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In this chapter the story is told from the brother's point of view.
I decided to do something special for my sister, after all the great fucks and blowjobs I was getting from her. I knew she wanted her windows for her car tinted so I decided to get it done for her…with a bit of twist. I had the business card from one of the black guys who fucked my sister in the fast food restroom; he was manager of a car detailing shop. I stopped by on my lunch hour to make arrangements, I had a feeling he would be all for what I had in mind with my sister. I could tell when I came in he remembered me from that day. We stepped aside to talk. After the idle chat about my hot slutty sister and how she was doing he asked what was up. I told him I wanted to get her windows done but with this idea.

“I will have her bring her car in. I will pay for it. But when I drop Megan off at the end of the day this is how I want it to go. I want to watch her get fucked by you and your workers.”

“Oh we can do that for sure man. I told everyone here about the horny slut white I fucked in the restroom. I know all of these guys would love to take a turn with her.”

“I hope they all have big cocks. I want to see her sucking down on some big black cock as well as seeing her pussy and ass getting hammered. But I don’t want her to see me and I want to film it too.”

“No problem. We have a limo we are working on. You can sit in there and watch the whole thing. Man you are one fucking lucky white guy to have a super slut of a sister you can fuck.”

“The next best thing to having a sister you can fuck and get blowjobs from is watching your sister getting fucked and sucking off other guys. Anyways keep her car in here, have her come in and look at it. Then give her the bill. She will argue that I paid for it but tell her I didn’t and she owes you guys. I figure she will end up doing anything for you guys. Now I want you guys to just fuck the shit out of her. Treat my sister like she is nothing but a live fuck toy. Fuck her, cum inside of her and make sure you cum in her mouth too. I want it all on film.”

“No problem dog. Trust me, I will have two guys working that day who have never fucked a hot white girl before and I know want and they have nice big black cocks too.”

I made the arrangements and then stopped off to see my sister between classes. After I told her what I was going to do for her she gave me a nice quick blow job before I had to get back to work. Nothing like getting to blow a load into your sisters’ mouth as a thank you for doing something nice for her.

The next day we dropped off her car and everything was put into motion. I could barely concentrate on my job as all day I tried to imagine the fucking I was going to watch my sister get. I picked her up after her last class and drove her over to the shop. As we drove over Megan said she would have to thank me properly later. I thought to myself that she would probably be too sore from the big cocks she was going to get fucked by but I couldn’t let on. I gave her a wicked smile and said she could thank me anytime. I dropped Megan off at the front door of the shop. I told her I had one more job I had to go quickly finish but not to worry everything was taken care of with the bill. I sped around behind the shop, jumped out of my truck as one of the guys let me in the back door to the shop. I got into the limo and they had parked my sister’s car right next to it. Great position to watch and film what was going to happen. I took out my camera, undid my pants to let out my raging erection. I had grabbed a cup as I left my truck, so I had something to jerk off into while I watched. Thankfully I didn’t have to wait long as I watched my sister walking into the garage.

Megan was wearing a pair of tight jeans, a tight top which I could tell she had no bra on since her hard nipples were beginning to press against the fabric. She looked so hot, her long brown hair with her blonde highlights in it. She checked out her car as I watched the manager come back into the shop with a piece of paper in his hand. The sunroof was open to the limo so I was able to clearly hear everything; I did lower the window a bit too just to make sure I got all of her moans on recorded. I listened to him ask her if she liked the job, she gave an excited yes it looked great; she added she was so glad her brother did this for her.

Then he handed Megan the bill, which she looked very confused by. I heard her start to argue that I had told her I paid for it already. He said that I had mentioned it but to his knowledge I never did and they couldn’t let her have the car. She began to get upset and started to plead saying she needed it, she had to go to work and that she didn’t have anyone she could call to pick her up. He was nice, apologized but I could tell he was more talking to her tits than her. She kept pleading but he remained firmed, finely Megan said what I had hoped she would say, ‘please I will do anything. I need the car. Look I can come back first thing tomorrow with my brother and we will straighten this out.’

I saw the manager smile as he looked her with an evil lust. “So you will do anything? Hmmm, I might be able to think of something you could do, if you really want this car now.”

Megan looked at him, saw he was starring at her tits. She rubbed her finger tips across her tits and said in a very meek, pitiful voice, “Whatever it is…I will do it.” I watched the manager pull up my sister’s shirt revealing just one of her nice, succulent tits. He fondled it for a few moments before calling over one of the other guys. He came over and as soon as he saw my sister with her tit exposed he got a huge grin on his face. He asked his boss what was going on. With a gleeful response he told him Megan was trying to get out of the bill but said she would do anything to work it off.

