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This is my first story, if you like it I will post more parts of it
My name is Marc, I'm 17 years old, and have a younger sister Lindsay who is 13. I know it is wrong but i have always thought of her as more of a sister because she has such a nice body. I have masturbated thinking of her many times, and have had to stop myself from going even further several times.

I got home from school on a thursday afternoo and collapsed on the couch to take a nap. I woke up around 6 to have dinner, when my mom told me that she and my dad were going to Toronto for the weekend, and I would have to look after my little sister lindsay for the weekend. I didn't really mind because I had alot of homework to get done, and didn't really have time to hang out with my friends.

When i got home from school on friday, I went up to my room to masturbate thinking of Lindsay before she got home. I took a quick shower and than started with my homework. I was at my desk when Lindsay walked in, and she sat down on my bed, and we talked while I did my homework. All of a sudden she was quiet, and I turned around and saw that she had found my stash of booze. She picked up a bottle of vodka, and looked at me, waiting for a response, but I didn't know what to say. Then what she said next shocked me the most.

"I didn't know you drank Marc, we should get drunk tonight and watch some movies!"

All I could do was nod my head, and then Lindsay skipped out of my room which gave me a good look at her tight ass. I then finished up my homework, and then walked downstairs to watch some TV with Lindsay. Around 5:00 I ordered us some pizza, and mixed us some drinks.

This was Lindsay's first time drinking, and after about 3 mixed drinks, she was so drunk she could barely stand up. But to my surprise, she kept drinking. By 8:00 though, she passed out on the couch across from me, with her ass in the air pointing right at me.

I sat and stared for a few minutes, becomming more obsessed with each passing second. I stood up and walked over to sit besider her. I called her name a few times, and poked her, but she did not budge. Then I put my hand on her ass and started to explore. I felt her firm ass with both hands, and was beginning to get hard. I thought for a few momemnts and then pulled off her shorts and panties with one quick motion, and still she did not move.

Now my sister's bald hairless pussy was right in front of me, and my hands go to work. I began inserting one finger and slowly pumping in and out. I began to pick up the speed but suddenly she began to move. I stopped for a second and then started slowly working my finger in and out. When I got up to a faster speed Lindsay started muttering;

"Yes yes faster oh my god."

I did what she said and another minute later I felt her orgasm on my hand as she screamed with delight. As we both calmed down, Lindsay got down on her knees and said;

"Marc I want to suck your cock."

I sat back on the couch and nodded as I watched my 13 year old sister undo my zipper. After she slid down my jeans, she grasped my cock with her warm hand and slowly began stroking me. After several strokes I was fully erect, and she lowered her head and was almost able to take all 6 inches of my penis in her mouth. After about 20 seconds of this I was close to my climax so I slowed her down, and she began licking my balls. Then she went back to work on my cock, and after a few more minutes of this I was ready to release.

"Lindsay I'm gonna cum" I groanded.

Either she didn't hear me, or she didn't care, and with that I shot my load all over the back of her throat. We lay there beside each other for a few minutes, and then Lindsay wispered in my ear;

"I want you to fuck me Marc. Fuck me right now."

"Lindsay we can't have sex... If I got you preagnant our lives would be over..."

She looked at me with sad desperate eyes, which almost made me fuck her on the spot. But then I thought of a better idea. I told Lindsay I would be right back, and ran upstairs to the bathroom. I grabbed some lube and hurried back down. I started lubing up my dick when Lindsay asked;

"What are you doing Marc?"

"We can't have sex, but we can try anal if you want to."

"Sure" she said, probably because of the alcohol.

"Ok I said, this will probably hurt since this is your first time, but I will try to take it slow. Lie down flat on your stomach and relax your ass."

She did what I said, and stuck her tight little ass up in the air for me. I squirted some lube onto the opening of her asshole, and began probing it with my finger. I could feel her quivering, so I slowed down a little. After a few minutes of this, I was able to fit 2 fingers in, and eventually 3, which was extremely tight. I withdrew my fingers and tried to stick my dick in. After a miniute of pushing, I was able to get the head of my dick into her tight liitle asshole. I slowly forced the rest of my 6 inches into her tight warm ass. I stayed insider her for a few moments, enjoying the sensations and then noticed she hadn't made any noises in the last few minutes.

I looked at her face, and realized she had passed out again! With that I thrust my dick back into her ass and started pumping, not worrying about hurting her anymore. Her ass was so warm and tight, after about one minute of my rapid pounding, I could feel myself getting ready to cum. After 5 more quick thrusts, I shoved my dick all of the way up her ass and blew my load deep into her asshole.

I lay on top of her panting for a few minutes, then took 2 more shots of vodka, and passed out on top of her.

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2014-12-05 23:27:14
wish I had your sister. sounds very fun. enjoyed the read, thanks.

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2013-01-30 10:04:34
Nice one! Just read nd enjoy.


2008-12-18 22:35:37
Aww. Wish I had a bid brother

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2008-07-03 20:53:02
I find this story a little un realistic. Why would she pass out due to drinking too much but yet sober up briefly, which happens to be long enough to be able to perform a blowjob and have clear speech only to pass out a few minutes later. Maybe next time have her on the verge of passing out

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