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I had just filled Joanne’s hot little pussy with my cum, when in walked Glenda.
“Damn it Joanne I want him”
“Sorry I got here first”
I moved out of Joanne our mixture coating my still hard cock and looked at Glenda standing looking sexy as hell and said.
“You’re next”

And before I could move further Glenda jumped up on the counter next to Joanne and spread her glorious legs opening herself for me. I groaned and moved into her, she grabbed me pulling me into her. I don’t know if it was due to she was still wet from earlier or due to Joanne’s and my cum coating my erect cock, but I slid all the way in her, so quick my balls banged the counter. I rolled back and kind of doubled over.
“Ohuhh ouu god that hurt” I yelled
And as I sort of flopped down on the floor both Glenda and Joanne were next to me in a flash, asking if I was alright, what can they do. The next thing I knew both the girls were trying to lick and kiss my flaccid cock and sore balls as if to make them feel better.
And I defiantly wasn’t going to stop them ‘mmmmmmm did it feel good’. I just laid there watching these two sweet beautiful nude little girls make love to my cock and balls. I could see my cum slipping out of Joanne’s tight little pussy and drip down onto her leg, then in walked Amy.
“Who yelled, what what’s going on are you hurt?”
Looking at me lying there she moved down over next to me also and kissed me
“What happen?”
“Nothing much I just kinda of banged my nuts against the counter”
I moaned and she kissed me again. And in walked the other girls, who all flocked around me asking what happened, if I was ok, what can they do, where does it hurt, etc., etc. From all the attention I was receiving you’d thought I was the president or something and had just been shot, the way the girls covered over me, all trying to make sure I was ok. A man never had it any better, all the caring and love wrapped around him, as the warmth of a hot tub surrounds a persons body with its heat, I was surrounded with love is the only word that could possibly describe it. Seven nude sweet little girls, Nancy was even there asking if I was ok. Two were carrying my unborn children in their little bellies and four more of the others, were wanting my seed to be implanted in them also. Say what you will it may be wrong to knock up 6 little girls, 12 to 14 years old, I didn’t care, who cares what anyone would say. I loved all six of them as deeply as anyone ever loved anybody or maybe anybodies would be more correct. I knew I would never be alone again. Damn did I feel great; the pain just melted away into the moment and was gone.

“I’m fine girls thank you God I love you all of you each and every one of you all completely and forever how can one man be so blessed I’ll never know.”
They helped me up and into the bedroom and each kissed me. As I laid down Glenda laid next to me and licked my ear and whispered.
“I love you and I want you inside me. I want your baby growing in me too”
My cock jumped and stood at attention as she lightly stroked me. She raised up straddling me and guided my dick to her wet hot opening. I looked into her face and you could see the flaming desire in her eyes as the tip of my dick started to spread her tight pussy lips and begin its way into one of the hottest and wettest spot on the planet, not to mention the tightness of her slick velvet lined walls. I moaned, she moaned as she filled herself with me. As our pelvic bones smashed into the other, she held me inside her hot glove and slowly began to rock. Grinding herself into me causing my cockhead to rub every so slowly in her wet heated slick fantastic depths, the feeling was awesome and the way she grinded her clit into me must have sent shockwaves thru her too. The look on her face was a sight to behold, pure joy, the way her eyes were almost closed, her mouth open about half way. And then came the moan as her pussy muscles spasmed on my hard dick, grabbing and almost releasing but not then grabbing again, milking my shaft as the head was bathed in her hot cum. Damn I don’t what kept me from blowing a river of cum in her right then and there, but somehow I managed to hold back the flood. I didn’t want our lovemaking to be over anytime soon. She lowers her body to mine and I felt her hard nipples push into my chest as she moaned again. As soon as her orgasm was over she began humping her cunt onto my cock driving herself towards another orgasm and me as well. The way her pussy sucked at my cock and her hard nipples slid over my chest and the way she cooed I knew she wasn’t long from her next orgasm. And by the tingling that was growing in my balls now I would be ready to fill her hot little cunt with my seed soon too.
I though about rolling her over and pounding the hell out of her pussy briefly, but she was doing ok by herself. So I just grabbed onto her and helped her pump my cock with her snatch. Oh that hot wet tight tube sliding up and down my shaft with a sort of odd side movement was rubbing my dick just right and he grew inside her as my balls filled with hot man cream. Her hard nipples moving all over my chest, the look of a girl/woman in total sexual rapture was pushing me to the edge. And then she came; her super-hot honey poured over my steel shaft down and bathed my balls. Her animalistic groan as her pussy muscles twitched and grabbed at my dick, squeezing me even tighter in her tight little twat. I moaned and shoved upwards planting my cockhead as deep as possible into her and erupted. Waves of hot cum blew into her welcome womb, glob after glob of my thick cream was blown into her sputtering body. I pulled her tightly to me and kissed her open lips as my hips twitched, shaking my cock inside her and I swear she came again. We finally began to come down off our erotic high and I just held her tight to me still inside her, but now beginning to soften as I felt our love mixture somewhat dripping onto my pelvic region. She moaned.
“mmmmmmmmmmm oh baby that was sooo so fuckking goooood I love you.”
I managed to whisper.
“I love you too sweetheart that was great mmmm Glenda you’re so so hot and wonderful I love being inside you I love you.”

