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“It’s so hot out.” said Casey walking home from school with her friend Ally. In a deep conversation about what color they should die their hair, they nearly missed Casey’s house. “Damn, that was fast.” said Ally. Casey’s parents and little brother were at her grandma’s all night, so her and Ally had the house all to themselves. Pulling the keys out of her chained backpack, Casey said “No parents, we can do whatever we want.” Which usually meant they would blast a slipknot CD and smoke some pot, since Ally sold. Ally had pitch black hair with green streaks, and wore heavy makeup, and dark gothic clothes. Casey had red contacts , which made her eyes look so seductive, and had silver and blue hair. Both girls had their own styles, and liked it that way. Swinging open the door the girls felt the cool air caress their bodies. Walking in Casey went to the kitchen and grabbed 2 beers and headed for the for the living room. Turning up some metal the girls chilled on the couch lighting up a joint and sipping their beer. Casey got up and turned the music down then sat back down. “What?” said Ally. “ I don’t know.” “Okay then.” Casey reached for her beer over Ally brushing her thigh. Casey looked at Ally. Studying her face Casey saw a different look in Ally’s eyes. Not bad, it was dark and lustful. Feeling goose bumps grow on her arm Casey saw still, looking at Ally. Was she moving closer to her? She couldn’t tell. But she knew she wanted to. Casey felt Ally’s breath on her lips. She felt Ally’s hand move up her thigh. Casey’s body tingled, she was confused, but wanted it, wanted Ally. She wanted to touch. Casey felt Ally’s long darkly painted fingernails slide to the inner side of her leg. She felt Ally’s warm breath on her face. Then, she felt her body move in. She felt her lips collide with Ally’s. She felt their skin touching, feeling Ally pressed against her. She liked it.... she really liked it. She moved her hand onto Ally’s face. Ally’s grip on Casey’s thigh grew tighter. Sliding her hand through Ally’s hair she felt her friends tongue meet her own lips. She slipped out her tongue licking Ally’s lips, tasting her lipstick. Casey took her hand and slid it past Ally’s neck, onto her tit. Casey began to massage Ally, both girls smiled. Casey felt her pussy get wet. She slid her hands down Ally’s back slowly lifting her shirt. Pulling it completely off revealing a black and red bra holding two, 34 D breasts. Casey reached behind Ally unhooking her bra and tossing it across the room. Casey leaned in and pushed Ally down on the couch. She climbed on top of her and started sucking her nipple. Ally felt her wet pussy throb. Casey spread Ally’s legs putting herself between them. She slowly began grinding on Ally. Ally ran her fingers down Casey’s back gripping her lace, black, see through g-string. She pulled it up tighter in Casey’s ass. She slid her fingers in Casey’s pants reaching the top of Casey’s crack. Ally stuck a finger in the very top part, and gently started rubbing, Casey letting out a short moan. Ally continued rubbing until Casey pushed herself up. She guided her eyes directly onto Ally’s virgin pussy, pants still on, Casey started pressing on Ally there, turning herself and her friend on so much. Casey ran her hands up to Ally’s zipper and undid it. Pulling her pants down she saw Ally had on no panties. Ally sat up and hastily pulled Casey’s shirt off, throwing it onto the floor and Casey sat right up on the couch. Ally pulled off Casey’s jeans and panties. Ally was so wet she felt like imbedding her own hand into her soaking cunt, but she had to wait, wait for the pleasure. Ally started massaging Casey’s inner thighs, teasing her. Ally rubbed and tickled Casey, until Casey could no longer bare it. Casey grabbed Ally’s head, shoving her face into her horny pussy. Pressing Ally’s head hard against herself she began to hump Ally’s face. She pushed her with all her might, Ally licked up Casey’s sexual juices moving her tongue inside her. Ally inserted a finger into Casey’s fuck hole while sucking her clit. Casey screamed at this pleasure and pushed Ally onto the floor. Ally laying down, Casey riding her face. Ally still sticking her finger so deep into Casey, she stuck a finger into Casey’s ass hole and continued sucking on her clit. Casey felt the walls of her pussy go into a state of so much pleasure she couldn’t bare, she moaned “Ah- Ah....” then she moved up and down all over Ally’s face, then let out one last moan, and came all over Ally’s lips and in her mouth. Ally licked her lips and swallowed all of Casey’s cum anxiously. Ally threw Casey down on the floor and immediately got on top of her and started moving up and down on Casey’s pussy. The girls sexual juices mixed, lubricating the pleasure. Ally opened her pussy and her clit rubbed on Casey’s. Ally screamed “Fuck--make me cum.”, At that Casey grabbed the TV remote laying near by and shoved it deep into Ally’s fuck hole. She moved her hands so fast Ally couldn’t stop moaning. She felt the remote rubbing against her g-spot and was breathing heavily. Then Casey reached up and pulled out a pink vibrator out from underneath the couch that she had been using hte day before. She turned it all the way up and placed it in between the girls pussies. Both girls humping this toy and eachother the house filled with loud moans. Casey still moving the remote in and out of Ally. Ally screamed “Fuck!” and she orgasmed pressing herself hard against the toy. Her cum ran into Casey’s pussy, then she moved down and licked her own cum and what was left of Casey’s previous cum out of her friend’s wet cunt. Then Casey pulled the remote out of Ally, and set it on the couch. Both girls pulled on their clothes, turned the music back up. Then looked at the remote and smiled.


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