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The summer I was 12 my sisters and I played games
The summer I was 12 my sisters and I played games. Although they started innocently (at least on the girls’ part) they got more and more sexual in nature as the summer wore on.

I was basically an average boy starting puberty. I had been jerking off for years, and although I couldn’t yet produce any sperm, I had started to grow a little hair. If there’s anything unusual about me it was my 6” cock. One day, a neighbor kid stole a condom from his parents. 4 of us took turns trying it on. To everyone’s surprise, my hard cock was quite a bit bigger than the other kids. At 12 years old, my cock was already at its full size, don’t ask me why. Anyway, I spent that whole summer in a sex haze. The things my sister and I were doing were driving me nuts. With a few exceptions, we played our games in the basement tv room, or in a home-made play house in the back yard. The basement had its own exit to the backyard, which helped us keep things secret. We knew of course that if anyone caught us we would be in deep trouble.

Lorrie is my youngest sister. At the time she would have been 9. She was a natural exhibitionist. She wasn’t fat or skinny - she had a cute little 9 year old hairless body, with tiny little nipples on a flat chest and a fascinating little slit between her legs. She loved to look at my cock. In the beginning, we would drop our pants and look at each other, but I soon realized that I could get her to strip completely just for a look at my cock.

Terry was 10. She was almost as tall as me, and skinny with long coltish legs. She never willingly took her clothes off no matter how much Lorrie or I goaded and teased her, but she did wear short shorts and a halter top or a bathing suit all summer- typical little girls summer clothes. Her participation mostly consisted of watching Lorrie and me play and putting the brakes on when we got too shameless. To that extent she was kind of a wet blanket. However, she would find reasons to touch me, especially when I was naked. The touching got very brazen as the summer went on. I was so hot to see her naked, which eventually got me in some trouble – more on that later.

The first real threshold passed one day when I was alone with Lorrie. We were in my room for some reason and started wrestling. I was instantly turned on, and kept trying to get her shorts down. However, she wasn’t cooperating, so in a stroke of genius I decided to tie her to the bed. With some bootlaces I had on the dresser, I tied her wrists together to one bedpost and her ankles together to the opposite post. As soon as she realized what I was doing she laid still and let it happen. She was really stretched out tight. I pulled her shorts down to her ankles. The whole family was home and we could get caught any minute, but I couldn’t resist it – I touched her little slit with my hand, while we looked at each other. Her eyes were wide. I had no idea what I was doing, but for the first time Lorrie actually seemed aroused by what was happening – instead of giggling like she usually did when we were playing, she made other little noises. After a few minutes I untied her and left the room because I was nervous. When I looked back in several minutes later she was still laying on my bed with her shorts down – she was really in a daze. Her back was to me, but she looked over her shoulder at me. I sat down and just touched her ass and legs for a while. I had heard about kissing a pussy, and I wanted to do it but had no idea how. I knew I was supposed to lick and suck something but I didn’t know what. I kissed her lips instead while I stroked her. I was so turned on I was dizzy. I knew we had to quit. Eventually I pulled her shorts up and we left the room. I kept those bootlaces with me for the rest of the summer.

The second threshold we passed happened when we were playing kidnapper. That game consisted of me kidnapping Lorrie and taking her to a secret hideout – the playhouse in the backyard. As soon as we got there I would ‘force’ her to strip. Terry was always the cop. She would track us down after a few minutes and capture me – the criminal. As punishment I would have to pull down my pants. Then we would hang out in the playhouse for a while, basically doing nothing. Lorrie would stay naked, I would look at Lorrie, and Terry would sit so that somehow her body was making contact with mine. After the bedpost incident I would also tie Lorrie’s hands behind her back, then make out with her until Terry discovered us. The first time Terry caught us doing that she was shocked, and threatened to tell if we didn’t quit. We quit immediately for that day, but after several days in a row of catching us like that we wore her down, which meant I could feel up Lorrie’s tied up body any time I wanted while Terry watched.

