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Okay. So I had a few complaints on my last story (Some of the Veterans didn't really like it.) So I'm saying it right now. I don't mean to offend anybody. It's simply meant to get you off.
June 7, 1944
09:47 St. Mere Eglise
1.7 Km. North West of DZ
D + 1

The next morning we pushed on through the fields, dashing in and out of wooded areas
and back into open fields where we stayed low and kept as close as we could to cover. We
continued with the same pattern until approximately 20:00, when we decided to set up camp in
old abandoned farm house. We had run into 3 or 4 more americans during our journey. A few
men bunked on the ground and a few on makeshift beds they made from grass and straw. I,
however, couldn't sleep. Instead I propped up against the factory and thought about what I had
seen. The sight of those soldiers having their way with those french sisters kept running through
my mind. I just couldn't believe that American-trained soldiers would do that. I kept telling myself
that they hadn't gotten a decent screw in years or that they just weren't thinking straight, but just
as I began to believe my own lies, I would see it again.

Occasionally a soldier would walk by and offer a cigarette or anything along the lines,
but each time I would refuse. My mind was in another place. It was racing with visions of bouncing
tits and loud moans that wouldn't stop taunting me.

June 8, 1944
06:16 Just South of St. Mere Eglise
1.2 Km. North West of DZ
D + 2

I did this straight through the night until one by one men were waking up. They would
stand up and stretch as they would at home until they realized that it wasn't a dream. That they
were really in the jaws of of a blood-thirsty war. That the person they jumped out of that plane
with was either captured or dead. And as they realized, a look of pain and sadness creeped
across their faces.

Once we were all awake and accounted for we waded forward through a sea of fields.
After about an hour we heard the sound of gunfire. Every one slammed to the ground, and I
gave the signal for my men to approach what looked to be a farm house. As the fields ended
we dashed behind whatever could be conceived as cover. We listened intently to the sounds
of women screaming, a frantic man, and forceful commands in German. After a moment a beautiful
young women, maybe 14 or 15 by the look of her, was pushed from the house followed by two
young German soldiers who were followed by a pleading father. It pained me to see such young
men wearing the German brand. It was then that I realized that the Germans too, suffered the
hardships of war. My thoughts were interrupted though, by a young man to my right who spoke
broken French informed me that he believed that the Germans were trying to recruit the father
into the Nazi forces. He told me that they had killed his wife and that he had probably refused to
join them. i was beginning to discover the pattern to what was going on. It was my interpretation
that after killing the man's wife they planned to kill his daughter in order to blackmail him into their

Immediately I turned and told my men to hold fire until the opportune moment. The two
Nazis dragged the wheaping girl into a barn where they blindfolded her and dropped her to
her knees. I signaled for two soldiers to get a sight into the barn by taking cover on the side of
the house. They signaled back that that they had clear shot incase anything went wrong. I then
called another soldier to follow me to the barn door. I kneeled down and raised my rifle as my
assistant stood above me and raised his weapon. By now one German aimed a pistol at the
back of the girls head. She was still crying and the father had dropped to his knees and covered
his eyes. Glistening streams of tears ran down both their cheeks as the bang of rifle fire echoed
through the field. Crows fled from trees and both father and daughter yelled a yell of fright and
sorrow. The girl panted hard and shook her head around trying to figure out what had happened
through her blindfold as two Nazis fell to the floor, blood seeping from the back of ones neck
and the back of the other. The father around and starred right down the barrel of two smoking
American riffles.

He immediately ran to his daughter's aid, crying all the while. He untied her hands and
slipped the blindfolds over her head. Her eyes were bloodshot with tears as she looked at her
father then jumped into his arms. She looked over her father's shoulder to see her heros smiling
back at her. By now our entire group had huddled around the barn door to see their victory.

After a minute or two, the family embrace was finished. They walked over to us and I
stepped forward to great them.

"Vous remercier si, donc beaucoup pour épargner ma fille. " the father said in a
compassionate tone.

"He said he thanks you for saving his daughter." announced Higgins as he stepped from
the small crowed of Americans.

