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10th part
(this saga begins with Flight of Sin, Sins of the Father through part E and has two side parts, Naughty Pretty Things and Naughty Pretty Things 2. It is a fantasy sex story. Nothing more. You may read in any order you like of course. I don't pay a lot of attention to grammer or structure. If that bothers you pass this by.)

You are mad. You wanted to make love when you got home from school.

Setting the table for dinner, Mom just home and changing to something so I can give her a massage. She moved some furniture at the store and is tired and so sore.

I ate you before she got home. I have plans and would not let you have any cum. Just a little sucking my cock to get you ready for my lips and tongue.

Mom tells you that you should wear a bra even at home. You have your tight little shorts on without panties and a cutoff tee shirt that barely covers your nice full titties. Your nipples showing clearly along with the shape of your hot tiny little cunt through the shorts. You fuss back at her. 'Mom, there is only you and Daddy here'!

My cock is aching it is so hard. I plan to make Linda fuck you with her mouth. It is time for us to start sleeping in the same bed. Fucking both my women, making you suck and lick each other too.

Linda comes out of the bedroom wearing only a terry cloth top and shorts. Her small nipples so pretty, so perky through the soft cloth. She goes straight to the massage table as I fix her a good strong drink. A drink with something in it that will make her very cooperative. Yes, very very cooperative.

You see what I did. Interested immediately. Wondering what I am up to.

Linda lays down on her tummy after a nice drink of the cocktail. I get the scented oils out, raise her top to expose her bare back, a little more than necessary so you can see the lovely curve of her flattened breast. I move her bottom down slightly to expose her nice hips. Not too much. She would react wrong at me uncovering too much too soon. I will have her naked soon enough. I know you have seen her pussy many times but never like you will see it now. See it and touch it. Kiss it and pay it homage as I demand you do.

Rubbing her, kneading her shoulder muscles. She is so beautiful, her face quickly serene and peaceful as my hands make her relax, the drug begins to work its effect. Encouraging her to sip it through the straw.

She looks at you through sleepy eyes. She smiles lovingly. Sweetly. Her irritation at how you are dressed gone now.

I know that soon she will be reaching for her beautiful daughter, wanting to touch you and at my suggestion taste your nipples and then your sweet tiny little pussy. I have not yet decided which of you I will fuck first. I will fuck you both for sure. Perhaps giving you my cock while Linda licks and sucks your hard little clitty. Perhaps fucking Linda while you straddle her face. To be determined at the right moment and by my own arousal.

I glance up at you. You are watching. Your delicious nipples hard and erect. I know you are getting wet, aroused by this. I have not let you have any pussy since you spent the night with Sherry.

I work on Linda and smile at you. You know something is going to happen. Something that will be so naughty, so bad. Making Mommy cum and you also. You wonder which of you will get my first big load of cum. You need it. You want it bad. Your pussy sopping wet as these thoughts fill your young mind.

Time to turn her over.

I carefully move her over to her back. Ease her cloth shorts down and off. Now her top. Her breasts are so full, slightly flattening as a woman's will. She smiles that sweet dazed smile. Her beautiful legs parting slightly, her breathing slow and relaxed. There is a tiny touch of moisture on her labia. Her pussy carefully trimmed to be just a delicious black strip down the middle. Such a beautiful woman Linda is.

I wave for you to come close. I move around to behind you. Kiss your neck and lift off your top. Now kissing down your naked back as I ease your shorts down to fall onto the floor. My hard bulge pressed against your naked ass, rubbing myself on you till you reach back and push down my pants, holding my cock tight in your little hand.

I love how you cannot take your eyes off your mothers body. Looking from her angelic face down to her parted legs. Devouring her body. Wondering if this step can be taken. Wondering what I will make you do to her. Wanting to but a little afraid. So many things could happen. So many bad things.

I hand you the oil and you begin to massage her legs. Soaking them in the wonderful smelling oil, massaging her thighs, smiling at me the closer and closer you get to her pussy.

I move to her right side. Press my cock to her cheek. She opens her eyes, smiles as if in a dream and licks my tip. Then moves her head to take my knob in her mouth. Sucking it softly, stopping to moan when your fingers touch her swollen pussy lips the first time.

