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Rape fantasy
by Boneman

Twas the night before Christmas, and there in the house:
Laid passed out sweet Mary, in her panties and blouse:

Her stockings where clipped to her garterbelt with care:
And sticking out of the sides of her panties, was a few pubic hairs:

Her pussy lips were nestled in her silk panties of red:
As she laid their drunk, with her legs slightly spread:

Her pussy so inviting, something I longed to lap:
If she woke up I would take my stun gun, and give her a zap:

Before I broke into her house, I emptied my bladder:
My cock was so hard, It was never longer or fatter:

Away from her window I flew in a flash:
I snuck into her house, to go get me some gash:

God how I longed to get my hands on this hoe:
I figured I'de start out by fucking her slow:

Before I entered the house, I downed one more beer:
As Mary kept on sleeping, having nothing to fear:

I went though the backdoor, really quietly and quick:
Then took off my clothes and started stroking my dick:

I knew soon at her pussy I was about to take aim:
And I wouldn't withdrawl, until after I came:

As I looked down at her panty cover pussy, I knew I must get some licks in:
Before I shoved my dick in this hot lil' Vixen:

I then pulled down her panties, and I could see it all:
Mary's sweet pussy looked delicious yet small:

As I ran my tongue, up her creamy thigh:
Her cunt lips started to glisten', they were no longer dry:

So up to her pussy, my tongue quickly flew:
I was using the tip of my tongue, to part her lips in two:

I couldn't believe, how her clit popped out from it's hood:
Leaving me to believe, I was doing her good:

I then took my hand and her nipple I found:
That's when I heard a slight moaning sound:

If I were to have measured my cock, from the tip to the root:
I swear that it stretched at least a good foot:

Ounces of seman, was fresh in my sack:
Ready for the pussy I was ready to pack:

My eyes started to twinkle, as I looked down on Mary:
As I observed her hot little cunt lips, and her mound not too hairy:

Saliva dripped from my mouth, as I looked at this hoe:
Knowing before I departed, my cock she would blow:

I was a horny old man, You might say I was in heat:
As I got my self ready, to sink my hard meat:

I had brought along with me, some KY jelly:
Along with a cucumber, I bought at the deli:

I then spotted a camera, on her closet shelf:
And snapped a few picture, to keep for myself:

I then placed my cockhead, to her lips wet and red:
And slowly inched forward, submerging the head:

That's when I noticed her nipples, were beginning to perk:
I was soon buried totally inside her, which did not take much work:

That's when Mary's eyes widely opened, and her head quickly rose:
But it was to late, she was full of my hose:

I then covered her mouth, so she couldn't scream, yell or whistle:
My cum blasting her insides, like a hot guided missle.

As Mary just laid their, dripping of my creamy white:
I said, "God Damn it woman", your pussy is tight:

anonymous readerReport

2011-06-16 03:06:49
Needs some work. I admit it has potential.

Anonymous readerReport

2010-07-15 01:18:15
If you write poems can't you learn to write correctly? As far as the poem, I feel it kept repeating itself.

Anonymous readerReport

2008-11-27 00:02:05
Pretty cool poem. Some creative rymes. As far as grammer? It wasnt so good. But if was orally read who would

Anonymous readerReport

2008-10-19 23:30:37
good poem but the flow sticks in a lotta places

jingle bellsReport

2008-06-25 19:00:15
nice poem dude

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