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When you've got your beutiful 15 year old sister naked infront of you and your friends after giving a forced strip tease, would you stop there? Of course not.
Breaking Sarah's Will with my Friends Help: Part I

When the skies turn cloudy on a cold november day, theres not much left for a boy in his late teens like myself to do, which is why I was sitting down infront of my computer. Sitting down infront of my computer jerking off to images of hot blonde women being hogtied and fucked, that is. I had my best friend, John, to thank for those images - He was always fond of emailing the very best he could find to me.

Earlier in the day John and another friend, Rowan, had called to see if they could hang around at my house. My parents were away for the weekend, so the only ones at home were Sarah and me.

Sarah is my 15-year-old sister, and it was my job to "Baby-sit" her for the weekend even though she was old enough to take care of herself. Sarah has always been a nuisance to me, constantly telling on me when we were younger if i'd done something wrong - Not to mention she had always been mummy and daddies "goot little girl".

Suddenly, the handle to my door started to turn. I bolted up out of the chair, rather startled, and thanked my lucky stars I remembered to lock it.
"Hey, Damian, open the door!" I heard her slightly muffled voice yell from the other side.
"I'm busy!" I snapped back. "What do you want?!"
"I want to use your computer to go on the internet and check my e-mail!" she said. With a sigh, I put my dick back in my sweatpants and unlocked the door.

Standing there was Sarah, wearing nothing but a towel tightly wrapped around her displaying her Marilyn-Monroe type body - Big meaty breasts, slightly toned waist, curvy hips, legs a touch on the fleshy side and a nicely shaped ass that I had always observed whenever she bent over to put a disk in the DVD player. She had a very pretty face, too - large green catlike eyes, button nose, long blonde curls and a mouth any man worth his salt'd love to stuff full of cock. Some would call her chubby, but most would agree on ample or full bodied.

"I'm just about to take a shower, but I wanted to check my e-mail first." She started sniffing. "Whats that smell?" she enquired. "Have you been eating tuna?"
Lost for words and feeling quite flushed I simply asked "Will you be on the internet long?"
The sight of her wearing nothing but that skimpy towel was making me seriously horny. "Just a minute" she tittered, sitting down. As she sat, the split in her towel exposed her inner upper thigh and I felt a heavy feeling wash over the pit of my stomage - I was nauseous with lust. "Whats this?" she piped, clicking on the porn folder. As the gallery of busty blondges getting gang-banged while being tied up appeared infront of her and a horrified look fell over her face, the proverbial shit hit the fan.

"Oh Gross - Damian, you fucking pervert! Now I know what that fishy smell is - You've been wanking off to this! Oh, just you wait 'till mum and dad hear about this!" She sneered the last words at me. Sounding panicked - Fuck, BEING panicked - I just stuttered back, "You're not going to tell them, are you!?" An evil grin spread over her face.

"Well, I suppose I don't have to... least, not if you give me £50"
Desperate to keep my secret, and fully aware that she now had blackmail on me, I simply spat "Fine" at her and handed her the money. Any lustful feelings I had were now replaced with anger and rage.
"Thank you, pervert!" she quipped. "I'll leave you to go jerk off now!" and she left my room to haver her shower.

Oh, how my blood boiled - I needed that money for going out with my friends. I cursed myself for letting open the door in the first place. "Little bitch" I spat, sitting down - I was practically lost for words through my anger. Just then, the door rang and I ran downstiars to answer it. There were my friends, John and Rowan."

"Sup, Damian?" John inquired as he stepped in, noting the dour look on my face. "That fuck of a little sister that I have found the porn folder you sent me, and I just handed her £50 to keep quiet about it!" I grumbled as we made our way up to my room. Rowan cocked his head, listening. "Whats that noise?" he asked, and I told him it was her taking a shower. A wide smile came over his face. "Oh, really? Well then, maby i've got an idea." he said. Snatching up my digital camera, he walked down the hall to the bathroom.