I watch you. Enjoying how you look. Your pussy must be aching to be touched, to be used by now. I massage Linda's breasts, tease her nipples as your fingers explore her pussy. She sucks me and moans as she opens more and more. She is ready to breed now. Ready to be fucked by finger, tongue or cock.

I take my cock from her, turn her head so she can see you. She frowns for a moment then melts into a sweet smokey smile. She holds out her arms to you. Almost whispers, 'come to me Keri, come to Mommy'.

I step back, let you move up onto the table, between Linda's legs. She hugs you tight, kisses your cheek.

'Kiss me Linda, I love you so'. She moans and thinking you are me kisses your lips passionately. You please me when you moan and kiss her too. You both quickly get lost in each others arms. Kissing and kissing. I coo to her between your kisses. Her eyes closed, loving how she arches her back against your body. I am sure her pussy is hungry for my cock.

I slip behind you. My two fingers going into her pussy. She gasps and squeezes. Begins to use them immediately. I ease my thumb into your tiny slit. You are your mother's daughter. Moaning into Linda's mouth as you too begin to undulate, fucking my thumb.

I kiss your sweet naked ass. Bite you a little. Careful to not leave a mark that could be seen by others at school. My other hand pinching each of your hard nipples. Making you buck and thrust against my thumb. Both of you fucking me, using my fingers.

You bite her lips, I feel her then you tremble as the first little orgasm sweeps through your bodies.

Such a sight. I must be in pussy soon. Should I just put my cock in you or should I make you move up, straddle Linda's face to be licked and sucked while I ram my hard cock up her sopping pussy?

I decide she must be wild beyond control first.

I ease you back down. Cooing to Linda, her hands follow you down, playing and grasping in your long black hair.

'Kiss her tummy and move down to her pussy Keri', I whisper. You obey. As soon as your lips touch her she almost screams and grabs both hands full of your hair, lifting her pussy hard against your mouth.

I spread you a little more, ease my hard knob into your tight wet pussy lips. As you suck and tease Linda's clit I work my big cock inside you slowly. Though you are fucked a lot now you are still so tiny, so tight I must be gentle, let you stretch to take your man.

Finally I gasp, my cock balls deep in you. Beginning to thrust, harder and harder. Feeling you suck it and love it. Feeling you shake as a hard orgasm builds. Linda crying and whimpering as she cums on your mouth.

I know you so well. Loving when you cum. You cum like no one else on earth. Surprised you can keep your screams low. Loving the sight of your pretty face buried in Linda's muff.

God you feel good. Fucking you through your climax. Fucking you hard. Hoping I do not hurt you but not caring either.

Linda bucking and moaning, screaming my name as she cums and cums hard.

Letting you ebb slowly, pulling you up from the exhausted Linda. Kissing your mouth. Tasting her there. Loving the taste. Loving you so much. Loving her almost as much.

I know Linda. You will become aroused quickly but she must be teased back slowly. I usually fuck her through at least two orgasms before I cum in her. She is laying there, eyes closed. Clearly glowing from the wonderful work your mouth did on her.

I lead you off her, hold you close. Kiss you, whisper how good you are. How you please me so. How you are now the perfect lover, the perfect slut.

'Now I want you to get back on her, begin to kiss her again softly'. 'She will respond slowly Keri'. 'Daddy wants her to lick your pussy while I fuck her'. 'She must be brought into our little games for her own sake'. 'We must show her how good our love is'. (I do not tell you what is at stake here. Linda must become content with me and the way I live. One more blow up, one more threat and Kan will kill her. She will just disappear. It is the world we have chosen to be in. You do not realize it yet but you are in it and in it forever with me.)

You move back on her. She opens her eyes. Smiles and hugs you as her daughter again. I tell her to kiss me, fuck me as she knows I need. She sighs, closes her eyes and begins to kiss you again.

I move up, rub her pussy slowly, letting her relax, letting her melt into the thought of loving her husband as she should.

It takes us a few minutes, some words of love, some sweet tender kisses from you but she begins to come to life again. Slowly becoming aroused, her body knowing it has not had the breeding it needs.

