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A living person wakes up to an existence that is a matter of many puzzles.
No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in this story. The two principals are produced as adults.

THE UNKNOWN: The Beginning

My first sensation was of hearing. I heard the rustle of clothing around me. I don’t know its source, and I didn’t know how I know what it was, but it was close on one side of me. I now was awake enough to know that I didn’t have any memories or specific identity, except for a sense of ‘me.’ I did have a vast amount of knowledge available and key words or expressions were explained to me with a vocabulary that I could understand. But the relationship of this knowledge to me as an identity was not clear at this time.

As my thoughts began to organize themselves, I noticed that certain groups of words or expressions were red flagged to me. Words like: birth child, clone, amnesiac, brain damaged and emerging intelligence. There was no ranking of them, so it was apparent to me that whoever was sponsoring this awakening for me doesn’t want to reveal their hand at this time. And yes, I realized the connection of this expression to a well-known card game.

Under the subject of ‘body,’ I ed to gain an awareness of the living unit that I was part of and started to take a mental inventory of it. I felt that the first useful thing would be to open my eyes, but when I did, I quickly began to see the limit of the effectiveness of that, because the space that I occupied (a room, I surmise) is darkened and barely lit with an unlocatable light source that was very dim, perhaps only light enough to prevent other seeing creatures from bumping into the furniture, as the expression goes.

But, my sense of touch was not limited by this, as soon as I discovered that I had one. So, with a general knowledge of my body’s shape and appendages, I felt around to take a physical inventory now. I quickly discovered by touch in a central area that I was a male. I immediately realized that that would have a considerable influence on my opportunities in my future, if I had one. At least I know what a future is and what a number of paths in it that can be had.

As I felt up my left arm, I now realized the difference between left and right and it isn’t as easy as you might surmise, because it depends on the position of the observer or relater to determine it. But, on my left upper arm as it is designated from my orientation, I felt something warm and tubular attached to it. There didn’t seem to be any pain related to it. So, it must not have been entered into me as previously this kind of appliance used to be, but never the less it was very firmly attached and so I decided to not disturb it for the present time.

I then fell back into an unconscious sleep, with no dreams. How can there be dreams when there is no memory and none are being supplied to me? I guess the sponsoring agency wanted me to gain my own memories as I went along in whatever program I was part of.

When I next awakened, I noticed that the tube is gone, permanently or temporarily, I don’t know. And I have a freedom of movement that I now realized that I didn’t’ have before. I had been attached to the surface that I was laying on by some means that I have no idea of how and now was not. That was the limit of my understanding of this. So, I assumed that I have been now granted at least limited allowance to move around off of my ‘bed,’ a now recognized term, and so made an effort to stand up.

That was a real adventure, with no personal experience in the balancing of a slightly unbalanced mass on two newly realized lower appendages called legs and feet. But, from my fund of knowledge, I know that with some practice that this ability will accentuate and become just a matter of achieved relevance that will require very little active thought about it. So, I waddled around and managed to not run into anything or fall to the floor. After several minutes, I began to think that I had this mastered, but when I extended my efforts, I found that I still needed a lot of practice in this and so determined that in each awakened state, that I would practice this ability.

After a bit of this, I noticed a sensation from my middle that something was wrong. When I thought about it, I identified that I was hungry and needed nourishment. I had sensed that I was under constant observation for some time and evidently my handlers recognized the evidence before their eyes and moved in with some food for me. They played a video of a person eating and played it on the wall while I tried to copy their example. I did very much better on this than my initial attempts at standing and walking and so this must be some kind of natural ability, I surmised. The food tasted good and the full belly felt even better.

Over the next few days as this routine was established, I got the desire to expand my area of physical experience. And since, the room had an unguarded opening, I sensed no reason to not do so. So, in my newly acquired walking ability, I moved out of my room and entered a larger world for me. I immediately entered a long hallway with a lot of dead ends as I discovered, but halfway down on one side there was another open door with a very diffuse light coming from it.

So, I with a little trepidation entered that room and noticed something, someone, laying on its bed. It looked up to me and from its silhouette and body features, I identified it as female of the same species as me. For some reason that I was not immediately aware of, this was a considerable comfort and stimulation to me. As this occurred to me, my mind filled me in on that since I was of adult development and she was too, that this attraction was quite normal and very powerful, too.

So, I approached her carefully to determine what her situation was at the present. I noticed that she still had the tube to her arm and seemed to be anchored to the bed. And so I with confidence from that approached and used my mouth to address her. Since this ability was right then new to me, I was at first stunned with its use. But, with abilities stored for my use, I got the hang of it very quickly. And she seemed to be surprised by this too.

I asked her who she was and if she was okay. But, her abilities in this regard were still latent so she tried to communicate with me with her head movements and answered me, with shaking from side to side and then a nod up and down. I took that as she was unsure of who she was and that as far as she knew that she was fine.

