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Chapter 6 Tammy
Amy's First Time Chapter 6
Copyright 2006

Bob thought to himself could this be his surprise girls? Would Candi really tell him what was going on now? What was Lynn talking about when she had they were his wives? Shit Amy and Amber were girls that he shouldn't have fucked in the first place. Candi and Lynn he had a feeling were closer then either one would admit. Could they have planned this, was that why Candi had him set with Amy? Did she know Amy would seduce him? Had she put her up to it? What about Amber? Was that planned also? Hell all he had was questions and Candi had said she would explain when the others arrived. He heard the front door close and his heart stopped for a moment, and he held his breath in anticipation of what was headed his way.

Candi: Bob I would like to introduce you to Cindy, Kim, and Susan.

Bob: Hi glad to meet all of you. (Susan had to be in her late twenties, and the girls looked like they were about 10 or 11. These couldn't be the ones Candi and the others were talking about.)

Candi: Susan I think you ladies should go in the living room so we can all talk.

Susan: Ok hon. You were absolutely right! (with that she escorted everyone into the living room without waiting for Candi to reply.)

Bob: Well should I join them or wait here? I really would like some answers you know! ( he was almost demanding)

Candi: GODDAMN BOB STOP IT! (Then like she hadn't raised her voice at all.) I told you when they arrived I would explain everything. Wait here and give me ten minutes then come into the living room unless I call you sooner. ( Bob hadn't pressed the issue because he was truly afraid that he would be reported to the police for molesting the girls. He was now to a point were he wanted answers and he wanted them now.)


Candi: (Without raising her voice at all) Bob calm down and I will, but if you keep yelling I won't tell you jack shit. Now do you want to know or do you want to act like a ass? (She waited a second and saw Bob just nod) Good. You have been very patient but I am sorry baby you will have to wait another few minutes. I love you and it has to be this way. Hell we all are in love with you. Ten minutes then you will know everything I promise. (With that she gave him a long wet kiss and held him tight. Then she let him go) Ten minutes Honey you have my word.

Bob sat there and watched her go into the living room once again feeling dumbfounded. Questions kept running through his head. Questions Candi had promised he would get answers to his questions in ten minutes or less. He could hear the others talking but couldn't make out what was being said so he got up and moved close to the doorway to try and hear what the females were saying.

Amy: (almost in a wisper) Cindy, Kim I was scared too, but mom told me I would love the feeling after the pain stopped and I did. It only hurt for a minute then I felt better then I ever have fingering myself.

Susan: Girls you know this has to happen. I wouldn't have you do it if it wasn't right. You both know how it is. I thought we had gone over this on the way here. You were raised to do this from the day you were born. I see no reason to go over all this again.

Candi: She is right. You both know already what will happen so we don't need to discuss it again. Right? Now I am getting ready to call Bob in here and I expect both of you to do what you know you have to do. You both agreed this was what you want so today is the day. BOB COME IN HERE!

When Candi yelled it shocked him and he jumped back. He slowly gained his composure and started to move into the living room. As soon as he entered the living room he could see that Susan, Cindy, and Kim were setting on the sofa bed with the covers over them. The rest were setting on the floor on in chairs. If Bob wanted to set he had to set on the bed or the floor.

Candi: Bob set down on the bed so I can explain things like you asked. ( Bob sat on the edge of the bed so he was facing Candi which put his back to Susan and the girls.)

Candi: Bob before I explain everything to you I have to say that you were selected out of hundreds of men that we could have picked. ( Bob's mouth fell open.Selected for what? Amy and Amber giggled)

Lynn: Girls quiet! This is serious.You know better. (Candi gave them a dirty look as well) You are women now and need to act like it. (both girls shook their heads yes)

Candi: We are all descendants of an ancient society and as a right of passage all our females must be bread before they can be considered women. It is our belief that certain men should be selected who have the right qualities to father our children. Lynn, Susan, Amber, and myself were on birth control until I met you. I knew you were the one to father all our children. I also knew that if I asked you to take Amy you would have refused. So Mom and Lynn helped me set it up and when Amy came on to you. Well you did what was natural and you fucked her.

Bob: YOUR MOM! How did she help you? By having a heart attack. ( This remark caused all of the women to laugh) What is so fucking funny? I don't think your mom having a heart attack is anything to laugh about.

