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Note : This story is completely True story
We were changing planes in Chicago on our way to grandma"s for the holidays when a sudden snow storm left us stranded for the night. Luckily the airline was going to put us up in a nearby hotel. We were told it wouldn"t be anything fancy, but it would be better than sleeping in the airport. As luck would have it we managed to find a crazy cab driver willing to take us to the hotel in the snow storm.

After a quick check in we were off to our room. The airline was right it wasn"t anything fancy. It had 2 beds barely big enough for one person. The smallest TV I"ve ever seen in my life, but at least there was a bathroom with a shower, and most importantly a good heater.

By now it was getting late, and we were all pretty wore out. Mom and Sis decided they could probably squeeze into the far bed and manage for the night. I got the other all to myself. All we had was our carry on bags, the airline kept our luggage so we didn"t have much to get cleaned up with or to change into. One by one we each took our turn in the bathroom freshening up before bed. We were all sleeping in no time.

I woke up in the middle of the night and had to pee like crazy. I stumbled out of bed half asleep and headed for the bathroom. As I entered the bathroom I fumbled around searching for the light switch. When the light came on I was a little shocked to see my sister Megan sitting on the toilet. "Sorry" I said. I was in the process of turning away and heading back out, when her panties lowered to her knees caught my attention. "Sash quite...shut the door before you wake mom" she whispered. I hesitated for a minute, when she told me to hurry up and shut the door again. Half asleep and a little dazed I shut the door as she asked.

"I"m almost done," she told me. "Ah am ok," I managed to get out. "What"s wrong with you," she asked. "Nothing, I ah mean nothing at all," I said. "Can I ask a favor of you Mike," Megan asked. "Can I share your bed, mom is just driving me nuts. She keeps tossing and turning I can"t sleep at all." she went on. "Ah I don"t know mom might freak out or something when she sees us in the morning," I told her. "I"ll just tell her if she asks that she drove me crazy," Megan said. "I don"t know the bed is pretty small," I replied.

Megan finished peeing and stood up, her panties still hanging around her knees. I couldn"t help starring at her pussy. It was shaved clean. I would have never guessed that I told myself. "You like it," she asked. "What"s that," I said. "Oh please what do you think my pussy," Megan continued. "How come you shaved all the hair off," I asked. "I just thought I would try it the other day for the heck of it," she told me. "It looks real nice," I said. "Yeah I think I like it too," she replied as she rubbed her hand over her bald pussy.

I couldn"t take my eyes off her pussy, but I had to pee like crazy now. I felt my dick stirring in my pants and knew how uncomfortable it would be to pee with a raging hard on. "I really have to pee Megan", I said. "So pee why don"t you," she told me. She was still rubbing her hand around her pussy, and I couldn"t help watching her every movement. I stood there thinking for a minute when she spoke. "Oh you want me to leave or something". Hell no I thought to myself, and without any further hesitation I took my dick in my hand and started to relieve myself. "Nah that"s ok, you don"t have to leave I guess," I told her.

I looked over at her and she was starring at my dick. She seemed to be rubbing her pussy a little harder. "That"s a nice big dick you have," Megan said. "I guess," I replied. "I bet you can really satisfy a girl with that thing," she continued. "Umm," was all I could let out. "Any girl would love to have that sliding in and out of her pussy," Megan told me.

I heard her let out a subtle moan then say, "It looks yummy." I just shrugged my shoulders not knowing what to say. I had just finished peeing and was in the process of putting my dick away, when she blurted out..."No please don"t put it away yet." Ok what the hell if she wanted to look at it for a minute longer what the heck I told myself. "Why not," I asked. "Because I think it"s making me wet," Megan replied. "Excuse me," I said.

I turned towards her with my dick just hanging there and next thing I knew she was fingering her pussy. I watched her middle finger slowly disappear into her pussy. "Oh yeah I"m wet alright," she said. I kept watching Megan fingering her pussy, and I felt my dick beginning to rise. "Oh wow your getting hard," she said. This was a little awkward, but hell it"s not everyday you see your sister fingering her wet bald pussy right in front of you.

A few more seconds passed and I was hard as a rock. "Damn now it looks even more yummy than before," she told me. "I bet your one hell of a fuck," she said. Without even thinking I just blurted out, "You want to find out". "Hell yeah I thought you"d never ask," Megan quickly replied.

Now that was totally unexpected and didn"t know what I had just got myself into or how to precede. I just stood there thinking. Next thing I knew she was pulling off her shirt and her breasts sprang free. She let her panties fall to the floor.

Then she pulls her finger out of her pussy and sticks it in my mouth. "How do I taste," she giggled. I couldn"t answer with her finger in my mouth, but it did taste great. I sucked her pussy coating off her finger in no time. I felt her other hand grip my cock. I told myself I should stop this right now, but it felt so good.