"Tell him that it was not a problem, and ask if he's seen any other Americans nearby" I
said. As Higgins began translating, I began to think. I thought about my own daughter, Hailey.
And her mother, my ex-wife, Rachel, and what I would do if that had happened to us. But my
thoughts were interrupted by Higgins telling me that the French father wanted me to follow him
into his house. Of course I agreed not wanting to offend him, plus we could all use a little break.

Once inside the house, Higgins and I saw the rotting carcass of the mother. The father
said Something in French and we walked around her to the stairs while a tear fell from the
Frenchman's eye. We walked up the stairs and took a right into a room with a bed and a closet.
I assume it was the daughter's room. The father looked at me, "Comme une récompense pour
épargner la vie de ma fille et le mien, Nous avons décidé qu'elle se sera obligé à donner vous
et votre partenaire. Elle insiste que vous acceptiez. "

"Um sir, he wants to reward us by giving you and I his daughter's virginity." Higgins said
in a slightly excited manner, "he says his daughter insists and that she would be deeply offended
if either of us refuse."
I stared at him for a moment then looked to the girl and reluctantly agreed.
"Nous acceptons votre monsieur d'offre de generouse. " Higgins said unbuckling his belt.
I too began to remove clothing, folding it neatly onto into a pile. Higgins on the other hand
was throwing his clothes on the floor in a hurry, eager to get a taste of the young girl's sweet cunt.
Once we were both undressed the girl walked over and turned around allowing us to assist her
in removing her dress and corset. Her clothing fell to the floor revealing apple sized breasts and
a sweet virgin pussy. She knelt down onto her knees and grasped both of our long, erect cocks.
My head shot back at the feeling of her soft, tender touch. She began moving her hands up and
down our shafts in the most painfully rhythmic way possible. Higgins was slightly smaller in size
than my 9 inch tool, but she kept a steady and equal pace on both rocks. She leaned her head in
towards my cock, her blonde hair with hints of brunette following gracefully. Her lips gently landed
on my head and a moan escaped my mouth. She licked the tip and pushed her mouth further
down around my veiny monster. She would go about two inches, then follow her tracks back up
while each time her hand moved semetricall with her head meeting her lips each time her lips
would move that magical two inches.

After a minute of this she did the same to Higgins as his body went crazy. Then again she
came back to my cock pushing her head the entire length of my shaft while her hands now played
with my balls. Again I moaned. This time even louder as she pushed and pushed all down on
my cock. I was enjoying this more than I had intended. She then pulled back and vigorously
rubbed my shaft while her lips ran up and down me at blazing speeds. Then she stopped and
again pushed my cock down her throat.

Three heavenly minutes later she backed her head off my dick and laid on the bed with
her head hanging off the front.

"Mets votre pénis ma gorge." she said to Higgins, witch by his actions meant put your dick
down my throat. "Et vous," she pointed at me, "léchez mon minet." she said as she spread her
legs and separated her pussy lips with her fingers. I figured she meant she wanted me to fuck
her so I knelt between her legs and pressed my cock against her cunt.

"Non ! Non ! Non ! " she yelled, "Manger mon minet maintenant ! Me baiser plus tard ! "

I looked to Higgins who told me that she wants me to eat her out now and fuck her later.
So I bent down and placed my head between her legs and eyed up my target. I glanced up to
see a look of immense pleasure on the face of my translator as he pushed his cock into the willing
girls virgin mouth. He then slid it even further into her throat as she gagged and he pulled back.
After regaining her breath she nodded for him to enter her mouth again. This time she was able
to grant his entire shaft access to the depths of her throat. By this time my tongue had found it's
way into the young girls cunt and was slopping around in her hot juices. I licked up and down
her pussy randomly flicking her clit or pushing into opening. I guided my hands u her outer thighs
until they were resting on her ass and pulling her hips further into my face. Again I here a gagging
sound and look up to see that Higgins was now rhythmically pumping his cock in and out of her
throat. His balls would slap into her nose as he slid himself across her teeth and tongue.
Occasionally she would let out what would seem to be a cry of displeasure, but a closer look
would tell you otherwise. She was now cupping his ass, pulling him into her and the muffled
sounds of moans vibrated over his hard-on. Returning my attention to the task at hand, I forced
my tongue into her hole again, but this time I began to rotate it in a circular motion. She arched
her back in satisfaction from the new sensation witch gave me the motivation to continue. I moved
my hands from their position on her ass to her inner thighs. I separated her pussy with my thumbs
and began to lick at the innards of her now beautifully exposed pussy. As I continued to lap at
her cunt in a spontaneous pattern, the downtime between her moans was growing increasingly

