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The interval was over and act 2 about to commence
As the second act began, Ruth and Bob had returned to their table and Ruth had left a glistening trail of cum along the floor behind her. The load that Greg the dwarf had deposited in her seemed enormous and she could feel it leaking with her every step. Her cunt was still tingling at the spinning the dwarves had given her and as she reached the table she decided to remain standing rather than sit and she leaned forwards across the table to rest on her forearms. Bob was seated but decided to enjoy Ruth from where he was and he leaned forwards to sink two fingers up into her. She loved the feel of him against her now pulsing cunt walls and she eased back against him. She was well stretched and he was then able to insert his other two fingers into her, followed by his thumb, so that he could gently fist her as she stood against the table and he received calls of encouragement from the tables around them and Ruth received shouts of admiration.

Meanwhile, the curtains had opened to reveal two women outside a house door. One was aged about forty and had on a tight fitting long dress, slit to the waist and with a plunging neckline whilst the other was no more than eighteen wearing a short skirt, thin top and bare midriff. “Come here my little one,” the older of the two called, “I have made this hooded coat for you to keep you warm and I need to see how well it fits.”

“Thanks you mother,” the younger replied, “that is such a beautiful red coat you have made for me, how can I thank you for looking after me so?”

The mother placed the scarlet hooded coat over the daughter and stood back to admire her work. “Hmmm, it’s a little slack here” she said as she reached out to the breasts of the daughter. I think I need to make your nipples stand out hard so that the coat fits better” and with that she lifted the girls top to reveal pert pubescent tits with pretty little coned nipples. She began to stroke these and then licked and sucked on them so that they raised themselves to push the nipples outwards. “Yes, that’s much better. But now you’ve got me all excited and you know how cranky I get if I’m left excited with no one to relieve me. Be a good daughter and help me to ease the stress like you usually do.”

“Certainly mother, you do so much for me that this is the least I can do for you and besides, I enjoy it too. What would you like me to do today?”

“Lick me darling, lick me and make me cum in your mouth.” She parted her dress to reveal a smooth shaved pussy and the girl got down before her and extended her tongue. The angle was such that the audience could see her full activity as she slid it along between her mother’s pussy lips and then rotated it on her clitoral bump. Her mother shuddered with pleasure and clutched the girls head to her groin as she leaned back and thrust her mound forwards to give greater access. The audience could clearly see the girls tongue action as she licked and sucked on the older woman’s pussy and brought her to orgasm. As she came, she squirted, and the young girl received a soaking of fluid which ran through her hair and down her top to the floor at her feet.

“Oh mother,” said the girl as she wiped her hands over her wet breasts, “you really were left excited weren’t you. I’m so glad that I could help you today.”

At these obvious pantomime lines the audience uttered a giggle and even Ruth found herself distracted from Bob’s thrusts at the humour of the show. However, she soon regained herself and returned to enjoying his fist rubbing around in her cunt.

The mother stood back and looked at her daughter. “From now on you will be called Little Red Riding Hood for two reasons. Firstly, because of this red hooded coat I have made for you and secondly because you also have a beautiful little red hood which is perfect for being ridden” and with this they both laughed and the girl nodded agreement. “Now, I have an errand for you to run. You know how lonely your Grandmother gets in her house in the forest and so I’ve bought her a little something to help her with the boredom.” She lifted a basket from the porch and took from it a large rubber dildo and a string of anal beads. “Grandmother will know what to do with this,” she said holding the dildo forwards, “but she might not be sure about these. You need to be able to show her how best to use them so lie back on the porch and raise your skirt.”

Red Riding Hood did as she was told to reveal a beautiful little teenaged pussy which was lightly fringed with fine downy hair. The audience gasped at the sight of this little delicate item and every man in the room, along with most of the women, would have happily kissed and fondled it if given the chance. From what had happened after the Snow White show, a few also realised that they might just have that opportunity later.

“You are so beautiful my darling Red Riding Hood,” said the mother as she leaned down to kiss that pussy, “now lift your legs up so that I can see you properly.” Red Riding Hood did as she was bid and raised her legs to grant access to her ass hole and her mother began to lick around the little pucker hole and dribble saliva onto it. She then took the string of beads and inserted them one at a time. With each one passing through her sphincter, Red Riding Hood let out a little gasp of pleasure and when the full length had been inserted she lay there and sighed as her mother began to work the beads around and in and out of her.

Ruth could take no more of this sight and, pulling her buttocks apart she said, “Please Bob, Fuck my ass hole like she’s doing with Red Riding Hood.” Bob took his fist slowly from her cunt and smeared it across her ass hols and then he guided her down onto his cock as she slid onto his length and buried it deep inside her where she began to rock against him.

The mother had now withdrawn the beads from Red Riding Hood who lay back with a contented smile on her face. “Now darling, take these to Grandmother and show her how nice they can be. I’m sure that if you are good she will let you use the beads and the dildo at the same time and if you can’t manage on your own, then I’m sure she will help you. Red Riding Hood stood, picked up the basket, gave her mother a sensual kiss on her lips and then turned to enter the forest as the curtain closed ending this first act.

