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After the parents - then came the daughter
I was standing in my garden, still puzzling over the events of last night and this morning when a voice said, “Hi Tom! Did you enjoy last night with mom and dad?” and I looked up to see Sarah leaning over the fence.

“Oh, hi Sarah. Yes,” I started, “it was a very interesting night. Your parents are good company.” I responded, feeling stupid even as I was saying it. “Erm, how was your night out? I think your mum said you stayed over with Lizzie? Which one is that?” I asked feeling even more stupid at my lame attempts at conversation.

“You know Lizzie,” she replied, “You must have seen her around. She has long curly light red hair – almost strawberry blonde, and she’s a little taller than me. She lives on the farm a mile or so that direction.” She pointed along the road.

“Now I know who you mean,” I said remembering the tall redhead I’d seen with Sarah a few times since moving here.

“Can I come over for a while? Mom and dad are out and I’ve left my key at Lizzie’s. I promise I won’t be any trouble.”

“Sure you can Sarah,” I answered, whilst thinking that Sarah had that same sort of impish tease in her voice as her mother has, “I didn’t think for a minute that you would be any trouble. Come on round, the front gate is open and I’m just seeing what I’ve got in this garden I’ve bought.”

“Oh Tom,” she said, “I don’t want to walk all the way round to the front gate, I’ll get over the fence here if you can give me a hand.” Before I’d chance to respond, she’d climbed up and was balancing on the top spar of the fence.

“Hey careful!” I called

“It’s OK“ she laughed, “stop being so protective. I do gymnastics at school and could probably stay up here all afternoon if I wanted. Now are you going to come over here and help me down or do I have to do a handstand and flip from here?”

I moved over to the fence and stood below her wondering what the hell to do. She towered above me as she stood on the spar and held her hands out to her sides as a means to balance. All I could do was take in the pose she was striking. She had on a white blouse which she had pulled fairly tight and which showed of her young breasts to their best advantage. Below this he had a trim waist which held her black pleated skirt coming down about halfway along her thighs. More than this though, as she stood there with her legs about a foot or so apart for balance, she displayed the white ‘V’ of her panties which were accentuated in the dark frame of that skirt.

She woke me from my trance with a little giggle and called, “Here I come, catch!” and then she jumped from the fence to drop at my feet and did a contrived gymnastic stance in front of me. As she jumped from the fence her skirt had blown upwards to reveal the fullness of her body inside those panties. As she landed and did her ‘fake’ competition halt, she stumbled forwards into my open arms which so far had been pretty useless as a means of helping her down. “Oooops!” she laughed as she pressed against me chest and she looked up and deep into my eyes.

“Jeez” I thought to myself, “this little mink is a worse seductress than her mother!” She pressed against me a little too much longer than would have been necessary and then stood back, still with both palms on my chest.

“Heck Tom” she said, as she stroked her palms across my chest, “you must be really strong to have muscles like that. Mom said you went to the gym and I bet that keeps you really fit too doesn’t it?” My head was spinning again. Much more than the effect her mother had on me last night because I was used to adult flirtings and whether real or teasing, they were easy to deal with. This however, was something different and I was stuck for what to do or say next. She broke the spell though, again with that little laugh of hers as she pushed herself away from me and said, “Well, come on then Tom, Show me around!”

I spluttered apologies and began my conducted tour of the gardens, not knowing what she would be interested in seeing so I just pointed out everything we passed from bushes to plants to the shed as she asked silly questions about almost everything. As we neared the rear door of the house, she said she was thirsty and asked for a drink so we went inside and she perched herself on the kitchen worktop as I poured her a soft drink. I passed her the glass and she took a sip then put it down saying, “I think I twisted my leg a little when I landed and it feels like a pull just here.” On saying that she began to rub herself at the side of her groin. “That’s helping a little,” she said, “but it would probably be better if someone stronger gave it a harder rub. What do you think Tom?”

“I erm, I …, I don’t know Sarah, maybe you should wait ‘till your mom comes home and she can take a look?” I spluttered.