Rowan tried an experimental turn on the doorknob. "Stupid fuck" he laughed. "She's forgotten to lock the door!" John smiled - He knew what Rowan was thinking and approved completely. "I don't know about this." I interrupted. Sure, taking pictures of my sister in the shower and blackmailing her into giving me back my money seemed like a good idea, but my friends seeing my little sister naked? Leering at her? The looks they gave her fully clothed were bad enough - But naked? John cut into my thoughts. "You want your money, don't you?" he said. "Well, yeah, but -" I replied. "Good!" Rowan butted in. "Now. I'm going to go in and i'll take a few snaps. get them to your computer and she'll have no choice but to give you your money back - Unless, of course, she wants every guy in school jerking off to her naked body." He laughed - John was grinning too. I knew they wanted to help me but I also knew they wanted to see my sister naked more. Something told me after all this was done, they were going to keep some copies for themselves. Hell, I knew I was.

Rowan opened the door and quietly snuck into the bathroom. Finding the shower curtain through the steam. He carefully parted the curtain away from the wall. I saw him grin, and realised that Sarah must have shampoo in her hair so her eyes were'nt open. Seeing as the button on digital cameras is just about silent, Rowan had snapped at least a dozen photos before Sarah took note. "Who's there!?" she screamed. "Damian, is that you!?" Rowan barreled out of the bathroom cackling and tossed the camera to me. We raced into my room, locked up the door, and had the pictures uploaded in under a minute - Mission accomplished!

We feasted our eyes on my sisters hot naked body. I had to admit to the knowlage that my friends were getting wood off the shots. In fact, it kind of turned me on. He had gotten about a dozen photos covering a 360 view of her naked body. Her hands were above her body and her back was arched as she was washing the shampoo away. "Damn," Rowan said. "I would love to ride that." "Me too!" replied john. And then, an idea formed in my mind.

"Hell, guys - Why dont we?"


Two minutes later, Sarah showed up at the door. I unlocked it and there she stood, wearing a bathrobe with her hair matted and wet. "Heres your £50" she spat, guessing the tradeoff. "Thankyou," I said, snatching the money away. "But I want something else, instead." I grinned as I opened the door fully, revealing John and Rowan sitting on the bed. I softly but firmly grabbed her by the shoulder and pulled her into the room, shutting the door behind us.

"What the... what the fuck are they doing here? Have they seen the photos you took?" said Sarah with an obvious lump in her throat. "Yep..." I said, all cheery like. "And now they want to see more."
Sarah looked at me in stunned disbeleif. "
John spoke up. "We want you to do a strip dance for us is more like it." Almost before John had finished, Sarah was lashing out her retort. "No, I won't! Give me those photos or I'll tell Mom and Dad!" Her voice was full of defiance. "I dont think so," I replied quietly." I think you'll do as you're told, or everyone we know will see the photos of you all lathered up. Anyway, the lads have already seen you naked, so doing it again won't make any difference, would it?" I slipped one finger up under her chin, bringing her face up to look at me. She nodded yes, stilll looking suspicious and pissed off at the way she was being treated by her older brother. Rowan put in a Britney Spears CD and gave a whoop as "I'm a slave to you" came on.
"I'll do this and you'll give me the pictures, okay?!" I nodded in agreement, noting the tear running down her cheek.

She stepped forward and, slipping off her robe, started to dance reluctantly. She was wearing a black lace bra with matching knickers. The lads were thrilled and I was too, sitting beside Rowan and watching as my little sister performed for us, running her hands up and down her body. They went from her thighs up to her ass, running up over her stomache to cup her breasts and back down again. I wondered just how the hell she had so much skill at this.

"Take off your bra!" John yelled, delighted. With a cringe, she slowly unhooked, revealing her perfect nipples - all pink and hard because it was cold in the roomed. "And now your panties," Rowan commanded. "Then, bend over so we can see better!" I added. Sarah looked at me with disgust and hatred. I smiled.
She turned her ass towards us and bent over, slowly pushing her fingers up under the elastic lining of her panties and pushed them down, unveiling the tight pink asshole and carefully shaved pussy. Impulsivly, we all reached out and and began to feel her. "Damn she feels soft!" John said. "Her skins burning." Rowan added. "Yeah," I laughed, "Burning with rage!"

