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Man meets girl, with two male friends and mayhem is threatened.
No one in this story under the age of fourteen has any sex.


Marvin is walking in his favorite bayside park. It is very pretty here with the water, the trees and the fresh breeze off of the bay. He walks here often when the weather is fine, other times in the local mall.

He is now in his late sixties and about to retire from driving a cab. It has been a second career after losing everything he owned in a disastrous divorce. The judge proclaimed in his final assessment, that he would be able to earn it all back by the sweat of his brow, and so he was giving practically everything that he had worked for in his forty plus years of labor to his now exwife. He guessed it was our system’s idea of fairness, especially since he lives in a supposedly No-Fault-Community Property state.

But, now in his late sixties, he had repaired much of the damage and now had a quite nice condo and a comfortable life.

His walks three times a week were designed to address his needs for some exercise, since he spends a lot of time in front of his computer. And so with it added to his climbing up and down four half-flights of stairs that made up his exercise program, unless you added his bed sport exercises every couple of weeks or so, his efforts were as complete as they would ever be.

When Marvin wakes up in the morning, he often has to deal with a number of aches and pains in his right hip, lower back and sometimes in his upper back, too. So, the walking with his ready cane helps to loosen all of that up, very often restores him to full ambulatory motions for the rest of the day. Unless he did something like pick up something that weighed more than fifteen pounds. Then it all had to be addressed over again to relieve the motion deficiencies and the accompanying pains.

While at the park he dressed in a very distinctive manner, as a faux cowboy with Clint Eastwood hat and all, to bring attentions to him as a regular visitor there. It tended to ease the mind of those that he addressed himself to, because he thirsted for aural and oral interchanges to ease his bit of loneliness while living alone. And it worked very well.

Big City tends to be a very friendly town anyway, but this served as a very effective wedge into the ‘fear of strangers’ mode of modern life. It especially worked out with young ones. And he delighted in their honest and unpretentious outlooks on life. Recently he had been in this mode at the mall, and he had walked around the backside of an enclosed child play area. As he moved past the entrance on the front side, there was a young woman and her three daughters present and his path was aimed right between them. He hated to use that way, but none other was available to him.

So, he turned to address the mother to apologize for this situation, when he found himself staring down at a very young little girl, who didn’t even have all of her hair in yet. She must have just become a walker, he guessed. But the thing was, that she was staring straight up at him with her head bent as far back as possible and she had the most beatific expression on her face, because in meeting him she must have felt that she had just met Woody from The Toy Story. He then turned to her mother, who was widely grinning over it and apologized. She remained polite and silent. So, he turned back and said a few words in greeting to the little girl and she just remained stone-footed in place with her continuing grin.

What a shame that we ever lose that manner of viewing the wonders of life and our existence. He didn’t think that he would ever forget that look on the little girl’s face.

But, now his reverie was broken by his entering onto the causeway that traversed across the front of a small cove of the beach of the park. Among other things, the causeway’s supporting pillars acted to moderate the conditions in the small cove and allowed it to be the perfect place for families to introduce their young children to the wonders of playing in the water. It was quite shallow for most of its distance from the shore and tended to be warmer, too. And as he looked down from the elevated causeway, he could see even at this time in the morning, mothers with their children playing in the sand. The water would still be too cool for them at ten in the morning.

The causeway stretched out for about half of the distance of the main walking corridor of the park and gathered its own mixture of users. And about the third of the way had a very short land based part of the distance. On the walkway a person would regularly see bicycles, walkers, baby carriages and some of the most outrageously dressed young people imaginable. Not that he was complaining. He likes originality in life, and exposed young skins, too.

As he looked back up from the cove, a young woman, perhaps in her mid-teen years, ran up to him and grabbed ahold of him with tears running down her face. She seemed rather hysterical, not enough to not be trying to find his wallet, evidently by the movement of her hands. But, he kept his valuables in a secret pouch on his person that is immune to everything but a nuclear bomb. So, when she realized that it was not readily available, she turned up the hysteria and begged him to protect her from the two boys of about the same age as her that were approaching.

So, he moved her to his left side, so that his right hand and arm were readily available. They kept coming, though somewhat slower, evidently feeling that an older man with a cane would be easy pickings. Besides they were also not done with the young girl it seemed, either.

During such encounters, unless there is a readily available escape, which was not the case on the causeway, it is better to face the danger than try to run from it. And besides, though he is very ambulatory despite his use of a cane, he was not going to outrun the two young men. Especially with the young girl/woman anchored to his side.

