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Ruth was taken to a surprise show. She hadn't realised just what a surprise it would be!
Ruth had finished getting ready just a few minutes before she heard Bob honk his horn outside. She was pretty excited about the night ahead as Bob had told her he had a special treat for Christmas. He said it was a show at a club, but a show with a difference and that she should dress up sexy for him. So there she was and she admired herself one last time in the full length mirror before she went down to the car. She looked good she had to admit. A scarlet dress with a low cut top with fold-over sides that plunged almost to her waist, a red PVC belt which pulled cinched her midriff and the swish of the dress below that moved as if alive with every step she took. She had decided on this dress as it was one she could show off in. It was not practical to wear a bra with it and she knew that when she moved around she gave fleeting glimpses of her nipples beneath the material. She wondered about other underwear and decided on a tiny black thong and self supporting black nylon stockings with seams. Black shoes with nice spike heels completed her outfit and she saw Bob nod admiringly as she moved towards the car. When she was a couple of yards from him she stopped and give a quick spin to swish the skirts and show off her thighs between the stocking tops and thong and then she gave him a little curtsey. “Very nice,” he clicked appreciatively, “you are going to steal the show later tonight. I can just see that you will.”

“So where exactly we going and what is this show?” she asked.

“It’s a Christmas thing,” he responded, “we are going to see a pantomime.”

“A pantomime! But you said to dress up, and anyway, pantomimes are for kids. What are we doing going to a pantomime?” she asked him, feeling a little annoyed that she had taken so much trouble only to be taken out to a Christmas pantomime.

“Now Ruthy,” he chastised, “have you ever known me to disappoint you? I want you looking sexy like this for a purpose. It will be a great show and it’s called ‘Snow White meets Red Riding Hood’. We are going to have fun and you will thank me when the night ends. Just wait and see.”

They drove a few miles and turned into a large car park by a warehouse type of building. There were quite a few other cars already there and as they got out of the car they could hear music from inside the building. Bob walked them to the door and showed some sort of pass to the doormen and they were admitted. Inside the building was transformed. There were plush curtains and fittings, expensive looking subdued lighting, tasteful background music and waitress service to small round tables and booths. Ruth looked around and guessed that there something like 100 people were there already. Bob led her to a small table near the stage and they ordered drinks.

After they had been there about 15 minutes, the music faded and the MC came out to centre stage. “Welcome friends to club exotique” he breathed, and Ruth was amazed at how quiet he spoke yet could be heard throughout the building. “Those of you who have visited us before will know we have entertainment to satisfy your every needs here. Those of you who are here for your first encounter……. enjoy the erotic and participate with us in the exotic. Satiate your appetites and leave us at the end of this night having taken your fill of what you desire. In line with the time of year, we present to you tonight, a couplet of tales from the Brothers Grimm. We have modified the stories slightly, to best suit the needs of yourselves but we feel that the Brothers would have approved of our renditions of their Snow White and their Red Riding Hood. Let the show commence!”

He moved off stage and the curtains opened to reveal a plush bedroom setting with fine furnishings and rich velvet fittings. A beautiful blonde woman wearing regal gowns and a crown entered and strode across to a bracket on the wall from which hung a large black dildo of about eighteen inches in length and six inches diameter with thick contorted veins running along it. She grasped the dildo and took it with her to the bed and lay back on this with her legs splayed open to the audience. She inserted the dildo and began to slowly fuck herself with it and chanted “Magic dildo from the wall, who has the sweetest cunt of all?” and a voice replied as if from the dildo, “The sweetest cunt in all the land is the one you fuck with me in your hand your majesty.”

Ruth watched fascinated as this huge black dildo sank in and out of the Queen’s gaping cunt, just a few feet from her table and she felt herself begin to get wet at the sight. A few seconds later another woman entered the room. She had luxurious black hair and was much younger than the queen being anywhere between fourteen and twenty years old with small pert breasts jutting through her sheer gown and she gasped at the sight of the Queen and held her hands to her mouth in shock. “Don’t be afraid my dear Snow White, come and join me and I shall show you the woman inside the child.” Snow White moved across to the bed and sat next to the Queen who reached over and kissed her and began to fondle her. Snow White responded to the kiss and began to stroke her own breast in excitement and then the Queen took hold of Snow White’s hand and directed it to her own pussy from where she had just extracted the dildo. “Stroke me my dear Snow White,” she said, “feel how wet and slippery I am and then feel yourself to see how wet you are.” Snow White obeyed and informed the audience that she was as wet as the Queen and she then proceeded to sink her fingers into herself and rub furiously as she moaned in her pleasure. The Queen raised herself and taking hold of the dildo again, she pushed it deep into Snow White who gasped at the feeling and then the Queen began to fuck her with the dildo until she came with a room shaking shriek in the throes of her orgasm and then she collapsed in a faint.