Then Lorrie kidnapped me – 1st time ever. I had never gotten completely naked before in front of the girls. I still remember how nervous, embarrassed but totally turned on I felt as I shed all my clothes, then let her tie my hands behind my back. Then I laid down on the floor of the play house and she tied my ankles together. I wanted her to touch my cock so bad I remember begging her. She wouldn’t – she said it was too big and hairy, but I think it was something she just wasn’t ready to do – she never willingly touched my cock that summer. Terry didn’t know that I was the one being kidnapped, so she was completely surprised. I quit begging to be touched when she showed up. I was just too embarrassed to ask for that in front of her. Terry crawled into the playhouse and sat down cross-legged next to me. She was positioned next to my right leg, with her right knee touching my thigh, facing me. She put her hands on her knees, but after a bit moved her right hand so it was touching my leg. When her hand touched me I was so amazed and turned on that I groaned and moved my hips. They both asked me what was wrong, but I was too embarrassed to explain what I was feeling. I laid there naked and tied up until Mom called us for dinner. Both girls stared at my cock the whole time.

For the next several weeks we played kidnapper almost every day. If Lorrie was the victim, I would tie her up and make out with her while Terry watched. If I was the victim, Lorrie would tie me up. Then, Lorrie would sit back and watch Terry feel me up. After only a few days she quit pretending to touch me by accident and began to openly stroke her hands up and down my body. However, neither one would touch my cock. I was going nuts and jerking off all night long. I wanted to jerk off in front of the girls but the idea was extremely embarrassing and I couldn’t bring myself to do it or even talk about it.

It was during this time period that I kissed Lorrie’s slit for the first time. She tried to jerk away but of course she was tied up so she couldn’t do much. After some struggling she spread her legs and let me kiss and lick her slit. I didn’t know what I was doing but I knew I loved being down there. When she heard Terry coming she clamped her legs together and made me quit. We both had this incredibly intense feeling that we were doing something dirty. However, we both got past that quickly. The third time I didn’t even have to force her legs open. As soon as I tied her hands she laid back and spread her thighs. She would always close her legs when Terry arrived. She loved what I was doing but she was too embarrassed to be that open in front of her sister. Terry knew something was up but wasn’t sure what.

One day we were watching tv downstairs, which seems innocent except that Lorrie and I were naked. Lorrie was sitting on the floor, I was sitting at one end of the couch. Terry laid down on the couch and swung her legs into my lap in such a way that she trapped my cock between her calves. We spent an episode of “Bewitched” with me slowly humping her legs, both of us pretending it wasn’t happening. I didn’t cum but I sure wanted too.

