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*This story is a bit long, I understand some people complain about the length of some stories so I'd like to let you all know upfront. I am submitting this as one complete story at this time. I do not intend to second one second one. As I am always working on new ideas. Enjoy and comments always welcome.*

Edwards Motherly Love

Part I

Thunderstorms always gave Edward Adams the frights. Even now, at the
ripe old age of twelve, he became frightened at the claps of thunder and
the sudden bright flashes of light from the lightning. In the dark of his
bedroom they seemed to take on a more frightening quality. He was ashamed
to admit it, but he wanted the closeness of his mother. She would comfort
him with soothing words and hold him until he went to sleep or the storms
would pass as they always did.

Tonight was no different than any other story summer night. The
lightning flashed and the thunder rolled in great, window rattling blasts
as the storm vented its fury on the surrounding countryside. A sudden
vivid flash filled the room in a flash bulb effect, freezing everything
like a photo. The thunder crashed and Edward cowered under the blankets.
Finally he gave in and leaping from bed, he ran to his mothers room.

He flew down the hall and practically leaped onto the great brass bed
his mother, Helen, slept in. She had expected him sooner, and she was
pleased that he had held out longer than usual. She hoped that his fear
would subside as he grew older, and this was an encouraging sign.

"It's alright, Eddy! Get under the covers and snuggle up. The storm
will be over soon, honey!" Helen said, tossing back the covers for her
frightened son.

"I'm sorry, mom! I tried, but the lightning..." He started to
explain and was cut off by another flash and boom of thunder.

He snuggled up to his mothers back, instantly calmed as are all
frightened children when their mother is close. Helen reached over her
hip and gave him a pat on the butt.

"Hush, baby! You did fine, just fine. Now try to go to sleep, OK?"

"OK, mom. Night."

"Goodnight, Eddy." Helen snuggled back down into her pillow as the
storm continued outside.

Soon, both Edward and his mother were asleep. Snuggled up against his
mother, Edward slept the deep sleep of a contented child. His mothers
body next to him was a universal calming agent that all children felt and
needed when frightened or anxious. He hugged her to him in his sleep, his
arm thrown over her side to encircled her waist.

Helen slept soundly and her dreams filled her sleeping mind. She was
a girl again and her boyfriend was trying to feel her breasts. She was a
good girl and although she liked him she was nervous about letting him go
this far. His hand was almost on her bra covered mound. She could feel
his manhood as it pressed against her ass. He was hard. His cock pressed
against her round ass. She involuntarily pressed aback at his erection.
His hand closed over her tit. Her ass moved in tiny circles against his
erect cock. She could feel it slipping between her ass cheeks.

She woke up. Frozen, she could not voluntarily move. Was she still
dreaming, or was she awake? She still felt a hand on her breast. The
cock she felt in her dreams was still hard and it was pressing between her
ass cheeks. Helen was puzzled. If she was still dreaming, why was she
wondering if she was awake? If she was awake, why was she still feeling
the hand on her tit and the cock between her ass cheeks? Very puzzling,
indeed. Unless...

The sudden crack of thunder snapped her out of her half-sleep.

There was only one answer. Edward! Her mind churned at the thought. It
had to be. She was certain she was awake, now. She lay still, collecting
her thoughts. Yes, a hand was on her tit. Yes, a cock was rubbing
against her ass and she now could feel the familiar softness of cotton.
Underwear. It was a feeling she knew very well.

The hand on her tit was warm as it held her gently. It softly
squeezed the firm mound. Her ass cheeks felt the hardness of the cloth
covered cock as it pushed into her cleft. She noticed herself pushing
back at the hard rod of flesh. What the hell was her son doing with his
hand on her tit and a hardon? She realized immediately that he was
asleep. He snored gently into her neck. She had to do something about

Edwards hand was softly holding his mothers tit as he slept. In her
position on her side, her breast was exposed under her nightgown. His
hand slipped under the gown and cupped her bare tit. Helen held her
breath. His fingers stroked over her nipple. It stood up instantly under
the gentle fondling. She bit her lip as his hand held her tit. Her ass
pushed back against his cock. She realized he had a big cock for a boy.
Her boy.

The nightgown Helen wore was short and it had managed to work its way
up slightly as her ass pushed back against her sons cock. She could feel
the hard shaft as it lay against her ass, snuggling into the crack of her
ass. Edward shifted slightly in his sleep and his erect cock slipped
between her cheeks. She tried, but she couldn't keep from wiggling her
hips back onto his cock. The cloth covered penis of her son rubbed the
underside of her cunt. Helen gasped as she felt it side over her
sensitive pussy to rest against her lips.

Helen wriggled her ass in circles against her sons cock. Then she
felt his shift his hips. He pushed his cock back at her. She reached
behind her and her hand slipped between them. She felt for the opening of
his shorts with her fingers and finding it she managed to hold the cloth
apart. Her sons erect cock sprang out of the opening to slap against her
bare, wet pussy. She held the hot, hard bar of boy cock in her motherly
hand for an instant then she did something mothers don't do with their
sons cocks.

She pushed his cock up the cleft of her ass and nestled the head at
the entrance to her pussy. Edward slept on, unaware of his mothers
actions. Helen took a deep breath and pushing her ass back she felt his
cock slide into her cunt. Edwards had closed firmly on her tit, squeezing
it softly as his mother pushed her cunt onto his cock. She shivered at
the feel of the boys penis entering her pussy. It had been a long time
since a man had put his cock in her.