Sarah pulled away and looked back at me furiously, tears streaming down her face. I noted that they made her face look uniquely pretty as they flowed over her features that were contorted with a mixture of anger and embarrasment. She marched over to the CD player and turned it off. "Now," she demanded, "Give me the photos!"

I just smiled. "No."

"But we had a deal!" she screamed, red in the face. "I'm DEFINETLY telling mom and dad now!"

"No you won't," John said, revealing his camcorder that he had hidden under a stack of clothes. "Not if you don't want to see your little strip show on the net, that is."
Sarah just wept - Things were getting worse for her by the minute. "What do you want now?!" she stammered. I leaned back, wrapping my arm around a bedpost for support. Cocking my head to one side and with a grin on my face I casually stated, "Our dicks in every hole you've got."
"Fuck, Yeah!" Rowan shouted. John just smiled from ear to ear and cracked his knuckles.

Sarah fell to her knees. She was crying hard now, snot leaking from her nose. I almost felt bad for her, but I chose to feel her instead. "Get up and lay down on the bed with your ass in the air!" I commanded. She did what she was told, crawling on her hands and knees up onto the bed, sobbing all the way. I pulled her panties off of her while John used a heavy sweatshirt of mine to tie her hands to the railing of my bed.
"Just like you saw in my porn folder" I said as she looked at me with a pitiful puppy dog look, her eyes red with tears. Her head shook as she wept.
I opened a drawer and took out a mouldy looking sock out. Kissing my little sister, I shoved my tongue down her throat and then stuffed the sock that I'd been using as a wank rag into her mouth as deep as it could go. She gagged, her face wincing at the flavor, and my mind pleasantly noted that I had'nt washed it in over a month.

"Nasty," John commented, laughing. "But I like it!"
"So!" Rowan asked, "Who's going to break her in?"
Knowing she was a virgin, I said, "Whoever has the biggest cock."
Of course, ours were all hard from the pictures and the strip tease, so we whipped them out. John and me were about the same, but Rowans was huge and thick. Sarah howled through her gag and twisted this way and that at the sight of it.

"Thats it, then." John said. "Rowan, give her hell."

I decided to go downstairs and get props for our fun filled evening. "You're not going to watch your sister getting broken in?" inquired John. "Tape it for me." I responded. "Sure thing!" said John as I closed the door. Looking over my shoulder for a moment, I saw Rowan standing behind my helpless sister. He was tall and muscular, and looked really intimidating. He had a belt in his hand - Two guesses what that was for. "Damn, thats gonna hurt..." I thought to myself. Bending over and shoving his thumb in Sarahs asshole, Rowan bellowed. "OK, Bitch! No mercy!"

Sarah squealed and looked into my eyes. I looked back. Her expression begged me to stop this. I simply closed the door and went downstairs into the kitchen where I could hear everything - The belt cracking off her ass, her whimperinga and screaming, the springs on my bed squaking, Rowan grunting and John ordering her to squeal like a pig for the camera.

I searched around for some props - a banana, a rolling pin, some clothes pins, olive oil and other things. With everything gathered, I marched back upstairs - The night was young, and so was my little sister.....

TO BE CONTINUED IN: Breaking Sarahs Will with my Friends Help Part II - ReCut


2013-12-02 21:22:00
Part 2 and more is available from me under my name Hector kindly edited part 1 for me which is what you read here. I have written this series and another if you would like to look.

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2013-05-05 23:37:30
Hay, Hechter, what the fuck is this shit...I've reread your story a number of times over the years, hoping that you would post part 2...It is now over 6 years and nothing more, where-o-where is part 2 at this time ???...Do you have writers block ???... Or gist got bored with it all ???...To bad as it was a really hot fucking story and a bunch of people had high hopes for it along with hard cocks and wet driping cunts...Oh well, so sad and too fucking bad...Hate to see a story with so many possibilities like this one for great stroking gist pissed away...

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2013-03-31 08:17:22
i want a part 2 made me cum and im a girl


2011-09-13 21:05:48
I hope you got enough responses (good ones) to pick up where you left off. Any story with a beginning like that can go as far as you want it to.


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This story is sensational!!!!!!! I hope you are still going to give us part 2.

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