It was at this point that things started to spin out of control. I wanted my cock touched by those girls soo bad. One day I switched up the kidnapping game. Instead of taking Lorrie to the playhouse I had her strip in the basement. After I tied her hands behind her back I took off my clothes too. Then I took her out the basement door. Although there were a few trees screening the door we were basically out in the open, but I didn’t care. I knew that Terry wouldn’t find us for a while, since the playhouse is around the corner in a side yard. Lorrie had always been such a little exhibitionist that she didn’t really care either, yet. She started out really excited. I pinned her between me and the wall and started kissing her. My cock was rubbing against her belly. She started to struggle, but she wasn’t making much noise because she didn’t want to get caught. I wanted her hands on my cock so I turned her around and pushed her against the wall. I forced her to hold my cock with her tied up hands. At first she kept letting go. At this point I had a fist full of her hair so I smacked her head against the wall and told her to cut it out. She left her hands wrapped around my cock. I humped against her hands while holding her against the wall and kissing her. She was crying but eventually she started to kiss back. After a few minutes we realized Terry was standing there. She told us to go inside. Lorrie was a little bruised and scraped but okay. Terry was more upset than either one of us. She wanted us to stop all the games. I didn’t, and surprisingly neither did Lorrie. We eventually calmed Terry down by promising not to take things so far. We sat down on the couch to watch tv. Lorrie and I were still naked, and I was sitting in between the two girls. As usual Terry put her hand on my thigh, but after a few minutes she brushed it up against my cock. A few minutes more and she had actually wrapped her hand around it. I couldn’t believe my good luck. I was terrified to say anything because I didn’t want to spoil what was happening. Terry kept looking at the tv. Lorrie and I were both staring at Terry’s hand on my cock. It was sticking up like a tent pole with her fingers wrapped around the base. The next thing that happened is still one of the most amazing sexual experiences of my life. Looking at the tv the whole time, she slowly slid her wrapped hand up my cock, while at the same time bending it down towards my thighs. It ended with her fist around the head of my cock, and my cock bent down parallel with my legs. The sensation was unbelievable. After a while I couldn’t help it. I slowly started to move my hips, trying to get movement of her hand against my cock. Lorrie was openly staring at me, Terry pretended to watch the tv the whole time. After “Bewitched” was over Terry let go of my cock and got up. She moved around me and untied Lorrie’s hands. Lorrie got up and started to put her clothes on. I was wasted. I basically tipped over there on the couch and laid there still naked with a raging hard-on. For the first and only time that summer I started stroking my cock in front of the girls. They watched until Lorrie was done dressing and then left. I wanted them to stay but I was embarrassed to be jerking off and too scared to ask. Somebody watched me jerk off though – a few seconds after they left I could see shadows moving around on the wall. Someone was looking in thru the basement window that was directly above the couch. I assumed it was the sisters but I didn’t look. I would have had to turn my head back to see who it was but I didn’t. I knew that if I made eye contact with whoever it was I wouldn’t be able to keep stroking. I tried to put on a good show – my legs were spread, I was jerking with my right hand and tugging on my balls with my left. I came to a shuddering orgasm it about one minute and just laid there shaking. I could tell that someone was still at the window. After a few minutes I had recovered enough to jerk off again. This time I probably lasted five minutes. The shadow moved away, so I got up to peek thru the window. Jesus Christ it was my mom walking away. I couldn’t believe I had jerked off twice in front of my mom. That night at dinner she asked what tv shows I had been watching. I couldn’t do anything but mumble. For the next several days I tried to cool it with the games. I couldn’t explain to my sisters what was going on but I was convinced that we would get caught. It didn’t last though; we were all too addicted to what we were doing.

A little later on it was Lorrie’s turn to be the victim. I had her out in the playhouse. I was determined to lick her pussy in front of Terry. I tied her hands behind her back like usual, but then I tied an extra bootlace around one knee. When I pushed her knee back against her shoulder she started to struggle. She always fought back when we tried something new – a very aggravating habit. With a little effort I managed to get her tied so her knees were back by her shoulders and her little feet waving in the air. I knew that I shouldn’t be doing this, but I didn’t care. I was sucking her pussy when Terry arrived. I expected Terry to tell me to stop, but she didn’t. Instead she crawled in and watched. Lorrie was incredibly embarrassed but helpless. We spent the afternoon with her tied like that, and me licking and kissing her pussy with time out for breaks. I don’t know if she ever came from this, but towards the end she was enjoying it as much as she did when Terry wasn’t there. From then on, I kissed her pussy whenever I tied her up, with her sister watching.

Here’s a couple of things about where we all were at that point: As I was tying Lorie’s legs that day I realized I absolutely loved having her this helpless. From that point on whenever I got to tie her up I always tied her legs open too. Lorrie was into it too. I don’t know how a 9 year old could turn into a bondage freak but she was. Whenever I got tied up, I knew that the instant my hands were tied I would have to stay naked until someone untied them. Anything could happen to me, including getting my cock touched (eventually). After Terry held my cock that day, she made sure to do it again whenever I was tied and naked. It wasn’t anything I could have explained at the time, but I’m sure Lorrie had many of the same feelings. Once tied up, neither one of us would ever, ever ask to be untied even though it was very uncomfortable after a while. About that time I also realized that there was no reason I couldn’t take my clothes off even when it was Lorrie’s day to be tied. From that point on I was naked in front of those girls almost every day.

