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In weeks following my first encounter with Nicole, football practice had finally started. I was used to getting up early and working hard because of my job, so the practices from 8 am to noon were nothing to me. Some of my friends were tired, but not me. I was very impressive to the coaches, including our head coach, who was one of the biggest assholes in our little town of 2200.

I hadn't seen Nicole since I left her house that night, but we had talked nearly every day on the phone. I finally ran into her at school after football practice while she and the other cheerleaders were finishing their own practice in the gym. I was walking through the gym with my t-shirt slung over my shoulder talking to some of my friends. During a lull in our conversation I glanced over to the girls and met eyes with Nicole. A little grin appeared and she gave me a wink. I got out to my truck in the parking lot, and noticed that familiar green car parked next to me. I decided to wait for her, so I got my truck started, and began flipping through a farm equipment classified paper that I had. As the lot emptied I waved goodbye to teammates, and finally noticed that sexy cheerleader headed my way. She came over to my door, so I rolled down the window so she could talk to me. My truck sat high enough that she had to stand on the step to see through the window.

"Hows it going stud?" she asked. "Not all that shabby really" I replyed. With that she leaned in and I met her lips with mine. Her mouth opened slightly, and i sent my tounge in, searching for hers. Our tounges met, and danced around for a minute before we broke. "Mmmm, that is just what I've been thinking of the last couple of weeks" she said. "Nicole," I said, "I've been thinking of that too. And a whole lot more!" She giggled and said "me too. What you got goin on today?"

"Well," I answered, "I need to go down to Ridgeland to pick up some parts, and then stop in Rice Lake on my way from there to pick up some more parts. Wanna come with?'' "Only if you buy me some lunch, since we haven't even been on a date yet." She said with a smile. "How is anyone gonna believe you're my boyfriend if all we ever do is fuck?'' "Good point,'' I returned, "get in my sexy girl." I opened my door, and she climbed on in. As she crawled over me I gave that sexy ass a little slap. When she was in, I put the truck in drive and we left.

"Where do you want your lunch from babe?" I asked her. "Burger King is just fine." She answered. After drive through burgers and fries, she lifted up my fold down center console, and scooted next to me. I put my arm around her, and gave her a little kiss on the lips. Once we were out of town, her hand dropped to my thigh, and slid up my gym shorts until she reached my balls. Luckily I wasn't wearing underwear after practice, she then cupped my balls in her hand, and kissed me on the neck. I shuddered in delight as her breath on my neck gave me the chills. My cock sprung to attention immediately, and she moved her hand from my balls, to the base of my shaft, all the way to the tip in one smooth motion. As she reached the head of my cock, a generous amount of pre cum made its escape. She took notice, andrubbed it around the head of my cock.