Candi: Sorry hon. Mom didn't have a heart attack. She is at her house and knew all about this. We had to get you to the hospital so Susan could check you out and give her approval. It was perfect so that Amber could get you also. Susan is the hospital administrator and arranged everything there. We were watching you on camera Bob, in her office. It was the only way to get you to fuck Amber also. If you hadn't thought you were alone then nothing would have happened and Susan couldn't have seen what they would be getting.

Bob: ( looking more dumbfounded then ever ) You mean all this was planned? How did you plan on Amy's suit getting torn? I guess you are going to tell me you planned that. Right?

Lynn: That was easy although it did happen sooner then we thought. We loosened the thread and cut the seam a little. It was suppose to be later but it worked out fine anyway. Amber is Susan's oldest and Cindy and Kim her youngest. Once you bread them they are your's for life.

Bob: Are you saying I am suppose to get them pregnant? I don't understand. Why me? (Damn he was having a hard time with what they were saying to him.) I can refuse to do anything. Then what? This sounds like a bunch of bullshit!

Candi: Bob calm down shut up and listen! We picked you because you are a strong man. You will produce strong children for us. Cindy has just finished her first period. Kim is also ripe. Both should be fucked now to assure they become real women. Susan agreed you were a perfect selection for her daughters. Now Bob listen to what I am going to say. If you think you can back out of this I want you to know that we are all your women. But try to get out of this and we will call the police and have you arrested for rape of a minor. And with Amy and Amber backing us up you will go to jail and they will still be carrying your children.

Bob: Carrying my children? You don't know that they are pregnant, YOU CAN'T!

Candi: BOB! Trust me, we know. We know when we fuck if we conceive or not. That is something you just have to accept. Our mothers knew and so did there mothers. Now that we have selected you none of us will ever need or want anyone else. As for you even if you try to fuck another woman you won't be able to. Lundian women have that effect on their men. I am telling you what you wanted to know.

Bob: Lundain? What is that?

Lynn: Not what Bob but Who. We are from very deep in Europe and our Ancestors where captured and sold to be whores to countries all over the world. Over time we developed defenses so our people would survive. Men would have sex with us and never be able to preform again with anyone else. Some of us were killed and others escaped. We managed to survive many generations hiding our true heritage. But now it is time to once again take our rightful place. The children you give us will be sent home if they are boys to grow up and bread the women in our homeland.

Candi: It really doesn't matter if you understand Bob. You just have to except the way things are. Do you realize that? ( Bob nodded yes)

Bob: Yes I think I do but how do you know I am the right guy? I mean how did you know I would fuck all of you and not have said no when Amy came on to me? Or for that fact Lynn or Amber. Candi you knew I was falling in love with you, so how did you know I would fuck them?

Candi: You had no choice Bob. Just like Cindy, Kim, and Susan, as soon as they reveal themselves to you you will want them. You will not only want them you will take them and impregnate them. It is one of the things we can do and how we survived after our homeland was raided and almost all the women captured and removed. The fools thought they had all the fertile women captured. They didn't know that regardless of age we still can become pregnant. The few men that were left alive bred the women left behind and our society continued. By instinct or something else, the rest developed self control that would allow only men with the traits we wanted to bread them making us stronger and superior. If our women don't want to get pregnant they won't no matter what the man does.

Bob: I don't have to fuck them if I decide not to, you know. (this again brought laughter from the females) Then what? Are you all going to try and force me? (Bob was determined he was in control regardless what Candi or the others said or thought.)

Candi: We will see about that! Susan why not show Bob and see if he can resist. (Bob was determined not to let her turn him on, and even if she did he wasn't going to fuck her. Fuck them it was up to him, who he would fuck and who he wouldn't)

Susan: Ready? ( She started removing the covers and hard as he tried Bob's cock became hard as a rock and he felt a desire to rip the covers off and fuck her. The feeling was so strong there was no way to fight it. He would fuck her, and he now knew why he had fucked all the others. He just couldn't resist them try as hard as he could!)

Bob started removing his pants and freeing his cock. No use fighting it. He wanted her and he would have her. As Bob slid up the bed and on to Susan the others watched. Bob kissed her letting his tongue explore her mouth. He felt her breast and after kissing her he lowered his head to suck her tits into his hungry mouth. Susan held his head as he slid down between her legs to taste her womanhood. several minutes later he entered her and started fucking with every ounce of strength he had. Still his mind was racing trying to figure out why he could not resist. Why he didn't want to resist? Why he had to fuck Susan?