By the time that they moved up to him, other persons had moved up to be in the same area and were watching to see what would transpire. One of the boys held back and the other moved in to obviously attack him. Taking turns on marks, evidently. As he approached, Marvin put on his defensive face to meet him. It involves a very determined look and unblinking eyes staring straight ahead at them. He also mounted an obvious defensive pose, recognizable to anyone with a martial arts background. Actually he had none, but was not defenseless, either.

The young man hesitated for a few seconds and then moved in on him. So, Marvin with his initial response rapped him stoutly across his leading knee cap. This hurt a lot, but didn’t discourage him yet. So the next one went to his ear, past his attempt to block the blow, and when he didn’t back off then, the last one was to his nose. And with it exploding with blood shooting out of it, he slumped to the surface of the causeway. Just so happened that a bicycle officer happened right then and took the two boys into custody. He told Marvin that he wouldn’t have to press charges, since he had seen it all and they were wanted on other charges, anyway. That protected Marvin from having to share his address with them, which could bring their retaliations to him at a later time.

With the two young boys in custody, the young teen against his side, just looked stunned up to him. But, after she got her composure back, she asked if they could move back to one of the benches off of the trail back on the earthen part of the path. Marvin had an idea of what this was about, but seeing no danger in her, decided to comply and see how things would work out.

The bench that she chose was behind a hedge of leafy bushes and facing away from the walking path also. So, unless they came into the little leafy alcove, they wouldn’t see what was going on there. And the state of things there indicated that few did.

As soon as they settled down she returned her head to his chest with copious tearful showers and her hands searching inside of his clothing. After that proved futile again, they then moved down to lower regions on him. And then the tales began. A lot of manipulative females have a ready-made litany of sad stories to share with a sympathetic male heart. This is with some kind of help, usually monetary in return, of course. The first couple of times that a guy hears them, he is ready to believe them and then pays the price. But, after a couple of times, he gets the idea of what is going on and sometimes becomes very distrustful of anything that they say. The truth is, that sometimes these stories are true, though not totally accurate. It can be very hard to tell the difference, though.

So, as she prepared to regale him with one of her stock stories, she made her hands move to his penis and his face. She gently took each under her care and after seeing the initial reactions, warm hearted kisses and the uprising of his cock, she readied to try to get him onboard for her needs with his brain action moved from his head to his nether regions.

Her story started as such: “I was at a tribal reservation, this confirmed his suspicions that she was native, when an old girlfriend of mine asked me to attend a party with her on the ‘rez.’ As I had no reason to distrust her, I accepted doing so. So, we got into my car, now asserting that she was sixteen, if true, and drove the short distance to the party site. It was the home of one of the tribal leaders, who had left it in the care of his twenty-year-old son, while he was out of state at a treaty rights symposium.

As soon as she entered the premises, I had a glass put into my hand and soon after woke up in his bed with him entered up into my pussy. No apologies offered, just a leer on his part and soon after that, his cum coating my upper vagina vault. He then moved himself up to my face and installed his dick into my mouth for me to cleanse it off. Since, I was very much smaller than him, I saw no way to avoid it, so did as he insisted and escaped shortly thereafter.”

At this point in her narrative, she turned her attentions to his now totally uprisen and leaking cock and with it fished out of his pants, mounted her mouth over it and began a full scale blow job on him. She quite evidently had had a great deal of this in her experiences and soon caused him to empty up into her throat. Then her tale of woe continued with Marvin in a post cumming deflated state.

“When I went out to get into my car, it was not there. Evidently my ‘friend’ had taken it with the keys that she had taken from my unconscious self. The son of the house had followed me outside and regarded my consternation over this. I still had my cell phone and began to call the ‘rez’ police, but he grabbed it away from me and said that my ‘friend’ was his girlfriend and that the ‘rez’ police would believe his statement that I had loaned it to her over my statement that it was stolen.

So, I walked three miles to the home of some distant relatives of mine on the ‘rez’ and stayed with them until I could come back with one of the tribe, who let me ride with him on one of his visits to the ‘rez’ up north and west of Big City. Eventually, the car was returned to me, but in much worse condition than when they stole it. It is now parked at my mother’s place for me to get enough money to fix it so that I can go to work and build a life for myself.”