The Queen smiled and sliding the dildo from Snow White she reinserted it into herself and repeated her call of “Magic dildo from the wall, who has the sweetest cunt of all?” this time the dildo replied, “The sweetest cunt in all the land is the one you just fucked with me in your hand, the sweetest cunt is Snow White’s.”
On hearing this, the smile faded from her face and was replaced with a look of pure hatred. She got up from the bed and strode to a bell bull and tugged it furiously until a guard appeared. “Guard, take this bitch deep into the woods, do what you will with her and then kill her. As reward for this loyal act I will suck your cock on your return and drink your sperm when cum.” The guard bowed and walked across to Snow White’s dazed body and he picked her up and carried her from the room.

The first act had ended and Ruth sat spellbound. She looked over to Bob and saw that he had been watching her face and was smiling at her. He waved to a waitress and ordered more drinks and was stroking Ruths inner thighs when she returned. He lifted the skirt of her dress to reveal Ruth thong clad pussy in full and the waitress smiled approvingly as he slid his finger beneath the material of the thong and began to stroke her wet pussy lips, As soon as he flicked the proud bud of her clit she shuddered in her first orgasm of the night but knew there were going to be many more to follow.

The curtains opened to act two and revealed a woodland scene into which the guard entered with Snow White flung over his shoulder. Her hands were bound and a gag was placed in her mouth. He lowered her and bent he over a log and then tied a rope to her bound hands and wrapped this around a nearby tree to hold her in position. He then threw her skirts up over her back to reveal her pert and naked buttocks. He reached forward and stroked them and then gave each a mighty slap as he slid his trousers to the floor to reveal a rampant cock of ten inches length. Placing himself behind her he slid straight up into her cunt and began to fuck her with long slow strokes.

From where Ruth was sat she could see the glisten of Snow White’s slick juices along the length of his cock as he slammed into her. Snow White began to struggle and he slapped her again saying, “So bitch, you fight against your pleasures do you? I am ordered to kill you and I will do so if you keep fighting me, but if you behave I shall let you escape with just one small punishment.” Snow White became still and the guard removed his cock from her and then began to ease it into her ass hole. Slowly he pushed until the head popped inside her causing her to arch upwards. He held still to give her time to accommodate him and then he began to sink into her, inch by inch to bury his cock fully inside her bowels. Once he had gained full entry he began to fuck her again this time though, as opposed to when he was in her cunt, he worked speedily and grasping her buttocks he drove fully into her ass hole and roared as he shot his cum deep into her. He held his thrust for several seconds and then, in one swift movement, he whipped his cock from her to reveal her gaping ass hole to the audience from which dribbled his cum in a perfect cream pie presentation.
Bob’s fingers were already inside Ruth and he could easily feel her contracting in another searing orgasm as she took in these sights. Ruth was gasping for breath and she reached across to grip his cock and begin to stroke along it’s length. “You were a good fuck Snow White,” said the guard, “and your ass hole was so neat and tight on this first fuck that I will not kill you but I will leave you here for the woodland creatures to deal with. But remember that the Queen will kill you if you return to the castle so, if you survive out here, you had better keep away” and with that he walked off leaving Snow White still bound and gagged in the clearing. As she began to try to rise, a group of dwarves walked onto the stage.

“My oh my! Look here at what the wood nymphs have left for us” said the leader moving over to Snow White and running his hands over her buttocks. “Hang on a minute,” said another, “she’s been tied and gagged. That can’t be the wood nymphs” and he walked over and undid the gag. “Who are you and what are you doing here?” asked a third.

“My name is Snow White, and I’ve been left here for dead because the Queen hates me. What shall I do? Where can I go?” she wept.

The dwarves gathered in a small circle and muttered to each other, nodding occasionally in her direction. “OK,” said their leader, “you can stay with us and we will hide you provided you do us some favours in return.”

“Anything,” Snow White replied, “I’ll do anything if you save me from the Queen.”