"Looks like someone is ready to play." Nicole whispered in my ear in a very sexy tone. "I'm two weeks overdue for some playing." I answered her. I pulled my truck off the road and into an old logging road into the woods. When we were sufficiently in the woods, I parked it and met her lips with mine. As we kissed hard, I slipped my hand under her shirt, and up to hr right breast, which was still covered by her bra. I readjusted, and slipped my hand under hte bra and found her nipple. "Oohh yeah," she said as she broke our kiss. When she pulled away, I toolk the opportunity to pull her shirt up over her head. I pulled her close, and started kissiing and sucking on her neck as i reached around behind her and unhooked her bra. She continued to moan softly as I stayed with her neck, and in between moans , she would returm kisses to my neck. I pushed her to her back, and found her lips again. We kissed briefly before I started to kiss down her body, stopping at each glorious nipple for a quick suck, then on down her belly, stopping again at her belly button. When I reached her jeans, I unbuttoned and slowly unzipped them. When I got her zipper down, I ran my fingers agianst her pussy through her pants, making her moan again. I slid my hands to her waist as she lifted her butt off the seat so i could pull off her pants. I removed her pants and panties as one, and got my own little surprise. She had shaved almost all of the hair from her pussy, leaving just a thin strip at the top. She caught my reaction, and said "Dou you like? I did it just for you." I had a huge smile on my face as I moved my head between her thighs. I lightly ran my tounge up and down her silky smooth lips, before parting them with my tounge. She shuddered when I hit her clit, so I stopped and locked eyes with her. "I love what you did, babe. You are so sexy." I lowered my mouth back to her pussy, and ran my tounge up and down from the bottom of her hole to her clit. As she moaned I felt her toes hook the waistband of my shorts, and she managed to get them most of the way off of me. Her moaning intesified as I lingered on her clit. "Oh baby I'm almost there! Keep going!" She shrieked. With that I slid two fingers into her juicy pussy, while my left hand worked on her right nipple. "OH YEAH! RIGHT THERE!" she screamed, "I'M CUMMING!" I felt her pussy squeeze my fingers and more juice flowed onto my hand. I slowed a bit as her orgasm subsided, giving her pussy one last kiss, before I moved up her body. "That was amazing again," she said "kiss me please." I kissed her on the mouth, our tounges intertwining for a bit before I pulled away. "Please get inside me." she said. I positioned my cock at her entrance, and rubbed it up and down, lubricating it, before sliding it in slowly. "Make love to me" she said. "I would be happy to" I replied, then moving in and kissing her tenderly. I slowly thrust my cock in and out, savoring the feeling. I moved my kisses to her neck and began to kiss and suck on the nape of her neck. She moaned softly into my ear sending chiils down my spine. She then sucked on my ear, making me shudder again. "Oh baby, your pussy feels so good" I whoispered in her ear. She moaned and said "I love your cock in my pussy, go faster." I started fucking her faster, and moved my head to her left breast. I swirled my tounge around her nipple before sucking it into my mouth. "Oh yeah baby! Keep going! I'm gonna cum again!" I began thrusting faster and faster, "I'm almost there babe." I said. "Yeah, yeah, yeah I'm cumming! Come with me!" she yelled. I couldn't hold on any longer and with a grunt, I emptied my load into her pussy. "Oh my God!" she said, "I could feel you squirt so deep inside me, it feels so good when you do that." "Yeah," I said, " I agree. It does feel good." She giggled, causing my softening cock, to slip out of her, followed by a stream of our juices. "Do you have anything I can clean up with?" she asked. I reached into the backseat and pulled a towel from my gym bag. "Thanks." she said, and followed it with a kiss.

After cleaning ourselves off, we hit the road again, Nicole laying on my seat, with her head on my thigh for a pillow, my right hand resting on her hip, and occasionally rubbing her smooth belly. We reached my destination, and I gave her a tender kiss on the lips as I got out of the truck. "I'll be right back" I said. She smiled and nodded. I returned with my big boxes of parts, and put them in the bed of the truck. When I opened the door, she was on her cell. I put the truck in gear, and headed back the way that we came. Nicole seemed irritated with whoever she was on the phone with, and threw it down when she was done talking. "That was my mom," she said, "I need to be home within the hour cause of some stupid family thing she wants me to go to. I told her I didn't want to go, and that I had plans with you and where I was, but she then threatened to tell my dad, and get me grounded!" "That blows," I said, "how bad would your grounding be?" "Way bad," she answered, "no phone, no car, no life, no fucking you..." Her head dropped and I said, "Lets get you home then, open the glovebox for me." She looked at me with a confused look, but did as I asked. When she had it open, I told her to get out my fuzz buster. When it got plugged in, I stepped on the gas. We had precious time left, and I didn't want to be the reason she couldn't see me. I was soon doing 75 in a 55, only slowing when the fuzz buster would beep to alert us. The normally hour long drive took just half an hour when I pulled into her driveway. As I pulled up to her door she said "Shit! What about my car?" "Just give me your keys babe. I'll put it on my equipment trailer and get it here for ya" I told her. She smiled and said, "You really are a great guy. Don't ever let anyone make you thnk different." She leaned in and we kissed for a minute before she pulled away and said, "Thanks, I hope we can get together sooner this time around." I replied "We will babe."

As she got out and walked to her door, I stared at her delicious ass as it wiggled side to side. When she reached her door, she looked back, gave a sexy smile and a wink, sticking out her ass and wiggling it before disappearing into the house. As I pulled down the driveway, her father pulled in. He pulled to the side and stopped, rolling down his window indicating I needed to stop and talk to him. "Hows it going?" he asked me. "Not too bad," I said, "Nicole just kept me company on my way to Ridgeland." "Why on earth would you take her there?" He asked. "Needed an overhaul kit for my tractor" was my reply. He shrugged his shoulders and said to have a good day. I nodded and pulled away thinking "If you only knew..." I finished my errands and headed home, not quite as eager to work on my equipment as I had been. About every five minutes I would check my phone to make sure the volume was turned up, waiting for it to ring.

After a couple hours, it did......

To be continued...

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