He pulled up my sister’s shirt on the other side exposing her other tit. Now the two of them began to fondle her tits while sucking on them. I watched my sister just stand there, her eyes closed moaning away like a little slut. The one thing that had always turned me on about my sister was her tits. Even though they are a 36B, with her petite frame they actually look larger, somewhere like a mid C cup. The one guy began to run his hand up and down the crack of my sisters’ ass, doing his best to get a good feel through her jeans. The manager just ran his free hand over her ass giving it a good hard grab as they kept sucking on her tits, stopping for a few moments to lick at her hard nipples. By now my hard cock was in my hand and I was slowly jerking off as I watched.

I saw my sister reach down between the managers legs and slowly grabbed at his hard cock through his pants. She kept her hand on the other guy shoulders while they slowly pleasured her tits. She kept her eyes closed and just moaned louder and louder. Soon I heard her groaning, ‘oh yes suck my tits. Suck on them! Oh god that feels so good.’

Suddenly I heard the other two guys come into the shop as they let out a loud, ‘what the fuck do we have here?’ They came over, the manager explained what my sister was doing why the other guy kept grabbing her ass, fondling her tit and sucking on them. He pulled away to let the two other guys take their turns with my sister’s nice tits. They spent about five minutes having their own fun, running their hands all over Megan’s tight hard body, feeling her ass, squeezing her tits and sucking on them. My sister just stood there letting them do what they wanted to her hot body. Then the manager said, ‘enough of this guys, let’s make this hot slut pay off her bill.’

They grabbed at her pants; one undid the button while another unzipped them. The third guy quickly pulled them down and boy were they happy and shocked when they saw my sister had no panties on. They let loud whoops as they saw her great ass and her shaved smoothed pussy. My sister blushed as the walked around her checking her out, her pants were off and her shirt was sitting on top of her tits. They circled around her, hands shot all over her body as they took turns feeling her naked ass as well as rubbing her bald pussy, they didn’t forget about her tits either. My sister stood there looking at eight black hands running all over her hot tan naked body. The first guy the manager had got over to my sister spent a lot of time running his hand up and down my sister’s shaved pussy, especially right where her pubic hair would have been.

“Man I’ve always wanted to fuck a nice shaved pussy on a white girl. I’m gonna love this as I shove every inch of black meat into this hot, tight pussy.”

Then the manager pointed to Megan’s car and told her to place her hands on the hood and to spread’em. My sister did what he said, bending over just a bit, placing her hands firmly on the hood, spreading her legs and sticking her ass out just a bit. She stared to turn her head to look over her shoulder when the manager snapped at her. “Hey slut! I didn’t say you could turn around and look at us! FACE THE CAR!”

I watched my sister do as she was told as the first guy came up behind her. He ran his finger up and down between her ass cheeks and looked back at the rest of the guys. “Oh yeah this is going to be a good tight fuck” I watched as he pushed his fingers deeper between her ass cheeks, my sister responded by letting out a loud ‘OH YEAH!’ She spread her legs a bit more to show off her pussy. He was now running his fingers up and down her pussy her lips.

“Oh shit is she wet!” He turned and looked at my sister. “You like this don’t’ you, white slutty girls like you want to get it from black guys.” The two other shop guys began to take off their pants as this guy kept playing with Megan’s pussy. She stayed bent over her car hood, moaning more and more. Then the manager moved to the other side of her hot body. He stood next to her, right up against the bumper of her car. He undid his pants and pulled out his huge piece of meat, I guess he was about ten to ten and half inches long! He held his cock in his hand as he gave my sister an evil smile.

“Ok Megan, time to work off your bill.” Before he got out another work my sister grabbed his cock, bent right down and took his cock right into her mouth! She went to work on his prick like a true slut, sucking hard and working his prick in and out of her mouth as fast as she could. He let go of his cock and held his hands up in the air smiling away at my sister then his shop workers.

“Damn would you look at the slut go! What a fucking cock lover!” He groaned out loud as my sister deep throated as much of his big black cock as she could. “Oh fuck is this white slut a great cock sucker! Man she loves sucking on black dicks.”

I watched, slowly jerking myself off, as my hot little sister sucked away on the shop managers' big cock. He grabbed my sisters’ hair, pulled it off to one side so the other guys could watch her working his black shaft in and out of her mouth. Of course he was helping her out, pushing her head up and down on his prick, saying several times, 'yeah that's it, suck it! Suck it good. Oh yeah Megan, you're a good cock sucker; one of the best.'

The other guys weren't just standing there doing nothing. One of them went back to playing with my sister's tits with one hand while slowly stroking his own cock with his other. The other two guys kept fingering her pussy and ass, causing my sister to let out muffled mew's and moans which could barely be heard over the loud slurping noise coming from her mouth as she worked on that black dick. This kept up for a couple of minutes before the other guys started to complain that he was hogging my sister's mouth and they wanted to have a turn at having Megan suck on their cocks. At first he just grinned at them then he pulled my sister off of his cock, saliva and pre cum drooled out of her mouth. "How bout it Megan? Are you ready to taste some more black cock?" She nodded her head yes ever so slightly as she looked around at the other three guys and their raging hadrons’. The manager told her to stand up and as she did he roughly pulled her shirt off, now leaving my sister fully naked in front of these very horny guys.

