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Rekindling Your Love
Jenny lay back on the sun lounger, letting Paul apply sun lotion to her already bronzing body. They had come to spain to rekindle their love, their sex life had become near non existant. It was just after midday and the sun was at its strongest, she could feel the heat on her body, Pauls hands rubbing the cool cream onto her body, making her tingle with excitement. Lying on her back his hands working along her long flat stomach, teasing at ther bikini bottoms.

They were staying in one of the group of apartments along the beach, onsite was some shops and a very fine restuarant. It was a cheap holiday, they had dipped into some savings and booked the 7 day holiday. Choosing the apartments, knowing that there wouldnt be any loud under 18s staying at the resort, and no maids to disturb any possible love making.

Jenny opened her shade covered eyes, looking up at Pauls handsome face. They were both 27, had been together since they were 21. His black hair had been shaved close to his head, showing off some of his scalp, his blue eyes staring back at him. He was a mechanic and lifting heavy parts had done good for his muscles.

Looking down at her, Paul couldnt believe how beautiful she looked, her long blonde hair sprayed over the lounger, her skin now sporting a golden glow, and her green eyes masked by her sun glasses. Regular horse riding had helped to keep her size 8 body slim, she was a beach godess

Later in their apartment they showered together, washing each other softly and teasing, she felt his cock rise into the small of her back, she rubbed her body against him, wrapping an arm around his neck as his hands slide over her breasts. Snaking his hand down to her shaven pussy, playing with her lips, making her rest her head back against his shoulders. Slipping a finger into her pussy, then another, Jenny let out a moan. Her nipples felt sensitive against the running water, parting her legs slightly she felt him insert his cock into her. She cried out in pleasure, he only entered her a few times when she felt him cum. Disappointment stung her but she knew she would always have later.

They finished their shower, and got changed into their evening wear, they were heading to the resturant for dinner, leaving the apartment early they settled themselves in the bar while a table became available for them. Jenny couldnt help but notice the attention she was getting from a man sitting at the other end of the bar. Looking over she noticed a man in his late 30s, early 40s. He seemed to be sitting with a brown spirit drink, possibily whiskey/scotch.

He smiled as their eyes met, she quickly looked away, engrossing herself in their conversation. She found her eyes straying back to this man sitting by himself, his glass was near empty now. He noticed her staring, pointing to his glass, but she shook her head.

Paul excused himself, headed towards the toilet. The stranger took his chance, Jenny watched him approach and take pauls seat.

"Hello, im Steven, I couldnt help but notice you" He said extending his hand out to her

"Hello Steven, Im Jenny" She replied taking his hand, which he planted a small kiss onto.

"I do hope that was your brother, you seemed a little bored with his company" Steven said

"Actually, hes my boyfriend" she retorted, "Not that its any of your business" she added.

"Well Jenny, im sorry if I offended you, but when a man sees a beautiful lady like you, then he has to get to know her" he told her gentley.

She turned her head to see Paul walk back from the bathroom.

"My boyfriend is back if you wouldnt mind excusing us" she hinted, hoping he would leave.

Instead steven swung around, started talking to Paul. Jenny ordered another a drink, this time a double gin and lemonade, swallowing it quickly, she felt the fuzziness travel to her head, blurring her vision somewhat as the liquid hit her stomach. She noticed a waiter approach them and tell them that a table was now ready.

Reaching for Paul she heard him say "Steven why dont you join us?"

"Oh i wouldnt want to intrude" he replied

"Nonsense" paul stated "Jenny and I dont mind"

So the three headed for the table, it was only set for 2 people but Paul instructed the waiter to set up a third place.

When settled they all ordered and started to chat while their meal was being prepared, Jenny ordered another double gin and lemonade, drinking it a bit more slowly than the last, but she had it finished before long, and Steven ordered her another one.

Her drink arrived just slightly before the meal, Jenny was relieved as she hoped the meal would help aborb some of the alcohol. The two men had ordered a typical english steak, potatoes, veg and peppercorn sauce. Jenny had gone for chicken wrapped in bacon and salad. They talked as they ate, she learnt that Steven was infact divorced, had one 10 year old daughter who he was rarely allowed to see. He was an owner of stud farm, which raised Jennys attention, stating that he breed some of the best Thoroughbreds in England. Both Jenny and Paul were from England, and Jenny had heard of some of the horses that Stevens farm had produced.

She still thought he was a horrible man, she hated the fact he was there with them. His smile at her made her skin crawl, his eyes lingering down to her ample cleavage, she blushed.