Susan : OH GOD YES! HARDER BOB! GIVE IT TO! ( Breaking into his thoughts. Bob felt his balls tighten and knew he was ready to fill her. He thought I can fix them by pulling out. But instead he shoved in as deep as possible and shot load after load into Susan.)

Candi: Why didn't you pull out like you thought about doing Bob? I told you already you now have no choice but to do what needs to be done for us. Cindy you are next.

Bob: Wait how old is she? She is so young. ( but as the covers came off Bob forgot his questions. All he could think about was fucking this young pussy.He wanted to slam his cock into her virgin cunt more then anything.)

All of the others watched as Bob repeated his movement on Cindy kissing her and working his way down her body until he had his face buried in her pussy. He stuck a finger in her pussy and felt how tight she was. After several minutes he moved up and lined his cock up with her opening. His forced his cock into her and she moaned with pain as he took her virginity. Then he pumped her slowly until she adjusted to his size. Then when she moaned with pleasure he rammed it to her for all he was worth. It wasn't long, he came deep into her pussy filling her with his seed.

Candi: Damn that was hot wasn't it Susan? Cindy how did it feel to be filled with his cum?

Cindy (out of breath) Wonderful! I'm sore but I never felt so good before. You were right!

Kim: Is it my turn mom? (Laying there still clutching the covers around her neck.)

Candi: Bob and I need to talk first. Besides he needs a break to allow his sperm to rebuild. Bob lets go into the kitchen to talk. ( Bob got up, grabbed his pants, and walked into the kitchen without question as Candi led the way)

When they got in the kitchen Candi hugged Bob and kissed him long and deep. When the kiss was over she pushed him back into one of the kitchen chairs and sat on his lap.

Candi: Bob honey I know you are still confused by all of this but trust me when I tell you none of us will ever want anyone except you. Also you will never want another woman or need one unless we bring you one.

Bob: Candi so why couldn't I control my actions in there? (pointing to the living room) I wanted to pull out of Susan and I tried to resist fucking Cindy, I mean she is a little girl.

Candi: Like I said Bob, Lundian women only bread with certain men and you are the one. As soon as you made love to me your fate was sealed. I was the first one you planted your seed in. That is why we had to make sure you didn't try to fuck a woman that wasn't Lundian. If you had you would have failed and never been able to get a hard on again. That is why we kept you under our direct control to protect you. As far as Cindy's age is concerned we age slower then others. In your thinking she would be only 10 but she is almost 20. Maybe that will make it easier for you with Kim. That is one of the thing we developed over time to survive.

Bob: You are making that up right? I mean if what you are saying is true then you have to be close to 60.

Candi: I am 45 Bob. Remember we age at about half what other people do. Like some of our women are 70-80 in your years but look like they are about 25-30. Just like other people look younger then they are, so do we.

Bob: Well how do you know I have never been with one of you before? I mean I know you aren't a virgin, so you had to have been with other men.

Candi: Yes Bob I have. And you may have been with our women but you didn't bread them. That is the difference Bob, remember we control our bodies completely. When we are ready to conceive we select the father and let them bread us. Once we are bred, we belong to that man for their life. Only after they are dead do we select another man to produce children.

Bob: Wait wasn't Jim your husband and Amy's father? You left him so how do you explain that?

Candi: No Jim was not Amy's father he is long dead. Jim asked me to marry him and I agreed so I would have someone to help raise Amy after her father died. But Jim was not right to bread us. He was just there to support us.

Bob: Well what about Lynn and Susan what happened to their husbands? The girls fathers I mean? Goddamn this is confusing as hell. Hon I am trying to understand but I sure as fuck am having trouble. Was their husbands the fathers of their kids or what?

Candi: All The kids have the same father. Lynn and Susan weren't married. As I said the girls father has been long dead. Jim married me and together we helped the other's raise their kids. You will produce the next generation with us and as long as you live we will be only yours. When you die the women left will select a new mate but not until then. It is time to go and take Kim.