I push you up, to straddle her face.

She opens her eyes, frowns for a moment. Looks puzzled. That is when my cock opens her and I push it in deep. She gasps, arches to take me.

She looks at your sweet almost bare pussy. It is so pretty, so deliciously juicy now.

'Suck me darling, kiss my cock Linda'. I stroke into her deep and slow. Feeling the hot wet walls of her cunt.

She pauses then touches your slit with the tip of her tongue. Looks confused then licks you. I hear you hiss like an alley cat. The feel of your own mothers tongue on your pussy so wild, so arousing.

Linda does not know what she is doing but she has tasted pussy now. She begins to lick you, suck you, tease your clit as I fuck her. She murmurs a name, perhaps from long ago but still a name. She lifts her arms, holds your hips as I spread her more, fuck her harder.

You are moaning too. A long 'Mommmmmmiiiiieee' as your cum boils. The shear perversion of this taking control of you.

I feel Linda's pussy contract, she grinds her cunt on me. Using my shaft to bring on another orgasm. You are gasping and hissing too.

I explode inside her. Pumping cum deep in her, pulling out to shot one spurt on your ass. Pumping it with my hand to empty it on you as it drips and slides down to Linda's licking sucking mouth.

I am so drained it is all I can do to help you off the massage table.

I hold you, both of us looking a Linda. Her face so peaceful now. Mouth wet with your pussy cum, the cum from me that dripped onto her chin as she sucked you.

We look at each other. I kiss you tenderly. I do love you so. This night may be our last time together if Linda goes wild on us when she remembers what has happened. What we have made her do. She is not like you. She is submissive but does not relish the role of sex slave cumwhore like you do. 'Whose name did she say Keri'? 'When she started to give you oral'?

'I could not quite understand her Daddy'. 'I was so wild myself at the touch of her mouth'. 'Oh Daddy, are we so bad, so evil'?

Squeezing you tight, another kiss, tasting Linda and my cum. 'We are different from other people Keri'. 'Go put the casserole on the table and while we eat I will try to explain things to you my darling'. 'Go', slapping your sweet bottom. 'Go, I will bring your shorty robe when I have Mommy tucked into bed'.

You always giggle when I spank your ass. I have to watch you bounce out of the exercise room toward the kitchen. You are the most sexy thing on this planet.

I pick Linda up in my arms. She stirs, opens her eyes, kisses me, mmmm, I taste you.

Holding her I wipe her mouth, give her another sip of the drink. She kisses me again, 'Dale I love you so'. 'I am so sleepy darling, carry me to bed'.

I carry her to our bedroom. Lay her naked on her side of the bed, cover her with the satin sheet then kiss her again. I whisper, 'sleep my darling'. 'Soon I will join you and love you again'.

She smiles and turns on her right side, snuggles to her pillow and falls sound asleep.

I get my robe, go to your room and get yours.

You have just served us a helping of the dish.

I hold your robe as you slip into it. My favorite tits, ass and pussy now covered.

We sit, sip the red wine you poured and start to eat.

'Keri'. 'There are three people in our extended family that are different from the others'.

'There is me, you auntie Kan and you'. 'From the first day Linda showed you to me I knew the Zen was strong in you'. 'You know how quickly you have mastered it'. 'You are far beyond what Delco can teach you now'.

'There are rules, morals and constrictions on most people in this world but they do not apply to us'. 'Not we three'. 'We are both guardian angels and demons from hell'. 'You know I go away for long periods at a time'. 'I go sometimes to be with Kan, Suzie, Young Mei or to do something else'. 'Keri, I am a killer'. 'I try to only kill the evil but who is to say if someone is truly evil or not'. 'Your auntie Young Mei decides that question and plans what Kan and I do'.

You sit quietly listening. I can feel your Zen and it is so strong. You have moved from the wild passionate child sex slut to the cold machine that processes data, makes a decision then carries it out. A machine, an entity, that will one day be feared in every corner of the world where people plot, scheme and commit crime or worst.

