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Confession Time
Amy's first time chapter 4
Copyright 2006

We got to the hospital at around noon and went directly to the CCU waiting room where we expected to find Candi. Instead there was a young lady who Lynn and Amy knew. They hugged each other and Lynn said this is Candi's friend Bob. He has been watching Amy while Candi has been here. "Glad to meet you Bob." she said. Then Lynn said "Bob this is Amber Lynn my older Brother's daughter." "Amber is Candi in with mom or what?" Amber said "Candi is sleeping in one of the rooms, she was up all night setting with Granny. I got here about an hour ago, and that's when she went to lay down." Lynn went to the nurses station and spoke with the nurse then pointed to Amy and motioned for her to come with her. Amy walked over to Lynn and then came back to the waiting room to tell us that her and Lynn were going into see grandma and would be back in a while. Then she ran to Lynn and they disappeared down the hall.

I walked over to the nurses station and asked where Candi was and how her mom was doing. The nurse said " Miss Turner is sleeping in room H and I think you should let her sleep awhile her mom had a rough night and so did she. As to Ms Davis, she is on life support and we are waiting on the doctor now." No emotion what so ever as she continued. "We are allowing only one family member in at a time. I let her grand daughter go back with her Aunt because of her age. They can set with her for an hour then you can go in and spend some time with her unless the doctor gets here first." I returned to the waiting room where Amber had turned the TV on and was watching some soap opera. She said "Close the door please the light is causing a glare." I shut the door and sat down on the couch and dozed off. I woke up and Amber was leaning against my shoulder asleep. I looked over at her and could see down the front of her top. I Immediately started getting hard she didn't have a bra on and her top was loose enough that I could see all her right tit. Her nipple was at least a half inch long and her size had to be about a 34C. She was a little tall at about 5' 6" for her childlike face, but had some great curves. I wondered if her red hair was natural or not. It was the color red where one couldn't be sure. I thought about letting my hand slide down from the back of the couch onto her tit. What if she woke up if I touched her breast, would she scream? Of course I could make out like I was asleep and drop my hand on her tit. That way even if she woke up she wouldn't know I did it on purpose. I slide my arm across the couch and dropped it on her tit. She didn't move. I squeezed a little figuring if she did anything I could say I was dreaming. Nothing. I lifted my hand and dropped it again but this time I made sure it slid inside her top and landed on her tit. I moved my hand a little and she moaned. I froze and started to pull my hand out but she grabbed it and looked up at me and smiled. "Thought I was asleep huh?" "ugh...yes......I.......did" I stammered. She said " I don't mind it felt good and I was almost asleep. But if Aunt Lynn, Amy, Or Aunt Candi came in it might not be easy to explain."

Hell I never even thought about that. Lynn was right I was being stupid. Amber could have yelled and my ass would be on it's way to jail. I was turning into a fucking pervert, and child molester. Shit I didn't even know how this one was. Was I loosing my fucking mind, I couldn't go around messing with these young girls like this. Amber snapped me out of it by asking " Bob isn't it? Would you mind buying me a Coke. Lynn will give you the money back." I said " I'll be glad to buy you one. And Lynn doesn't have to pay me back." We both stood up and she grabbed my hand, "I'll show you where to get one." And pulled me toward the stairs. I said we can take the elevator but she opened the stairway door and we entered. We went up instead of down, and I asked "Sure you know where the drink machine is?" She only smiled and we went up two more floors and exited through the door. It looked like an abandoned floor. There was a few file cabinets against one wall and not much else. She turned to me and said "I found this last night when everyone else was asleep and I was wandering around looking for something to do." "Yea well where is the drink machine?" I asked. "There is one over here." Amber said pointing to another room. Sure enough there was one in the corner. Apparently this was part of this floor that was being used. I got Amber a drink and myself one and we sat on a desk to drink them. Amber asked " Would you like to touch me again Bob?" I looked at her and my cock became rock hard. then my right mind started working. "I don't think that is a good idea Amber I wasn't thinking when I touched you before." I said then added " You are a very pretty girl and any young man would love to be with you." She shot back " I have been with young boys and they aren't shit." Most can't keep it up long enough to get it in before they cum. And I get nothing from it but cum on me or my clothes." Then her voice changed and I could see pure hatred in her eyes. "My fucking uncle took my cherry when I was nine and fucked me for a month before Lynn caught him with his cock out and me on my knees. She put a stop to it and he left and I haven't had a good fuck since from a man. You are going to satisfy my needs here and now or I will scream rape. So do you want me or not?"