Higgins was now moaning uncontrollably as she sucked at his balls and moved her hand
up and down his shaft at an incredible speed. He threw his head back in ecstasy as one of my
fingers found it's way into the virgins beautiful cunt. I licked and rubbed vigorously at her pussy
as she bucked her hips and moaned loudly, encouraging me. I pushed my finger in and out of
her, matching the speed that she was pumping Higgins. Her moans increased in volume and
speed as Higgins' dick began to pulse and shake with coming orgasm. By this time my second
hand was flying across the surface of her twat, molesting her virgin pussy. Higgins yelled out
one final cry as his cum shot across the face and chest of our prize. Drenching her in at least a
year's worth of pent up cum.

"Oh, oh mon dieu! Me toucher plus rapide! Oh, plus dur! Oh, s'il vous plaît! Ne pas arrêter!
Je vais venir! Oh, oh, oh! " she screamed as she bucked her hips one last time as her body was
overcome by her first incredible orgasm.

As she and Higgins calmed down she stood and motioned for me to lay down her pink
bed. Not wanting to offend her, I obeyed, laying back with my mass still standing, throbbing proudly
for the room to see. The look of nervousness and determination was upon her face as she straddled
my body. She reached down and grabbed my member, sending shivers through my spine. She
held it like she was aiming a rifle at a Kraut, careful not to miss and fearful for her own well being.
She began to lower her hips as my head came in contact with her still leaking pussy. She paused
and shut her eyes only for a moment before she pushed down on the first inch or so, engulfing
my head. Her eyes shut tight and her head shot back in a flurry of golden hair. The nervous look
left her face and was replaced by a look of pain. I thought to myself that she seamed to be taking
it well. Much better than my ex did on our first time, but that's a story for another time. As my mind
cleared, a large gasp seeped through pursed lips of the teenager as she pushed down on another
two inches. Again she paused at the feeling of her hymen and the color returned to her face, but
was quickly flushed out once again as she slammed herself completely upon my shaft. Her ass
slapped onto my thighs as an agonizing squeal echoed from her now wide open mouth. She rose
back up and coiled like a spring right back to where she started from as she slammed down again.
Her head shot back again as the light caught the tracks of a tear that had slipped from her eye.
As her rhythm picked up, her color again returned to normal. She seamed to be enjoying herself
more now, but there was still something there. Distinctive "Oh!"s where now freaquently escaping
her lips while her cunt adjusted to accomadate my slightly larger than average dick. I could feel
my veins running along the walls of her extremely hot, tight cunt.

She had the best pussy I've ever felt. Or even seen for that matter. She was so tight and
sweet. Everything about it was perfect. There was not a single imperfection. Her clit wasn't at all
oversized, her outer lips weren't overpowering, and her scent was sweet as aposed to the strong
odor that I was used to. It deserved to be fucked gently instead of pounded like a animal. As I
new Higgins was probably going to end up doing. But I, I was going to take my time. Try to make
her first time an enjoyable experience. With the least pain possible. I knew to myself though, that
it wasn't. Its never possible to break a hymen without pain, and I knew the surges of ecstasy and
hurt were flying through her body at that very moment, but you can gently and slowly let that pain
become pleasure much quicker.

My body was overcome with ecstasy, as trace amounts of blood dribbled from her cunt.
Her eyes were clenched tight as I throbbed inside her the way a shell lies in the barrel of a
German 88, waiting to explode.

"Oh, c'est si grand!" she said with her words now placed closer together.

She sat on me for another couple seconds before moving her body back up my shaft as
her lips molded to a distinct shape of the letter "O." She opened her eyes and glanced down
examining the damage. When she noticed that she was bleeding she looked to me for reasurance.
I nodded in response giving her little smile to aknollage my pleasure. She placed her hands on
my chest and slowly lowered herself on to my cock once more. A few squeaks and gasps escaped
her lips but for the most part she held her vocals in her inflated chest, keeping them stored up
for oncoming uses. Her cunt lips rested on my pelvis as she let the air evacuate her lungs in one,
exausted breath.

