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kate is 19 years old,james is 17,lyla is 17
warning:this story do not contain any sexual text if you are looking for some thing sexual go to another story there are many talented writers here.

for that decide to continue pls leave comment if you like it and if not tell me the problem.if i have problems with my grammar pls correct for this is my first story thank you.

capital names shows person narrating the story.

chapter 1:beautiful



you could start with the foot steps or with the blood spilled on the street,bodies of innocent people,a man gutted out,a woman with a broken skull bodies here and there,a girl short a night mere on a full moon the night was bright the cool breeze soothing .or may be you could start with the woman who showed exceptional martial art skills when fighting a park of were wolves.she walks like a dancer thanks to the years of training.she wore a black robe,black pants,5inches black high heels a sword on her back.her hair black as coal which falls down to her hips,eyes green but kind.she stands 5ft '2 tall without her heels of cause,her resting face a scowl all in all she's your typical tough lady looking for her next victim,kate mjourig that's me i just killed a pack of were wolves feeding on the villagers of darantil where i am presently,killing were wolves? no that's not my mission i came around here to find the ghost the notorious thief .

according to the white mages of tendra my home town he will be heading to kindar if not all ready there i have to move fast.


you could start with the people in the busy street of kindra or with the normal looking guy with a hat he wore a brown overcoat revealing a black shirt under ,black pants,black boots.james snowman that's me my hat hid my messy blond hair,my eyes innocently blue all in all i look like you innocent rich kid.heavens kindra is hot you see kindra is a desert city and after kindra to the west is the waste land so this place is dry.i took a good look at my surrounding cause i just arrived dam kindra is beautiful,old building,the sun not forgiven,sky as bright as i don't know,birds flying,beautiful people most importantly beautiful girls i wish i have enough time to get to know a girl.kindra is beautiful but that's not my problem actually i don't care,i din't come here for for a tour i came here to steal.wo wo wo first of all don't judge me i swear am not the bad guy i just need to steal a book from the palace library .come on is just a book i won't hurt any one.

so i need to steal,i need a plan and a disguise that's why i sent a fake message to the governor of drakes fortress using the royal pigeon with the help of my charms,it took the latter to the governor telling him the king wants a word with him at the secreat see the king and the governor always have secrete meetings i know this by reading a guards memory,he always guard the king in those secrete meetings.story for another day,if the governor does come i follow him kill him take his image go to the palace pretend am him once in i sneak to the library and steal the will work it always does.

first of all i need some where high so i could see him when he comes into the city.where should i go?. the church,yes,the church then.


here facing the church an old building 9 stories and about 100ft seems to be made of stone,i remove my gloves and feel the stone i connected with it we spoke silent words i love stones and there love me too.i started climbing ,the place was deserted thank heavens the last thing i need is people looking at me .i climb the wall with ease i just press my palms and it sticks i don't need to hold any thing i just climb like lizards does.

now at the roof i waited for about an hour or so,i saw what i was waiting for the governor,he was wearing a red robe,black pants,black boots.let me get over with this before that bitch finds me i hardly escape last time but if she does find me i will surely win ,am stronger here because of the stones,i have the advantage and i am giong to use it.oh there she is.


i don't know if what that girl said is true but i have to trust trust her,she wears all black,black hair black lip stick said her name is kate mjourig.tell you this she looks exceptionally beautiful the type of girl that make an old man want to feel young again ,i am a man even though my ones black hair is grey,wrinkles here and there i can still wish a man can wish.i met her on my way to kindra,she said the letter sent to me is fake that the ghost tricked me."why would the ghost trick me" i asked."he needs your face to get into the palace"she said."why should i trust you" "you have the truth powder,let me swear with blood"

she swore with blood with the truth powder in her mouth if she was lying she would have i trusted her,she took my image and guards and left.i headed to the fortress alone.


i left the governor thinking about my last meeting with the ghost i din't see his face because it was will i recognize him? i guess he will attack me.i had the advantage last time,i almost had him.he was seduced by a succubi 3 days ago she asked him his plan which he told her,he slipped out of her control stabbed her thinking he killed her.i came not too late and not early either,we fought with magic but he was't good in fire and wind fight,i won but alas he escaped.

