I have watched my niece grow since I first saw her when she was 8 years old. And now she is 14 and I have fantasies about here all the time! Alex is a very cute girl with beautiful brown eyes, long black hair, dark skin and great set of perky tits that even on the hottest days her nipples are hard and stand out under her shirt, and a butt that you could put a cold can of beer on and it would not fall: what a great body!

When my wife says that she wants to go and visit her brother I don’t have a problem with that and I tell her I would like to go with her! But my reason for going is totally different then hers I’m sure. I go visit my brother-in-laws house and hope that I will get a look at my young niece and see how much more she has developed since the last time we were there. And when we get there I pray that everyone will go outside on the deck to talk and smoke, like the normally do. That gives me a chance to go down the hallway and go into Axle’s bedroom and look at her stuff and especially her dirty clothes that are generally piled up in the corner of her closet. That’s when I get to see her soiled panties and bra that she has worn.

Alex is a very sexy girl with 32 A’s size breast and flat stomach and tight fully shaped ass, and her panties usually have some little stain that has leaked from her young pussy and by the time I get to see them has crusted over and when I put them up to my nose it smells so good that I have to lick it. 14 year olds girls now days wear very sexy bras and panties; you know the ones that are shaped like little boxers that have lace over the crotch area and around the legs, and her she has lacy matching bras to go with them. I have also seen a thong or two amongst all the clothing.

On our last visit this past weekend my wife, her brother and everyone else went out to the and then the garage, that left me sitting at the kitchen table all alone and this time Alex was in kitchen. She was wearing her pj’s with a white camisole top that was just a bit tight on her and I could see her brown nipples threw the material and the outline of her small shapely breasts. God, how I wanted to feel them and kiss them and suck on them…..Her bottoms were a very cute too, a sexy pair of pajama short shorts the soft cotton type that young teenage girls wear. They were light blue with small bunnies all over them, not that I notice! I just wanted to be that one small bunny on the front of her shorts, right were I imagined her sweet little clit was! Anyway, I went and sat at the kitchen table pretending to watch the TV that was just in the front room a couple of feet away, while saying high and trying to get some conversation going so she would stay facing me, so I could look at the perky teenage titties.

But she continued what she was doing and I was happy with just sneaking looks at her, especially when she bent over to get into the bottom cupboard, I instantly started to get a hard on thinking of her bent over like that when I noticed the outline of her young pussy through the fabric as it gather tightly against her. I noticed there was small dark spot just in the middle of the outline of her pussy, and I started to fantasies walking up behind her and slowly rubbing my hand between her legs as my finger started to separate the lips of her pussy right then and there.

When I came back to reality, Alex was looking over her shoulder at me and smiling! I could believe it; I was caught checking out my 14 year old niece, and she was smiling! I just kept looking at her while I could feel my face turning bright red which was surprising as I thought all my blood was rushing to my dick as it was getting hard at that same time. She continued to look at me and then she slowly began to move her hand up between her legs rubbing her thigh a little then she moved her hand even farther up and started rubbing the outline of her pussy. The spot I seen was starting to get bigger and darker the more she moved her hand!

I turned my head back towards the door leading out to the deck to see if anyone was near that would also catch me staring at her. We were totally alone, so I turned back at her again and now Alex was really working her hand over her pussy and her eyes were starting to close her mouth started to part slightly and she was giving me the sexiest look I have ever seen! I started rubbing my harden member through my jeans under the table at the same time and she then slowly pull her shorts to the side and I could see a set of hairless dark and puffy pussy lips that were so wet it was gleaming in the light coming through the kitchen window!

Slowly, she slid one of her fingers between the lips and they started to part and her pink inner flesh was now glistening and she moved her finger back and forth and ever so slowly started slide the tip of her finger inside herself, and then all of her finger disappeared into her wet young pussy and at the same time she let out a soft moan that nearly drove me over the edge.

I could not believe it, here I was watching this beautiful young girl masturbate right there in front of me. Bent over in the kitchen with her long black hair hanging off her head, her lips just lightly parting and her eyes closed like she was about to come. At first she slowly she moved her finger back and forth and in and out and I rub myself at the same pace through my jeans; then faster and faster till I thought she and I both were going to come! That’s when we heard the door open from the garage and she pulled her hand away stood up and fixed her shorts and I immediately stop what I was doing and started looking at the TV that was in the front room.

As I sat at the kitchen table like nothing had happened, my wife walked in first and then her brother and then everyone else followed. My wife sat in the chair in front of me and started talking to me. Alex closed the cupboard and started to walk towards the table. All the while my dick was still as hard a tree limb in my jeans and I was thankful that the table wasn’t made of glass or my wife would have seen it for sure!

My wife was saying something that made Alex walk all the way over to the table and when she got close to me she bent over and rubs her soft little breast on my arm and put her arm around my neck and leaned in and was hugging me. I began to answer my wife, that’s when Alex took the finger that she just had buried deep inside her young wet pussy and put it to my lips to shush me. I was going crazy as I could smell her sex all over her finger and I was sure my wife could smell it too and Alex just left her finger resting on my lips the whole time she was talking to my wife. I want so much to start sucking on her finger but that would have been just too much and I would have been done for.

Alex finished talking to my wife and started to walk towards the front room and then to the hallway that led to her bedroom, but just as she started to turn the corner, with my wife’s back towards Alex, Alex turned and mouthed that “we will finish this later”!

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