'Now we have crossed a very important line with Mommy'. 'When she wakes up, remembers she may force me to leave'. 'I will do so but I will never give you up'. 'Mommy will not be allowed to keep us apart'. 'You must be trained, taught to use your Zen'. 'There are many skills you must master'. 'Skills that at the least will be required for you own safety, your own survival my sweet baby girl'.

'How old do you think I am baby girl'?

'The same as Mommy I guess Daddy'.

'No Keri, I am much older'. 'The Zen does not allow me to age as most people do'. 'I am almost 60 years old in the terms of time'. 'You too will control the birth and death of the cells of your body'. 'You can already do it but must be taught how'.

'One day I will take you to a high master'. 'A Chinese man named Pi Mei'. 'Pi Mei is over a thousand years old darling'. 'This is the power you will have one day'.

'Do you understand Keri'?

'Yes Daddy, not everything but I sense the truth of what you say'. 'Mommy must not keep us apart'. 'We will not allow her to do that'.

I hope you do not realize what that may mean. I truly love Linda and the image of we three making love, sharing our trust, tenderness and yes our lust is so appealing.

I feel your bare foot move and rub up my leg under the table. You move it all the way up to my cock. Yes, it starts to thicken immediately. You have that look again. You have only been fucked a little. No cum oozes from your pussy yet.

I stand slowly, come and take you into my arms. Long kisses, opening your robe then mine. So incredible is this desire we have for each other.

Sweeping you up into my arms. 'Daddy, the dishes'.

'They will wait baby girl'.

Carrying you to the master bedroom. Sitting you on the bed by the sleeping Linda. Removing your robe, letting you take my stiff cock in your little hand, raise it and kiss from my scrotum to the knob. Massaging your face as you lick it, suck it, take it all into your throat, swallowing to make your throat squeeze it.

I must moan softly as you prepare my cock for your body. I want to ride you, love you and love you before filling you with cum. Nothing but my cock and your pussy soon.

Enough of this. I need you just as bad as you need me.

Laying you back, my robe gone, moving between your smooth legs as you spread, our lips meeting as my knob touches your swollen wet clit. I rub you up and down with my cock. Teasing, loving your tiny slit and the hard pelvic mound I adore so much. Your hands grasping my hips, my ass. Your pelvis moving to capture my cock in your slit. Let me open you and force my swollen dick deep inside you.

Raising up so I can suck and nibble each nipple, your neck. Looking down to see my cock bent up your pussy, rubbing it with the underside of my shaft.

Now changing my hips so the knob finds your opening. Letting you arch as your pussy swallows it. Pressing into you till I am completely inside then beginning to stroke you, fuck you slow and deep.

Linda stirs beside us. We both look at her as we meet with each thrust. She sleeps soundly, her breathing slow and soft. I wonder what she would say if she woke up to see her husband and her daughter making love. God such love.

'You are such a good fuck Keri'. 'Your pussy is the best cumhole on earth'. 'You are mine forever little girl'. 'Mine and mine alone'.

I kiss you and fuck you deep and slow. Pulling most of me out to tease your pussy. Make you dig your nails into my back and butt to beg me to give it all to you again. Fucking your sweet swollen pussy lips, teasing your clit, ramming my cock back into you hard and deep. This fuck is for me as much as you. I am using you, devouring your exquisite body. Making your pretty head and breasts bounce with each hard fast thrust.

Feeling you building quickly, deciding to make you wait.

I stop, slowly take my cock out of you. You whimper then watch as I move off of you, roll Linda onto her back.

She spreads her legs as I move between them, she moans and smiles kissing my lips as my wet cock goes deep into her cum filled pussy.

I fuck her hard, using her. Knowing she loves this. She wakes up enough to tell me to fuck her, 'Oh God Dale fuck me like the whore I am'!

I pound her cunt mercilessly, kissing her hard then looking at you watching. Your one hand goes to your pussy, the other to touch your breasts. You fuck yourself as I fuck you beautiful mother. Fuck her so hard we move from side to side on the bed.

Linda screams she cums so hard, she paws at me, holding my ass as I pump my cock in and out of her.

She cums for what seems like minutes though only seconds. I feel her sag, falling back into the deep sleep. I am ready to cum. Cum but not in Linda. This cum belongs to you. You open your eyes, see my hard almost wild look and lay back on your back.