Bob followed Candi back in to the living room. Kim was still on the sofa bed with the cover around her neck. Bob thought maybe he wouldn't have the same reaction with Kim as with the others. Maybe he could control his thoughts and not get hard and want to attack this girl. Of all the females she seemed the youngest and he had to try his best to control his animal lust.

Candi: Kim you are Bob's last so go ahead. (Kim removed the covers with a quick jerk)

Bob: OH GOD! ( As his cock sprung to full attention. He wanted this girl as much as he had ever wanted anyone. He would take this girl with pure pleasure and without any resistance.His only thought was why the fuck fight it.)

Candi pushed Bob and he climbed on the bed and kissed Kim while grasping her tits in his hands. They kissed exploring each other's mouth for a minute then Bob lowered himself to her orange size breast and licked and sucked them for several minutes. As before he had blocked out anyone else being around him as he slid lower so he could taste her sweet nectar. For 4-5 minutes he licked, sucked, and nibbled on Kim's pussy. Then he lined his cock to penetrate Kim. One swift push and he popped inside about 2 inches. Another push and he felt her hymen break. He was now half way in this virgin channel and he paused as Kim tensed and let out a slight groan of pain. When she relaxed a little he plunged his cock to the hilt. He moved out until just the head remained in her then drove his cock in again until it rested against her womb. He continued this picking up speed until he shot his load into Kim. Shot after shot emptied into her until his cock started to go limp. He lay down on top of Kim and swapped tongues with her, enjoying the feeling of his cock shrinking, while still being in her. When his cock had shrunk enough to slide out of her Bob rolled over and looked up at Candi who leaned over and Gave him A kiss.

Candi: Bob honey your family is now complete. You can have any of us when ever you want. But no matter what you must never touch another woman. Bob you must swear on your life that unless we bring a woman to you, and tell you she was selected for you, you will not fuck any other woman. Do you swear on your life Bob?

Bob: Candi what would happen if I did? You act like it would be the end of the world. You said I couldn't preform with anyone else so why do you need my promise?

Candi: Just promise and I will explain it to you. Do you swear on your life that you will never fuck any woman unless we bring them to you and tell you they were selected for you?

Bob: Yes I swear. If I have all of you why would I want another woman? Hell I'll be lucky to keep up with you seven.

Candi: Good! Yes you will be able to keep us happy. Remember we belong to you and you belong to us. If you try to fuck another woman, or even touch another woman you will not only fail to get hard but will never get it up again. You will be dead within a month.

Just then lynn came in, kissed Bob and then kissed Candi. She sat down and Smiled at both of them. She motioned toward the living room and mouthed something to Candi. Bob immediately thought what the hell is going on now.

Candi: Is she here now?

Lynn: On the phone and said she needed to talk to you right away.

Candi: Bob honey I will be right back Tammy is on the phone and wants to talk. Let me go find out what's up and then we can finish our talk. (She rushed out of the kitchen, leaving Bob wandering why the big secret, and still upset at what might be really going on here)

Lynn: Bob Can you except things that are not always easy to explain? Like how we are. I love Candi but some times she beats around the bush to much instead of getting to the point. I know she explained who we are and how we select our men to father our children. But she didn't explain that you have certain gene traits which attract a lot of our women to you unless they have already selected someone else. You are safe from them as long as their husbands live. Now as for you not fucking another woman the reason Candi was so insistent that you swear on your life is for that very reason. If you try to fuck another woman, the only thing that will happen is you will drop dead within days. Lundian women pass a dormant virus on to certain men that becomes active when it comes into contact with another female's fluid. It is 100% fatal to the man and only takes a few days to kill. I know you find all this hard to conceive as fact but it is and it can't be changed. When you and Candi made love you were trapped for life because she had selected you as a father of our children.

Candi came back in and wispered something to Lynn and walked back out. Lynn shook her head and twirled her finger around her ear indicating Candi was crazy.

Bob: What's going on?

Lynn: Tammy wants to come over. Candi and the others are trying to decide if she should or not.

Bob: Why? I mean what's the big deal about her coming over? She doesn't have to know what's going on does she?

Lynn: Bob as I was saying things aren't always as they seem. Tammy is Lundian but she has no family support. Her mother excepted a man who did not carry all the right genes, which has caused Tammy to have serious problems that she might pass on to her children. ( Candi walked in and kissed Lynn then sat down next to Bob.)