Damn my cock was hard and yes I did want to fuck her, but not being forced to do it so I said. "Go ahead and scream your fucking head off you little cunt! I will be glad to hear you explain how we got up here when I know nothing about this fucking place. You dumb ass shit people saw you leading me up here so like I said Scream Bitch!" I was calling her bluff and praying she didn't call mine at the same time. She then started crying and sobbing, "Sorry I just got hot from you messing with me and I wanted sex." Instead of feeling sorry I had upset her I grabbed her face in both and forced her to look me straight in the face. " You want a cock in your pussy fucking the shit out of you. Why can't you even say what you want instead of trying to talk nice about it? You aren't in school and in the real world people like to get fucked Understand?" She tried to shake her head yes but I held her face tight so she couldn't move. I said " So you want me to fuck your little cunt don't you?" I let go of her face and she took a step back. "Yes I want to be fucked by you and I want you to cum in me. There is that what it takes for you to get your penis....uhhh .... cock out and stick it in me." she demanded. I grabbed her and laid her across the desk face down and yanked her panties off her. They were soaked and I unzipped my pants and jerked my cock out. She had a sweet ass and I knew where I was going to fuck her. I ran my hand up and down her pussy scooping up her wetness and rubbing it on her ass. I then rubbed my cock up and down her slit until it was well lubricated also. I stuck it against her ass and before she could react I shoved it in all the way. She tried to scream but I already had my hand over her mouth to muffle the sound. I let her ass adjust to my cock and then pumped her newly penetrated ass slow with deliberate strokes. After a couple of minutes she responded with soft moans so I proceeded to ram her harder and harder trying to get my revenge for her threats. She started humping back and matching my strokes which send us both over the edge. I came in her ass just as she reached an orgasm herself. I pulled out and spun her around. " Suck it now! I demanded and she took it in her mouth without even trying to resist. She sucked it clean and then I pulled it out and said "Get your clothes straightened out we need to get back." She put her panties in her pocket and straightened her clothes. We walked back down the stairs and on the way she wispered " I hope we can do that again but damn my ass is sore." She giggled and I remembered I didn't even know how old she was so I asked her. "I'll be 11 in January. So when can we do it again?" I looked at her and didn't answer except to shrug my shoulders like I didn't know.

We got back to the waiting room and Lynn and Amy were waiting for us. Lynn spoke first. " Amber how the hell could you go fuck someplace when your granny is about to die? And Bob you should know better then to let this little cock whore talk you into going off to fuck her." I said "We went for something to drink. We....... Amy cut me off and said " And a fast fuck Bob your pants tell what you did." I looked down and there it was, a wet white streak on my pants. I was caught, and grabbed some tissues and wiped my pants off as best as I could. Lynn suggested I go to the bathroom across the hall and try and wash the cum streak off them. I did as suggested and when I returned all three of them were setting on the couch side by side. Lynn smiled and said "Sorry Bob Amber told us what she did. Ever since her uncle raped her and I ran him off she has been trying to fuck every guy around. I realize the situation now and I can't say I fully blame her." With that she elbowed Amy and laughed. the Girls giggled also and looked at each other. Amy started to say something when she saw Candi coming down the hall so she simply said "Here comes mom and she is smiling."

Candi walked in and gave me a kiss then pulled back and gave me a strange look, then looked at the three setting on the couch. " Mom is going to be fine and will be able to come home by the end of next week. They are moving her to a regular room this evening and then she has to go through a bunch of test the next couple of days." Lynn then said "Great news sis. We were worried." Candi looked very calm but said " Well somebody wasn't so worried that they didn't pass up the chance to fuck Bob! So which one of you did he fuck?" Damn how the hell did dhe know or was she guessing? " Come on fess up who did he fuck? He smells like pussy and it damn sure wasn't me, so tell me who! Candi demanded an answer, and we could all tell she wasn't going to let up til some one admitted what they did. Lynn looked at me and then she looked at Candi. " I did sis but I already told you given the chance I would." OK and what are you to going to say, nothing happened while I was here or do you want to tell the truth? Candi stared directly at both girls and waited for their response. Amber said "I tricked him into it aunt Candi, I'm sorry I did it." Amy got bold and said " He took my virginity mom and I am not sorry for it. I know you didn't want to hear that but you asked for the truth. Mom if I get the chance I will do it again too. It felt wonderful." Before Candi could say a word Amber said " Well I am glad you enjoyed it so much! My ass is still sore from the fucking he gave it." She finished by rubbing her ass. The others laughed at Amber's comments and even Candi was laughing when she said " Well it should be sore. But that won't stop you from doing it again either given the chance right?" Amber just nodde and smiled.