I come out of Linda and mount your quickly. No gentle thrusts now. I ram it up in you deep. Making you gasp and begin to fuck you harder than ever before. Grunting, moaning saying your name over and over as I try to fuck my very soul into your pussy.

Not caring right now how it feels for you. Pumping hot cum deep inside you. Filling you with me, owning you, possessing you, devouring you completely.

It hurts, it is wonderful, it makes me feel alive, it is like dying. I pour my energy into your sweet little body. I fall on you, you hold me tight, telling me you love me. Stroking my head, milking my cock of the last drops of cum.

I must lay still for a long time. My cock getting softer and softer, shorter and shorter till you cannot hold me in by squeezing and it comes out, letting lots of cum ooze out of you to the sheet below you.

I roll to my side of the bed. Kisses for your lips, your eyes and your sweet nose.

'I am so tired Daddy'. 'Should I go to my room'?

'No baby girl, stay here'. 'Mommy will remember everything when she wakes up tomorrow'. 'Till then I want you close to me, letting me hold you as long as I can'.

You turn to Linda, cuddle against my naked stomach and soon sleep soundly.

I lay for a moment, kissing your hair, holding your little naked body close then I sleep too. I will not sleep that deeply. I will keep my Zen tuned to Linda. She will wake at first light and then we will see what is going to happen. Love in our family or a terrible fight and splitting up? It is all up to her. She just does not know the consequences of fighting me.

I sense her wake up. I open my eyes slowly.

You lay against her back, sleeping soundly, so innocent, so incredibly beautiful.

She wakes slowly. Moving only a little.

Suddenly she sits up. Her beautiful full breasts bouncing. She looks at you, naked shoulders uncovered then at me.

Pure fury in her eyes when they meet mine. She gasps and covers herself.

'You bastard'! 'You filthy bastard', she screams. It wakes you with a jerk. You roll over groaning from the soreness in your pussy. The bruises on your inner thighs from the hard riding I did on you.

Linda looks at you, then at me again. She wails and turns, curling up in a sobbing ball.

As she sobs and beats her hand on the bed you wake up enough to know what is going on. You move to her back, try to hold her, comfort her. She just sobs and sobs.

Suddenly she pushes you away. Before you can say anything she turns quickly and grabs you. Holding you close to her. Her eyes wild looking at me.

I extend my Zen toward her. Try to give her calm feelings, a sense of being safe.

Her eyes flash, 'Get your mind out of my brain'! I stop. She looks at you. 'You can do it too'. 'You are more his than mine'!

Then suddenly she gets out of bed, goes into the bathroom and slams the door behind her. We hear her lock it then more sobs.

You slip out of bed. I hand you your robe and I get out too. We put on our robes and go to the kitchen. I start my coffee and pour you orange juice. We sit across from each other at the breakfast nook table. Both of us silent.

We sip our drinks, waiting.

We feel her enter the room. Turing we see her standing at the door. She is not crying.

She goes to the pot, pours herself a cup, takes a sip then turns to us.

'I had sex with my mother from about your age till she was killed in the car accident Keri'. 'I admit this because I have had desires for you for some time myself'.

'Dale I love you and I know you are different'. 'That you are very dangerous and that you have many women'. 'All that I have I owe to you'. 'My store, my factory, my design shop'. 'My standing in the world of home decor and fashion are all because of being with you, loving you'.

I start to say it will be OK but she just waves her hand. 'I want my say, please listen'.

'I thought I wanted to leave you, take Keri with me but now everything has changed'. 'I see that this has been coming, because of your ways it had to be'.

You cannot stand it. You get up and run into her arms sobbing. Telling her you are sorry. So sorry. She holds you tenderly, kissing your hair, stroking it.

'I am shocked, a bit sad but I think I can accept this if you love me Dale'. 'I have to confess to my own desires and face just how much you and Keri mean to me'.

'Now what happens to us Dale'?

'We get closer than ever before'. 'As you have seen Keri is very special'. 'She has the gift, the power that I possess'. 'We can love you Linda, protect you and please you like no others on earth'.