The leader nodded and one of the other dwarves went over to Snow White and undid her bonds. “That’s a nice dress,” he said “but it’s gotten a little dirty in the forest. Why don’t you take it off so that we can clean it for you when we get home? Yes, that’s it,” he continued as she slowly undid her buttons and slid the dress to the floor to reveal her fully naked body, “you are one pretty little teenage peach. I think it’s about time we had a taste of you, what do you think?” Without waiting for her reply, he moved forwards and grasped both her wrists and eased her back down to the ground where she propped herself up on her elbows and stared at him. As the others gathered around he lowered his pants to reveal a full sized cock which, because of its disproportion to his size, hung down to his knees. He grasped it and waved it in her face and she took the hint and opened her mouth to accommodate it. As she began to suck on this cock and bob her head along the shaft, the other dwarves began to undress until they all stood naked in a circle around her, stroking themselves to erections as their colleague continued to fuck her head.

Meanwhile, Ruth was transfixed watching this performance and she eased Bob’s cock free from his clothes and began to stroke his length. “My God Bob, this is incredible. Look at the length of that cock compared with the rest of his body, I thought dwarves and midgets were in proportion but if he was a full grown male his cock would be about eighteen inches long. It looks so slick and rigid, maybe I should think about finding a dwarf to fuck.”

“You just might get your wish later,” said Bob “don’t think the shows in this club just take place on stage!” Ruth glanced at him and smiled suggestively and then bobbed down to lick around the head of his cock before looking back to the on stage performance. Now the dwarves were literally all over Snow White. Whilst she continued to suck on that cock, two other dwarves each lay alongside her and were sucking on her pert little tits, two others had guided her hands so that she was jerking their cocks, one had buried his fingers in her sopping cunt and the last one was lapping her clit as she lay there. “I’m cuming now!” grunted the first one as he pulled his cock from her mouth and shot spunk all over her face in stream after stream and she lay there open mouthed catching some of the drips on her tongue.

“I want to fuck her now!” “No me!” “Me first!” “I’m gonna fuck her ass.” The others chorused as they took hold of her and turned her over to raise her up on her knees. A second cock was slammed into her open pussy there and then whilst a third was nudged into her now vacant mouth. Again her hands were placed on two other cocks for her to continue jerking them off. It now seemed to be a race against time as the set of dwarves began to fuck her ‘till they came with no apparent thought for her pleasure as the one in her mouth now shot his load over her head and the one buried in her cunt began to plough into her with rapid strokes so that he too could cum in her. As he pulled out, another dwarf slid beneath her and she lowered herself onto his rigid cock and began to slide up and down on it. Another replaced the one in her mouth and a third stood behind her rear and thrust straight into her raised ass hole. He began to fuck her furiously and came within less than a dozen strokes as he shot his cum deep into her. When he pulled out she blew the cum from her ass hole so that it bubbled onto the stage below her and dribbled over the balls of the dwarf who was underneath fucking her cunt.

Now the seventh dwarf took his position behind her but rather than full her ass hole again, he slid himself alongside his comrade inside her cunt. Now she was sucking one cock whilst being fucked by two others in her cunt and again they spared no speed in ramming into her for their own satisfaction until the three of them came simultaneously inside her hole and her mouth. As they had been doing this, the other four had continued to jerk themselves off around her and as she received the three shots inside her, she also collected the other four across her back and head.

Now they all stood around Snow White in a circle. She looked out from the stage and in true pantomime style spoke to the audience saying,” Now I am free of the wicked Queen and I can live my life in the woods, I will keep my promise to these kind fellows and stay with them in safety and I will do their bidding as long as they want me to. And so good people, here ends our story, with no ‘Good Prince’ to take me from here to live happy ever after. But if you think that I will not be happy here then come visit us and hear our laughter!” and with that the curtain closed on the scene to tumultuous applause from the club.

Ruth looked around and saw that she was not the only one aroused by the play. There were people in the crowd in various stages of undress and many were engaged in oral or full sex with others standing around watching these separate performances. Bob eased her to her feet and moved her across from her chair so that she stood in front of him. He parted her legs and inserted his finger past her thong and up into her sopping pussy as he began to work it in and out of her. Again she crashed through an orgasm and her juices were dripping from her and running down both legs as he lowered her, facing away from him, to sit on his cock. She began to ride him as she looked around the room and she noticed that she too was drawing an audience as several other members of the audience came over to watch her and Bob. One woman knelt before her and began to lick her clit through the flimsy fabric of her thong. Ruth also knew that this woman was also letting her tongue slip past to lick Bob’s shaft as it slid in and out of her. A man appeared alongside and presented his cock to Ruth and she immediately closed her mouth over it to suck it and lap the precum from it’s tip.