After Candi knew what had happened she suggested we all go to her house and discuss where we would go from here. I thought she would break it off with me, which was the last thing I wanted. I had truly fallen for her and honestly regretted what I had done to her. Just as we turned onto her road I saw the company truck parked in her driveway. It had to be that ass hole Jim coming to complain about something he would claim was going to cause real problems if I did do something right now. Of course every other word would be fuck or shit or some other cuss word. I which I could replace his dead ass and garbage mouth but he was the best at doing his job. Lynn pulled up to the curb and Amy, Amber and her went directly inside without saying a word. Candi was about five minutes behind me because she had stopped at the store to pick up some things.

I got out of the truck and Jim glared at me. I said "What's the problem Jim?" hoping to get rid of him fast. "What's the fucking problem Bob! You haven't been on the God damn job for a fucking week and you ask what the fuck kind of problem there is. Man for the Owner of your Shit company you couldn't give a flying fuck less what the problem is! Let Jim fix the fuck ups while you run around fucking his ex-wife. Does that tell you what the fucking problem is. That fucking cunt keeps putting me through fucking hell week after week and you have the fucking nerve to ask me what the Goddamn fucking problem is!" He was drunk and slurring his words but got his point across. " How long you bin fucking the whoring fucking cunt Bob? Before we broke up you were fucking ramming your cock to the fucking Bitch whore weren't you? That's why I always got stuck taking care of your fucking shit hole company so you could come here and fuck the shit outta her fucking ass, Right?" "Jim I just met her last week. Besides if you are divorced why do you care if I am seeing her. How many times have you told me you were glad to be rid of your ex-wife?" Jim staggered over to the truck he drove and got a beer and said. " Fuck you and that fucking whore cunt. She will be fucking with some Bitch behind your back and out looking for some fucking cock first time she get's the chance. Yea fuck you, that whore cunt, and your fucking company. I don't need your shit ass company and I don't want to work for some cunt hungry cock whore that fucks everything that comes along. You fucking that fucking slut cunt that went in the motherfucking house as you drove up? She fucks her own fucking cunt sister did you know that? She is a fucking lesbo bitch dyke whore too." I said "Jim I need to take you home. You are far to drunk to drive the truck. Give me the keys and when you sober up we can talk about this." Jim started to reach in his pocket and fell over backwards onto the grass. "Fuck talking about anything you motherfucking cunt chasing whore. I told you to shove your fucking company up your ass. I ain't fucking working for you anymore you motherfucker son- of - a - bitch." He dropped the keys on the ground and I snatched them up. I looked down and he was passed out cold. I yelled for Lynn to help me get him in my truck. She came out and grabbed an arm and we drug him over to the truck. We managed to get him in the truck as Candi pulled up.

I told her I was going to take Jim home and would be back asap. "Bullshit you are I'll call him a cab." Candi said. She pulled her cell phone out and pressed one button and said " This is Candi Turner and I need a cab to take my ex home again. Then she said put him on the curb and come inside. The cab will load him and drive him home." We put him on the curb and went inside. As soon as the door closed Candi said " Hope you are ready to discuss things."

Chapter 5 coming soon. Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!


2008-01-02 21:47:28
DIp sticks she was raped @ 9 and she was 11 when Bob Fucked her ass


2006-10-12 15:23:25
great story, but it needs gramatical checking..and spell check man.other than that, great story


2006-10-11 06:22:39
Who wrote this goshawful story? A 6-year-old? It reads like that's what happened.
Just awful. 1/10


2006-10-08 12:36:34
great story needs longer chapters

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