Vickie Has a Birthday
It had been a long time since Vickie had seen her Dad.

After their beach trip at Thanksgiving he had gone to Mexico then Brazil and Argentina on business. A trip lasting two full months. Her Father was in the television industry. He produced and directed expensive commercials for international brands. He loved the work and the money but it kept him away from his daughter sometimes more than he liked. By the time he saw her next Vickie had had her birthday and was officially 11. Still young and small for her age but in that two months Vickie had suddenly begun to develop. To mature.

As she looked at herself in the mirror her breasts were more than just little cones under her nipples now; they were small, beautiful baby tits with light pink puffy nipples. Wow, I have tits she thought to herself. Even if they were very little she did have tits. And Vickie now had more than just blonde peach fuzz on that delicious little girl pussy of her’s. There was the beginning of real hair, soft, golden brown almost Asian style straight hair from just above her clit spreading out in a soft fan shape over her pussy mound. It was still thin but beginning to cover her. And down between her smooth legs was a trail of hair wrapping around both sides of her tiny cunt thickening up a bit as it just came back together at her asshole. Awesome. Yes, Vickie was growing up but even with the new public hair the appearance of her open, naked sex was immature, child like. After all that’s what she was.

Vickie was excited to see her Dad and for her him to see her new body. She was excited too about the sex each time she stayed with him now. If he didn’t start it she would. He liked that and so did she. It made her feel more grown up, the one in control. It made her feel like this big man’s cock and balls belonged to her. To do whatever she wanted with his body and he with her’s. She wanted to be fucked for real. Between her legs. She wanted to have her young pussy full of her Father’s cock and his cum.

Her Dad had a rule. He would not fuck her pussy. She wanted him to at least try…to get on top of her but he said no. He told her he was too big for her; it would hurt her too much right now. She desperately wanted to feel his weight on her, to be pinned down by this man she loved, to see his face and look into his eyes as he fucked her. She wanted to open her legs for him. To wrap them around his body, his ass. She needed to be on her back, held down and fucked like a woman.

Dad was steadfast. No! Always starting sex with her slowly and gently, teasing her, lubricating her anus, relaxing her little asshole. He said then a child of her age and size would be able take 8” of erect cock in her ass… without tearing her young anus or hurting her badly. Well, maybe just a little pain but the good, submissive pain all sex sluts endure for the man’s pleasure. And no one would know she was having sex. A doctor who examined her vagina for any reason would know if she was being fucked but without cause he would have no reason to look at her anus for signs of intercourse.

Vickie did not want them in trouble. It might mean she couldn’t come to him anymore. She was always hot to be with him, she had more to learn, more to see and a lot of sex to experience with her Dad. He was her teacher and she could not wait for her next lesson …then the homework and the practice! She wanted to please her 6’3” hunk. She could not get his big cock out of her mind. And his beautiful balls… she couldn’t wait to smell them again and to fondle them again. The crotch of her Sponge Bob Square Pants panties was dripping wet.

She liked the way she was beginning to look. Her Dad had told her that if her body matured just a bit more it would be the absolute best of both worlds for him. Pussy hair and tits on a little girl. She wanted to surprise him and be able to give him his wish tomorrow when he picked her up for the weekend. Vickie was now the best of both worlds!! A little girl of 11 with hair on her cunt, suck-able little tits and wearing children’s cotton panties. She had more mature underwear but she wore these for Dad. He told her that was the other side of ‘the best of both worlds’. Really being the little girl she was, especially when she was on her hands and knees with that tiny butt in the air having her little brains fucked out. A child sucking and licking his thick cock until he simply had to cum for her, all over her, in her. A little girl eating his sperm. It was going to be a really wet weekend for Vickie…. and Sponge Bob.

Friday afternoon the bell rings, school is over for the week. Hurray! Out the front door of the building she goes looking for her Dad’s truck. Where is he? She doesn’t see him. Somewhere, somewhere! No. Standing on her toes now. OK, there’s his Jeep just pulling up. She runs to him, jumps in the truck, screeches like all little girls, gives him a squeeze and a kiss right on the mouth! She closes the truck door and her Dad slides his hand under her dress touching her little bottom with more than fatherly affection. Sliding his fingers into the elastic leg of her underwear as he hugs her tightly. He feels her little asshole on his fingers. Vickie kisses him again as she wiggles her butt back onto his fingers. One of them slightly enters her anus. She opened her mouth in excitement sucking in a quick breath. When her Dad pushes his tongue into her open mouth Vickie’s asshole relaxes, opens up to him! His middle finger sliding all the way up and into her. Her breathing quickens and her tiny anus starts flexing around his finger.