We laid there for a while getting our breath back and kissed. Then looked around the room. The orgy was on again. Closes to us was Amy’s sweet backside, her face was in between Linda’s legs and she was munching away at Linda’s tender twat. Joanne was sitting on Linda’s and moaning. Linda’s tongue was going ninety miles an hour in her cum filled snatch. Susie and Nancy were locked in another 69 and boy were they loving it. Sandy was getting dressed, she said she had to leave but would be back later this evening. She kissed both Glenda and me. Glenda said she needed to leave also and got up off me and took her clothes into the bathroom. I sat up and looked at the five remaining girls, all enjoying each other. And in no time my dick was fully erect once and ready for action. I moved to the closes target and slipped into Amy’s hot wet cunt, she moaned into Linda, setting her off and in turned moaned growled into Joanne setting her off too. I pumped Amy slowly and tenderly, here was the future mother of my child and I was enjoying her hot wet pregnant pussy, my dick felt like it was ten feet long and as big around as barrel as it fucked her pregnant pussy. Never had any pussy felt so fucking good. I knew I would last a while having just emptied my balls into Glenda’s tight twat. And fuck Amy I would, slowly and softly till my cum was running out of her ears, as I moved in and out of her tight wet pregnant cunt again and again making sure I was fully inside her with each stroke. I wanted her to enjoy this as much as I was. I reached down and pinched her hard nipples tenderly as I pumped her hole; she came and moaned into Linda again setting off the chain again. Linda grunted and Joanne growled I think. Linda pushed Joanne off her face and sucked for air, Joanne moved off her to the side and kissed her sweetly as Amy raised her head out of Linda’s twat and shouted moaned.
“Fuck me you bastard fuck me hard fuck meeee”
And not to disappoint the future mother of my child, I began pounding her pregnant twat, nearly driving her completely upon top of Linda. I pumped and pounded her pussy, almost as if I was beating her with my cock and damn did she love it.
“Ohhhh Yeessssss fuck me FUCK ME harder Harder fuck my pussy fuck my pregnant pussy ohhh fuck awwww fuckk meeee!!!!”
“Uhhhh yess I’mmm fucking your tight little teenage sweet pregnant pussssy ugggggg”
And we both climaxed, her tight cunt spasming and my rock hard dick pounding into her as I spurted my cum into her once again. With one last giant shove I buried my cock as deep into her as I could and just held it there inside her munching cunt as she milked the last drop from my balls thru my harden shaft into her depths.
I finally soften and slipped out of her slick cunt and sat back watching her little hole close up and then my cum slowly ebb from her tight slit and onto her leg.