Candi: Lynn it is agreed Tammy can come over but no contact will be allowed until we talk to her and reach a final decision about her. It won't do for her to corrupt things.

Bob: Candi hon don't you think it is time to let me in on things, instead of talking in riddles around me?

Candi: Bob I know Lynn was explaining things to you and she is much better at it then me. Lynn go ahead and finish telling Bob everything he wants to know. ( With that she gave Bob a kiss and hug and leaned back in the chair.)

Lynn: Her mother allowed a man to have sex with her and produced Tammy but because he wasn't right Tammy didn't get the power to select her right mate for producing children. The only way she can is to have another Lundian select her one. She still might have children who are like her and that is the problem. We don't want other Lundian children to end up handicapped like her.

Bob: What was that about no contact? Is she wanting to have sex with me? (Bob could feel his cock harden slightly thinking about having Tammy)

Lynn: She will be here in an hour and when she arrives the rest of us will figure out if she can become part of our family or not. If we decide she can then yes you will be allowed to have sex with her.

Bob: And what if you all decide she can't be part of the family? What happens then?

Lynn: Being honest Bob I am not sure you want to know that. This is her last chance to be part of a family, let me put it that way.

Bob: Then what would stop her from just having some guy knock her up and go on with her life? Why does she need approval anyway?

Lynn: Bob you don't understand we can't and won't allow her to reproduce with just any man. That is what caused her handicap in the first place. Her mother conceived a child that should never have been born. She vanished until Tammy was six months old then returned. She was outcast from the family for what she did but Tammy was allowed to remain but we decide her fate. That is how things are Bob.

Bob: Are you saying she will never be allowed to have children unless she is part of the family?

Candi: Yes Bob. Other then being raped by Jim she has never been with a man. Thank God she didn't get pregnant by him. She didn't have the power to protect herself from getting pregnant at the time. The woman that raised her never told her she wasn't her real mother but about a year ago we told her about her real mother and what had happened. I also told her when the time for her to become a mother we would see about selecting her a husband. That time is now.

Lynn: Bob I can tell you don't fully understand. When her real mother returned she did so to face her fate. We found a family to raise Tammy and then we ended her mother's life for what she did.


Lynn: No not like you are thinking Bob. We just quit supporting her life energy and she died. The father killed himself in a car crash before Tammy was born. Bob: Tammy's mother knew her fate when she returned and excepted it. All she asked of us was that we allow Tammy to mature before deciding her fate. That is what we are doing now. If excepted she will carry your child and if not she will die just like her mom. We have to preserve our heritage for our future. You have to except things the way they are.

Amy walked in and hugged and kissed Bob, Lynn, and Candi.

Amy: Tammy will be here soon so we all need to get in the living room and get ready.

Candi: Ok is everything else ready?

Amy: Yes all the others are ready and so is the living room.

Lynn: Get the knife and we will be there in a minute.

Amy opened a draw and pulled out a curved thin knife with a hook on the end of the blade. She walked back into the living room and the others followed. The room was dark except for the coffee table which had a light focused on it. All the others were standing around the table and holding hands. Bob's hand was grabbed by Kim and he stepped between her and Cindy.
Candi, Amy, and Lynn finished the circle around the table. Bob knew immediately that Tammy's fate was being decided as they stood there. But now he understood how important all this was. He now knew Tammy's fate would be decided as soon as she arrived. Would he bread her or watch her die? This was the only question on his mind now. he would have his answer soon as he heard a car door slam.

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good story but you left us hang... What about Tammy what was her fate???


2009-06-17 16:06:23
I liked the beginning, and now I agree with the others that you have a wild imagination. The "Lundian" thing is kind of weird, but I want to see where it's going to go. The way they have control over Bob is more like they're aliens instead of being from deep dark Europe... "We are the Coneheads. We are from France!"


2007-12-30 13:06:41
It's an interesting bit of erotica. Playing on man's weaknesses and desires, yet also showing a want to fight those weaknesses/desires. Women being controling yet controlled by their needs. A Matriarchal society. Keep it up. Maybe post this series at: wilderness publishing


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I would love to read the rest of this i guess 7 of 10.
also I have to say this the storie line is one fuckd up
pieace of work, its not bad or good but this chapter had my mind spining i didnt see this comeing the colt thing it freaked me out but please finish the story
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This is getting so sick you are one fucked up so called person.

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