Here’s the other thing: I really noticed Lorrie’s asshole when I started tying her legs. Assholes are supposed to be gross, but like everything else about Lorrie her’s was tiny and very cute. I got a little fixated on it. I found myself looking at it more than any other part of her body when I had her tied up. One day I gently touched it while I was licking her pussy. I think she liked it – she certainly never protested. Like most new behaviors, we hid this from Terry at first because she might make us stop. A story had gone around the neighborhood that a girl had had a stick pushed up her ass during a game of doctor. After hearing that I wanted to do it to Lorrie. So, one day I pulled a pen out of my shorts and showed it to her. She asked what I was doing. I didn’t say anything. The instant I touched her asshole with the pen she started bucking like crazy. Good thing she was tied so tightly. She was a trooper though, even though she was fighting back she never made enough noise to attract attention. By putting my left hand on her stomach and leaning down with all my weight I kept her from moving. I started pushing the pen up her ass. Believe it or not I didn’t want to hurt her, so I did it slowly and carefully. It actually slid in pretty easily, much easier than I had thought. After an inch or so, she quit resisting, but I kept my weight on her because I liked the feeling. I pushed it in as far as the clip, but I could tell that any further was hurting her so I stopped there. I let go of the pen. I could actually see her asshole pushing it back out. This was so cool. I spent the next few minutes watching her asshole pulse around the pen. Then I watched it slide out, and I put it in my pocket. I was pissed that I thought I had to quit before Terry came. That’s when she crawled in. She could tell that something different had been happening. Lorrie was visibly shaken up, but she calmed down in a few minutes. We sat there for a bit. I sat next to Lorrie, stroking her body while Terry sat across from us and watched. I had my hand on Lorrie’s pussy, gently rubbing it. For the first time I touched Lorrie’s asshole with Terry watching. Terry didn’t object, so I produced the pen. Lorrie started bucking around again, but again I stopped her by leaning down on her hard. When I started to slide the pen up Lorrie’s asshole, Terry actually crawled closer so she could see better. Her eyes were huge. She reached over and grabbed my cock without looking at it. Usually she watched me more than Lorrie, but this time she was focused on Lorrie’s asshole. The afternoon flew by while we looked at a pen moving in and out of a young year old girl’s ass. Terry never let go of my cock the whole time.