Groaning, Helen wriggled her hips onto the shaft of her sons cock.
She began to hunch her hips back at the sleeping boy. Her hips started to
jiggle in a slow motion as she fucked herself on her sleeping sons cock.
She felt the walls of her pussy close on his cock as they gripped him
tightly in their wet, slick embrace. Edward moved slightly. Helen
stopped her movements with her sons cock buried deeply in her pussy.
Edward humped against his mothers ass.

Helen began to mover her ass in time with her sleeping sons
instinctive movements. She fucked back as he thrust into her vagina. She
began to push harder against him. Her hips made small, regular jerking
circular movements. She was breathing raggedly as she concentrated on
fucking her sleeping son. The bed began to move with the steady tempo of
fucking. Helen felt the boys cock grow harder inside her. She wondered
for the first time if he could cum. She moved faster at that thought.

Edwards hand on her tit closed tightly around the firm globe and he
humped his cock deep into his mothers pussy. Helen picked up the pace as
she began to slap her ass back onto his cock. She felt his cock pulsing as
her pussy stroked up and down the length of the invading boy prick. Her
clit throbbed and she reached down to stroke the hard nub. Her fingers
found the timing of her strokes and she began to pull her pussy almost off
the boys cock then slam her ass back at him. Edward held his mother
tightly as she fucked him. The bed rocked and creaked with her efforts.
Again and again she slid her pussy up and down his shaft. She sank the
full length of it into her pussy and her hips churned against the
throbbing of his erect prick. With a few quick thrusts she was near
orgasm. She slammed her clasping pussy on her sons cock. It began to
throb hard inside the slick, hot tunnel of her vagina.

Helen could feel her climax at the core of her pussy. She held his
cock deep in her and her vagina massaged it with rippling motions of her
muscles. Edward clung to her his cock buried in her pussy. She held him
deeply and made little humping movements. Then she felt his cock jerk
once, twice, then his body stiffened. She gasped as she felt the boy
shoot jet after jet of hot sperm deep into her clenching cunt. Her
fingers rubbed her clit and her pussy held his cock like a fist.

Bucking back on his cock she felt his cum splash against the walls of
her milking pussy. He groaned and held his dick inside her. She continued
to massage his cock with her cunt as he shot load upon load of boy-cum
into his mothers cunt. Helen shuddered as her orgasm took her. Her hips
moved spastically on his rock hard cock. The cum leaked out of her pussy
and ran down her ass. She finally stopped, out of breath. Her sons cock
was still hard inside her. She remembered that young boys can stay hard
for some time, even after they cum.

A flash of lightning froze the image of the two, the boy clinging to
his mother, the woman panting for breath, her fingers buried in her cunt.
There would be another storm and another night. Helen made a mental note
to listen to the weather report, just to be sure.

Part II

There was another storm due to hit the area sometime in the night the
weather report had indicated. Helen Adams listened with more than the
usual interest to the nightly weather report. For the past three weeks as
the Summer thunderstorms had rolled across the landscape she had secretly
waited each night for her son, Edward, to rush into her room and hide
himself under the covers from the storms. She noted that he was beginning
to lose his stark fear of the fury of the storms and she wondered when he
would no longer need the comfort of his mothers bed to assuage his fear.

She had been fucking the innocent young boy as he slept in her bed
almost every night. She took advantage of his natural deep slumber and the
effect her closeness had on the boy subconsciously. As he slept snuggled
up to her she would use her hands or her ass to rub his young cock to full
hardness and then, while the boy slept, she would slip his hard boy cock
out of his shorts and fuck him. She had powerful orgasms while his young
prick surged in her steaming pussy spewing his boy sperm deep into her
waiting cunt while he slept through the entire incestuous act.

As she listened to the droning of the weather forecaster she
anticipated her encounter that was sure to come this night as it had
almost all the previous nights. Her pussy began to moisten as she thought
of her sons hard, young cock thrust into her motherly cunt and his
involuntary, instinctive fucking. Her nipples hardened under her
nightgown and her hand slipped inside the thin garment to cup her tit. A
low groan escaped her lips at the touch. She heard her son come thumping
down the stairs and she quickly withdrew her hand.

"I'm gonna get ready for bed, mom. Are you watching the weather?"
Her young son asked from the landing of the staircase.

"Yes, Eddy. Another storm tonight, son. You're doing very well with
them, now. I'm proud of you." Helen said, looking up at the boy from the

She knew he still had a long way to go with his fear and her doctor
had praised his latest effort with his struggle. Little did the doctor
know that Helen was relying on his fear to drive him to her bed to help
her satisfy her lust. She smiled up at the young lad and knew that he
would be in her bed in a matter of hours.

"Aw, mom...I'm tryin', but I still can't help it sometimes. But you
help make it better. I just don't want any of the guys at school to know
that I still have to get in bed with you sometimes. They'd make fun of me
and stuff!" Edward looked down at his feet in shame.

"Now Edward Adams, you just stop that! You might be surprised at how
many of those boys have fears just like yours. Fears they don't want
anybody to know about, either." Helen said.

She felt sorry for the boy and she knew he was right. Twelve year old
boys were not supposed to be running to their mothers beds for consolation
and comforting.

"Thanks, mom! You're the best! I'm gonna brush my teeth and hit the
sack. And you just watch, I'll stay in my room, no matter what!" He spun
and headed up the stairs as noisily as he had descended.

Helen watched him retreat up the stairs. She turned back to the
television as the local forecast was being presented. She smiled as she
saw the news of a large storm on the way and due to hit around one in the
morning. Her pussy twitched in anticipation.