“That could be ages, and you could take a look for me now” she said and lifted her skirt to reveal her panties as she began to rub the side of her groin. “Come on Tom, look to see if I’ve bruised myself and rub it for me. Pleeease.”

What the hell was I going to do? Her parents had already set me up the night before and now it looked like she was doing the same. Maybe it was just schoolgirl pranks but my cock was already busting it’s back as I tried to shuffle myself to disguise it’s hardness. “Now you know I can’t do that Sarah, You are still only thirteen and I’d get in serious trouble with your parents and the law.”

“I’m almost fourteen and I’ve already had sex dozens of times and believe me mom and dad would be the last to complain. I know you stayed over last night and fucked mom anyway.”

“What! What do you mean?” I tried a bluff.

“I’ve seen the pictures. Dad showed me this morning.”

“Oh, come on now. I don’t believe you.”

“Sure you do. How else would I know about you and mom and how else would I know about any photo’s? Mom and dad show me all sorts of things…..when I said I’d had sex loads of times you didn’t think I meant with those stupid boys at school did you?”

Now I was really confused. Obviously from last nights experience her parents were into swinging but they couldn’t be including their daughter as well. Or could they? Was she now saying that her dad had fucked her and her mother knew all about it? That her mother was also involved? Not possible, this sort of thing just doesn’t happen, at least not in a sleepy little village in the English midlands. All this time Sarah had been continually rubbing the side of her groin and now she raised her left leg onto the worktop where she sat, leaving her right leg trailing. She eased her left knee away from her to reveal her white crotch to it’s full and then slid her fingers under the material and pulled it to one side as she continued to rub herself. Now though, the rubbing and stroking actions were gently causing her lightly furred pussy lips to open slightly, right before my eyes. Again I was transfixed and all I could do was let my eyes take in this sight of this young girl tantalising me with her words and actions.

“Come on Tom, you know you want to stroke me as well. We can have some fun before mom and dad get home.”

“OK, OK now wait!” I blustered, “I….I….Look Sarah, I don’t know what game you think this is but it’s going a little too far now. I can’t stroke you and you know it. You are a beautiful young lady but it’s just not right.” This is what my mouth was saying but my cock was telling me different and if I didn’t get this girl to stop now and get her home then I wasn’t sure how long reason would hold out. I went over to her to lift her off the worktop but as I took hold of her under each arm to try and move her, she swung both legs around me and pulled me into her with them. I felt three things at once, her hot breath on my face, her soft upturned breasts on my chest, and the warmth of her pussy against my groin. Then she kissed me, not as a young girl but as a full blooded woman and she thrust her tongue deep into my mouth and her saliva moistened my own dry tongue. Still I resisted and lifted her up off the worktop to ease her to her feet but she was too clever for that and as I lowered her she kept her legs wrapped around me and slid her body down mine until she was seated on the floor at my feet with her arms reaching up to me. Then she slowly drew her hands down from my chest and settled them on the bulge in my pants.

“See, you can’t help it Tom. You wanted to stroke me and now you want me to stroke you don’t you?” and she slid the zip down and reached inside to grasp my raging cock in her tight little hands. She had me. That’s all I can say. After holding out for so long to this temptress I could only give in now as she stroked along my shaft with one hand and unbuckled my pants with the other to slide them down to the floor and then she used that hand to stroke herself. “Oooh, this is nice Tom. No wonder mom said you were good. Look how you are leaking at the end already.”

It was true. My precum had been leaking long before she got her hands on me and now it was streaming from me in a long thin strand, waving with her strokes until it caught on her forearm and broke free. “Another of daddy’s friends likes me to do this for him and then he likes to shoot off onto my face. Would you like that too Tom? I bet you would, and I’d love to see you do that for me and tell me what a good girl I’ve been for you. Come on Tom, squirt all over my face for me please.”