Things continued to escalate. One day I knelt down over Lorrie’s chest and tried to get her to let me put my cock in her mouth. She was tied up, but she resisted as hard as she could. I had my knees on her shoulders and I was rubbing my cock all over her face but I wasn’t getting anywhere. That’s when Terry came in. She told me to stop but I refused. I told Terry that all I wanted was to put it in Lorrie’s mouth for a minute. I refused to quit. Terry and I started negotiating. All this was going on in fierce whispers. We agreed that I could put my cock in Lorrie’s mouth while Terry slowly counted to thirty, then I would have to pull it out. The counting wouldn’t start until I had it all the way in – none of us knew at that point that it would be impossible for me to push it all in. Unfortunately Lorrie wasn’t cooperating. However, Terry started to help. Between the two of us we managed to hold her head still. I pinched her nostrils shut and in a few seconds we could pry her mouth open. Once we got her mouth open she basically quit fighting back. While I held her head, Terry grabbed my cock and bent it down so it was pointed at her mouth. Lorrie’s eyes were squeezed shut. I pushed my cock in. It never occurred to me that she might bite at this point. Luckily she didn’t but she didn’t know to cover her teeth. As my cock slid deeper into her mouth I could feel her tongue and teeth. The sensations were incredible. I was shaking I was so turned on. About half-way in my cock head reached her throat. She opened her eyes really wide and started to gag and choke. I pushed for a few more seconds but realized I’d have to pull out because Lorrie was struggling and making noises. After Lorrie had recovered a bit Terry and I tried it again. Lorrie fought back but by now I realized that pinching her nostrils would take the fight out. I pushed my cock in again, but even though I moved my cock around and pushed harder this time I couldn’t get it past her throat. I realized that my cock would have to curve downward to make the turn. That’s when I got an absolutely brilliant idea. I pulled my cock out and got off her chest. I flipped around so I was crouched over her head facing down her body. She started to squirm away, but I solved that by telling Terry to sit on her chest. Terry got on Lorrie’s chest and put her knees on her shoulders. I moved Lorrie’s head so it was tilted back as far as I could make it. Terry helped me hold it in position. Lorrie’s mouth was clamped shut so I reached down and behind me with my left hand. After contorting just a little I could pinch her nostrils. After a bit her mouth opened like magic. I pushed my cock in. This time it sank in quite a bit further, but I still couldn’t get all the way, no matter how much I worked it around in her mouth. I could feel my balls rubbing against her nose, and the breath from her nostrils blowing past – which amazes me much more now than it did then. I worked it around in her mouth for a couple of minutes. I’d push it until she choked and struggled, then pull it back a little. When I pulled back we could hear her gasping. Occasionally she would fight back and I had to pinch her nostrils, which resulted in instant cooperation. All this time Terry was sort of hugging me with one arm, while we looked down at my cock in Lorrie’s mouth. Terry whispered that she was going to start counting. I protested because I wasn’t all the way in. Terry said that she was going to count, and when she reached 30 if I didn’t pull out she’d tell mom. She started counting. I was pissed because I loved what was happening. I moved my cock in and out of her mouth to the count. At 25 I literally shoved my cockhead past her throat and all the way in. Lorrie was jerking and bucking like crazy. Now I wonder why she didn’t puke, but she didn’t. I told Terry to finish the count or I wouldn’t pull out. At 30 I ground my hips against her head really hard and pulled out. I collapsed against the wall and watched Terry untie Lorrie and dress her. They left. I spent the rest of the afternoon jerking off repeatedly in the playhouse. By dinner time my cock was raw.

I never saw Lorrie naked again.

The games were over. One last thing did happen that summer. The three of us were watching tv; “Bewitched” again of course. Terry would still sit so we were touching, but Lorrie would sit clear across the room. During a commercial I got up and went into the bathroom and removed my clothes. I came out naked and sat down next to Terry. Lorrie got up and left. I went back into the bathroom and got the bootlaces. As soon as Terry saw them she tried to leave. I grabbed her, forced her down to her stomach and started tying her hands behind her back. She fought back but I was a lot bigger. I got her hands tied and pulled her t-shirt up so it was over her head covering her face. She quit resisting, so I pulled her shorts off. Her naked body was amazing, so much different than Lorrie’s. It was so long that her naked skin seemed to go on forever. I uncovered her face and tried to kiss her. She wouldn’t kiss back. I helped her up off the floor. She laid down on the couch, still tied. I sat on the floor and ran my hands up and down her body while she pretended to watch tv. I wanted to put my cock in her mouth but I knew it would be a problem. I tied her ankles together with the other bootlace, then pushed her until she rolled on her side. I bent her knees so her ankles were back by her ass. I took the extra lacing from around her wrists and looped in once around the laces on her ankles. I started to yank tight. At that point she resisted again but it was too late. I had just hogtied a girl for the first time. I loved the way she looked. For a while I just ran my hands up and down her body. I pushed one hand between her legs. Terry was furious. She was whispering that if I didn’t untie her she’d tell. I got on the couch and knelt over her. I started to rub my cock on her face. I pinched her nostrils shut, she opened her mouth and I pushed it in. I was fucking her mouth when she started to cry. That ruined things for me. I pulled my cock out. I was mad enough that I actually slapped her a couple of times. I told her that I would untie her if she would quit crying. We sat there for several minutes, eventually she stopped. I untied her. She lay there on the couch and we looked at each other for the longest time. Eventually I got up and got dressed in the bathroom. I came back out, she was still laying there naked. I hugged her, she hugged back. I left the room.