After several more gin and lemonades, she excused herself, said she wasnt feeling well and that she would meet Paul back at the apartment.

Making her way into the still warm night, her head spinning with the booze, reaching for the door handle, she was shocked to find the door unlocked.

"Dam Paul" she cursed.

Her co-ordination was off, she reached for the light switch but missed, so she decided to head through to the bedroom in the dark. Stripping off she climbed into the bed, the room spinning when she closed her eyes.

Short time later she heard the front door open

"Dont put the light on, come on through to the bedroom"she purred.

She heard him stumble into the bedroom, his framed shadow seeming larger than normal.

As he stripped and got into bed, she greedily grabbed for his cock, stroking it, licking it alive. Teasing it with her hands, tongue, blowing on it. It wasnt long before he was hard and throbbing. She sucked at the top of his cock, taking more and more of his cock in her mouth, running her hand up and down the bottom of the hard shaft, helping stimulate him more. He came forcefully in her mouth, most already shot down her throat, but she lapped at the remaining spurts, tasting his saltiness.

She felt him push her back onto the bed as he turned his attention to her pussy, running his hand on her bald mound, working his way to her labia, rubbing two fingers against it, making her moan. Bending down he flicked his tongue over her labia as he let two fingers enter her. His fingers working their magic as she squirming against his touch.

Placing his rock hard cock over her glistening hole, he placed the tip of his cock in. He felt her muscles trying to work his cock in further, her bum rising to try and take more of his cock. Quickly he pushed his cock fully into her, so he was in her right to his balls.

Jenny never felt pleasure like this, she was determind to take Paul away more often if sex was going to be like this, he was pleasuring her in ways that she never felt before.

As her orgasm built he would stop, let her potential orgasm deflate and start again, teasing her.

She never had been so vocal when having sex, but her moans kept coming, Paul was taking her to places she never had been before.

He would raise her bum off the bed so his cock could get further into her, making it rub more on her clitoris, making her legs go to jelly.

Turning her onto her front, making her go on all fours, Jenny was shocked, paul only ever liked the missionary position. She wasnt complaining, she loved this new exciting Paul.

Entering her from behind, she heard him wet his finger, place it into her ass, she felt her muscles trying to force it back out again, but it stayed put. She found it strangely added to her excitement, her body was begging for more, her mind dizzy from another orgasm building.

She felt him remove his cock, placing it at the entrance of her asshole, she tensed up, Paul had never wanted to do this before, he often said he thought it was disgusting. She cried out as his cock strained to open her asshole.

He placed the tip just inside her ass, it felt nice and tight, feeling her muscles stretching to accept this invasion, he kept pushing his cock in more and more. Her cries seemed deep in her throat. Grabbing her hair he used it to move in and out of her ass.

Jenny heard her cries turn from pain to pleasure, it still hurt some but her ass seemed to stretch to fit him. Lowering her shoulder to bring her ass up more, she felt him pound her more.

She was shocked that she was ready to orgasm again, she couldnt get enough. Her body shook with an orgasm as she felt his warm cum enter her ass.

Falling to the bed, she fell into a deep sleep.

Waking in the morning, jenny lifted her head from the pillow, looking around the room she noticed things werent as she remembered, turning over she came face to face with steven.

"Morning gorgeous" he said kissing her on the head. "Thanks for last night" he added.

Jenny felt the bile raise in her throat, jumping out of bed she quickly dressed

"Oh my god, I cheated on Paul" she cried

"It was nice finding you in my bed, felt like a child on christmas morning" Steven grinned

"I thought you were Paul" she exclaimed

Paul walked over to her

"Jenny, im not a fool, you feel guilty, im not going to tell Paul, but hes a lucky man" touching her arm.

She felt the electric shot through her, her skin tingling from his touch.

Leaning up she gave him a long kiss, a tingling running down her body.

Returning to her own apartment, she couldnt help but smile as she remembered the night before.

After letting Steven talk her into seeing him again tonight, her last night in Spain, but she knew they would keep in touch when she returned to England.


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2006-10-17 12:19:18
Just nneds to be cleaned up, they went from applying sun tan lotion to being in the shower? Good story though, we knew she was a slut before we even started to read this.Are they married or dating?


2006-10-16 19:04:05
Hmmm these ones that leave negative comments always seem to hide behind the "Reader" anon, wonder why!


2006-10-16 06:11:54
The ending wasn't right. Paul didn't walk over to her. It was Steve. Not only that, your english and spelling could be better. "He breed ....." no, it should be "he bred ...." This could have been one heck of a fine, sexy tale.

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