I get up, take you both in my arms. a kiss for your head, she hesitates then kisses me long and tenderly. 'You need a shave Dale'.

I slap her on the bottom and tell her we are hungry. Later, after a great breakfast I plan to make her join us in the shower. The experience will be incredible to say the least. Just too bad you are too sore to get your share of my cock. (Tee hee, you will get more than your share soon.)

While you and Linda clean up after breakfast I go to my office to check my messages.

There is coded message in my bulk folder from Young Mei.

It would seem we have accepted a contract. I am to be in Manila within two days.

I check the time, my flight is not till 7pm this evening. I can relax today with my beautiful wife and daughter and then let you two take me to the airport. It will be so nice not to lie and make up reasons why I must be away. On the plus side it will give you two a chance to explore your new relationship. I get hard just thinking of you two naked in the big bed each night, loving each other. I have to laugh. What if Linda buys a strap on? She better not get one bigger than my cock. I don't want anything in either of you larger than me. You both are mine and my cock is the only one you are allowed.

I consider putting the hidden cam on auto-motion while I am away. I wonder if you would like to see yourselves when I do get back and can fuck you both?

Time for that shower. I need to lick my baby girls pussy and fuck her mother again. Hmmm. Keri is so wanton. She may be able to fuck me in spite of her soreness.

Coming toward the kitchen I hear you giggle. You both have robes open and are kissing. Kissing much longer than mother and daughter kiss.

You smile at me, look at each other then let your robes slide off and drop to the kitchen floor. I am raging hard immediately. Such a sight! Two incredible naked females looking at me with wonderful hunger and lust.

I beam at you both. God what a sight!

'Time for a shower girls'. My own robe hitting the floor as you both come into my arms.

We turn and go into the master bath.

The walk-in shower is large and we are soon washing each other. I let you and Linda enjoy yourselves. You delight me by touching, caressing and tasting each others lips and nipples. I wash two perfect backs and butts, lots of kisses for each. Turning you both around. Filling my eyes with your wet soapy tits and tummies. Bending to slowly wash first your pussy then hers. Loving the difference in your bodies. Your breasts larger, your body so tanned. Linda paler, not spending much time at our pool. Her pussy different too. The delicious line of black hair down the middle of her. Your pussy smaller, completely bare. Framed wonderfully by your tanned tummy and thighs.

Now it is my turn. You wash my back while Linda scrubs my front. I feel your hand come through between my legs to soap my balls while Linda pumps my cock with soap suds.

I let neither of you suck or lick me yet. I sit on the extruded place at the end and make you take turns shaving my face. I love the soap mustaches you get as you kiss me with shaving creme under my nose and on my chin. You giggle. 'Daddy has cum on his face'. I slap your bottom for that. You giggle and I slap Linda's too. She smiles and gets serious about my shave. I think she wants my face on her pussy. Hmmmm.

You distract her. Your fingers slipping inside her as she works making her pause, close her eyes and moan.

I am trying to decide which of you to eat first. Which to give my cock to.

You settle that by slipping in front of mom, easing to your knees and taking my cock into your mouth. Sucking me, making me moan and jerk as Linda finishes up the shave then sprays water on my face to wash the soap away. She takes the shower sprayer and eases it down your back, using it to spray your pussy as you suck and lick my cock.

'Stop it Mommy', you giggle. I jerk her down beside you. You take me out, kiss her then hold my cock for her to suck for awhile.

I notice that you both get fingers in each other from behind. God what have I created!

This is blowing my mind. Both of you there, Linda sucking me, trying her best to pull my cum out of me. God it is good. You kneeling, I can see what you are doing to each other. It boils within me. The visual stimulation, Linda's mouth, your mouth tormenting my testicles.

Both of you heaving, clearly approaching orgasm.

Linda cheats. She takes her hand away from my shaft and slips her finger inside me, pressing it against my prostate. Two hard rubs and I am exploding.

I feel it rush out of me. 'Now', I gasp!

Linda lets me out, holds me as you join her, your lips so close together. So beautiful, so erotic.

I spurt, almost perfectly, the main part hitting your open lips but also plenty for Linda's.