That was it. With this teasing conversation and her stroking of my cock I could hold back no longer and shot my cum in long thick pulses right onto her upturned face and head. I thought I was never going to stop as stream after stream landed on her and she just knelt there, eyes wide open watching the cum hit her from the end of my cock. Then she let out a gasp as she stroked herself to orgasm and she looked just fantastic in her ecstasy with one finger inside herself, the other hand still wanking on my cock and my cum dripping down her face onto her blouse. “Oh Tom that was so nice, but look, I can’t seem to get the last drop out of you,” and she bobbed her head forward and put the end of my cock in her mouth and gently sucked my fluid from me. “Mmmm, nice,” she said as she moved back from me and got to her feet. She then lifted her skirt and hooked her thumbs over her panty elastic and lowered them down her legs, all the time staring fixedly into my eyes. “Bet you like what you see now Tom.”

How could I not like what I saw? She stood there with her white panties forming a ring on the floor next to her feet, and her skirt held up to her waist to reveal the cutest little mound of fluffy hair tapering down between her legs. She looked gorgeous and already my cock was beginning to jump again with the thrill of this teen seductress. She reached down and parted her pussy lips to cause her little clit to poke out and said, “Please lick me Tom, like you did to mom last night, please pretty please!” I knelt down and grasped her round her buttocks and pulled her to me as I licked along her fresh little pussy lips and flicked her clit with the tip of my tongue. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted such a sweet pussy with such fine downy hair. I was nearly cuming again with the thought of this little ‘Lolita’ temptress and what we were doing and I knew I couldn’t hold back much longer. Then she said “Put it in me Tom, like you did with mom. I can take it Tom, I manage dad and his friends easily and I like to feel men sliding in and out of me.” That was as much as I could take and I stood back up and lifted her up so that she was hovering above my rampant cock. She held her skirt clear with one hand and spread her pussy lips with the fingers of her other hand as I slid her down onto me. She may be young but she certainly didn’t lack experience and her slippery wet slit opened up to take the head of my cock and she gasped and clung to me as I entered into her. I took it slowly as I still wasn’t sure how much of her sex talk was real and how much was her imagination but she easily absorbed my cock. First the head, and then the shaft, inch by slow inch until she was impaled fully on me with her clit pushed hard into my pubic bone.

When she hit bottom she screeched in her orgasm and I could feel her contracting around me. At first I though I’d hurt her but she began to rock against me and it was clear her yell was of pleasure not pain. I’d imagined a girl like this would be very tight but she was easily able to slide along me and although she was beautifully snug fitting, she was so well lubed and had clear previous experience that she had no problems taking my cock fully into her. I clasped her beneath her buttocks and began to lift and then drop her so that my cock was sliding in and out of her. “Oh Tom,” she mewled, “Oh yes, please keep going and squirt into me. Oh this is so good. I knew you’d like it once we started.”

Like it? I couldn’t believe what I was doing but ‘like’ was hardly the right word. It was as though she was a drug and I couldn’t stop myself. I could feel the pressure rising again in my balls and I held her tighter as I speeded her rise and fall. Then I came. I exploded with incredible ferocity and held her pinned rigid with my cock buried to the hilt in her and her full weight resting on it as I pumped and pumped my spunk deep up into her and she yelped again in another orgasm and gripped me tightly with both her pussy and her arms. We hung there for what seemed like hours but must have been only a few seconds as we both panted to gain breath and then I slowly eased her of my cock and lowered her ‘till she stood in front of me. She still clung to me for a while as we stood there not speaking. Then she looked up at me and leaned up to kiss me, not a sensual kiss like before but almost like a friendly peck. She smiled and said, “We are going to have fun for a long time Tom and you and mom and dad will be great friends. Can we do this again soon?”

“Um…sure Sarah, of course we can. Only maybe next time you can give me more warning and we can take it slower.” She grinned at me and picked up her panties and then laughed, “Hey Tom, look at all this dripping out of me.”

Sure enough there was a puddle of cum on the floor between her legs and as I looked another little drop fell from her into it. “Can I use your bathroom to clean up?” and she’d headed up the stairs without another word, leaving me standing there with my pants around my ankles and my legs shaking with the whole experience.

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