All around, people were across tables and on the floor and propped against walls sucking and fucking in every position and combination of activity. She continued to ride Bob’s cock and felt him tense as he shot his load up into her. She now raised herself off his cock and watched as the woman moved her attention from her to take Bob’s cum covered cock into her mouth and lick it clean. The man she had been sucking now bent her forwards over the table, slid into her and began to slowly fuck her. Not only was his rhythm and size feeling so good for her but the knowledge that she was on display to so many people added to the turn on and she begged him to fuck her hard and cum into her. He needed little encouragement and grasping her hips he pulled her tight to him and began to cum hard and high up into her and she felt him twitching deep inside her.

Now Bob was standing and took her hand and began to lead her towards the stage where the curtains had re-opened and the Snow White cast were ‘interacting’ with the customers. “Greg,” he called to the dwarf with the large cock, “this is Ruth who I told you about. She wants a spinner so can you and your friends help her out?” “Sure Bob,” he called back, “come on guys, gather round and help this lady with her spinner.”

“What’s a spinner?” Ruth asked. “Something new but I think you’ll like it” Bob responded as he helped her up onto the stage. He eased her dress over her head and lowered her thong to the floor so that she stood naked on the stage except for her black seamed stockings and spikes. The dwarf called Greg had now laid on his back across a low table and held his rampant cock skywards as she was helped to stand up on the table by the other dwarves. She straddled Grag and they indicated her to lower herself onto him. She let herself slide onto his cock so that he was fully inside her in the centre of the stage. His cock felt wonderful, she had to admit but, apart from its size what was so new about this experience? Her thoughts were soon answered as the other dwarves took hold of her ankles and raised her feet from the table so that she was now impaled on this cock with nothing else supporting her. She could feel it nudging deep up into her so that the head of the cock was resting against the opening of her uterus. She was held doubled up as the dwarves lifted her legs to wrap her ankles behind her neck and reveal the fullness of her pussy to the audience. They seemed to have realised there was something special here and most had stopped their own fucking to watch what was happening.

Now the dwarves all took hold of her and began to twirl her around on this cock as they passed her round in the circle between them. She was literally being screwed she though and that thought brought her out in a fit of laughter which spread across the audience so that soon the whole room was laughing as they watched her enjoying her activity. Now they had stepped down from the low table but still they reached out to balance her on Greg’s cock as they increased their speed running around the table. She could feel the cock burrowing into her and could feel it rubbing in circular fashion around the walls of her pussy creating the most incredible friction feeling she had ever experienced. She was now on a roller coaster of orgasm after orgasm and she was shrieking at the top of her voice with the pleasure this was giving her. A whole host of men from the audience had gathered on the stage and were jacking off at this spectacle and shoving their own cocks into the women there on stage with them. She saw Bob’s fixed stare on her as he fucked the Wicked Queen and she saw his beautiful long cock sliding in and out of her. Finally Greg roared out loud as he shot his cum into her as far as was humanly possible. This seemed to be the cue for so many others and she could hear and see them cuming in their dozens all around her.

The stage, the tables, the floor and most people were covered in spunk and pussy juice as the crowd began to regain it’s breath after this massed orgy of lust. She was still in a daze but conscious enough to notice Bob licking his own spunk from the Wicked Queen’s cunt as the dwarves lowered her to the floor. She and the rest of the crowd were then awakened from their trancelike state by the voice of the MC, “It seems, my friends, that our first show has aroused you somewhat.” This was greeted with giggles and light laughter around the room. “You seem to have forgotten though that we have two pantomime shows for you tonight. Snow White, obviously very popular with you all, added some different spices to your seasonal cheer. We now have spices of a different nature for you so please sit back and enjoy the show from our second stage as we present our version of Little Red Riding Hood for your entertainment.


2008-04-06 16:37:10
I think you are stupied


2007-03-09 12:09:18
this is to the posters pick pick pick it's porn most of its fake the reason you read it is to get a vicaious thrill from stuff your too uptight chicken or too much in denial to do this includes me see the word condom in here anywhere who the hell cares what the show was called I don't like incest stories so i dont read those maybe they will go away i don't swing but i know why people do it's hard to get up for the same person over and over i think it's a big person who can love someone enough to care more about a parteners orgasm even when thier not the one giving it to them


2007-01-20 01:42:13
Great, came all over my fingers :P


2007-01-13 06:03:00
Good imagination and a fun read. im waitin 4 more. 10/10


2006-12-31 05:48:39
only a so-so tale of getting tail.

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