Again the audience took advantage of the break to complete whatever actions they had started and all around people were back in the throes of this massed orgy. Ruth began to rise and fall rapidly on Bob’s cock, yearning for him to cum in her as she experienced yet more orgasms that evening. By now she had lost count and couldn’t begin to imagine how many times she had cum. Finally she felt Bob tense and release himself into her and she sank fully down on his rigid cock to clutch the muscles of her ass hole and squeeze the spunk from his cock. She loved the whole experience, not just the excitement of the shows or the fantastic, and unusual, fucking she had received but also the notion that she was on full view to over a hundred people here and she thought wickedly to herself that she wished they could all take turns and fuck her tonight. She leaned back over the table again as the curtains opened for the next act and she looked over her shoulder at Bob and winked sensually at him as she blew his cum from her hole in the cream pie she knew he liked to see.

The new scene opened in a forest clearing where a man with a large axe was chopping wood as Red Riding Hood entered. He saw her and grinned as he stopped working and moved to stand in front of her. “Hello little girl,” he said “what’s your name and where are you going in this dark and lonely forest?”

“Hello, my name is Little Red Riding Hood and I’m going to visit my grandmother to cheer her up. I’m taking her some presents.”

“Presents Little Red Riding Hood? Why, you’d be all the present I’d need to cheer me up.”

“Oh, are you sad then? Do you need cheering up? Because I can stop for a little while but I must get to grandmother’s house before dark.”

“My, my, my, what a helpful little girl you are. Yes I do need cheering up and I’m sure you could help and then I’ll take you to your grandmother’s house before it gets dark.”

“Thank you kid Sir. Now, how can I help to cheer you up?”

“You are such a pretty little girl, won’t you come over here and sit down with me?” he moved across to a grassy hillock where he and Little Red Riding Hood sat down. “What trim little ankles you have, it would cheer me greatly to see more of your legs.”

“Well then Sir, I can easily cheer you up with that” said Little Red Riding Hood as she lifted her skirts high up to her mid thigh.

“Aaah, so pretty, let me lift this skirt a little higher so that I might further enjoy your charms” and with that, he stroked along her leg so that he brushed the skirt higher to reveal her delightful little pussy. “That is so pretty it deserves a kiss and such a kiss would cheer me all the more” he said as he moved his head down and began to kiss her pussy lips and lick along to her clit.

“Oh Sir, it is I who is supposed to be giving you cheer but now you make me feel so good that I think it is you who is giving cheer to me and yet I am doing nothing for you.”

The woodcutter gathered his senses and turning to the audience in pantomime fashion he said “So dear friends, you are my witnesses. The task I had set myself with this wandering teen is proving to be easier than I thought. I must press home my advantage over this innocence and make the most of my opportunity.” He opened his pants and took out a huge cock of about ten inches in length which now stood rigid as he waved it towards her face “You are so right Red Riding Hood, I have kissed you and given you cheer, so now it is you who should kiss me and return the favour” and he reached out to cup the back of her head in his hand and guide her down onto his rampant cock. She stretched her mouth wide to accommodate it and began to bob up and down on its head as he continued to guide her head.

The sight of this huge cock in this small girl’s mouth drew gasps of admiration from the audience and Ruth looked longingly on the scene wishing it was her mouth surrounding that massive head. She reached out to Bob’s cock and began to stroke it again when she felt someone grasp her other hand and lead it to another cock on her left. A third cock took advantage of her state and of the lubricant left by Bob which was still dripping from her ass hole and he pressed himself home into her ass and began to fuck her slowly, in time with the bobbing of Red Riding Hood’s head. As he did so, Bob reached up and sank three fingers into her open cunt and began to plunge them in and out and around and around. This reawakened the feelings from the earlier ‘spinning’ episode with the dwarves and she came again in yet another crashing orgasm.

Now the wood cutter had raised Red Riding Hood up onto her knees and had positioned his cock at the entrance of her pussy. “It is a shame your mouth could only cope with the tip little girl for the rest of this pin of mine, which I call Peter, is now very upset and feels cheated. Would you like to try to make him feel better as you tried to make me feel better?”

“Of course Sir, I am sorry that my mouth is so small and that because of this I have upset your friend Peter. What can I do to make amends?”

“You just stay as you are my lovely and we shall see if we can help Peter to sheath himself into your little pussy box.”

“But Sir, my little pussy has only had my finger and that of my mother’s inside it before now, surely it cannot hold such a massive thing as your friend Peter.”

Ignoring this weak protest the wood cutter took hold of his cock and nudged it against her pussy lips. He then leaned over and dripped a large goblet of spittle onto the end and began to smear it up and down her lips as they eased themselves to either side of his cock head. As he stroked it against her clit she turned her head to look back over her shoulder at him and said, “Oh Sir, your friend Peter is making me feel very happy now, I will try in turn to make him feel happy and if he can fit inside my little pussy then I will let him find cheer there.”

