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Part 3
After Amiee left to go get cleaned up the phone rang. I answered the phone and it was a friend of mine, Jay.
"Hey Jay what is going on"
"I heard about your party, think i could come"
"Of course you can come, I didn't invite you because you are married, I didn't want to cause tension"
"Ya that was the other thing, Kirsten wants to come too"
"Of course, bring anyone you want, I am sure my wife will eat pussy too"
"Well, she doesn't want to use your wife, she wants to be used"
"Are you ok with that Jay"
"Ya, she said if I could fuck Amiee, then she was going to fuck anyone that wanted to fuck her"
"Can she handle what is going to happen here tonight, I mean I don't want her flaking out if she does come"
"Ya, she said she will do whatever anybody wants"
"Well, ok bring her along. Have her bring every kinda of sex thing she has, clothes, toys. She must look and act the part"
"Kristen will, I guarantee it"

I hung up the phone and laughed to myself. Kristen isn't the type of person you wouldn't think even owned a dildo. She wore clothes that completely covered her. I don't think I have ever seen a bit of skin on that lady. But I figure maybe she was a closet nympho.

I walked into the bedroom and saw Amiee was in the closet getting out her hooker clothes. She already was wearing black lace topped stockings and black thigh high boots that I have never seen before. I walked up behind her without her seeing or notice me and grabbed her hair and said
"Grab your ankles!"
She bent over and grabbed her ankles. Her pussy was soaking wet i guess from knowing that there was going to be many many cocks for her to suck and fuck. I rammed my cock into her pussy until my stomach hit her ass. She moaned extremely loud. Louder then I have ever heard. I was fucking her as hard as I can without knocking her over. I saw her ball gag hanging on the back of the door. I pulled out of her and turn and go get it, Amiee immediately turned got on her knees and started sucking my cock. I grabbed the ball gag and grabbed her hair with the other hand, pulled her mouth off of my cock and said
"Noone told you to suck my cock. The last thing you were told was to grab your ankles. Why would you do something you weren't told to do."
"I am sorry sir, it won't happen again"
"It better not happen when your clients are here. Do no embarass me"
"Yes sir"

Our relationship isn't one of a master slave. Amiee is into really dirty shit, but she is my equal that will do anything that I ask. Today she is playing her part and I am playing mine.

"Turn around bitch"
She turned around and only turned around. I place the ball in her mouth and latched it behind her head.
"You are wearing this because I don't want to hear you. You are here for my pleasure, I am not here for yours. Now grab your ankles slut.
Amiee bent over, grabbed her ankles. I thrusted my cock back into her waiting pussy. I heard a little moan come out of her when I did this. I raised my hand and landed it hard on her ass leaving a red hand print. I saw a scarf hanging in the closet in from of me. While continuing to fucking her pussy raw i grabed the scrarf. I grabbed both her hand and brought them behind her back. Placing her wrists together I tied the scarf around tightly. I continued to fuck the swollen pussy as deep as I could go. I pulled out of her pussy. I wanted that tiny asshole before anyone else had their cocks in it. I grabbed a handful of hair and pulled head back and lined my cock up with her tight asshole. I pushed against her ass and surprisingly I was able to just push it in without a problem. I pulled back out and pushed back in harder. I heard another moan come from Aimee so I placed another hand print on her other ass cheek. I began fucking her faster making sure that every once in a while to pull completely out and pull her ass open to see how loose she was. After the third of fourth time I looked I could see right into her ass. She was ready for the fucking of her life tonight. I pushed back in and started to fuck Amiee as hard and as deep as I could.
The door bell rang in the middle of fucking Amiees ass. I looked at the clock and it was too early for the party so I assumed it was Jay and Kristen. I yelled for them to come in and I heard the door open. I pulled Amiees hair so that her head would come closer to me.
"That is Jay and Kristen. They are going to watch you gagged, tied and fucked in the ass."
I bent her back over and continued the rape on her ass.
Kristen was the first to walk in the bedroom. I couldn't believe my eyes. She was wearing a full length trench coat and the only part I could see were from her calves down. From what I could see she had white stockings on and tall strappy spiked heels that were clear. This wasn't the kirsten I that I met. She looked at me and said
"Well what do we have here"
"As soon as you walked through the front door, you started working. Take off that coat and kneel over here."
Kristen pulled the belt of the coat and let it fall to the ground. She was wearing black stockings that came up to just over her knee. A plaid skirt that hardly covered her ass and I white button down shirt that she tied right under her tits. I actually could believe how big her chest was. She had to be a full C. Why was she hiding them for so long. Her hair and makeup were also done like a good prostitute.

She walked over to me and Amiee and kneeled right next to her so her face was right next to her ass. After she was settled she looked up at me and I pulled my cock out of Amiee's ass and pushed it into Kristen mouth. She took the entire length into her mouth and didn't gag once. I thought to myself I was right she is a closet nympho. Amiee stayed extactly still waiting for me to return to her ass. I played with her clit while Kristen sucked my cock. I buried 4 fingers into Amiee's pussy and grabed the back of Kristens head with the other hand. I pushed her head to my stomach and held it there.
"Look at me"
She rolled her eyes up so that she could see me
"You have five rules you must follow at all times"
My cock still buried in her throat
"1. You WILL do whatever anybody wants."
"2. You WILL be available for anything at all times."
"3. When you are not being used you will kneel on the side of the couch and wait until you are wanted."
"4. If I call you over you are to stop imediately and crawl to me."
"5. You will not leave the room with anyone at anytime."
"Do you understand?"
I pulled my cock out of her throat
"Yes what"
"Yes sir"
I went back to Amiee and buried my cock back in her ass. While fucking her asshole I spoke to both of them
"You will do whatever anyone wants. If they don't like what you are wearing you will immediately change. If they don't like what you are doing you will say, what would you like me to do sir, if they want to cum on your face, mouth, tits, feet or if they want to cum and on the floor and have you lick it up then you will."
"Do you understand"
Kristen replied "Yes sir"
Amiee nodded
I was going to cum real soon and wanted to know if they really would do anything anyone wanted. I grabbed Amiees hair and pulled her head back. She knew i was going to cum so she squeezed her ass tighter.
"Kristen you are going to first lick the cum off of my cock and then you are goign to lick Amiee's ass clean"
"Yes Sir"
"Amiee you are going to hold the cum in your ass until my cock is clean
Amiee nodded
I squirt 5 loads into amiee's ass. I pulled out and saw her close her asshole and move right over to Kristen. She licked my cock clean and then moved over to amiee. She licked her pussy up to her ass. Amiee couldn't hold her ass closed anymore and let it open. This let the cum fly out and all over Kristens face. Kristen began licking the cum out of her ass. I unlatched the ball gag and grabbed Amiees hair and pulled her head up a little. I said
"Do you like getting your ass licked"
"Yes I do. I have a lot more cum in there though"
"Kristen lay on the floor under Amiee"
Kristen layed ontot he floor and Amiee squatted over her face and pushed the remain cum out of her ass onto Kristen face and mouth. After it was all out Amiee when down and helped lick the remain cum off of kristens face. When Kristen was clean then both looked up at me
"You two are going to make excellent cum sluts. Get ready people will be here in two hours"

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