Susie and Nancy had finished with each other and had joined Joanne watching the action between Amy, Linda and myself.
Susie then said
“Mmmmmm that looks yummy “
And Amy answered by rolling over on her back and spreading her legs offering her cum filled snatch to her and saying.
“Well lunch is ready knock yourself out”
“I’ve never ate a pregnant pussy before”
“I have” popped off Nancy giggling
“I know and did a good job too”
And with that said Susie lower her tongue into Amy hot cunt. Nancy, Linda, Joanne and I just watched. Then Joanne looked at the time and said she needed to leave and off to the bathroom she went. Linda moved next to me and we kissed and played with each other as Susie ate Amy.

The playing of Linda got the response she wanted and shortly I was as hard as granite again. She encased my hard cock with her sweet hot mouth and after a few minutes of her madding sucking I was ready to go again. I pulled her up off me lower her to the bed and slipped in-between her open legs. She took my hardness in her soft hands and rubbed it up and down her wet slit, then pushed the head into her hot oven. As she removed her tiny hand I plunged into her heat and began making slow love to her. Nancy looked bare sitting there by herself, but Linda told her to come over and let her at her twat while I make love to her. I watched Susie turn and offer her cunt to Amy as Nancy lower her cunt to Linda’s face and the munching began again.

Oh the hard life of a sex fiend and his lovers. We all came again some even twice or maybe three times. And as we unfolded from our mutual love fest, some one said I’m hungry, me too and me. I was feeling kinda of empty myself; slowly rising up I said I’d fix us all something to eat, when all four girls chimed.
“Oh ok”
So I got up and dressed and headed out to the truck and drove to the Pizza Parlor, got six pizzas and back I went. I pulled in the driveway as a police patrol car pulled up behind and stopped. I stopped and got out walked towards the car and asked
“What’s up officers?”
“We’ve been asked to check the area and ask if anyone has seen this girl around”
And showed me a picture of Nancy, I took the picture and looked at it, it was Nancy all right, a younger but still Nancy. I said
“Yeah I think I saw her the other day over near the dinner on the next street, well maybe it was her she looked rather dirty, hard to tell for sure”
The officer said that’s what the storeowner next door to the dinner had said too. I asked what was she wanted for. The officer said she was a runaway and she had assaulted her stepfather. Then the other officer said he most likely tried to do something to her and she hit him and split. That’s what normally happens and the leading reason for stepchildren running away. But they were checking the area anyway, although no one has seen her in days, she may have moved on, someone like that doesn’t stay in one spot long and asked if I happen to see her again to call the department. I said sure and they drove off. I got back in the truck and pulled up into the garage, grabbed the pizzas and in I went. The girls were standing there waiting for me with fifty questions, one of them saw the police car outside and me talking to them and had told the others. Nancy was visually shaking. I told them that they were looking for Nancy and what I said and what they said and told her don’t worry, they don’t know she here and if no one see her for a few days they’ll just think she’s moved on.

We all went into the bedroom and sat down and ate while watching the TV. I was leaning up against the wall watching four nude lovely little girls eating pizza and playing around with each other as little girls do. And as the adrenal rush ebb out of me, those cops actually scared the shit out of me, I knew I was going to jail. I began to relax and enjoy the happiness of it all, when a slice of pizza slapped me in the face.
“What the who threw that ?”
They all pointed to each other
“Oh yeah”
I grabbed the slice and began rubbing it over first one then the other. I even grabbed another slice and rubbed it too. They all squealed like little girls and moved away from me. You’re mean and don’t and can’t get me and such. Finally we all were laughing so hard we couldn’t go on and just laid there.

Then we heard the noise coming from the other room, we all got quiet and held our breath. First though I had was here I sat with four underage nude girls, Oh shit although I was dressed they weren’t…….
When in walked

“What the????”


2007-08-24 05:01:10
good read as all are, but a bit confused about the parents...they must know Amy is prego afterthe first few months...hmmmm


2007-05-01 00:42:42
is there realy going to be no more??? what happend this iw to good to just drop.


2007-04-15 05:29:00
yes please.


2007-03-29 16:32:36
Well if the original author of this series has decided to end his writing, I would be willing to continue this series for all concerned. I'll write Prego club 16 and let me know if you want me to continue. Will Buster


2007-03-24 20:43:33
peapol its my reagreat to inform you that the writer is gone
his a bich

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