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Final Edition
Jay and I sit on the couch waiting for the party to begin. I look at Jay

"Well didn't think you had it in you"
"Ya me neither but when Aimee crawled over to me i figure what the fuck lets see how far she will go"
"There are no limits, both of them know this now"
"Isn't the Basketball game on today"
"Ya i think it is, I will put it on, Nothing like fucking sluts and watching basketball"

I walk over to the table and grab the remote. I hit the power button the the tv comes to life. The game appears on the screen. While walking back to the couch the door bell rings.
I look over at Jay and say
"Looks like the party is about to start"
I walk to the door, open it and there are about 10 guys standing outside. I only recognize 3 or 4 guys.
"Is this where the party is at"
"Ya come on in, there are beers in the fridge, whatever you find in the kitchen is yours."
they all walk in and head straight for the livingroom. The sit down around the couch and watch the game.
"So when is this thing starting"
"After more people show up, not to much longer"

Everyone settles in to watch the game. The doorbell rings again and I walk over to the door. A couple more of my friends are standing at the door. I greet them and give them the same speach that i gave the first people. The walk through the house to the livingroom and sit to watch the game. I decide to just write a note on the door that says come in cause I don't feel like getting up and if we start I dont' want to leave to go get the door. I tape the note on the door and walk over to the bedroom to see what Kristen and Amiee are doing. They are both just sitting on the bed talk. They both see me walk into the room and look up at me.
"A bunch of people are here. You can come out whenever you want"
"Thanks we will be out soon"
I walk into the livingroom and take my seat on my chair, I notice there are more people then I let in. Guess the note is working. Everyone looks at me as I walk into the room, I guess hoping that I was a couple of half naked girls.
"A few minutes they will be out"
A couple more guys walk into the room and greet people they know. From the head count there are around 25 guys here. I figure that is how many are going to show up. I stand up in front of the TV and say
"Ok guess this is a good time to go over the rules
1. You can do whatever you want to these girls, they will do whatever you want
2. There will NOT be any real violence. if there are any real marks left on these girls I will hunt you down and tear your throats out. Of course you can be rough but everyone knows the difference.
3. Noone will leave the room with any girl at any time.
4. There will be no fighting. If you fight you will get your ass kicked and then thrown out.
5. Everything else is a go.
Now pay up or get out"
Everyone reached into their pockets and pulled out the money. I collected it and counted and everyone was accounted for. I went and say down and I see Kristen and Aimee walk into the room. Amiee is wearing what she was before, Black Thigh high boots with Black stocking underneath, she put on a really tight, really short black skirt so you could see the tops of the stockings and the bottom oh her ass. Her tits were covered in a see through black bra. Kristen has changed just like Jay told her to. What a good little slut I thought. She was wearing clear soled 9 inch heels, a short denim skirt and teh white shirt tied right under her tits from before. As they look around the room and see the amount of people I can see they get a little nervous. The both look up at me and I smile at them. I think it made them feel a bit better.Someone from the back yells out
"Wow look at these girls, they better be able to take on some huge cock"
Everyone laughs and Kristen and Amiee walk over to the side of the couch and kneel down waiting to be told what to do next. Nothing is said from anyone in the room. I guess noone wants to be the first. So i stand and point at Amiee and say
"Your name tonight is Cum Slut, whenever anyone asks you your name it will be Cum Slut'
I point at Kristen
"Your name tonight will be Whore, whenever anyone asks you your name it will be Whore"
They both say
"Yes Sir"
I look at Amiee and say
"What is your name?"
"My name is Cum slut"
"Why are you here tonight?"
"I am here to do whatever anyone wants, I am here to service all."
After the guys hear this they finally loosen up and realize that they are in control and there is nothing that these girls won't do. One of the guys in the back says
"Hey Cum Slut get on the table and dance"
Amiee stands up, walks to the table, steps up ontot he table and starts to dance. I hear someone else say
"Hey whore come over here, I want you to suck on something for me.
Kristen stands and walks over to the guy and kneels in front of him. She unzips his pants and takes his semi-hard cock out. Without saying a word she licks from base to head making sure she gets the entire cock wet with her saliva. His cock is starting to grow more as he watches Amiee dancing on the table and Kristen lick his cock. His cock is around 8 inches. Not huge but big enough. Kristen wraps her lips around his members and starts to bob her head up and down.