The wood cutter needed no further urging and he began to sink into Little Red Riding Hood inch by slow inch. At each push and pause the audience watched fascinated to see this mighty cock disappear inside this small girl, thinking all along that she couldn’t possibly accommodate either its length or its girth. However, the actress playing Little Red Riding Hood seemed more than capable of dealing with it and once he had sunk his full length she backed hard against him and met each of his thrusts with as much energy as he employed. With each slam into her, she was lifted a few inches from the floor and the ferocity of his fucking was incredible to watch. The anonymous cock in Ruth’s ass could restrain itself no more and discharged copious amount of cum into her, pulled out immediately, and disappeared back into the crowd leaving Ruth to carry on wanking Bob and the other cock.

Finally the wood cutter pulled out of Red Riding Hood and turned her onto her back where he could gain access to her face as he shot long stream after stream of his cum over her. He streaked her hair and her face and she extended her tongue to lap up the juice from around her mouth. “Thank you Sir, I hope I have cheered you and your friend Peter but now I really must get to my grandmother’s house or it will be dark.”

“Fear not sweet maid, I know where she lives and it is not far and as promised I will accompany you to see you get there safely and maybe both you and your grandmother can cheer me up again for my troubles!”

“Yes Sir, I’m sure grandmother would love to meet you.” They moved to the left of the stage and the backdrop curtain rose to reveal the scene inside grandmother’s house. Lying on the bed was grandmother, a silver haired woman of about fifty or so years and alongside her was a huge dog. Red Riding Hood and the woodcutter entered to see grandmother stroking the dog’s sheath so that his pink cock had emerged.

“Oh, grandmamma, what is that?” enquired Red Riding Hood.

“Come in my little granddaughter, this is my new friend the wolf.”

“But grandmamma, what long hair he has!”

“All the better to grip him with and hold him tightly to me.”

“But grandmamma, what a long tongue he has!”

“All the better to lick me with and to keep my old parts clean and fresh.” With that she clicked her fingers and patted her cunt and the dog moved forwards and began to lick her in long fast strokes and then his curled tongue began to seek inside her and she gasped with the sensations.

“But grandmamma, he has a friend like the woodcutters Peter but how big it is!”

“All the better to fuck me with granddaughter” and she rose herself up onto her knees and the trained dog leapt behind her and, without further urging, mounted her and began to fuck her furiously. Little Red Riding Hood and the woodcutter moved over to the bed and the wood cutter placed his cock in front of grandmamma who eagerly took it in her mouth and began sucking on it. “Help Mr Wolf, granddaughter, don’t let him get his knot into me and you can try him too” muttered grandmother between thrusts from the wood cutter, and Little Red Riding Hood gripped the dogs cock as it continued to fuck the grandmother. Suddenly the dog began to whine as he shot his cum into grandmother and Little red Riding hood held on to him to prevent his knot entering her and she pulled him free to bob her head down and lick along the tip. “Oh my grandmamma, what a lot of juice he has.”

“All the more to now fill you with child” responded grandmamma as the wood cutter now took the place of the dog and began fucking her in turn. “Let Mr Wolf see you granddaughter,” she said and Little Red Riding Hood mimicked her grandmother’s position and the dog immediately mounted her to repeat his fucking activities. This time though there was no holding of his knot and he sank fully into Little Red Riding Hood and locked onto her. Red Riding hood howled with the mixed pain and pleasure of this massive dog cock. Whilst not the length of the woodcutter, the knot overcompensated for even his girth and the dog filled her to capacity.

Finally, the dog’s whimper signalled that he had cum again, this time high into Little Red Riding Hood and he locked tight on her. He turned so that he faced away from her and they both held the position whilst the knot began to shrink. Meanwhile the woodcutter pulled out of grandmamma and shot his cum along her back and the dog began to lick it from her and to lick the head of his cock as it spurted.

Little Red Riding Hood turned her head and addressed the audience again. “For those of you who came tonight to enjoy our little fantasy, we hope we have met your expectations and more. Our company has endeavoured to entertain in the best way we know how, and looking around the room it appears we have added to our successes. But now we must leave you and return from this land of myths and fairy tales to enter again the realms of the modern world where we hope you will continue to enjoy both yourselves, and us, when the curtain falls to close this night of entertainment.”

Almost on cue, the dog’s cock slid from her as the curtain fell and the audience exploded in tumultuous applause, cheers and whistles. The house lights went up and Ruth looked around at her fellow theatre goers to see that not one person had avoided some sort of sexual encounter during the night. Her appetite was raised and as she looked around for some further adventure the stage curtain parted and the cast emerged. They and the cast from the earlier Snow White play were al naked and seeking their own activity with the audience. Ruth eyed ‘Mr. Wolf’ and decided that there was just one more new activity she had to experience before the night ended!


2007-09-13 12:41:04
lol one of the best stories on here.... go write a massive book now and call it 'erotic fairy tales'


2007-08-29 23:23:23
great job part 3 on the way


2007-08-29 23:04:58
way to go great story just loved it you got to write part 3


2007-02-02 23:42:05
that was a great story it was really erotic and it was about something i haven't seen before on this site so bring on part 3


2007-01-31 09:09:52
Fucking great. cuming all over the place

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