Time to get away from this school before someone noticed their front seat foreplay!!! Sliding his finger out of her asshole he runs it back and forth over her slippery wet cunt. Staring into her eyes he brings that finger to his nose and then as she watches he sucked it into his mouth tasting her asshole and her sex. Then he stepped on the gas speeding off to paradise. Vickie was in heat. What’s this? Something’s in his mouth. No. Couldn’t be! Yes, pussy hair! He was shocked, delighted and about to cum in his pants!! Vickie has pubic hair? He couldn’t wait to get her naked, to spread her, to investigate that place between her legs. He wanted to smell her, to kiss her young cunt and lick her ass. He became aware that Vickie’s eyes were glued to the raging hard-on he had sticking up in his slacks. He grabbed the back of her head forcing her face down on his bulge. She required little encouragement. She moaned, kissing his cock and licking it through his pants. She slobbered and drooled on his cock in his slacks until they became soaking wet. She rubbed her face over and over his hard-on. “Hurry Daddy.” she whispered.

He stepped on the gas. At this rate her little business end would be wet, relaxed and ready for the long sex session he wanted to have with her as soon as he got her home. Drive!!

Her face still in his crotch, Vickie unzipped his pants pulling his rock hard cock out, moaning softly. She cupped his balls in her hand, opened her mouth and plunged face first onto his penis driving it to the very back of her throat, gagging and choking. “God Vickie, you’re ready right now aren’t you!” he said. “Uh Huh” was all she could get out with her mouth full of his cock. But that was a definite yes…and they were almost home!

She was stretched out on her belly in his bed. Her Father stood by the bed and gazed at this awesome naked child, laying expectantly with her legs slightly apart, her arms folded under her head. She was wiggling her little butt around. He stripped off his clothes never taking he eyes from her young, nude body.

He went to his knees taking one of her feet in his hands bring it to his face. He loved the feeling, the touch of a child’s body, her bottom, her feet, her legs, and her perfect skin. He kissed sole of her foot running his tongue from her heel to her little toes, firmly so as not to tickle her. He kissed her again. Then taking her toes into his mouth he sucked them, spreading them, running his tongue between them. Vickie moaned again, “Oh …” He smiled and laid her foot gently back down on the bed. Bending over her, starting with her calf he kissed slowly, sensually using his tongue again to lick her skin…he continued this all the way up the back of her leg to that tight little fold where her butt cheek joined her thigh. He spent time licking this intimate place. From as far as his tongue would reach between them without spreading her legs more and then all the way across her ass to her hip. She reacted by trying to open her legs more for him but he held them firmly in place. Making her wait. Teasing her. She tasted and smelled so good. She was still a little girl.

Now he repeated this sensual sexual foreplay on her other foot, up her leg. Again she tried to open her legs. Again he held them in place. Vickie was beginning to squirm. He grinned and kissed her on the ass. Big open mouth licking and sucking kisses, on both little cheeks, almost leaving a hickey….but the marks disappeared. She squirmed some more, moaning, sighing, gently complaining. Then he did not touch her at all for maybe 30 seconds. It seemed like an eternity to Vickie. He just enjoyed looking at her and stroking his cock. With both hands he spread that perfect little girl butt. Then placing his thumbs on either side of it he opened her little brown asshole as wide as he could. He smelled her. He loved the sent of this young girl’s asshole. Taking another deep breath he pushed his tongue into her asshole then licking all the way up her crack to the small of her back. He repeated this again and again and again. Now he let her open her legs. He wanted what was between them. She was crazy for him to have her. Her pussy, her cunt, her asshole, her pubic hair, her tits, her mouth, all of her. She was no longer in control of anything. She just needed to be fucked.