"Now I need to taste you," Megan said.

She got down on her knees and her mouth quickly engulfed my throbbing cock. "Jesus Christ," I moaned. "I thought you"d like that," she choked out. Man she knew how to give good head. "You keep that up much longer and I"m going to blow my load," I told her. "I hope so, I just love it when a guy cums in my mouth," she managed to get out.

That was about all I could take. After hearing that I started erupting in her mouth. I shot bolt after bolt of hot cum into her mouth. She never took her mouth off she just kept slurping away, swallowing my entire load. I was impressed, I hadn"t blown a load that big in a long time.

"You came a lot," she said. I just stood there trying to catch my breath. "It was real yummy, I just love the taste of cum," Megan said. A few more seconds passed and I started to put my dick away. "Hey what do you think you are doing don"t put it away yet," she said. I just looked at her wondering what to expect. "Don"t you think my pussy needs a little something too," she asked. "Oh yeah sure," I said.

She jumped up on the counter next to the sink and spread her legs wide. "Well don"t be shy eat it," she told me. What the fuck, I told myself. I moved closer and my tongue went to work. I founder her clit, and she moaned, "God yeah right there." I licked her pussy up and down, she had one sweet tasting pussy. I stuck a finger in her and she went crazy.

"Oh yes, yes, ooh," she moaned. Her pussy juice was running all over my face. I couldn"t lick it up fast enough. "Oh fuck me, please fuck me right now, I want your cock inside me so bad," she begged.

I stood up positioned the head of my cock at her entrance, and paused for a moment as I looked into my sisters eyes. I could feel the warmth, and the wetness of her juices on the tip of my cock. "Fuck me," she said. She thrust her hips and pussy forward trying to take me in. "You sure," I asked. "Don"t make me rape you big brother," she laughed.

With that I slowly moved into her. Inch by inch my cock disappeared into her until she had taken all of me. She moaned with pleasure as I filled her with my length. "God your dick feels so good inside me," Megan managed to get out. "Your pussy is so hot," I told her as I started thrusting in and out of her. After a few minutes of nice long slow stokes, I started pumping her pussy like a mad man. By the sounds of her moans and facial expressions she was loving every minute of it.

At this point I was getting real close to cumming. I wanted to blow my load in her pussy real bad, but obviously didn"t want to get my sister pregnant. I continued slamming my cock into her harder and harder, and she was loving every second of it.

"I"m going to cum soon sis," I managed to let out. "Good fill my pussy up with your hot cum," she moaned. I couldn"t take it any more. "Oh shit, I"m going to cum right now," I moaned as I began withdrawing. "Let me have that hot cum of yours," she moaned again as she wrapped her legs around me pulling me into her. I kept trying to pull out but the grip her legs had around me was impossible to overcome.

I felt my first shot squirt up into her pussy. It felt like a gunshot, and I knew she felt it too when she jumped suddenly. "That"s it fill your sisters pussy up with that hot cum of yours," she moaned. I knew there was no withdrawing at that point and just decided to pump my seed into her as hard as I could.

"Oh god yeah, I"m cumming too don"t stop," she moaned. I felt her pussy salaaming and gripping my erupting cock real tight. Every time her pussy contracted I shot another bolt of cum up inside her. It was so intense, I"ve never had a girl cum so hard, her pussy was literally milking my last drop of cum from me.

A few moments later it was all over with. I wasn"t sure what to say. "Thank you big brother, that was the best fuck I"ve had in a long time," Megan said. "Yeah me too, you have the sweetest pussy I"ve ever had," I told her.

"We really should get to bed before mom wakes up and catches us," Megan said. I agreed I left Megan to clean herself up and headed for my bed. I just got comfortable when I felt her crawl in next to me. "What are you doing, mom will freak out in the morning," I told her. "No don"t worry about her, I"m sure she"ll be alright with it," she whispered. "I hope so," I said. "You could probably fuck her too if you wanted, or better yet both of us at the same time," she giggled. "What," I asked.

I didn"t get a response Megan was out like a light.

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2010-12-12 15:38:23
gets a negative vote for not being finished. real crappy way to end the story and way to rushed no back ground as to what the relationship was like between them before this or after so a neg. vote

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2009-09-17 07:29:51
My brother used to fuck me regularly before I was married. Now my husband sometimes has to travel for his job and then my brother comes to visit me. He lives alone, so he can stay the night. He sleeps with me in our bed, on my husbands place, and we fuck all night. He has a large and thick cock and lots of cum. My husband once called me on the phone when my brothers dick was inside my pussy. Horny !

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2009-06-10 15:46:34
Story is really good .But climax came very fast.


2008-06-03 01:05:50
Good story. Dfinately get mom in a three way and get bothe mom and sister pregnant.


2007-07-17 01:33:35
bro sis fucking

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