Another hard jet on her, she kisses you side ways as you both taste my seed.

Now you suck the oozing cum off my knob, Linda jacks me, gets a nice gob for herself.

You are both spattered and cum covered. Your bodies heaving together as you take turns sucking me dry and fucking each other with your fingers.

Your eyes closed, then moaning, your bodies trembling cumming and cumming.

You lick the cum of Linda's face and she off yours. Such an incredible sight. Such lust with such love!

I sag, pull you both into my lap, one on each leg. Kisses first for her then for you. Telling one then the other how I adore you. Love you both so much.

We sit in the spraying water for a long time. Simmering, feeling the intense sense of release. Now that Linda knows, wants us both the relief is there too. We all know there is a future for us together.

Later dried off and laying together in the bed, still naked and touching, loving, I tell you I must leave for a week or so tonight. Both of you plead with me to not go but Linda knows I must. I try to make you both know how much I hate to leave but it is something that cannot wait.

'Dale, I want a baby', Linda says. 'I know you take something, use that mental thing of yours but I will put Lexi on the pill and I want to be pregnant'.

I look at you. You think for a moment then agree with her. 'Daddy, it will be fun to have a little baby for us to love'. 'Please do it for Mommy'.

Linda and I both have to laugh. You are so animated. So adorable anyway and any time you get excited you immediately turn into a little girl at Christmas. Then that thought strikes me as funny. A very well developed little girl with my cum still on her beautiful face.

I get up and start packing my travel bag. I never take much. What I need will be waiting in Manila.

'We have to work it out carefully'. 'If I stop taking the contraceptive you must be on birth control Lexi'. 'You are too young to get pregnant and you have so much training and schooling you must complete'.

Linda agrees but we know she cannot really appreciate the things ahead of you. It will break her heart as it will mine to send you off for years at a time but time really means very little to us. You and I will keep Linda young. Kan and I do the same thing for Young Mei. She still looks like the innocent 17 year old girl I met in the Army PX at Fort Polk, Louisiana so long ago.

As we talk and I pack I see Linda is touching you. Her fingers slipping between your legs her lips moving from your cheeks to your lips and down to suck each nipple softly. She has wanted you so long. Suppressed it so much. Now that all is in the open she is hungry for you. I smile at what will go on while I am away. I try to remember when your next period is due as well as hers. It will be a shame if your lips cannot taste each other constantly in the coming days.

Linda has moved to her knees between your legs. Pushing you back and positioning you for her tongue. I watch as she teases your pussy. Loving your clit slowly, her hands spreading you, placing your feet on her shoulders.

I walk to the night stand on my side. Open the drawer and take out the tube of lube. You both stop, watching me.

I pull Linda around sideways, tell you to move so she can love you, make your pussy feel good. She goes back down on you. She knows what I am about to do.

I enter her and push in deep. I slap first her right cheek hard and then the left. Slapping her ass hard over and over, making her gasp, whimper and jerk as my cock moves in and out of her pussy.

You pull her face back down to you pussy. I love the wild look coming into your eyes. I wonder if you know that one day soon it will be your pretty ass getting punished while my cock fucks you deep and hard.

Stopping I squirt the lube on Linda's nice little button hole. I use my finger to work it inside her. More up the crack of her ass and now taking my cock out to rub her with my shaft. She licks you, sucks you between moans. You have heard these sounds before through our bedroom door. Now you know what is happening. I watch you close your eyes then open them. Looking into my face. Anticipating what is going to happen next.

I take my cock, place some lube on the head and position it at Linda's entrance. She stiffens. She knows.

Suddenly I ram my whole cock up her ass hard. She shrieks and you must pull her back to her duty of making your pussy feel good.

I fuck her. I fuck her ass hard. Pumping my cock in and out of her fast then stopping pushing it in as deep as it will go then slowly fucking her again. Her whole body is heaving with both pleasure and pain. She takes me, bucks her ass to use me. I reach around her, love her clit with my fingers and fuck her till she explodes.

Her mouth sopping from your pussy she raises her head and moans and cries as the intense wave sweeps over her. You take her face, kiss her hard. She suddenly just sags.