Someone from the back of the room say
"Take it off"
Aimee pulls her bra off and starts to touch her nipples. She pulls the skirt down and continues dancing. Amiee turns around to show everyone her perfect ass. She bends over and someone slaps her ass. Aimee pulls her thong down and she is left in her boots and stockings. I hear some noices over where kristen was so I get up and walk over there. There are about 6 guys standing around Kristen who is still on her knees blowing the same guy. He had his hands ont he back of her head pushing her face down farther on his cock. Two guys stand on either side of her and she has each cock in her hands. Another guy has her skirt pulled up past her ass and is fucking her pussy raw. Loud muffled moans are coming from her cock filled mouth. The guy from behind grabs a hair and pulls her head back hard. The cock pops out of her mouth and he thrusts his cock deep in her pussy. Kristen lets out a loud scream as her first organsm of the night runs through her body. The guy from behind start to thrusted harder. Hold her head back as far as it will go he spews cum into her pussy. He lets go of her hair and he mouth falls back down onto the waiting cock. The guy from behind slaps her ass and says
"Damn she is a whore, where is the other one"
He pulls out of her pussy and another guy replaces him. I walk back over to where Aimee was. She is lay on her back on the table where she was just dancing. (Note about the table. We bought the table because it was the perfect size. When Aimee lays on the table her head hands off the front and her ass hangs off the back, leaving all of her holes open.) Amiees head is hanging upside down and a guy has his cock in her mouth to the base. With her head hanging like that you can see cock enter and exit her throat. There is another guy between her legs ramming her pussy. He is pulling out of her pussy and slamming back in with each thrust. There are two guys hold each leg open and straight as wide as she can spread. Each are slapping her ass leaving red handprints. There are two more guys hold each arm down. Aimee is completely immobile and has to take anything these guys want to do to her.
The guy getting is cock sucked pulls his cock out of her mouth and I can't believe how big it is. He has to be at least 11 inches long and as my wrist. What I really can't believe that she is able to take the entire cock into her mouth. After he pulls it out he slaps her in the face with it and says
"You like my big cock in your throat Cum Slut"
He slaps her in the face again with his cock
"What did I tell you to call me slut"
"Yes I Love you big cock in my throat Daddy"
He puts his cock by Aimees mouth and she opens up and he thrusts his cock back into her mouth. He is really fucking her mouth hard. His balls are slapping her forehead with every thrust. His balls start to tense up and he pulls out of her mouth and says
"Keep your mouth open!"
She does what she is told and he starts to shoot streams of cum at her face. I think he is trying to shoot it in her mouth but his aim or horrible, he is shooting it all over her face. He smears the cum around her face with his cock and put it back into her mouth. After she is done cleaning his cock off her walks away. The guy between her legs starts to moan and spills his seed into her pussy. He makes a final thrust deep into her and spills that last of his cum in her. He pulls out and thanks the guys that are holding her and walks away. I walk over to her and say
"Go change of I am sick of watching you get fucked in that, and bring something fun for everyone"
Everyone around her lets go over her and she gets up and walks into the bedroom.