She clicked off the television and made her own way upstairs to her
room. She passed the bathroom and glancing in she saw her son at the sink
brushing his teeth. She stopped and her eyes fastened on his form. She
could see the outline of his boyish prick and balls in his shorts. They
jiggled with the motions of his upper body as he brushed. Her nipples
hardened at the sight and her cunt began to shed moisture from the swollen
lips of her pussy. She brushed her hand across her breasts, lingering on
the swollen nipples. Edward glanced at her as he bent over the sink to
rinse his mouth and smiled at her.

She drew her hand away from her tits and turned to her bedroom. As
she entered her room her son called a last goodnight to her from the door
of his room. She answered and heard the door softly close. She removed
her nightgown and admired herself in her mirror. She saw a shapely and
beautiful woman staring back at her. Helen was not tall, about average
for a woman, but she had magnificent tits which required a 37C bra when
she wore one. Her ass was full and rounded with tapering thighs and
shapely calves. Years of athletics in college had given her a firm and
taught form. She prided herself on keeping in shape and for a woman of
thirty four, she was absolutely stunning. Some of her friends said she
reminded them of the actress that had played Wonder Woman on television.

Running her hands over her tits she played with the nipples and rolled
them in her fingers. Her tits throbbed with the attention. She crawled
into her bed and switched off the dim light. In a few hours she would be
fucking her young son. She smiled in the darkness and settled herself in
for the wait.

For once, the weather reports were accurate. A strong storm swept
down on the Adams home and the surrounding countryside right on time.
Lightning and thunder with strong gusts of wind buffeted the area shortly
after midnight. In Edwards room the walls were lit by the flashing of the
lightning and the window shook with the peals of thunder. Brought
abruptly awake by the noise the boy sat up in bed. He bravely tried to
find the courage to fight his fear and for a time he held his own. But
the storm raged outside and the images of the trees, frozen by the
lightning against his bedroom wall, and the thunder which boomed broke
down his resolve.

He quickly got out of his bed and almost ran to his mothers room. He
opened the door and crossed hurriedly to her bed. He could see she was
asleep and he made no sound as he slipped under the covers. She turned
over, facing the boy. Edward saw that she was nude. He wasn't sure what
to do. She had always worn bedclothes in the past. A sudden flash of
lightning made the boy hug her close. His young face nestled in her
breasts. She had placed her arm over him, holding him closely, motherly
instinct working even asleep. A nipple brushed against his lips. He held
her tightly as the storm continued. Soon, he slept in her arms.

Helen felt something vaguely familiar. Something exciting, yet she
could not place the feeling. Her sleepy mind slowly stirred and she felt
the sensation strongly. Edward was sucking her tit! She lay still, her
arm across the sleeping boy as he nursed on her swollen breast. She
shivered at the strong suckling on her sensitive nipple. She opened her
eyes and as they adjusted to the darkness she saw her son, snuggled in her
arms like a baby, his mouth closed tightly on her nipple. From time to
time his boyish tongue swirled around the tit tip as he sucked.

Helen felt the slickness of her pussy and she adjusted her position so
her sleeping son could suck even more of her tit into his mouth. She lay
still, her son sucking her breast like a baby. Her head was thrown back
and her breath was ragged. She moved her hand down between them to the
boys hips. She cupped her hand over his penis and balls and began to
softly caress them. Instantly her sons cock began to respond to the
touches of her hand. It swelled quickly as she massaged it through his
shorts. She felt for the opening and her fingers deftly fished the hard
cock and swollen balls from the opening. She felt a drop of liquid on the
tip of the boys prick and her thumb spread it over the head of his
throbbing cock. He sucked harder on her tit. She raised her leg and
gently laid it over her sons hips. She scooted closer and her hand held
his hard, hot cock slowly jacking him off.

She positioned herself so his cock was at the entrance to her cunt.
Slowly she rubbed the boys cock through the damp slit of her swollen
pussy. A hiss escaped her lips as she shivered with the sensations that
throbbed from her quivering cunt. She held his cock against the opening
and with a slight motion of her hips slid her wet, steaming pussy over the
head of her sons prick. Edward wiggled his sleeping body closer to his
mother and his mouth continued to suckle on her hard nipple.

The storm was starting to abate outside while Helen Adams began to
fuck her son in her bed. She sank her clasping vagina on the boys hard
cock and when she had his full length inside her she began to rock her
hips against the hard rod of boyish cock. She rubbed her clit over the
cock and screwed her pussy onto his erect and dripping penis. She
established a steady humping tempo that she knew would soon have her
soaring over the edge of orgasm. Her bedroom filled with the soft sounds
of a cock into cunt as she fucked her son.

Soon, Helen was vigorously thrusting the sleeping boys cock into her
pussy. She looked down at his lips sealed around her throbbing tit as he
sucked her while he slept. He reminded her of the times she had nursed
him while he was a baby. Now, she fucked herself on his cock, buried
fully in her cunt. She gasped for breath as she quickened her pace. She
humped her pussy on his cock faster and faster. The squishing sounds
filled her ears as she drew herself up and down the length of his boyish

Groaning, the lust crazed mother rolled herself over the boy and lay
atop him, his cock sank deep into her wanton body from below. She raised
herself up on her elbows and slammed her hips down on his cock. She felt
it harden even more and start to jerk inside her. Her hips flew up and
down on his prick, lubricated by her flowing juices and the pre-cum that
leaked from his piss hole into her. Looking down at his face she stared
as she saw his eyelids flutter, then snap open! He looked into his
mothers face, contorted by lust and surprise.