I then moved up to use my hands to verify the knowledge that I had about females. And she passed the grade, if she actually needed to. Her face was soft and faceted in its shape and crowned with a luxuriant head of shiny and wonderfully tamed hair. Her eyes were very large and expressive, her nose small and slim and her mouth wide with full lips. Her skin in the relative darkness seemed to be light brown and her general body shape was long, slim and rounded according to the comparative illustrations that came up into my mind. She seemed to get a lot of humor with my close examination of her body, she giggled a bit.

Then of all things, she looked me fully in the eyes and like a snake charmer, a reference that I was quickly supplied, she after getting my full attention, motioned with her eyes and chin down to her middle regions where she had widened her legs. When I started to move down and see what this was all about, she vigorously nodded her agreement with that movement.

When I got into the region that she evidently desired she slightly lifted her knee to indicate to me to stop at that location. As I checked out this locale, I recognized it as the area of the elimination ports and reproductive workings. I wondered what she had in mind for me there. But, as I looked closer, I caught the aroma of a woman’s birth port and was immediately seized with the desire to move very much closer.

It was opened up to my estimation from its normal closed state, and was very red to sight. And it seemed to be leaking a thick liquid that with its odor and other features powerfully drew me to it. So, I moved down to it and my tongue of its own mind shot out to sample its taste. With this I heard noises from the female’s head that I identified as moans from my data base, and felt her hips and belly moving in concert with my actions. When I moved my mouth to and in to her birth orifice and then on to her upper little structure in her abominable slit, she became very vocal and her body shimmied and shook and the special woman liquid flooded out of her baby orifice. I without even thinking moved my mouth up to take in all of this liquid and swallowed it to my immense pleasure.

When I had calmed down, I wiped my face off with a piece of cloth in the vicinity. Neither of us had any clothes on at that time.

When I came up to her face to engage with her again, she again stared powerfully into my eyes and then motioned to her side of the bed with her face. And then she turned her head and moved it to as close to the side as she could with her mouth opened in a rounded shape. It took me a few seconds to realize what she was indicating, but from my data base again a quick reference to what this signifies was supplied. She was offering me a ‘blow job’ in appreciation for what I had done for her, I figured out. That spoke very well for her in my estimation.

And so, I moved forward and planted my penis as I now realized it was called into her mouth and she began to very gently engage it with her lips, tongue and back of her mouth. As soon as it got really hard, which was an initial surprise to me, she became very much more vigorous in her mouthing on it and sucking of it and soon, too soon in my mind, I dumped something analogous to what I had sampled at her now recognized term ‘pussy’ and she accepted it and swallowed it as I had hers, to her evident enthusiasm and good will too.

With that, I sat on the side of the bed and lightly caressed her skin and when I became tired with the lowering of my lustful stage, I nodded to her and moved back to my room to gather my thoughts and get some restful sleep.

I moved down to see her after each long sleep time over a period of time and the next thing that was spurred in us was what was called ‘69’ which we came to recognize was a very specific reference to the position of the two numbers to the relative positions of the practitioners of this sexual practice. Besides feeling really good, we seemed to both recognize the friendliness of this engaging of each other at the same time and it became one of the main sexual practices between us from then on. Eventually we moved on to sharing in this with us facing each other reversed but on our side, braced up with pillows. In this position, we could extend this pleasure for very long periods of times.

After a time of these interactions; time being a recognized term by us, but with no reference except the unreliable factoring in of our sleeping sessions not a measurable factor, we both awoke after a long sleep and found ourselves in a large room, one behind one of the former dead-end doors together on one larger bed. This was not a bad situation for us as we immediately turned to each other and celebrated with a vigorous 69 right then. When we hand in hand moved out to the hallway, we found our previous individual rooms now shut off, so we had only our shared room to occupy and enjoy.

One thing that we noticed on the bed eventually, was a crest in the middle of the headboard, with the initials, D.M.I. We never figured out what they meant: the sponsoring organization, the manufacturer of the bed or even maybe them.

That night after our shared meal, there showed on the wall a video describing and showing the steps of impregnation and child birth. We were both mesmerized by this program and got the message that we were now free to enter upon this process ourselves. We did, however, get the implications of the changes that this would bring into our lives.

But, that night, after all of the kissing, caressing, suckling on each other and 69 (ing), we entered new territory with me initializing as shown and then entering up into her vagina. Thankfully the sponsors had already eliminated the hymen, so that there was no pain associated with this effort. Only pleasure and purpose. And with her and me both heavily breathing and holding each other in a profound lover’s clutch, I emptied myself up into her body and we simply slumped to the bed and immediately fell deeply asleep. With me still up in her.

When we woke up in the morning, we had rolled to our sides facing each other with me still partially parked up in her baby passage. We looked each other in the eyes and seemed to feel that that was the way it was supposed to be. And reached out to pull each other in close and moved our heads to each other’s shoulders and smiled, though the other could only feel it, not see it. We then moved to use the little room with the shower in it. These facilities had been expanded lately in anticipation of additional use, evidently. It was never easy to read the sponsor’s purpose in many of the things done, like why they existed at all, since the sponsor provided voluminous general information, but as to the specifics involving them, they got little info at all. So, much of what they learned was from their experiences, with a relating of them to the very large data base supplied to them.