He rolled her over to her back and gazed at the new hair on her pussy mound and those new tits. My God she was beautiful! He sucked one of them into his mouth hard. Vickie let out a little yelp. He sucked her other tit now. Pulling back he looked at her. Panting, those big eyes looking up at him with urgency, fear and lust in them… sexual overload. She was only 11 and he was making love to her, not just fucking a child but making love to her. Her body and her mind responded like any woman in love, in heat. She was helpless, willing to satisfy him in anyway he desired , to satisfy herself. Her young cunt was literally dripping. Her butthole was slippery and wet with her own sex juice. Her Dad went down on her. It was like an electric shock every time his tongue touched her clit, her little body jerked. She loved the sound of him licking, slurping and sucking her young juices from her vaginal opening. With her fingers she opened her lips as wide as they would open. He drilled his long tongue into her again and again. Hungrily tongue fucking his daughter. Vickie arched her back bringing her butt up off the bed to help him go deeper into her. His mouth and his lips covered the entirety of her small cunt, his nose rubbing in the new growth of pubic hair.

He could restrain himself no longer. He forced her legs apart, up and back. He mounted her. His weight was on her. Vickie’s eyes opened wide. She was looking at his hairy chest just below his nipples. He was 6’ 3”, she was 4’ 8”! She began to suck his nipples. This was the position she dreamed of, him on top of her. What was it going to happen? What would he do to her? Was he really going to fuck her pussy after all? Would it hurt? Would she bleed? Would he be mad if she did?

She hooked her legs around her Dad’s back near his ass. That the best she could do. Even with her long legs he was a big man. He came down to her face and kissed her, pushing his tongue into her small mouth. She hooked her arms under his putting her hands on the back of his shoulders pulling him to her. She kissed him back like a woman…mouth open, sucking his tongue as he licked her mouth, her nose and he lick her face. Suddenly he moved up again, his hairy chest in her face. She loved the feeling of his hair on her face. Then Vickie could feel his long, hard penis on her pussy; not in her but on her. He started thrusting is cock back and forth pushing it hard against her clit and her lips. Over and over he ‘fucked her clit’. She was going crazy. Her kissing, sucking mouth never left his nipples. She was making sex noises. She could barely breathe under his weight with his body covering her’s. She couldn’t help it, there were tears in her eyes…not pain… lust and sex. His dick was burning with friction. Her pussy and clit were getting raw. Her Father began to grunt, curse and yelled out. “I’m gonna cum baby! All over you.…I’m gonna cum, Oooooooooo!! Spread your pussy open for me baby, I want to sperm in your cunt. Help me shoot it in your pussy darlin’. That a girl. Take my load.”

He grunted loud and sperm exploded up Vickie’s belly to her tits, up under her chin and more sperm covered her pussy mound dripping down to her clit to her asshole. He grabbed his cock and jacked off two more big loads pointed directly into her waiting cunt as she held it open for him. Thick cum was covering her clit, her swollen pussy lips and puddled in her sex opening. Vickie was full of his sperm and he was still jerking and cumming.

This little girl had been being bounced and thrown all over the bed by a grown man’s sexual power. With her legs and arms she had held on for dear life as he grunted, strained, bucked and fucked – her – brains – out!!!! Her Dad had just squirted more sperm than she had even seen him shoot before. “He loves my tits and my new pussy hair!” she thought. She hugged him close as he laid down on her again heavy breathing… panting in her ear, his sweat dripping on her. Vickie was his woman, his 11 year old daughter, his slut and she tired. Another sexual sleeping pill. Fuck and sleep, fuck and sleep, awesome weekend.

But before could sleep she knew what she was had to do; what she wanted to do. As he rolled over off of her his legs opened. His cock, still half hard was dripping cum. His balls were a sticky mess of her’s and his sex juices mixed together. Time to clean him. Time to swallow everything their love making had produced…on both of them. With her fingers she first scooped up a huge wad of his sperm from between her baby tits and ate it. She loved cum in her mouth! But first things first.

Crawling between them she forced his legs wide apart. Vickie went down on her Dad sucking his cock clean, deep down in his crotch licking under his big balls. She sucked one of them into her mouth filling it completely. Moaning quietly in pleasure with her mouth full of her Father’s balls, she looked up at him.

He was asleep! First this time!

Vickie continued to enjoy licking and sucking him until she too fell asleep with her head and sweet her face between his legs.

It was only Friday afternoon….

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