His mouth opened around her tit and his hips slammed up to meet her
thrusts. He tried to speak, but his mouth was frozen as his mother
continued to fuck him savagely. She smiled at the boy and lowered her
lips to his. She kissed her son, forcing her tongue into his open mouth.
He stared, unblinking into her glassy eyes then returned the fiery kiss.
His arms shot around her neck and he held her tightly as they fucked with
a primal energy.

Helen knew she was about to cum and wanted her son to cum with her.
She used the walls of her cunt to massage his surging prick as he now
rammed it into her on his own. His face screwed into a mask of unbridled
lust, he pounded himself against her belly. He groaned, then his body

Helen felt his prick jerk inside her and then she felt her orgasm
welling up from the depths of her incestual cunt to wash over the both of
them. Edward gave a last thrust and held his cock buried in his mothers
cunt. The hot, sticky sperm shot from the tip of his prick to sear the
inside of his mothers pussy with its heat. Gush after gush of boy spunk
flowed into her as she milked his cock in the throes of her orgasm. Her
hips ground into his and she uttered an animalistic cry as her pussy
clenched around her sons invading cock.

For what seemed to the panting woman like minutes her son ejaculated
into her. His cock seemed to spew jet upon jet of cum into the depths of
her waiting cunt as they lay still, she on top of her son, weight resting
on her elbows, her head beside his on the pillow. Now it was in the open,
she would have to admit to her son that she had been fucking him in his
sleep for weeks. But she didn't care. She only knew that she wanted to
continue to fuck him whenever she could. They would have to be careful
not to let anyone even think that they might be sleeping together. If
word got out that she was fucking her son the town would be in an uproar.

Rolling off her dazed and gasping boy, Helen looked over at him beside
her on the bed.

"Honey, I have to explain something to you..." She began as he lay,
spent and breathless beside her.

Four weeks later, Helen Adams came home from work and as she listened
to the messages on her answering machine she suddenly gasped. She
frantically rewound the fourth message.

"Helen, this is Dr. Brownings' office. We have the results of your
tests in and we want to congratulate you. You are eight weeks pregnant!
We're so happy for you! Call us and we will give you the details. Once
again, congratulations!"

Helen sat down on the floor next to the phone stand. She had not even
considered the fact that her son, a boy of only twelve years old, could
get her pregnant. Her mind whirled as she thought of the implications.
Her son had impregnated her! She had fucked her own son! A smile played
across her face as she thought of the times she had fucked the sleeping
boy and the first time she had felt his cum shoot into her pussy.

Her pussy quivered as she thought of the night a boy had gotten his
mother pregnant. She had a big surprise for her son when he got home from
school. He had just become a father!

Part III

She waited in the kitchen, nervously doodling on a note pad and
glancing at the clock on the wall above the refrigerator. Helen Adams
waited for her son, Edward to get home from school so she could tell him a
piece of very important news. She replayed over and over in her mind the
phone message her doctor's nurse had left. The message that told her she
was pregnant!

The nurse had assumed that her husband, George, who had left for
business in Central America a few weeks earlier, was the father. She was
wrong. Helen's son, Edward, was the father of the child Helen now carried
in her womb. She had made the immediate decision that she would have the
baby regardless of the cost to her own reputation or standing in the
community. She did not believe in abortion except in extreme cases where
the pregnancy threatened the life of the mother.

The minutes seemed to slow to a trickle as she kept an eye on the
clock waiting for the time when she would hear her son's footsteps on the
porch and his voice as he entered the hallway. Helen reflected on the
events that had put her and her son in this predicament. She could have
stopped it, but her lust for her young son, in the absence of her husband,
had prevailed.

She knew there would be no turning back from the first time she had
fucked the innocent young boy in his sleep. She shivered at the thought
of his young cock buried to the hilt in her steaming pussy spewing his boy
-seed deep into her waiting slit. Her nipples hardened at the thought and
she clenched her thighs together, shifting in the chair and wriggling her
ass against the seat. Her hand dropped into her lap and rubbed her pussy
through her slacks.

The sound of footsteps on the porch brought her back to the present
and she turned to the living room where her son would soon be appearing.
The door opened then she heard the sound of books being dropped on the
living room sofa.

"Hi mom! You home?" Edward Adams shouted from the living room.

"Yes . . . yes, honey! I'm in the kitchen!" She answered a nervous
catch in her voice.

Edward entered the kitchen and immediately went to the refrigerator.

"Boy! Am I hungry? You do anything interesting today, mom?" He
asked as he filled a glass with milk and sat down at the table across from
his mother.

"Well, yes. I have some news for you. But . . . " She hesitated,
trying to collect her emotions and thoughts.

Edward looked up quickly, a look of anxiety on his boyish face. "Is
something wrong? Dad . . . ?"

"No, it's not about your father. It's about us." She searched his
face for a reaction.

"Us? What about us? I haven't said anything at all to anybody, mom.
Nobody knows about us." He looked serious as he set the glass of milk on
the table.

Helen slid her chair over next to her son and took his hand in hers.

"Honey. It's not that. I guess the only way to tell you is to just
come out and say it!" he looked into her eyes and held her hand tightly.

"Go ahead, mom. What is it?"

Helen took a deep breath. "I'm pregnant!"

For a long time they set, motionless and silent, staring into each
others eyes. The second hand on the clock ticked away the seconds in
complete silence.

