I let my mind wander..
I unzip my fly and take out my cock.
I start stroking it as I let my mind wonder into its dirty abyss
I think about my girlfriend being treated like a toy by other men.

3 of them together while I sit in the corner. They touch caress all of her little body, fondling her juicy fat tits and pulling at her nipples, lifting her top up exposing her naked flesh subtly lit by the dim light of a nearby lamp – she is shy and timid as hasn't done this type of thing before, yet bashfully breaths quicker but quietly in anticipation. The horny hairy fat bastards will take advantage of my little angel as she lives out my fantasy.

One man lies her down and peels her jeans away from her skin - while another removes her top layers completely. She lies on bed in nothing but her underwear and these old dirty Trucker types are touching and feeling her tight tiny package all over. Her eyes are closed and she is quite simply letting them do as they wish like I requested. They love it. The fater hairer one of the three turns her over ,parts her panties and spreads her ass cheecks with his index finger and thumb unveiling a clean and tight looking young female anus which was slightly browned around the exterior and not a hair in sight. You can see in their souls the devilish glory of foreseeable conquest – the boys will lick suck and fuck my baby like real men fuck - hard fast, dirty and with no regard for her – she will suck cock while the rest of her holes are filled. All 3 of them will ejaculate deep within her bowels, as her alternate holes are left drooping in abuse and exploitation..

Msn signals and I open my eyes.

It’s Simon again. He’s telling me his cock is hard and wants to cyber fuck me… I ask him what he would like and he says a photo of my asshole wet and open for him to jerk off over. I oblige and start to touch my anus with a saliva-drenched finger - circling the rim and pushing a finger in and out, then two.
I tell him what I am doing for him and he sends me a picture of his hard rod and balls in their current state, big thick and full of seamen… I fast forward my mind to later on in the evening when he meets me at the back corner of a park away from public view – I am positioned in a bush in doggy, all of me hidden except my butt which is concealed in track pants and only slightly sticking out of the hedge so as to indicate the start of mating season. Soon enough I feel his hands rubbing over my ass up and down and back up again latching on to my elastic tip and pulling down my pants and exposing my readily moist asshole.
I let him go about his usual business - tasting touching and fingering me deep as I softly moan like the deprived sex fiend I am.
He penetrates and sinks his thick shaft deep. All 7 inches of it engulfed and secured by my inner walls expanding and contracting with each wet pelvic thrust.. I said it before and ill say it again – holes are made to be fucked. I enjoy his love and within minutes he empties his load inside me and with nothing more than a slap as he withdrawals his trunk and leaves..

My cock is throbbing all over now and I continue to masturbate myself in a quick defined motion.

I think about the other day in my friends car sitting in the back with her 5 year old daughter. She parked the car and went to hire some library books. As I waited with her daughter, I played with her toys and held her hands. She was a beautiful little thing with blonde hair and big blue eyes. I took the opportunity and took out my cock in full view of the little lady and started pulling at it.
“LOLLIPOP LOLLIPOP” I said over and over as I watched her observe it
“you are rudy” she kept saying. I reached over and guided her head with my hand downward to the dick, and put it in her mouth:
“its my lollipop icecream.. just lick it!” she took the head into her mouth and her tiny tongue was slowly slurping at it. I start to help her by slowly masturbating myself while touching her body. She was in a kneeling type position so I decided before I came just to lift up her skirt and check out her private parts a bit – I took it up and pulled down her red underwear and had a squiz at her little pink asshole and bald slit to which I leaned in and took a lick of. It tasted fresh as I daisy, but due to time constraints - quickly pulled her undies up and stopped her sucking my cock but held her head close. I start to tug at myself quickly and squirted the cum into her face.

I retrace my steps back to my girlfriend - the truckers have gone and baby is left on the bed quietly in a fetal position. She has enjoyed herself that's for sure, yet she is also looking quite overwhelmed and shocked at the whole event which took place. Is this real or a dream? I open up her ass cheeks and cum beings to leek and gurgle out of her small brown cock circle. I cover her bum up with some fresh underwear - a little white cotton frilly number with black pokadots on. She sands up and places her palms and face against the wall, spreads her legs, breathes a sigh and proceeds to push her ass out so as to let me play..

I run my finger up and down her crack as sperm outs itself thru sporadic farts dampening her panties and seeping on to my fingers – I pull her knickers down a bit, slip a finger between her crack, wipe up the goo and push my middle finger up her knocked up hole as she sighs in pleasure..

I continue to let my mind run freely thru corridors of dark fantasy while I pull and tug at my big stiffy leading myself onward and upward towards climax - I stretch out my legs and twiddle my toes in front of my computer screen breaking momentarily to write more dirt down on this page right here right now – and with one last image of my bitch kissing me with the truckers cum in our mouths and my fingers up her ass I blow my load all over myself.

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2009-02-26 14:57:08
you felt up a little girl and jerked off all over her face.


2007-11-06 17:57:14
please get help.. i am looking for good sex stories not some gay trash like this .. stop this please!


2007-03-24 03:36:55
Sick...pedofilia is an illness. run, don't walk, to the nearest mental health institution. but before you go, i'd also like to know how many seamen can fit in a dick.


2006-12-06 01:33:29
I did say it was disgusting! ...bound to be a low rated bit of work :P


2006-10-31 13:20:02
what the fuck is up with the pedofile shit ?! MOther fucker just riuned it for me sick basturd!

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