The pain in her face was begining to vanish as her confidence began to skyrocket. She
pulled herself back of me and again rested on the head of my cock, but the pause was much
shorter and again she slid her pussy down my shaft. This time there was no pause at the bottom,
just a quick jump back up to the top. After a few minutes of warm up she had more confidence
than a male prostitute. Her hips were flying up and down me while that pent up energy was
pouring out her mouth.

"Oh, oui! Baiser mon minet! Oh Dieu, je suis si tendu! " She was screaming the typical
dirty talk, but in French, witch made the blood in my cock stir that much more as her juices rolled
down my erect tool, lubricating her thrusts.

Several minutes past and my balls began to pulse with excitement as my orgasm approached.
She now had a feeling of professionalism about her. There was no longer any pain in her expressions
and she seemed to be feeling quite sure about herself. Higgins had positioned himself at the
girl's side with his cock in her face. She had took it in hand and was rubbing up and down along
his shaft while her free hand supported her weight against my chest.

Higgins was more vocal than I. Therefore it was much easier to tell that he was nearing
his second climax. Now I'm not saying I wasn't letting her know that I too was cumming, she definatlly
could tell that much. All I'm saying is that Higgins really did have a set of pipes.

I was now letting the rhythmical "Fuck!"s and "Oh!"s slip my lips with every plunge I took
within her. The semen was making its way up my cock. She continued to pound at my dick as I
my body began shaking. I shut my eyes once before sitting up and moving her body to where I
had just seconds ago been laying myself. I slid my member from her cunt with a "plopping" sound
and sat on her stomach, cock in hand. Higgins was now to my left with her hands still pumping
his dick. I slid my hips forward and rested my dick between her beautiful tits. I pushed the soft,
round breasts around my cock and thrust my way to orgasm. With one final movement of my hips,
my balls emptied across her chest, chin and face. Higgins wasn't far behind. He moved closer to
her face and she jacked him off straight into her mouth. As the final blast streamed from his cock,
she took it into her mouth and sucked and licked at the dribbling love potion and swallowed it up.
I removed myself from her breasts and rubbed my member down her stomach, whiping the semen
from my flesh.

She sat up from her missionary position as the sheets shimmered in the light from the
sweat stain that she and I had left. As she sat, Higgins layed back onto the soaked mattress.
Without hesitation or prompting she flung her leg over Higgins' member and straddled him the
same way she did me.

"Je veux baiser son dick pendant que vous me baisez dans l'âne," she says looking in my

"She wants you to bang her ass," said Higgins after seeing the confusion on my face.

"Je veux tout faire sur ma première fois," she paused, "Même les choses que vous n'avez
jamais fait avant ou." she said with a sexy smile that for a moment, stopped the war. Everything
around me seamed to come to a stand still. I never wanted it to end. It was at that moment that I
realized just how stunning she was.

I didn't need a translation. That damn smile said it all. Her eyes followed me as I walked
around and positioned my body behind her. As my walking stopped, I saw her firm ass slide
down Higgins' cock. I watched it bob up and down for a few seconds before I took any action.
When I finally snapped out of my trans, I placed my head at the top of her ass, resting my shaft
between her ass crack the way a hotdog would sit in a bun. She stopped banging Higgins
and waited for me to claim the second area of her body. I slid my head down her ass and to
her tight opening. I lightly pushed inwards, but I was met by an even greater outward thrust by
her ass hole. I had never done this before. I didn't know how hard to push or when to slow
down, so I just continued to push my member into her ass. After a minute of struggle, I managed
an inch in. Then another minute later there were two inches up her butt and I began to pull out
again to thrust myself into her once again. With a mighty thrust my dick dissapered and my
balls slapped against a pussy full of Higgins' cock.

I saw the back of her head drop as if a string holding it up was suddenly cut. A crushing
gasp jumped from her lips as she slowly dragged her head back up. She turned to look at me
with a look of approval and I began to slide my cock from her ass in preparation for thrust number
two. I gripped her firm ass and rammed my throbbing rod back into the teens virgin asshole.
She knew what to expect this time and it showed when she grunted quietly as she restarted
movement up and down shaft of Higgins.