"What? But . . . I don't . . . what?" The startled boy sputtered.

"I said, I'm pregnant'. You know. Gonna have a baby. Your baby!"
Helen held her sons hand to her belly.

Edward sat, staring at her. He tried to grasp her words and he
thought that she had said she was pregnant, but how could that be. He was
only twelve. He opened his mouth, but nothing came out.

"Now just take it easy honey! Try to remember to breathe. In and
out, there you go."

Helen knew that it must be a considerable shock for the boy to get
news like this. You just didn't go around getting your mother pregnant
every day of the week when you are a twelve-year-old boy.

"How?" He managed to blurt out the word.

"You know how! In bed those nights. You sticking your hard cock into
me and shooting your hot cream into my pussy. It was only a matter of

"But . . . but . . . mom! I'm only twelve! I didn't think . . . I
mean . . . holy shit! You're pregnant! I'm a father. Father . . . uh
oh, dad!" He looked at his mother as his lips formed the last word.

"Yeah, uh oh is right, Eddy! I have to think of something and quick.
We have a real problem with timing. Your father made love to me before he
left, but that was more than nine weeks ago. I'm just about seven weeks
pregnant right now. You know what that means?" She squeezed his hand
against her belly.

The boy thought then his eyes widened.

"Nine weeks and you're seven . . . oh, no! He'll know that he can't
be the father. Wow! We got a problem, mom!"

"We sure do. Your dad is no idiot, Eddy! The tests they have now are
very good. They told me that they thought they had the actual day of the
week, give or take a day, that I conceived."

"And dad will want to see the test results won't he?" Edward asked.

"Damn right he will. Your father always insists on reviewing any
information he gets. He can't help it being an engineer. We gotta think
about this, son. If your father finds out that you and I have been
fucking, he'll flip."

Edward sat very still, his hand on his mothers stomach, his eyes
staring past her into space. His young mind reeled as it tried to absorb
the past few minutes. He couldn't think clearly. He looked down at his
mother's belly and he gently rubbed over it.

"Mom, I'm a father. I don't even have a job! What are we gonna do?"

"Right now, the least of your worries is the fact that you don't have
a job! You're twelve, Eddy! This is my problem for the most part and I
have to figure out what to do about it. But I will tell you this, I will
have this baby and if we can come up with some way to convince your father
that it is his baby we have to do it soon. He's gonna be home in two

Eddy drew himself up in his chair and he looked forcefully at his

"Mom, this is my baby and we both have to figure out something. I'll
do anything I can. We can't let anybody know I'm the real father. We
have to keep that a secret forever."

"Honey, you are growing up fast! I'm proud of you for saying that,
son. And yes, we have to keep the secret of whom the real father is from
everyone. I could go to jail and we could lose the baby to the state."

Helen sighed as she looked into her son's eyes. They reflected the
love the boy had for his mother and not just the physical side of their
mutual lust. He was deeply concerned for her well-being.

"I have an idea, mom!" He turned on his chair and faced her fully.

"Go ahead, son. We need ideas, fast!"

"We get the records at the doctor's office and alter the date they say
you were impregnated! They keep all that stuff on a computer don't they?"
He asked, excitedly.

"Yes, they have my records on their computer, but how, son? The
office is locked and there are always a couple of people behind the desk
when the office is open."

"Well, we just find a way to get in there! We don't have much of a
choice. It's the only thing I can think of that will work."

Helen thought about it and hugging her son firmly she held him at arms

"You're right, Eddy! We have to find a way to get into that office.
Unfortunately the only way I can think of is to break in after they close
for the day."

"O.K. Now we come up with a way to get inside. Maybe we should drive
down there and check out the office. We can walk around the place and see
if there's a window or door or something we can use."

"God, I can't believe this! Let's get going before I come to my
senses and do something rational." Helen rose from the table.

"Alright! Don't worry, mom, we'll do it! We gotta do it!"

They hugged again and Eddy ran for the door. He held it open for his
mother as she gathered her purse from the living room table.

"Let's go plan a felony!" She patted him on the butt as they left the

Driving the few miles into town they exchanged worried glances and as
they pulled into the parking lot of the large clinic they sat in silence
for a few minutes staring at the building. Edward took his mothers hand
and gave it a reassuring squeeze.

"Let's go, mom! We can't stop now. We gotta find a way inside there
or we're in big trouble!" He said as he opened the door of the car and
stepped out.

"O.K., honey, but I have a question before we go case the joint, so to
speak." Helen grabbed her purse and pocketed the keys.

"Shoot, mom!"

"Do you know how to access their computer files once we do get inside
the place?" She asked in a worried tone of voice.

"I got straight A's in computer science this term, mom. I'm the top
computer science student at school." Edward stated flatly.

He wasn't kidding. All his teachers had praised him for his ability
and aptitude at the computer arts and now he was going to have to put his
knowledge to use. The fact that he would be committing a felony didn't
enter his mind. But it did cross his mothers' mind.

"You know we could be arrested and locked up for what we're about to
try to do?" Helen pointed out.

"Oh, yeah! I know. But if we don't do it jail will be a reasonable
alternative compared to what dad will do to both of us if he finds out we've
been fucking."

Oooh, Eddy I love it when you say that!" Helen hugged her son and her
hand crept down to caress his butt through his pants.

"MOM! Cut that out!" He laughed as he brushed his mother's hand
away, playfully. "We got a job to do then we can think about that stuff!"