With that finish of the story, and before he could vocally respond to it, she lifted her skirt, pulled down her sexy panties and sat back on his lap with his rearisen cock up her ass. She swirled her butt around for a bit to loosen things up a bit up her rectum and then began to bounce away on him to bring him again and to her own climax, too, if possible. It took a while, but this old guy was not complaining about that. Eventually, he came up into her and she then moved to her knees to suck him off again, this time for only a cleansing as he was done for the day in cumming then.

She then arose and waited for his response to her ministrations to her and more importantly to her story of woe, which actually might have been true. She was patient with him and curled up into his lap again, with her head on his shoulder, licking away at his ear and sharing encouraging words of promises that she would never be able to fulfill.

Marvin then asked her to leave the little bench and wait for him outside while he thought matters over. She naturally thought that he would try to sneak away through the bushes, but he had no intentions of doing that, so he fished out his wallet and took out the usual contribution for her services to him and then called her back in.

With this, she anticipated some funds her way, hopefully the thousand that she had asked for. But, when she received the much smaller total, she hid well her disappointment and quickly gathered it into her bra. She then asked to see him again, preferably at his home. He immediately nixed that, but agreed to see her again when he was up to it. Evidently reading the situation, that she was not going to get his address, she asked for his cell phone number. But, he had no intentions of giving that to her, either. So, she settled to giving him her cell number, so that he could leave TEXT messages for her as to meeting times in the future. And they left off with each other at that, and he continued his walk, with a significantly reduced energy level.

Over the next two weeks, Marvin resisted texting her. He was wary of her intentions and of any interaction with the two young men. Now that they knew of his abilities, they would probably not walk into their danger zone again. They would come prepared and though he had a license to carry hidden on his person, with other people and children in the vicinity, he had no desire to use that means of defense.

So, on one of his regular weekly visits and walks he ran into the girl, Maggie, again. She dressed him down for not contacting her. And as she did so, he noticed the same young men about a hundred feet away looking on. He looked into her eyes and waved her away after acknowledging the boys to her. With this, she turned and waved them off, and they trotted away on the walkway until they were far out of sight. He now knew who the boss of this operation was. With this, she took his hand again and led him to the same hiding spot as before. It showed no evidence of having been occupied since their last encounter there.

With a lot of initial kissing and over the clothes attentions to his nether regions, she implored him for further help with her car. He knew that the previous money was probably gone for a long period of time, undoubtedly up and into her arm and those of the two young men. And she just wanted further funds for their current medicinal needs.

He then when she was playing with his cock through his zipper, saw the shadows of the two guys coming through the bushes from the street side. He shoved her off of his lap and drew his gun that he had brought anyway and took aim at them. They were brandishing hunting knives, but immediately realized their risks of losing their lives right there with a man who knew what he was doing. Marvin sent a shot right between them and then the bicycle officers who had been appraised of this very possibility moved in, ignored his open zipper and arrested the two young men.

When the officers looked to Marvin and then at the girl now on the ground, Marvin shook his head ‘No!’ and they moved off with the two young men handcuffed and on their way to a much more serious charge this time.

The girl on the ground was still terrified with him having a gun, and also the possibility of him changing his mind as to whether he would connect her with the crime. So, she took out his cock and vigorously suckled on it. Then she had him lay down on the bench and she mounted him in the 69 position and let him pull up her skirt and down her panties to suckle on her, too. At this point an older couple came in to use the bench and saw with widened eyes the scene of an older man with a very young girl sprawled over his top, with her sucking him and him sucking on her little pussy and ass in return.

They immediately moved down to the officers still interrogating the two young boys and as the couple tried to interject their concerns for the young girl, the officers fully knowing what was probably going on, never the less dismissed them with a M.Y.O.B. admonition and returned to their questioning of the two suspects that they already had in custody.

Maggie, when she got her climax, moved off of Marvin and when Marvin arose, having not got his own, she moved to her belly on the bench and widely opened her legs. With this, Marvin with a fire in his eyes, plunged his now stone hard cock right up her vagina and plowed mercilessly up into her. She was moaning and crying lowly over this, and then he moved to take her up the ass with some lube that he had brought with him and a bit more gently used that orifice until he unloaded up into her.

After they came back to their senses, she looked him into the eyes and proceeded to apologize. But, he knew that she would try something else if he ever saw here again and so waved her off and erased her number out of his phone after having it blocked.

He never met her in person again, but did see her in the area once in a while. Never saw the two boys again, though.
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