Again I pulled out and thrust in. Gaining momentum with each and every thrust of the hips.
The girl was moaning violently as she pounded away at Higgins' dick and I banged away at her
ass. My movements were now ridged and fiercly ramming away her purity as my thighs slapped
at her ass leaving a reddish mark with each contact.

"Oh baiser! J'aime étant baisé par deux dicks tout de suite!" she screamed the encouragement
straight into Higgins' ear after laying her head onto his shoulder, "Merde! S'il vous plaît venir dans
moi! Me donner un bébé américain!"

Higgins' knew exactly what she wanted and he knew he was coming fast. His orgasm rolled
through his body and out is mouth in a loud howl. Seman dripped from her pussy and out around his
dick still engulfed by the young girls body.

The last thing I saw was his mouth frozen in an "O" shape before I clenched my eyes shut.
My balls contracted and my hot sperm shot straight up the virgin's ass. I slid my cock out and the
cum poured out like the drain plug had just been pulled on full bathtub. It dripped down her ass-
crack and settled along her cunt lips. I leaned foreward and rested my chest on her back as I reached
under her chest and fondled her tits. I lifted her up and off Higgins' dick with a river of seed spilling
out of her lips and onto the mattress sheets. I layed back and placed her back on top of me as I
guided my dick back into her tight cunt. I wasn't completly hard yet, but I wasn't going to wait around
to rock up again. So I jumped right in and plunged my semi-hard dick back into her hot, moist love

Higgins' eyes lit up like a light bulb and his cock twitched with an idea. The young girl had her
cunt pointed straight at him with my dick inside her. He aproached the two of us and put one hand on
either side of us to brace him self. With his hips, he guided his stick in towards the full pussy. He
pressed the head of his cock at the entrance to her body and against the base of mine. The girl looked
up startled as she realized what was going through his head.

"Aucun monsieur!" she begged, "Vous ne pouvez pas mettre les deux pénis dans mon minet!
Il me déchirera à part!"

Higgins had tuned the world out. I new she was begging for him not to do it, but he simply
wouldn't listen. He had his mind set on his goal and he was going to do it no matter what any of us
told him.

He pushed his body forcefully towards ours and a tiny bit of his head disapeared. Again he
pushed, but this time with all force he could call upon. His dick plunged into her already occupied
cunt as the girl screamed louder than before. Tears dripped down her cheek and onto my body laying
underneath hers.

A crying teenager is something that sticks with you. "She wanted to do it," is what I tell myself
when I think of that moment. Eventually she grew accostomed to the pain as well and began to enjoy
the strong, sensual feelings coming from her stretched pussy lips. Her tears became gentle moans
and I began to buck my hips into her along with Higgins in a "You thrust in, I pull out," pattern. I wrapped
my arms around her stomach and fondled her tits.

Her moans were becoming cries again. But they wer'nt the same. They were loving, passionate,
wild cries. Cries of pleassure. She was loving it. And that meant that I too could now enjoy it.

"Ah! Je suis si content que vous avez fait ceci! Je vais à l'orgasme encore!" she screamed with
her eyes clenched shut and her teeth clamped shut. Her body trembled with pleasure as we ravaged
her pussy. Higgins yelled and pulled his dick out of her and tugged on it a couple times as a white
stream of semen blasted onto her pelvis. I moaned as well and shot my load up her pussy as the
trembling in her body reached it's peak and too subsided with her moans. She laid on top of me as
I cupped her soft breasts. She smiled and looked over her shoulder at me. I looked back and she kissed
my lips. I closed my eyes and kissed her back as she fell asleep in my arms and I comfortably under her.

-------THE END ------
I hope to continue the series until the end of the war, but I'll probably stop if too many people don't like it.
So I hope you enjoyed it.

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as a proud descendant of an ss krout i must say they would have had at least 3 look outs but this is a good story and i cant wait till you get to occupied germany or the pacific theater


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Totally Bullshit I was there


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uninteresting and incredible !
Do you think that a virgin - even french - would behave like a whore with her dead mother aside ?


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