That winter I produced sperm for the first time. At that point I had to restrict my jerking off to the bathroom so I’d have a way to clean up the mess. It really cramped my style.

I had one friend named Mike that was always talking about jerking off. One day he got me to admit that I was shooting sperm. He immediately started pestering me to let him watch me jerk off. At first I was repulsed by the idea but he literally kept after me all winter. He kept upping the ante, and eventually offered to jerk me off instead of just watching. One day the following spring we were out in the woods goofing off. I had already decided that this was the day I was going to let him, but he didn’t know. Suddenly I sat down against a tree and started to pull my clothes off. I was naked in front of him with a rock hard cock. He was amazed. We both started shaking. I was really embarrassed that I had actually stripped and was naked in front of another guy. Then he bent over, opened my legs and knelt down between them. I had never felt so exposed, even when I was tied in front of my sisters. I moved down so I was laying out flat with my head propped against the tree. My ass was pushed against his knees. He stroked my cock with one hand and played with my balls with the other. He knew exactly what he was doing. I was embarrassed by my reactions. In just a few minutes I shot cum all over. Most of it shot all over my chest, but some dribbled onto his hand. I couldn’t move. I just laid there and felt the cum spreading and drying out on my chest. Mike was still holding my cock. He shifted around so he was sitting cross-legged between my legs. I really had to spread my legs wide to make room. We must have spent a couple of hours that way. I don’t remember how many times he made me cum. The second time I came so hard the first shot hit me in the face. I couldn’t believe I’d done that to myself. After the third time I finally felt relaxed enough that I would moan and thrust while he stroked me. Finally I had a dry orgasm. My chest, cock, balls and hips were covered with dried cum. I still had some on my face that I could smell. My back and ass were filthy from laying in the dirt. I dressed and we walked home. I never thought to ask if he wanted to cum. He never asked for it to happen.

We started doing this every weekend. I wanted to ask him to suck my cock but I wasn’t brave enough. However, I did ask if he would tie my hands behind my back. He loved it. Soon he got the idea of tying a bootlace around by balls and using it as a leash. One weekend we walked all over those woods – me naked, hands tied behind my back and him tugging me around with the leash on my balls. I was becoming his slave in a weird way.

One thing he really liked was trying to hit me in my face with my cum. One day he figured out how to loop the leash to a low hanging branch over our heads and started to pull. The tension on my balls made me lift my hips up so I was balanced on my shoulders and feet. He tied off the leash and started playing with my cock. As he stroked me I was looking up at my cock. When I came a bunch of cum hit my face, including my first shot in the eye. He untied the leash so I could relax for a while, then pulled it tight again. Again he made me cum on my face. That became the routine.

He never wiped the cum off. It would dry wherever it landed, mostly on my face and chest. He would never untie me until it dried. I would walk home covered in dried cum.

One day it was dark when we finally quit. Instead of untying me he started tugging me out of the woods. I tried to resist but the pressure on my balls was too much. We walked all the way to my house that way. When people came by he would let me hide wherever I could. When we got to my house he untied my hands, but I had to sneak into the house naked. The next day I went out to the spot and got my clothes.

Terry started sitting next to me again when we watched tv in the basement.

