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No sex like it
Karen and Jason had just enjoyed an amazing night at Havanas nightclub, they had met up with some mates who had already left to go to another club. Karen had received some unwelcome attention from a blonde haired guy and his mates. Jason and his mates had managed to ward them off, and the bouncers had thrown the guys out.

As the cold air hit them leaving the club they decided to walk the short distance home, the queue for the taxi was staggering and it looked like it was going to rain.

Setting off the dine of the merry partygoers started to faden. Karen and Jason started talking about their great night out, what they were going to eat when they went home, and how great it was seeing some old mates again.

Taking a short cut through the park, their merriment continued, they didnt notice the group of lads coming behind them until it was too late.

Suddenly Karen felt herself being restrained from behind, looking at Jason for help, she saw one of the lads push him to the ground. Immediately 2 of the lads set upon him, holding him.

Her screams filled the air, kicking and screaming at her restraints to get to Jason, she was scared, thoughts of these lads filled her head.

The ringleader appeared infront of her, she should have known, it was the lad from the nightclub, the pest who wouldnt leave her alone, was making Jason appear small making him feel better.

The lad reached forward and rubbed her breast, her nipples were hard from the cold air, but the lad seemed to think he was the cause, he ripped her top open with one swift tug. Revealing her pink lacey bra, she heard his breathing deepen at the sight. She screamed again, trying to fight against those holding her. Looking at Jason she noticed that those holding him and stuffed something in his mouth, he wasnt moving after their push.

The ringleader touched her again, working his finger down from her neck, to her breasts, she tried to back up, to get away from his touch, a hand was placed over her mouth to stiffle her screams. Her heart was racing, she was trying to control her own breathing.

Pulling her bra up he revealed her perk breasts, leaning down he took one of her nipples in his mouth, sucking on it softly, playing and teasing her other nipple. He could feel his penis pulse in his boxers, this bitch was hot, he never seen breasts like this before. He placed his teeth on her nipples, feeling her tense up, he loved the power, she was completely at his mercy.

He heard her boyfriend stirring, trying to fight against his mates, walking over to him he whispers something to his mates before turning to Jason and saying

"Maybe you might be able to pick up some pointers".

Walking back to Karen he instructed his mates to lower Karen to the ground, she started fighting again, kicking and trying to punch out. Her breasts swaying with her movements, just encouraging his advancements.

Reaching up inside her short black skirt he lowered her panties, struggling to remove them over her now bare feet. Placing his knee between hers, it gave him a glance of her tight pussy, reaching forward and rubbing two fingers over her beautiful slit.

She wasnt giving up, her fight hadnt lessened, and Jason tried to scream his protest. Standing up he lowered his jeans and boxers, revealing his already rock hard cock. Moving it towards her face, putting it to her lips, she held her mouth shut firm and tried to move her head.

Leaning down he said "If you dont suck it, then im going to instruct them to beat your beloved up some more".

Karen felt sick, she never had been violated this way before, here she was lying in the middle of a public park nearly naked, with 5 strangers around, and some guy she never met before, wanting her to suck his cock. She never did it before, Jason had asked her but she thought it was disgusting, so always refused.

"Im going to ask my friends to let go of you now, but if you run away, scream or refuse to suck me off, then i promise I will beat your boyfriend up so bad, he will be in hospital for months"

She felt the release of the two guys, going onto her knees she reached for his cock, placing the tip into her mouth, she was hating it already.

"Yeah lick it like a lolly" he instructed.

She swept her tongue around his cock, taking more and more into her mouth. She could feel him pushing himself into her mouth, holding back her hair so he could see what she was doing.

The adrenaline was pumping with this lad now, pushing her back he climbed ontop of her

"Please I beg you, dont do this, please, i cant take more. Please Please" She begged.

He ignored her, putting his hand between her legs to separate her legs, but she was fighting him again. He was losing patience with her, reaching both hands down he separated her legs. Quickly he pushed his cock in her, making her cry out.

Thrusting back and forth against her protest, more turned on knowing his mates were making her boyfriend watching. She had a nice tight pussy, he loved the way it shaped around his penis.

Karens protests had started to lessen, her body was loving this invasion, feeling her back arch, pushing her breasts into the air. She let out a shattering orgasm, she could feel her juices release onto his cock.

He could feel it too, she was really getting into this, her body was starting to move with his. Pulling out he placed his head between her legs, lapping up all her juices, she was squirming again, but this time with pleasure, trying to rub her pussy on his face. She tasted good.

Turning her over he took her doggie style, he felt her reaching back with her hand against his leg, encouraging him on. He started pumping her as hard as he could, her moaning making him fuck her even harder.

He came with force in her already glistening pussy, his cock still hard from this sexy vixen, he moved his cock to the entrance of her tight tight asshole. She didnt seem as keen on this, trying to raise her bum so his cock slipped to her pussy again. After a couple of thrusts he moved back to her ass, pushing the tip in softly. She let out a small cry. He pushed himself in some more.

"No please, not this" she begged.

Karen felt like she had to poo, his cock was burning in her ass. Her muscles wanted to push him back out again, but he was fighting against them, pushing his cock further and further into her. Soon she felt his balls slap her pussy. He held his position, playing with her breasts a little. Slowly she felt him slip his cock back out again. The pain was still there, she began to wonder how girls enjoyed this, when it felt like torture.
And she felt him push his cock in, she cried out to him again to stop, it was hurting too much, she felt the tears come to her eyes. He pulled his cock from her ass and put it back into her pussy again.

Jason felt himself getting incredibly turned out, he knew she was enjoying this. Her body looked great and she was trying to give as good as she was given. The sight of her ass stretched to fight this guys cock was too much for him, he thought he was going to cum in his trousers.

"I want to fuck Jason too" Karen blurted out

"Oh weve turned into a right wee slut now" this guy replied.

Instructing his mates to bring Jason over, he wasnt long in stripping. Lying on the ground, he lifted over onto him. She started to rise and fall on his hard cock, her breasts rising and falling with her motion. She felt the guy lean her forward, placing his cock into her ass again.

She felt dizzy with excitement, pain and adreniline. She felt hands on her breasts, caressing them, pinching her nipples.

She felt Jason cum, she knew she was going to join him. The wave hit her hard, and she came the same time as the stranger.

Leaning forward to catch her breath, cocks still in her, she couldnt help but smile. Before long she felt the cum run from her ass and pussy. Getting up and getting dressed, Jason and Karen started the rest of the walk home.

She looks up at him and says "You were right, a 3 some public sex was what the doctor ordered, David and you were amazing, but just wait until i get you home"

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omg dude u r amazing


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I liked it but it could of had more to it


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un-be fucking-leivable


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