilet lid from the prospective of the toilet bowl, and I was
stunned and weak from shame and fear.

The inside of the bowl was much larger than normal and there was an empty area around my head...apparently to allow the waste to fall to the sides and be evacuated. There were some strange looking hooks inside at the front and rear of the stool and I soon found out what these were for.

I was so agitated by now that I was sweating profusely and trembled with dread as they continued to prepare me. The plastic hooks were pulled out and placed over my upper and lower teeth and stretched forward and backward until my mouth was wide open to the limit.

I looked up at the ceiling as I lay there, just wanting to get this whole thing over with and get back to the other familiar surroundings that I had been in...however unbearable.

My hostess came in and looked down at me with a disgusted expression. "You fucking crap mouth son-of-a-bitch now you're going to really get what you want. How does it feel!" She got down close to the stool lid and looked at me. She gathered saliva in her mouth and spit into mine several times as I looked up at her in desperation...she was enjoying this to the fullest and I knew I
would get the full treatment without mercy.

Soon a group of attractive women came into the bathroom and gathered around the stool looking down at me. They were laughing and snickering to each other and I could tell that they were high on something and were bent on my utter humiliation. They wore fashionable clothing and must have been well to do from their manner and conversation. They were treating me like the low form of life that they imagined me to be...and I was ashamed and hurt to be used in such a manner.

The hostess spoke to me again..."We've just had dinner and you know what happens after dinner," she grinned widely, "yes you know what I'm talking about don't you?" My eyes were wide open in disgust and she stood up and turned around pulling her dress up. She pulled her panties down and sat slowly onto the stool, her well formed ass resting right over my face. Her asshole was directly over my mouth and began to bulge outward a bit...the first indication of what I knew was coming.

She farted loudly and a lump of shit began to ease out and was nearing it's release into my open gullet. "Here's you dinner you worthless bastard!," she groaned as she strained, "you better eat it all or you'll get your balls and dick shocked and I'll tell your Madam."

With a final push she forced the chunk of crap out and it plopped into my mouth. when she had released her entire load of crap she stood up and they undid the mouth restraints. I immediately began chewing the smelly mass, and as the women yelled in pleasure I began swallowing, gulping the filthy waste down within a short
time. "Look at this fuck!, "she yelped to the women...shit eating motherfucker!"

They refastened the restraints pulling my mouth open again and another woman stepped up, and looked down on me with a wicked lust that could not be described. She also pulled her skirt up and panties down and lowered her perfect ass over my face. The women were laughing intermittantly and the woman over me giggled loudly.

She moved back so that her cunt was over my face and a streamer of warm piss shot into my mouth, and I was able to gulp it down as it accumulated.

Then she looked down at me one more time and spread her open asshole over my mouth. Her anus stretched as she strained and a gusher of soft crap shot out and filled my oral cavity. She got up right away and they loosened the hooks to let me eat my meal. I gulped it down, it was much softer and I didn't have to chew it nearly as much.

Two more women did their bowel movement into my mouth, and I had eaten four loads of shit so far. I knew I was reaching my limit and the hostess saw this and told me that I was to spit out each load after that, and just swallow the residue.

The looks of absolute revulsion and disgust on the women's faces before they crapped in my mouth was something I'll never forget. My face was thick with human waste, and the torment continued on and on until fifteen women had finished their bowel movements. I had become intensely horny during the first several mouthfuls but
was now quite agitated and miserable and wanted it to be over.

The hostess had been taking pictures and videos of the action which she claimed would be shared with many of her friends worldwide, and when the last load was deposited in my sore mouth they were all anxious to leave.

Soon I was alone with the staff and they went into the back room and pulled me out on the other side. My entire front area was nothing but crap and with rubber gloves on their hands they got me up and pulled me to another room where there was a large shower area. I was released and allowed to clean myself as much as I wanted. It took me awhile but eventually I had removed the smelly brown residue and tried unsuccessfully to clean it from my mouth and nose.

I should have been used to that by now but I knew I never would be and when back in my room I had all night to think about it as I slept fitfully.

It was without doubt the most humiliating experience of my life...and the scar from this episode would be with me for good, I was sure. What was even more humiliating about it was that I was getting my nuts off much of the time, enjoying my degradation.

The next day I was taken once again to the limo and shoved in the trunk. The ride back was not pleasant but I was so happy to be returning to the Madam that I didn't mind at all. The hostess lady had been kind enough to show me many of the photos she had taken of me, before I left, and assured me that the pictures, and the videos would be put to good use.


When I returned to the mansion the Madam greeted me with a frown, telling me that I had been on vacation and that I would now have to make up for lost time. She had me on the floor immediately sucking her asshole, and I was so happy to be back that I gladly inhaled her long sqeaking fart, and cleaned out the inner juice that it
produced. I kissed her ass all over savoring the soft skin and the degraded feeling, and knew that I was indeed her slave, and that she had turned me into a raging suckass for the rest of my life.

I knew I would be free eventually from this place, and I put everything else out of my mind except the thought of that day.

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2010-12-18 23:02:22
Well now... I've set myself to reading each story of this "series".. While it is almost too much for my standards, I still thoroughly enjoy, and for those of you who would protest at the writer's efforts, and the contents of the story.. Well you can all go fuck yourself in the corner with a rusty butterknife..


2007-01-06 02:41:13
There is almost to much degrerdation in this story for even me,but I think you should give the guy a break don't enter the scat or torture section and expect to read about fluffy bunnies.


2006-10-30 21:16:31
Fantastic keepgoing


2006-10-19 00:44:19
part 5! svrew people who don't like it


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You are one sick, sick, sick motherfucker. Shame on your filthy ass.

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