"You are so much like your father, Eddy, I guess that's why I did what
I did. I missed him and you reminded me so much of him I couldn't help
myself. You don't think I'm a slut, do you?" She asked as they casually
strolled along the walk outside the clinic, eyeing the doors and windows
as they walked.

Eddy looked at his mother. She was so beautiful and funny and serious
all at the same time. He loved her as both his mother and as a lover. He
stopped suddenly on the walk and pointed to a service door almost hidden
by a low retaining wall and a large bush.

"There! Right there, mom! See that door and the window over it?" He
motioned toward the door, glancing both ways on the sidewalk, then
stepping into the protected area by the door.

Helen followed him into the small alcove. She looked at the door and
then above it at a window about six inches above the door. It was open
about an inch.

"The window is open! Do you think they leave it open when they close
up?" She asked, staring up at the window.

"It looks like there are spider webs on the window frame and look at
the dust line on the glass there." He pointed at the thin grey line of
dust on the window glass.

"Yeah. So, O.K., Sherlock Holmes, what can you deduce from those
observations?" She asked using her best Dr. Watson imitation.

They both laughed at the poor, but passable, faked British accent.

"Well, you see . . . " Edward began, as the immortal detective,
" . . . the spider webs are strong, yet fragile. If the window had been
closed in the recent past they would be torn. Then the telltale line of
dust would indicate that the window has been open for quite some time
allowing the dust to accumulate in the line on the glass we observe

Both laughed out loud at the sound of their meager attempt s at a
proper' accent. Helen stood back from her son and gave an approving look.

"You are positively astounding, young man! Your father would be very
proud of you at that display of reasoning. I am very proud of you right
now!" She kissed his forehead and stood back to look at the window.

"I'm quite strong, you know. I think I could boost you up to the

"That was exactly what I was thinking, mom! Lets get back home and
wait for darkness. We can park the car over at the mall and walk over
from there. There won't be any cars left in the lot after everyone goes
home and we don't want to take any chances."

"You would make a very good cat burglar. You know that?" Helen
tousled the boys' hair as they walked back to the car.

"Thanks, I think!" He said, as they walked down the side walk.

Eight o'clock and Helen and her son stand in front of the full length
mirror in the hallway looking themselves over.

"I can't believe we're going to do this, honey! Look at us!" Helen
said, gesturing at their reflections in the mirror.

The mirror showed two figures, one a woman and the other a young boy,
side by side. They were dressed in black from head to toe. The boy
carried a small black pouch slung over his shoulder. He looked at the

"We look like we're auditioning for a part in some martial arts film!
I feel like an idiot, mom. If anybody sees us in this stuff, they'll lock
us both up in the funny farm!"

"Let's just make sure that doesn't happen, O.K.?" She said.

"Right! Let's do it!" Edward gave his mother the thumbs up and they
turned for the door.

The car pulled slowly into a distant parking space at the back of the
sprawling suburban shopping mall. Two figures, clad in black, emerged and
hurriedly walked away in the general direction of the nearby medical
clinic. They whispered in low tones as the walked together down the
sidewalk that bordered the large brick building. They quickly crossed the
distance to the darkened side of the building.

Stepping into the sheltered alcove they had discovered earlier they

"I'll boost you up and you open the door when you make sure there are
no alarms." Helen whispered.

"If I find an alarm I'll knock on the door twice, O.K.?" Edward said.

"O.K. Now up you go!"

Helen easily lifted her son until he grasped the window sill over the
metal door. With a quick shove he opened the window to its' maximum width
and looking inside the room quickly he scrambled through and dropped
silently inside.

Crouched on the floor, he opened the small pouch he carried and
switched on a small flashlight. As the small, bright beam played over the
darkened interior of the room he noted the contents. Stacks of boxes,
stationary and other office supplies, a desk and chair were all
illuminated in the light. He turned to the door and quickly examined the
door frame and the lock area. No alarm could be seen. He through the
deadlock and opened the door.

"Let's go, mom!" He whispered.

"The computers are behind the front desk reception area. Through that
door, there!" She pointed down the short hallway.

They made their way cautiously down the hall and through the door
Helen had indicated. The office was dark and Edward used the small
flashlight sparingly to avoid anyone seeing the light from outside. The
reception area was visible in the faint light from various phones and
other office equipment. Two computer consoles could be seen at the back of
the open office area.

"There they are!" Helen said, pointing toward the dimly lit machines.

"Mom, hold the light down here at the floor. Don't point it up,
someone could see the light through the entrance doors if they were right
outside." Edward said, handing the flashlight over to his mother.

He slipped into the chair behind the nearest console and found the
power switch. The screen lit up, bathing them in a soft glow. A few
clicks and noises and the machine announced it was ready for work.

"O.K. here we go! Keep your fingers crossed! Patient accounts,
social security number and name." He read aloud the information on the

"Right! 543-45-7898." Helen recited her social security number as
her son typed in the digits.

"Good! No passwords to fool with. I figured they wouldn't bother
with them. Here it comes." Edward studied the screen as his mother
watched over his shoulder.

"There you are, mom! Right where you're supposed to be. Now to get
the test results up and alter the date." He contemplated the options
listed and clicked on the lab report file for his mother.

"That's it, honey! The second page . . . there! That's the date we
have to change. It has to be earlier so your father thinks the baby is

"What do you think, make it a few days before he left? We don't want
to put an exact date on it. It says here in the notes that this series of
tests is accurate to plus or minus three days, maybe two at the best"
Edward said as he examined the text of the test reports on the screen.