You hold her as my strokes slow. We let her rest on her hands and knees, her head in your lap. You stroke her gently, lovingly.

I ease my hard slick cock out of her slowly. 'Stay just like that darling', I tell her.

I move, make you lean forward and slip behind and under you.

I lift you enough to start my slick well lubed cock into your tiny ass. It takes 4 gentle pushes to get it all in you. I lift you with my body and tell Linda to make you cum.

She smiles, kisses you passionately then kisses her way down to suck your nipples hard while I fuck you deep and slow.

God you feel good! The lube making you so slick yet so tight. Your sphincter ring pinching my cock with each deep thrust. Losing all control as you begin to bounce in rhythm with my cock thrusts. So good, how can I live without you now?

Bouncing on my cock now... a little faster, SCREAMING louder.. You can't take this any more....your hands fall to the bed, GRASPING the sheets as your head sways from side to side. Your breasts bouncing heavily as Mommy continues to tease them. she then kisses her way down to your already sopping pussy.... taking your clit in between her fingers... rolling it around as her tongue begins to dart in and out of you. Your Daddy fucking you, Mommy teasing you. You feel you are about to squirt all over. You look over your shoulder, mouth agape, tears in your eyes. You SCREAM TO Me 'DADDDYYYY.... I'MMMM GONNNNAAA CUMMMMMMM'!

Grunting, moaning telling you 'Yes baby girl yes'! I pound my cock in and out of you. Holding your hips in a grip of iron. Wanting to fuck my very soul into your body.

Telling Linda to love you, 'suck her tits bitch'. 'Make her cum'. 'Give me your cum Lexi'! 'Make daddy fill you with his zizz'!

Feeling you start to orgasm. My cum bursting out and into you deep. So much cum, such an intense release.

Your body begins to spasm and shake uncontrollably. You begin to squirt... no shoot your juices all over mommy's face. SCREAMING out as you spasm. 'GODD DADDY.... FUCKKK MEEEE!!!!!!!.'

Bending you forward slightly. Pumping spurt after spurt inside you. Biting your naked shoulder, starring into space not seeing anything. Only the feeling of my cock deep inside your tight wet little ass.

Fucking you, using you till I am so spent I must slump back onto the pillow. Holding you on top of me. Watching your juices glisten on Linda's face. She rubs your pussy slowly, tenderly. Both of us adoring you. Loving you in such a special way.

Making you stay on me, my cock still erect and deep in your ass I pull Linda into my right arm. She lays facing you. A kiss on her lips from me then one from you. I thrill as you tell her you love her. I tell her that too. She is our love, our base, our precious wife and mother. Just our intense lover now also.

We lay like this till it is time for me to go.

Up dressed, you with my cum still wetting your panties we gather up my things and drive to the airport. I sit in the back of Linda's Mercedes.

We talk of things family. What the upcoming week will mean with me away.

I make Linda stop the car at the entrance to passenger drop off. You both turn around in the front seat for sweet almost tearful good bye kisses and hugs. You cry a little. This is not the first time I have left like this but everytime now is sad since I have taken your body, made you my lover.

One more long kiss each and you drop me off. I cherish the feel of your body still on my cock. I will not wash you away till I am in the hotel room with Kan. That is many hours away and I will place myself into a deep trance within the Zen to make my mind and body rest and revive.

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2010-07-23 20:32:00
pissy intro why would any one read your stories after reading the intro and why were you so stupid as to write a series and give the chapters different names any writer with a brain gives the chapters the same name and numbers them stop writing you don't have the brains for it

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2008-06-02 23:25:58
I gave this story a positive rating, but it was very difficult to follow.


2007-12-05 21:47:31
Malcom I understand zen, and hope you use it properly or it can backfire!!!!!!


2007-12-02 22:35:15
love the bitching that goes on, don't quote shit if you can't give a sight.

Good story mate.

and if you don't like it I hightly doubt Dale has a gun to your head going "read it you bitches" sooo you can just fuck off.


2007-01-02 16:28:53
Ptlk: you are reading this story. you are getting sleepy, very sleepy. you will give the author all your money. you think this story is better than "Beverly's Holodeck Fantasy". you are going to read it again and again....

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