On one day, while they were just hanging out, a very usual activity, a video came up on the wall displaying a whole lot of very exciting and advanced modes of sexual play. They enjoyed the display and took note of a few of them, but were mostly very satisfied with just regular sex augmented by loving and lengthy oral play on each other. They did adopt anal play, though as a very adventurous occasional activity.

A few weeks after the initiation of full sex, the female got really sickened, evidently from the bodily changes brought on by their success in getting her pregnant. Concurrent with this, a couple of other changes came about also. They were encouraged to take names and so jointly took Sierra for her and Jamie for him. Also, another door in the hallway became open to them and in it was found a very large room full of plants and a few small animals including cats and dogs. They took to these right away and the feelings were mutual. Whenever they took their daily walk in this little forest, there was a rush to them by these animals upon their entering, and a following of them all around the walking circuit, that they utilized each day.

About the time that Sierra started to swell in the tummy, another video showed them how they could take an active part in the growing and caring for things in the mini-forest. This provided them with an additional outlet for their energies, which was timely, because with her added weight and stress of pregnancy, the two of them thought that they should back off from as much sex as they had become used to.

Eventually, while she was still carrying the unborn baby, a couple of the animals, one cat and one dog became bold enough to follow them to their rooms and from then on took up residence with them. With this the sponsors provided the necessary equipment and facilities to cope with this and the little family unit took shape then.

After about nine months, not that the couple had any specific recognition of time intervals yet, except for the days in the forest, she came up missing when he woke up. He was panicky to have seemingly lost her and was despondent for the whole day. But, a couple of days later she reappeared with a much smaller version of them, a tiny female, and seemed no worse for wear for the experience. He knew to expect the nursing activity to feed the baby, but was surprised at how very meaningful it was for him to observe this simple feeding procedure. He just couldn’t enough of it, and wanted to sample the taste for himself. Since the couple had been developed very sparely in their environment with not a lot of imposed rules, she saw no reason to forbid this to him, and they were drawn even closer together as he shared the tit with his young daughter.

Again a whole lot of new equipment was supplied and an extra room for the baby was opened for her residence. Somewhat earlier, the lighting had become much brighter as they were progressing to a more intensive life experience. But, with the baby and its responsibilities, Sierra soon asked for Jamie to take more of his time in the forest, so that she could minister to the baby, with fewer distractions. They were still very engaged with each other and very affectionate when the baby was sleeping. And she continued to nurse the both of them at meal times and him in bed.

After a few more years, Misty the little girl was joined by Argus a boy. The family was coping very well indeed and the sponsors were then provided with a serious problem and so arranged a staff meeting to decide where to proceed with this experiment from then on.

A Mr. Wilson, probably not his real name, called the meeting to order and then filled in the rest with the facts about the young couple in the training facility.

“Fellow board members, we have to now make a decision about the couple number five in the training facility. As you know they were only intended to interact for about a year, until their minds were wiped to be used for objects of our mental transference protocol for paying customers.

But, to be honest, there came to be deep interest in the relationship shown as it developed and before we knew it we were not only dealing with two lively subjects, but a truly strong and energized family unit, pets and all.

It has now come to our attention that there is no way that we could wipe the memories of this couple and their children. Not even the pets. So what are we to do? They can’t go on here, our limited facilities need to be utilized for other experiments and income producing transferences.”

After a brief pause while the other members of the board considered the ramifications of this, a lady board member raised her hand and was recognized. “Yes, Mrs. Findley. What is on your mind?”

“Isn’t this a fine ‘how do you do?’ An experiment with disposable people transcends it purpose and now we are here struggling to decide what to do about it. I have seen the videos of this couple and it is true, they have under rather limited circumstances built up a very strong relationship with each other. One that amazingly in a lot of ways greatly resembles the ‘Great American Middle-Class Dream of a Family’ in people’s dreams. Even when really outrageous sexual activities were suggested to them, they elected to not indulge in most of them, but with few exceptions limited themselves to a very moderate sexual course between them. And from a very sexually sponsored beginning, they have kept the home fires burning, while developing a very admirable family atmosphere. I can’t see us destroying this in any way. It is just too wonderful to wipe out.”

With this summation, there were a whole lot of nodding heads around the table and then one of the technicians rose his hand. “Yes, Mr. Handy, you are recognized by the board.”

‘If I might suggest something to the board. Why not train them for being dispersed to one of the growing number of human rated but undeveloped planets? The ‘Bene Gesserit’ of THE UNIT is always looking for good candidates for this. And since they haven’t really been sensitized to life in the general population of this country, they should take to a positive new environment very well. I could contact the authorities in charge of this and see about it.”

So, Mr. Wilson polled the members of the board and it was unanimous in agreement. And so, Mr. Handy was put in charge of the procedure. There was just no way that they could waste such an engaging and encouraging experimental success.

A year later, the young couple with their now three children walked out of a space transfer unit from a very large ship above the planet’s surface and took up with seven other couples in the establishing of a brand new human colony. They were supplied with all that they needed to start the process (including four pet cats and four pet dogs) and the expectations were very high for this effort.

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