One day Mike and I were down in his basement. His whole family was upstairs. He wanted to jerk me. I knew it was absolutely crazy, but I took off my clothes. He tied my hands behind my back and I laid down on the basement floor. He tied my ankles together so that my knees were apart. Then he tied a loop around my balls. He ran the leash down around my ankles, then up my back. He made me roll on my side a bit and looped the leash around my wrists. Then he started to pull. I had to bend backwards into a bow until my wrists touched my ankles. The stress on my balls was incredible. He started to stroke my cock but almost immediately we heard someone coming down the stairs. He jumped up and hid, but I couldn’t move a muscle without ripping off my balls. Lisa, his 17 year old sister came into the room. She started yelling. I was humiliated. Mike came out of hiding and begged her to stop. I could hear their mother asking what was wrong. She started down the stairs. Lisa finally said everything was okay; the boys had just scared her. Once we had all calmed down the negotiating started. Mike and I were in a weak position, especially me. Lisa wanted to see everything we did, or she would tell everyone we were a couple of little homos. Mike started stroking me. I had never been tied up so tightly before. I was moving as much as I could. I was moaning so loud they both had to tell me to quiet down. Mike of course could tell I was close to cumming. By now he was an expert, and got it pointed at my face even though I was in an awkward position lying partly on my side and hogtied. I shot all over my face and chest. Basically without stopping Mike jerked me to another orgasm. At that point Lisa asked if that was all we did. When we admitted it was she said ‘bullshit, she was gonna see the little homos suck each other.’ This was way beyond anything we had done before. Lisa demanded that Mike unzip his pants. Mike pulled his cock out. It was about 4 inches and rock hard. He knelt down beside me and fed it to me. I couldn’t believe it but I loved having that cock in my mouth. He moved it in and out for a bit until Lisa told him to stop and take off his clothes. With his pants gone he could fuck my mouth a lot easier. I had no trouble taking the entire length. After a bit he laid down on top of me and started thrusting. His cock was moving easily in and out of my mouth. Lisa moved around so she could look between Mike’s legs and watch. We looked at each other. I started to use my tongue on Mike’s cockshaft as he moved it in and out. Mike tensed up and shoved his cock all the way in. His balls were against my nose. I could hear him groaning. For some reason I assumed Mike wasn’t capable of producing cum yet but boy was I wrong. Suddenly my mouth was full of hard boy cock and bitter sperm. I could feel it pulsing as he shot in my mouth. I started struggling and choking. Cum was spilling out of his cock at the back of my throat. Mike rolled off and collapsed beside me. I tried to get his cum out of my mouth without actually spitting it all over him. I was a mess. I could see Mike’s still hard cock just a few inches from my face. It was covered in drool and cum. I could also that Mike had my cum all over his body, because he had been laying on me. He was a mess too. Lisa told Mike to do it again. Of course he no longer had to be forced. He climbed on me and started fucking my mouth again. I could still taste his cum. After a few minutes we heard the phone ring upstairs. Mike stopped moving, but Lisa made him start again. Suddenly we heard someone coming down the stairs. Mike jumped off me and hid. It was their mom, looking for Lisa, because the phone was for her. Lisa intercepted mom before she came in the room and went up to answer the phone. Mike came out of hiding and climbed back on my face. We were both really scared but so turned on we had to keep going. He fucked my mouth until he came again. I was better prepared for the sperm this time, and there wasn’t as much. I tried to get it to dribble out of my mouth, but it was hard to do because he wouldn’t pull his cock out. I felt him grab my cock and start stroking. I was so turned on by having a mouth full of cock and cum that I shot immediately. I was moaning around his cock. Again we heard someone walking down the stairs. Again Mike jumped up and hid. Jesus this was too much. It was Lisa again. She made Mike mount me again. He fucked my face for forever it seemed, but it was probably only ten minutes. Lisa of course didn’t know that this would be Mike’s third orgasm. He came again, then lay there on top of me with his cock in my mouth. He kind of quivered. Eventually Lisa told him to get off. She made him put on his clothes and leave. After he left Lisa walked over and stood over me. She nudged my cock and balls with her foot. It hurt my balls, but my cock was still hard. Then she knelt down and jerked me off one last time. She caught my cum in one hand and rubbed it in my face. Apparently Lisa had issues with boys. She left and went up the stairs. Eventually Mike came down and untied me.