I hear someone in the background say
"Grab your ankles whore"
I walk over to see what comprimising position they have kristen in now. As I walk over I hear alot of people saying a lot of things like
"Ya bitch take it in the ass."
"Fuck that slut"
"Turn your head and suck on this"
I walk through the crowd and see Kristen bent at the waist with an enormous cock up her ass, She has three guys in front on her and she is switching off sucking them all off at the same time. The guy fucking her ass reaches down and grabs her leg and pulls it in the air so she is standing on one leg. I think to myself holy shit this is pornstar shit. The guy fucking her ass says
"Lets all cum on this bitches face" the three other guys respond
"Hell ya"
He lets her leg down and she kneels on the floor in front of them. One of the guys rips her shirt and all the buttons pop off and he tits pop out. They all stand there jerking off in front of her face. The first guy starts the chain reacton and start pumping loads of cum at her face. The rest follow suit and spew cum all over her face. It starts to drip down her face and land on her tits. Kristen grabs one of her tits and starts licking the cum off. One of the guys says
"What a fucking whore this chick is. I love it"
I walk over next to Kristen and say
"Go clean up your face, No one wants to fuck you now with cum dripping off your face. Go get something fun for everyone too"
Kristen stands and walks out of the room. I walk back to the tv to see what the score is and Aimee is walking out of the bedroom into the livingroom as I reach the tv. I do a double take and realize that she is wearing what she wore on our wedding night. She had on white thigh high stockings with a garter belt, a bra with no cup so her tits are just sticking out white strappy heels. I walk over to her and say
"I don't think anything could be sexier then watching you get fucked in your wedding lingerie"
"Thank you sir"
"What did you bring?"
"I brought my nipple clamps and this rope, sir"
"hmm you want to get gang raped don't you?"
"yes sir if that would please you to watch"
I take the rope and nipple clamps out of her hands and pull her arms tight behind her back and tie her wrists together. I open the nippple clams and place each one on her nipples and tighten them down. She winces in pain. After she get through the pain i attach teh chain to each one and tug on it slightly. Aimee loves that. I grab her by the hair and say
"Hey everyone this Cum Slut wants to get gang raped, anyone up to it?"
Everyone turns from who they are talking to or the TV and I throw amiee to the wolves. I stand on the sideline and watch as one guy grabs her by the chain and walks her over to the couch. He pushes her over the arm of the couch opens up her ass checks and spits on her asshole. As he is getting her ass ready another guy goes to the front of her. Since she doesnt' have arms to hold herself up the guy from behind grabs her by the hair and lefts her head up so it is inline with the guys cock. Her mouth is already open as it rises in teh air and he plunges his cock into her mouth. She wraps her lips around it and moves her head up and down on his shaft. The guy behind her place the head of his cock on her asshole and gently pushes. His head pops through her opening and she screams in please and pain. When she screams the guy pushes her head forward and make her take the entire cock into her mouth and down her throat. With the cock in her throat she can't scream anymore so he thrusts his entire cock up her ass. Three more guys come up in front of her and place their cocks in her face. The guy fucking her in the ass pulls her by the hair so her mouth releases a cock and he pushes it down on another bigger cock. He does this again and pushes her mouth onto another cock. WIth each stroke she gets pulled off and place onto another cock. He pulls completely out of her ass and pushes full force back in. He starts to say
"You are a fucking dirty slut. How many cocks can you fit in your mouth?"
Two cocks get pushed together and Aimee tries to get them into her mouth. She can't open her mouth wide enough to get them in.
"You better get at least two in your mouth or we are going to hurt you."
With that he slaps his hand down on her ass leaving a nice red hand print. He starts to push her head down onto the cocks making her mouth stretch wider. All of a sudden the heads of the two cocks pop into her mouth. I hear from behind me