"Yeah, a couple days is fine. Now we have to find the hard copy and
change those, too! They must be in that file over there on the wall. I'll
find my file while you finish up here."

"O.K., mom. Let's hurry, though. This makes me nervous."

"You too, huh? I guess we aren't used to breaking and entering. We're
gonna have to print a new version of the hard copy. Can you do that?"
Helen whispered as she made her way to the filing cabinets.

"No problem. The print menu is right here. I'm almost done with this
end of it. There . . . got it!" He exclaimed.

Helen had the file open and had located her file. She withdrew the
copy and waved it at her son. Edward nodded his head in the affirmative
and turned to the computer. In a few seconds one of the printers in the
office began to run. Helen went over to it and gave her son the high

Edward closed up the file and made a quick search for any other
copies. They had not loaded the file to a floppy so he exited the program
and logged off the machine. The room was dark again as the screen went

"Yes! We did it, mom!" He raised his fist in the air.

"Alright! Let's get the hell out of here! We don't want to press our
luck!" She gave her son a high five and they hurried for the rear door
they had used to get into the facility.

Once outside the door which they had carefully closed behind them,
they hugged each other.

"Honey, you were fantastic. You should work for the CIA. That was so
exciting, I'm shaking!" Helen hugged her son.

"Thanks, mom! You were great, too! Let's go home before we get
arrested in these outfits!"

The two made their way back to their car in the mall parking lot,
walking with arms around one another. They got into the car and drove
quickly away.

"That was an experience I will never forget!" Helen said as she
steered through the parking lot.

"You said it, mom! I'm glad that's over with! You know what?" He
scooted next to her in the seat.


"I love you, mom!" He threw his arms around his mother and kissed her
on the cheek.

"I love you, honey!" She responded.

Edward rested his head on his mother's shoulder idly playing with her
hair. He reached over and his hand closed over her breast.

"Edward! You naughty boy!" She giggled.

His hand slipped between the buttons on the black shirt she wore and
found her right breast clad in the bra she wore. He gently slid the cup
of the bra down to expose her tit and closed his hand over her bare flesh.

"Oh, Eddy! Careful, I might crash!" She moved her arm so he could
get better access to her throbbing tit, driving with one hand.

Finding her nipple, he tweaked it softly with his fingers making her
gasp and squirm in her seat. It sprang up under his fingers as he teased
it to hardness. Then leaning over he unbuttoned the top three buttons of
the garment and swept his tongue over her tit.

"Oh, shit! Eddy, that is heaven. This isn't fair. I have to drive!"
She complained.

"Keep your eyes on the road, mom!" He responded.

She hugged his body close while he ran his tongue over her rapidly
stiffening nipple. His mouth engulfed the hard nub and Helen thought she
was going to lose control of the vehicle at the touch of her sons lips on
her nipple.

Edward shifted slightly and began to suck hard on his mother's tit.
He leaned over her and his other hand swept up her leg and over her
crotch. He rubbed it through her slacks and she arched her hips up to his

"God, you'll get us in a wreck. Oh, honey your mouth . . . " She
gasped while his mouth sucked her tit and his hand rubbed her feverish

Helens' pussy quivered as her son rubbed up and down the slit though
her slacks. She held his head against her tit as he suckled the swollen
nipple like a baby. Several cars passed them as they made their way
back to their home and Helen wondered if they could see inside the car as
her son bent over her exposed breast. The driveway appeared and she
nearly missed the turn as waves of desire swept her lust wracked body.
She threw the car into park and raised her sons lips to hers.

"I love you, Eddy!" She gasped as she kissed the boy deeply. "Let's
get inside! Hurry!" She muttered between his lips.

They ran inside the house and as the door shut behind them they turned
and began to rip clothes off of the other in a frantic attempt to bare

"God, mom! You are so beautiful! I want to fuck you forever and
ever!" Edward exclaimed, his hands peeling his shirt and trousers off.

"Yes, baby! I want you to fuck me! Fuck me now, hurry!" She gasped
as her lips sought his, hands removing her blouse and unbuttoning her
black slacks. Her panties were moist at the crotch, clinging between the
lips of her waiting pussy.

Edward ripped her bra down and it fell of her tits to the floor to
join the remainder of her clothes in a pile beside her sons. He closed
his mouth over her tit and she stiffened at the hot, moist clasping of his
boyish lips. His hands roamed over her tight, round ass, squeezing the
cheeks and pressing her mound against his rapidly growing cock.

"Oh, god, Eddy! I can feel your cock! You're getting hard. You're
getting hard for mommy! Fuck me, please! Now!" She whispered into her
son's ear, her voice husky with lust.

Edward started to move her toward the sofa, never letting his mouth
leave the peak of her magnificent tit. She felt the sofa against the back
of her legs and she slowly lowered herself to its' soft surface. Edward
moved to place himself between her spreading legs as she lay back on the
sofa. He saw the gleam of pure carnal lust in her eyes. He remembered the
look in her eyes the night he had awakened to find her over him, fucking
herself on his erect cock.

"I'm gonna fuck the hell out of you, mom! Do you want that?" He

"Hell yes! Yes, yes, yes! Fuck me, honey! Do it, now!" Her words
were a demand, not a request.

Edward moved between her legs and taking his iron hard boy cock in his
hand he guided it toward her waiting pussy. Beads of moisture were
visible on her pussy lips as she waited for her sons cock to enter her
slit. She locked her legs behind his back and her hands rested on his
hips. He placed the swollen head of his young cock at the entrance to her
body. She threw her head back and closed her eyes. With a quick,
powerful shove he drove his cock fully into her.