presently i am in kindra with three guards,me looking exactly like the the governor,i plan to lure the ghost into the church.


you must have guessed i am the ghost or maybe you din't.what the governor is coming to the church or so she wants me to think.


i was approaching the church when i noticed some thing is wrong,the stones are melting "run" one of the guards said but it was too late the stones beneath us image oh my image was changing to my normal self against my will that idiot ghost most have sprinkled the restoring powder here.

we sank into the ground,stones liquid like water.the liquid stone was at the level of my chest,i started swimming forward to the other side,i coudn't make it, the stones where turning solid i raised my hands high up to avoid my hands being trapped in the stone.the stone turned solid i could only move my hands and neck i looked around taking account of my surrounding people where running until the street was empty.that's when i saw him,coming out of the church is the ghost it has to be him.coming out of the church smiling at me the ground sucked the three guards into the ground my eyes grew wide in horror.he raised his hands to his side as if making a show,his blond hair messy,eyes innocently blue,he has a strong build but not very muscular am not sure because he's wearing an overcoat so i cant really tell,his eyes beautiful i just wanted to drown in them if we were'nt in different sides of the law i could have found him attractive.he held a black hat on his right hand."kate mjourig beautiful,stubborn,bond to your beautiful imperfection,but see where you are standing"he said smiling a beautiful smile revealed a perfect set of white teeth."ghost am disappointed you coudn't get me quickly i chased you through 3 cities you keep on running,you cant fight like a man you use little tricks"i said with my poker face.he started approaching slowly he touched a wall forming a hook from the wall.the wall is made of stone,great.he placed his hat on the hook,he looked at me holding eye contact,he smirked and said"and yet"he stayed silent for some time before he continued"does little tricks were what kept me alive all this time"he broke eye contact his eyes growing distance for a moment"I have always been running,all my life,looking for a explanation a reason to live"he sighed and sat down about 5ft away from me,he leaned against the wall,he looked like a disturbed school kid ,his young face stained with dirt,but you will get that if you travel often."every one thinks i steal for money or for fun,i can stand being poor as for fun what's fun without love"he said slowly,i needed to get out of this stone so let me be in his good side."so why do you steal"i asked looking him in the eye."i am going to let you go but do promise me one thing" he said standing up "what"i asked "make our next fight worth fighting" he said,as he started to leave,the stones started melting.


i left kate in a pool of liquid stone just in time,the city guards were coming,i take good look at one of them take his image looking exactly like him before burrying them in the ground except there heads,the stone is going to melt to there place but before it does i wont need this image again.


as i walk to the library only one thing in my mind will i find are lost lets go back:after i left the buried guards i went to the palace pretend am a guard i request to see the king told them i have a massage that can only be told to him,i was lead by a palace guard which i took out and headed to the library.

i came into a hall way which leads to the library i felt my self drawn to something behind a wall it most be the book of the falling calling it always calls even in my dreams but it was stronger now.guards started entering the hall way,you need a fight lets do it.i connected with the stone floor turned it sticky and of course i was'nt affected,i could see the horror in there eyes as there realised there could'nt move.archers came fromm the door way and shoot a thousand arrows at me i moved fast and went through the wall like it wasn't there , i can move through stone walls like a ghost.


you could start with me in the street of tendra,i hate long talks lets keep it simple.i wore a black fitting top,black mini skirt,black four inches high heels shoe.i stands 5ft tall without my heels,am a small woman,my eyes black iris slited like a cat's.i have just awakened by my old time slave which i killed after i regained my memories.

the city is dark no moon no light just dark like me the dark queen,am back and am going to show you all,all the pain i went through,but you sains i will show a pain bitter than death i will show you the pain of love.i will find you surely,i heard you go by the name james snowman.i will make you regret the gift you gave us,i will break you and it will be beautiful,cause is the time of the falling again.
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