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Brittney's secret Lust (2)

Both sisters sat still on the bed looking at their mom. They were too frightened to speak. Finally, after what seemed an eternity of silence, Jenna spoke up.
"Mom..... ummm ... we were just..."
But she interruped her.
"I know what you were doing! What, do you think i was born yesterday?!
Jenna, just... go to your room!"
She grabbed and put on her t-shit, as she left the room. Brittney watched as her sister, with her head held low, quickly passing their mom as she went into her room.
Brit was terrified now, sitting completely still staring at her mother.
She knew she was in trouble, she just didnt know what to do. She couldnt say anything in fear of just making it worse.
To her suprise though, her mother just shook her head, turned and left the room. Shutting the door hard behind her.
Sitting alone, she just wanted to get some sleep, and she would find out what was going to happen to her tomorrow.

She woke up to the morning sun shining through her window. Brittney's first thoughts were of last nights excitement, and the consequence she would be facing today.
Getting out of bed, she went to her closet and threw on some cloths. After getting dressed, she slowly made her way downstairs. In the kitchen were her mother and sister. And on the table, was Brit's breakfast. She sat down silently and started eating, only sharing a few glances with her sister.
"im off to work, i will see you when i get back home"
Brittney looked at her mom, and said goodbye. She was confused on why her mom didnt say anything about last night.
Her father had left much earlier that morning, so now the sisters were alone again.
"Did mom say anything to you?" Brittney asked
"No..... I think she just wants to forget about it.... and i say let her do just that."
They finished up their breakfast and put the dishes in the sink.
"Im going to be going over amy's house in a little bit" Jenna said
"Alright, i think i might go hang out over Kevin's" her sister replied.

Brittney went into her room to change. She was getting dressed slowly until she was sure her sister had left.
Brit knew what she wanted to do. All morning she had been thinking about last night, and was getting wetter by the second.
The moment she heard her sister yell goodbye, she was at it. She quickly pulled off her clothes, or at least what was left of them.
Throwing herself backward onto her bed, she started rubbing her swollen pussy. Her fingers were getting soaked in her juices as she furiously rubbed her clit.
She was so horny thinking about her sister and what they had shared last night. With those thoughts in mind, she stuck a finger into her dripping, needing pussy.
"Ohhhhh" she moaned as she slipped in another.
"god i wish i had something bigger to use.....mmm...."
Brit continued masterbating when it hit her.
One year while she was searching for her presents for her birthday, she had come across some of her mom's toys.
She got up and ran to her parent's room.
"now where were they?" feeling a sense of urgency.
She went looking through droors and cabinets until finally, she found her mom's stash!
"wow, vibrators, condums, lotion, whipped cream...?".........she read the labels aloud to herself as she went on.
She went to grab the vibrator, when she noticed that her mom had 2 of them. One was an anal vibrator, and one was a regular one.
Excited, she grabbed both, and the lotion, and ran back to her room.
The first thing she wanted to try was the anal vib. She turned it on, seeing how fast it would go, and examining it.
She grabbed the lotion and started to rub it on her anus.

After she was feeling lubed enough, she grabbed the vib in hand.
"well here it goes...." She thought as she began to insert the vibrating rod.
The tip touched her hole.
"OHhh that feels good.." she moaned aloud.
she pushed in the fist pink ball of 6 on the tool.
"mmm" she moaned shutting her eyes hard from the unusual feeling.
Brittney was pushing in more and more of the vibrator.
''ohhh god this feels great!!!!"

Brittney wasnt satisfied yet though. She reached for the other vibrator.
This one was colored pink and looked like a hard 8 inch dick.
She looked at it admiringly turning it in her hand.
Brit closed her eyes and started to suck on the plastic dick, imagining it to be a real one.
"mmmm god you taste good!" imagining her own little fantasy as the vibrator in her ass was still pleasuring her.
"mmm GOD! mmmm" she moaned as she continued to suck.

"Oh enough of this" she said as she shoved the vibrator into her dripping wet pussy.
"AHH FUCK YES!" she yelled from the pleasure. she turned it on high, and started pumping it in and out of her cunt.
"OHH OH!!! FUCK YES! MMMM!" The combined force of the anal and pussy vibrators was too much for her.
She grabbed her tit hard and massaged it as she was moaning loudly.
"FUCK ME! OH GOD FUCK ME!" She yelled as she was quickly reaching her climax.
Through all the excitement she didnt hear the front door open.
Brittney arched her back, her eyes rolling back from the state of ecstasy that she was entering.
From here on there was no turning back.
She pumped the dick in and out of her hard while rubbing her ass on her bed to move around the anal vib.
"OHHHH YES!" she screamed, not hearing the footsteps quickly coming up the stairs.
Finally reaching her climax, she screamed aloud as both the vibrators were shaking her inside.
Cum flowed out of her pussy and she collapsed on the bed.
Both of her mother's toys still inside of her, making her muscles spasm.

Brittney heard a noise and looked to her open door.
There she saw Jenna and her friend amy standing there, Jenna with her hand down her pants.
Brit just panted and turned off the vibrators, leaving them inserted inside her.
She was too physically exhausted to care who was watching.
Breathing hard, she pulled out each of her lovely toys, cringing when she pulled the one out of her sweet ass.

"Going over Kyle's huh? Jenna said slyly
"What is Amy doing here?" brittney replied panting.
Jenna turned around and saw amy there just staring directly at Brittney's naked body.
"wow, shes got nice boobs" amy said without moving her gaze away from Brittney.
"yup, and mine are almost like hers" Jenna said seductivly.
Amy turned her eyes to Jenna.
"Can i see them?"

Jenna turned to brittney and smiled. Facing back at amy she said.
"okay, but you have to do something for us FIRST"

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