Helen bucked her pussy up at her son's cock as it filled her to his
young balls. He held his cock inside her and as she opened her eyes to
find him staring down at their entwined bodies he caught her gaze and
slowly, almost dream like, he withdrew his swollen cock. Her pussy
grasped its length as he pulled it out, stopping with just the head inside

"Do you want me to fuck you fast or slow, mother?" He asked, through
clenched teeth.

"Fast and hard, baby! I need you inside me fast and hard. Will you
do it for me?" Her voice was breaking as she replied.

Shoving his cock back inside her he answered, "Fuck yes! Take it!"

Edward began to fuck his mother as fast as he could. His cock
withdrew almost the full length and then slammed back inside her cunt. She
closed her legs tighter around his hips and returned his thrusts with her

"Uhnnnn! Uhnnn! Uhnnn!" Her groans echoed the slapping of his balls
against her ass hole as he fucked her as hard and fast as he was capable.

"I can't last very long, mom! I'm gonna cum anytime! Ohhhhh, yeah!
Your pussy is so tight and wet!"

"Cum, honey! Cum inside me. I want to feel your cum inside my pussy.
Feel it wash over my cunt. Your cum, your baby making cum! Please fuck
me!" Helen panted.

She could feel her own orgasm building as her son pounded his cock
inside her cunt. Relentlessly he hammered his prick back and forth inside
his mother's body. She began to shake and she uttered small grunts and
groans as his cock raced inside her.

"Ohhhhh . . . yaaaaghhh! Shit, mom! Here it comes!" He shouted, his
young body tensing for its climax.

His balls spasmed and his load of cum shot down the hard length of his
cock. Helen felt his cock jerk inside her pussy and her orgasm triggered
a powerful clenching of her vagina on her sons incestuous cock. Edward
buried his cock one final time to the hilt inside her and kept it there.
It spewed jet after jet of hot boy cum deep inside her pussy. Helen
almost fainted at the feeling of her sons cum splashing inside her. She
brought his face down to hers. They locked in an embrace of pure desire.
Her tongue flashed around that of her sons. Her hips raised off the sofa
to lock against his.

Spasm after spasm wracked the young boys body as his mother held his
squirting cock inside her. They bucked together as one body in the throes
of their mutual ecstasy. Panting in exhaustion, they slowed their
frenetic pace to finally stop, locked together.

"That was fucking incredible!" Helen whispered.

"Yeah!" Was all her son could manage to say.

They lay together, his cock inside her for minutes, gently caressing
one another and softly exchanging deep, soulful kisses. His head resting
on his mothers breast, one hand encircling the firm orb, Edward knew he
would fuck his mother for a long time to come. Helen knew also that she
would not stop her behaviour now. They would be lovers for as long as they
could keep their secret from the world.

"Mom?" Edward asked, quietly.

"Yes baby?" Her hands stroked his young back.

"I want to fuck you even after dad gets back. Will you?"

"God, yes! We have to be careful, though! We have to pretend that we're
just mother and son while he is around."

"You love him, don't you, mom?"

Helen looked her son, her young lover, in the eyes and answered, "Yes,
Eddy. I do love your father. I never meant for us to happen, but I don't
regret it! You shouldn't either."

He returned her gaze and placing his head back on her breast he
whispered, "Good. I don't want you to stop loving him. And I don't want
to stop loving you."

Helen Adams held her young son in her mothering arms and she thought
to herself that she was right. Her son was growing up. And she loved


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2016-08-24 21:38:55
"Edwards Motherly Love:" - Twelve Year Old Very Mature Son, Edward Adams and Thirty-four Year Old Married Mother, Helen Adams.

Second read in 16 months. The story is the same, but I now have even more appreciation for the overall magnificence of the theme, context and message!! I can understand the mother's care and love of her son, and I absolutely can relate to the son's emotional and sexual love for his mother. I was twelve years old once and I absolutely relate to Edward's maturity and urges for his mother, all wrapped in male/female love--beyond mother and son for each other.....been there, done that and fully understand all aspects of Edward's acceptance of Helen's woman, mother and female draw to her son!

To those all-knowing naysayers and apocalypstic seers, this is Fictional, Not True. However, we readers are left to our own devices, thoughts, fetishes and fantasies. I read the Bible, History and Pornography, all of which I enjoy and do draw my own conclusions!

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best story ever pls write pt2 fast and quick


2015-04-06 21:39:29
Wow , I loved that, I totally agree with the review underneath, my only criticism is, I would have loved more . This story was so much more polished than the story about ' sister Debs' , the story had everything I just loved it and it made me quite hot and hirny, very good. Thanks xx

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"Edwards Motherly Love:" - Edward and Helen Adams - (Twelve Year Old Son and Thirty-four Year Old Mother).

A very beautiful story of a mother's initiation of her son into their respectful, endearingly romantic love-for-each-other, consummated incestual, mutual sexual relationship. The thrill of the story is that mother Helen is over joyed to learn she has been impregnated by her loving son! Her son Edward, is likewise elated, and maturely accepts the news, when his mother tells him the fantastic news that they are to be new parents in about seven months!!

My disappointment?? The story is TOO short. It is well written, well versed and has great character portrayal by Helen's and Edward's roles! The story has suspnse, humor and levity, impish behavior, love, romance and admiration and respect! All the factors necessary to make a good story GREAT!!!

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I LOVE that baby making incest with mothers and sons!

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