"Holy shit she got them in what a fucking slut" I hear one of the guys with the cocks in her mouth say
"Oh my god she is actually using her tongue with two cocks in her mouth"
the guy fucking her ass says
"I am gonna fucking cum"
I see him thrusted his entire length into her ass and push her head forward. Amiee takes in another couple of inches. The guy behind her shoots his load into her ass. He pulls out and I see the cum drip down onto her pussy. Another guy replaces him but lays on his back underneath her. He pushes his cock into her used swollen pussy. She moans a muffled cock filled moan. The only thing holding her head up now is the two cocks in her mouth. He grabs hold of the chain and starts to gently pull on it. Another guy comes up behind her and plunges into her ass. She has all of her holes filled to capacity. I walk over to the two guys that are in her mouth and say you guys better cum in her mouth in her mouth at the same time. Lets see how much cum this cum slut can take. Amiee looks up at me and I grab her by the hair and start to move her head up and down on the two cocks. She can't move very much but she is moving. They both look at each other and I let go of her hair. They each grab a piece of hair and thrust hard into her mouth. They each start to cum and Amiee is trying to swollow it but it is way to much cum to swollow. It starts to leak out of her mouth. The guy underneath her pulls hard on the chain and says
"What the fuck, swollow that shit"
She screams and pulls her head back as a reaction but the guys aren't done cumming and the cocks pop out of her mouth and they both finish on her face. I look at Amiee and shove my cock in her mouth and let her suck on a familiar cock for a moment. I say
"You have fun now"
I pull out of her mouth and walk away.
I start to walk over to the front of the room to see if Kristen ever made it back and as I walk everyone is thanking me and telling me how much fun it is, where did I find these girls from. I casually talked to all of them and continued to make my way over to the front. Some guys are sitting on the couch resting, trying to recuperate and get their cocks back up. Seeing all of these guys I realize I have not screwed one of them yet. I finally find Kristen and she is getting railed by three of the biggest cocks I have ever seen. By the time I got over there she was wearing a plaid skirt that was pushed up above her waist, white, very tall black strappy shoes and little white socks. She had her hair in pig tails and doing one hell of a job playing the nieve school girl. She was on her hands and knees on the floor. The biggest cock was shoved into her pussy, he was holding her hair like horse reigns. The two others were in front on her while she switched off sucking their cocks. Every couple of minutes she would pull a cock out of her mouth and say
"You aren't going to tell my daddy right?"
The guys would laugh. One of the guys would usually either say
"Shut up whore and suck on this" and shove a cock into her mouth or
"I am your daddy bitch"
I walked over to a chair that was next to her and sat down. She looked over at me and I said
"Get over here"
The guys started to get pissed but they saw that it was me and pulled out of her. They looked disappointed so I said to them
"Go over to the back of the room and help the guys gang rape my wife"
Kristen crawled on her hands and knees over to me. The girl looked exhausted but was ready to continue pleasuring everyone she could. I said to her
"What did you bring"
"I brought the biggest dildo I could find"
"Let me see it"
Kristen turned around and crawled over to where she left the dildo. I could see her pussy and ass as she crawled away. Her pussy was swollen and red, her ass was gaping open. This girl has been used. She crawled back with Amiees largest dildo. It was glass and measures out at 13 inches long and as wide as the end of a baseball bat.
"Have you used this yet?"
"Yes Sir two guys had me stick it in my ass and sit on it while they cummed on my face."
"And did you like it?"
"Yes sir"
"Well I want a show, lay on your back and shove it into your pussy."
"Yes sir"
Kristen sits back and pushes it into her pussy. She is soo used and loose from getting fucked so much that it just slids in. I thought this was going to be more a challenge.
"Get up your loose whore"
I stand the dildo on the floor and say
"Sit on this."
Kristen sits on it.
"Don't move"
"Yes sir

