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My cousin, Jacqueline
This occured many years ago, and remains one of the most erotic things to ever happen to me.

I was 14 at the time, Jacqueline was 12. Jacqueline was my cousin, and her family lived on a farm some hours away from mine. Our fathers were close, and we used to visit their farm on a regular basis. Up until then, she was just a cousin, a play mate and her siblings and mine used to get on well.

Jacqueline was a brunette, her hair just past her shoulders, her tits were little more than bumps with nipples that used to stand out when she was cold, her body was slim and firm, and she had an angelic face that I still dream about. In short, Jacqueline was gorgeous.

It happened one night on a visit to her family's farm. We had been there a few days, had ridden motor bikes and horses around, played footy, and generally mucked about. I got on really well with Jacqueline, although there was an age difference, and we were inseperable.

That night, our parents were in the lounge room drinking and talking. Us kids were in the back room watching TV. I was bored, cause the TV stations in the bush were crap, and the programmes were also crap. I was lying in front of the TV and Jacqueline was sitting next to me. She must have been bored too, cause she started to tease me by trying to tickled me. She knew I was ticklish around the ribs.

I told her to stop it a couple of times, hitting her hand away, but she kept doing it. Our siblings were into the TV programme, and told us to stop talking. Jacqueline kept tickling me, and I started to laugh out loud. My sister told me to get lost, so I got up and walked away out to the shearers quarters, where I was staying. I was the oldest, and that was the only bed available, all the other kids were staying in the house.

I thought Jacqueline looked disappointed I had gone out to my room, but I didn't think anything more of it, until she knocked on my door and walked in. She was wearing a pink cotton nightie that finished halfway down her thighs. All I was wearing was a pair of boxers. I was surprised, she hadn't done anything like this before.

She said, "What are you doing?"

I said, "Nothing, I was going to read for a bit, the TV is crap."

I was lying on the bed, and Jacqueline come over and sat beside me. She said, "What are you reading?" I showed her the book and she started loking at it. About this time, I thought it was a good idea to get back at her for tickling me, so while she was distracted, I tickled her under the ribs. She dropped the book, arched her back and started squirming. She turned to face me, but I kept tickling, and she tried to return the favour.

There we were tickling each other when, in our struggle, Jacqueline ended up sitting on top of me. We were tickling each other and she was squirming up a storm. It worked out that her pussy was on top of my cock, and with her wriggling up and down my body, it felt like she was trying to fuck me. I started to get hard, and embarassed, I tried to get her to stop. She had to know what was happening with my cock cause it had risen against her pussy, but she kept tickling me, so I kept tickling her. She kept up her wriggling, riding up and down my hard 6" cock. It felt great, and I wanted it to keep going until I cum, but I knew it was wrong. Even so, I didn't want it to stop.

After a while my conscience got the better of me and I said, "Jacqueline, stop tickling me."

She said, "Why, do you give up?"

I said, "No."

She said, "Then why?"

I said, "Cause this is not right, can't you feel where your sitting?"

She said, "Of course I can silly, but it feels so good when I bounce on you."

This shocked me a little. I had started to masturbate a year before, and did so on every possible occasion, but I never thought Jacqueline would think about sex, much less using me to satisfy herself. I always thought she was innocent. I now knew different, and all of a sudden the situation changed.

I sat up, and Jacqueline stayed sitting on my cock. She looked into my eyes, and I knew she wanted me to fuck her. She leaned in and kissed me hard on the lips. I had read about french kissing, and so as we kissed I eased my tongue into her mouth and started to explore it. Her eyes widened, but she responded passionately. At the same time, she started to hump up and down on my cock. I couldn't stand it any more, and I pulled her nightie off of her. To my surprise, she was not wearing any panties, and the wetness on my boxers, which I had thought was just my pre-cum was also her juices.

I said, "Stop, I want to be naked."

Jacqueline just lifted herself up onto her knees, and with her hands, pulled my boxers down far enough so I could kick them off. My cock sprang free, pointing straight up and touched the lips of her pussy. I knew I was leaking gallons of pre-cum, and when my cock touched her cunt lips, I felt she was leaking gallons of sweet nectar too. She looked my in the eye, and I saw how lust-filled they were. She leant down and kissed me hard, forcing her tongue into my mouth. She then eased herself down onto my cock, my head parting her cunt lips slowly and I entered her. I felt her pussy devour my cock, inch by slow inch, until I felt something stop any further progress, and only 2" of my cock was inside her. I took hold of her tits, rolling the little nipples in my fingers and getting them hard.

Jacqueline stopped and then eased up, then slid back down my cock again. She was sooo tight, and I was in heaven. Jacqueline eased herself up again, and I thought that she was just going to duck 2" of my cock, and I was wondering how to drive the whole thing in when Jacqueline sat down with all her weight, impaling her sweet pussy on my cock. As she did, she stopped kissing me and screamed in pain. I was in heaven, but I was concerned about her. Then she stopped moving on me.

I said, "Are you alright?"

She said, "Yes it hurt but its ok....I spoke to a friend who told me what to expect. Just don't move."

I said, "Ok" but I didn't want to stop thrusting into her.

Jacqueline started to kiss me again. After a few minutes I felt her move her up along my cock, and then down again. These movements were small at first, and as she began to enjoy it more, she lengthened the movement until she was sliding up my cock until the head was just inside her cunt lips, then down until she bottomed out on my balls. I leaned in and started to suck and lick her nipples one at a time, my fingers working the other, teasing it, pulling at it, rolling it in my fingers.

Jacqueline pushed my back onto the bed, so she was straddling me, and as I worked out later, so she could work an angle so that her clit was being rubbed by my shaft. I knew I wasn't far off cumming, and told her. She said, "Neither am I, hold on for me."

Jacqueline started to fuck my cock faster and faster, her tight pussy was driving me wild, and I held off my orgasm until I couldn't do it any longer.

I said, "I'm going to squirt."

She said, "Oh yeah I'm there uugggghhhhhh." And with that I felt her pussy tightened then convulse around my cock.

I said, "Here I gooooo" and I cum buckets, my cock convulsing in her pussy, her pussy milking me for all its worth.

Jacqueline collapsed on top of me, and I put my hands around her, and kissed her.

I said, "I didn't think that was going to happen."

She said, "I've wanted to fuck a boy for months, and when I was bouncing on top of your cock, I knew it had to be you."

We kissed again, and then I heard the back door to the house bang closed. I said, "Someone's coming." We separated and barely had enough time to dress before her brother and my sister entered.

My sister said, "What have you two been doing?"

I said, "Nothing, just talking." Jacqueline looked at me with a mischievous grin, and said, "He's a good talker."

We then went back inside the house. It had happened suddenly and finished just as suddenly. I was hoping we would be able to "talk" again.

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2012-11-26 17:11:28
I first read this story on one of my first visits on this site, which is now at least 4 years ago and since that, i searched for this story to read it again! awesome piece of work

Anonymous readerReport

2009-03-23 20:37:45
It's good, but it loses credibility - 14-yr-old w/6" boner and "leaking gallons"??? 7/10


2008-12-28 14:18:44
Very good, but rushed.

One point: when the other siblings entered the room, the smell would have given the game away. If younger, they would not have known what it was, but youngsters are notorious for asking myriad questions about strange smells.

Anonymous readerReport

2008-06-05 23:24:56
slow down tell more details but was hot


2008-05-09 22:24:40
I don't know,
I mean its good but
You kind of rushed it
But wateva to-the-point
Stories aint so bad
Good story

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