A few days later I was out in the backyard doing some chores. I heard Terry call my name. I looked up and saw her at her bedroom window. It was hard to tell through the window screen but it looked like she wasn’t wearing a shirt. I finally figured out she had her training bra on. Basically she was babbling on, and the whole thing was an excuse to show me her bra. Of course we both pretended it was a real conversation.

My relationship with Mike changed, of course. Lisa had helped him discover what he really liked – blow jobs. For the rest of the summer our weekend sessions involved him hogtying me and fucking my face repeatedly until he couldn’t cum anymore. He wouldn’t even take off his clothes, just pull his cock and balls out of his shorts. He also wouldn’t jerk me anymore. If I wanted to cum I would have to rub myself off on the ground while tied. He actually liked to watch that but I didn’t do if often because it was hard to do. When he was done cumming he would untie me and watch me jerk off a couple of times. I tolerated the situation because I was hooked on getting tied up and he was the only one doing it, also because I really liked having a cock in my mouth.

Here’s my very last encounter with Terry and Lorrie. One day I came home from something. Mom and Dad were gone. Terry and Lorrie were home doing a fashion show in the upstairs hall. This had been our earliest game last year where I saw Lorrie naked. It had consisted of us taking turns wrapping blankets and towels around ourselves and parading in front of the others. I asked if I could play; they said sure. I went into the bathroom and stripped. I got out my ever present boot laces. Being a boy scout I knew my half-hitch knots. I tied a loop around my balls, then managed to tie my own hands behind my back. It hurt my balls like hell when I pulled the knots tight, but in a few minutes I was tied up in a way I couldn’t undo myself. I came out and said that this is what shy people should wear to the nude beach, ha ha. After a bit I asked the girls to untie me, you know what the answer was. After about a half hour of begging I was starting to get nervous because I figured our parents wouldn’t be gone much longer. Eventually I offered to jerk off in front of them if they would untie me. I could tell that Terry knew what I was talking about but Lorrie was clueless. At this point Terry surprised me by offering to jerk me off. If she liked what she saw she would untie me then. She got between my legs. She started working on my cock and balls while I told her what to do. Lorrie sat off to the side and watched. One of the things I asked Terry to do was bend my cock towards her as she stroked it. I could tell that neither of the girls had any idea what would happen. I lifted my hips as I started to cum. Just like I hoped that first shot hit Terry right on the stomach and legs. She screamed and jumped away. I was in agony because I was right in the middle of an orgasm. I rolled over and started humping the carpet trying to finish. However, as soon as I rolled over Terry kicked me twice in the balls, hard. Now I was in agony for real. Terry went her bedroom and slammed the door. I rolled around on the floor in absolute pain. I couldn’t even do what any guy would do (cup my balls) because my hands were tied. Eventually the pain died down to the point that I could lay there quietly. I felt a hand on my leg. It was Lorrie. We talked for quite a while. She said she felt bad for me but I had got what I deserved. I apologized to her for what had happened last summer. She told me I was forgiven, then she untied my hands. She said I still owed her a demonstration, but she didn’t want to get hit by my sperm. I layed back and started stroking myself. She snuggled up next to me and watched, her head on my chest. At that point Terry stuck her head out of her room and watched. I pointed my cock straight up in the air when I came. Cum landed all over my legs and stomach. Lorrie and I kissed. Terry sat on the floor next to us. I apologized to her like I had to Lorrie. She rubbed my leg and said I was forgiven.

Mike moved away that winter. My sex life was basically over for quite a while. I resumed when I was 16, but was pretty humdrum until:

To be continued.

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great read and your a lucky guy. nothing wrong with being Bi

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