I stand and walk over to Amiee. I can not believe what is being done to her.
She has two cocks in her pussy, a cock in each hand and a cock ramming the shit out of her mouth. She is making gagging noises with every thrust of this guy in her mouth. Someone went into the refridgerator and pulled out a cucumber and put it in her ass. The guy fucking her pussy it holding onto this cucumber. With every thrust into her pussy a harder thrust goes into her ass. I walk over to them and say finish up guys I have something for her to do. The guy in her mouth pulled out and jerked off into her face. The guy in her pussy pulled out and added to the cum on her face. The two guys that were in her hands each jerked off onto her face as well. She was absolutely covered. I pulled Amiee up and walked her over to kristen. When I got to Kristen I noticed that Jay was getting his cocked sucked by her. The guy never gets blown so I just let him finish.

After he blew his load down her throat I walk Amiee over to Kristen.
"Kristen lay on your back."
She does as she is told. I take the glass cock and shove it in her.
"Amiee lay down on your back you are taking the other end of this."
Amiee lays on her back with the glass cock near her swollen, dripping, used pussy. I line up the dildo and she slides forward until it pentrates her. Kristen is the only one that can actually move since Amiee is still tied up. I untie her and she places her palms behind her and pushes hard into the glass dildo.
"I want to see these two whores covered in cum. I want them to be white from head to toe"
I step in front of Amiee, she opens her mouth and take my cock in. I feel her tongue circling around my head.
"You are going to suck off every last one of these guys and they are all going to cum on you. In your face, hair, tits, stomach. Anywhere they want. This is the end so you better make it good."
I pull out and turn around to Kristen. Kristen is really into this dildo. Riding it harder. I place my cock in front of her and she opens her mouth and i place my cock in her mouth. I repeat the same thing to her. I turn back over to Amiee
"I am going to be the first"
I grab hold of her chain and pull on it to bring her closer to me. She follows the chain trying not to cause anymore pain then she is already in. I push my cock down so it is sticking straight out and she opens her mouth and she comes closer. My cock enters her mouth and I keep pulling on the chain and she keeps going deeper on my cock. Finally she bottoms out and I keep the pressure on the chain. She can't move back cause the pain would be too much so she just stays where she is at. I slowly push in and out of her mouth and the head is going in and out of her throat. I keep doing this, pushing harder into her mouth and pull the chain harder with every thrust. I look behind me and Jay is getting his cock sucked by his wife. There is a guy between us holding the dildo moving it back and worth making sure that it is constantly moving. Amiee tenses up and lets out a cock filled moan. Her juices are following out of her pussy dripping onto the dildo. I feel my balls tense up and I pull out and unload on her face. Squirt after squirt hit their mark on her forehead and it starts to ooze down to her chin and drip onto her tits. I look to my side and there is a line waiting for me to get done. As soon as I move out a guy takes my place.
I turn and see that Jay has finished and cummed onto her tits. I walk up to Kristen and say
"Your turn"
Kristen sucks my cock for a few minutes. I pull out every once in a while and smack her int he face with my cock. I feel my balls tighten up and I take a step back and point my cock at her pussy. I blow my load first completely missing and hitting her in the stomach. The second squirt hits right into her pussy and drips down onto the dildo. You can see the cum getting pushed into her pussy and pulled back out. A guy replaces me and cock after cock goes into Kristen and Amiees mouth and cum gets blown onto the faces, tits, pussy. They are getting completely covered with every guy taht steps up. There are still about half of the guys left and I hear from the back, ASS TO ASS. I walk over to Amiee and kristen who currently have cocks in there mouths. I tell each guy to chill out a second and tell Kristen and Amiee to get on their hands and knees. Each does what tehy are told and I place the dildo into Amiee's ass. She is moaning pretty loud and I say to the guy that she was sucking
"Can you please shut her up"
He walks over to the front of her and slams his cock into her mouth. She is unable to say or a mumble a single word. Kristen backs up to the dildo and pushes against it. It slids into her ass. they both start pushing back onto the fake cock. They are pushing so hard that their asses are slaping together. I slap each of the asses and say
"Ok sluts finish up"
Each guys walks up gets blown and cums on ones of their faces or backs or asses.
The final guy walks up to Kristen and says
"Well I am the last. Hope your not to tired"
"No I would never be to tired for you"
He places his cock to her lips. She opens up and as she opens up he pushes the entire length into her mouth. Now this guy is big. No big like normal people. Big like a fucking horse. Kristen can't take the entire thing down. The seem content with justmaking her gag with every thrust. Aimee has nothing in her mouth. She finished every single person off int he room so I walk over to her and put both hands on her sholders and push he agains the dildo. This pushes it into her ass and pushes it farther into Kristens ass. With each thrust of the guys cock and push Amiee back. Kristen gags and get more dildo in her ass. The guy finally feels the cum coming on. I move out of the way cause I am nto getting cum on me and he unloads into Kristens face. They have finished sucking and fucking ever single guy that has walk into the door. They are both covered in cum. They are both swollen, and every hole is gaping open. The have cum dripping out of their ass, pussies and off of every part of their body imaginable. Their tits and asses are bright red from getting slap around and for all of this I made 2 grand. I am going to have to do this again, just a lot bigger.

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2016-04-25 11:42:16
This is written either by someone who is really young or really a wanna be
It is really hard to read and understand who is doing what to who!!
A negative rating from me I'm afraid
From Misterjedi

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2011-10-27 09:44:17
God help me, I put aside a whole afternoon to fgirue this out.


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more please


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I want venus to be one of the sluts


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