I so wanted to rush out of the car I was hiding in, I wanted to get out, go over to my sister, push her down onto her knees and stick my hard cock into her mouth and have her suck on it till I blew my wad down her throat. However, I knew I would have my chance later, right now I had to keep focused on just watching her getting gang banged by four big dick black guys. Megan turned around and looked at the three guys; she was lightly rubbing her pussy as she glanced at each of them. Their boss said he would be right back and for them to have fun with Megan.

"Which one of you was doing the great job of fingering my pussy? You made me so wet." That guy, still wearing his white T-shirt, stepped forward and said it was him. He added he had never played with a white girl’s pussy before and was looking forward to fucking her tight hole. My sister flashed him a faint smile and then looked down at his fat cock.

He pushed my sister down into a squatting position in front of him. "Now why don't you put that pretty mouth of yours to work and start sucking on my cock." Without a word she wrapped her hand around his shaft, opened wide and slid his black dick into her mouth. My sister began slurping away at his prick as he stood there with his hands on his hips looking down at her.

"Fuck! You are a good cock sucker! I can feel you swallowing. Do you like swallowing spunk?" My sister looked up at him nervously; I knew she was trying to act sweet and innocent. Maybe she sensed that is what they wanted her to be, nervous, afraid to admit she loved the idea of getting fucked by all of them. She kept sucking away on his cock with her eyes closed, trying to pretend she didn't hear the question. So he asked her again and she just looked up at him with her glassy eyed look. Now he got a bit angry with her and yanked his cock out of her mouth.

"Maybe you couldn't answer with my cock filling your mouth. So come on slut, do you swallow spunk?" The two other guys now stood next to him surrounding my sister with hard black meat. She gave them her very hot, sexy little girl look which only made them begin to slap her in the face with their cocks. They wiped their pre cum all over her face and as they did they kept saying, 'you do don't you. You swallow cum like its candy. All you slut white girls love the taste of cum.'

Finally my sister grabbed two of their cocks to stop them from slapping her pretty face. "YES! YES I swallow! I love the salty taste! I love how it feels sliding down my throat!" I smiled and thought to myself, ‘That’s it Megan you tell them how much you love cum and I know they will give you a whole lot to swallow later.’

One of them grabbed a fistful of my sisters hair and pulled her head up so she was looking at all three of them. They all snickered as they slapped her in the face with their massive black rods. The one holding her hair told her he was glad to hear she swallowed cum that they were going to cum in her mouth anyways but knowing she loved the taste made it even better. Then he snapped at Megan, ‘Get back to suck’n our cocks you slut.’

I watched my sister sucking on one cock while she jerked on the other two. She quickly worked from cock to cock, sucking on one and jerking on the other two. Their manager came back into the shop and put some thick blanket or something like that over the hood of her car. As he was doing that he asked the guys if Megan was doing a good job of working off her bill, they said not really she needed to do a lot more. He came over and pulled my sister back up onto her feet. Before she could say a word he spun her around and bent her in half.

“Time to try out this nice pussy of hers.” He held his long hard prick in his hand and guided it right into my sisters wet hole. She let out the loudest moan as he buried his black meat into her tight, wet pussy. I began jerking off even faster; I was loving every moment of this, watching my slut sister taking on four big black cocks. Her moans didn’t last too long as one of the guys put her mouth to better use by shoving his cock back into her mouth. Now as my sister was getting fucked from behind her pretty mouth was getting fucked too. I zoomed in with the camera as his big black nut sack slapped against my sisters’ pretty chin. Then I slowly panned down her body, I spent some time on her nice tits bouncing back and forth with the motion of the pussy fucking she was getting. Her tits looked so good hanging down; I never realized just how perfect in size and shape they were until that moment. I wanted to get out of the limo, rush over there and start sucking on her tits while she got fucked and was sucking on that cock but I thought again, ‘later, later. Later you can fuck your sister.’

“Fuck you guys are going to love Megan’s pussy. This shit is so fucking tight and soaking wet! She for sure loves black cock.” I watched him fuck my sister for a couple of minutes as the other guys took turns fucking her mouth. Then he pulled his cock out of pussy, it was glistening with her sweet juice.

“Ok who’s next? I figure I will let you guys have a chance to feel this sluts great pussy.” He slapped my sister on her ass. “Before we fill it up with cum.” He moved around to my sisters’ face as one of the other guys took his place behind her. The next guy was not as gentle as he rammed home his thick cock into her small pussy. She screamed ‘oh god yes!’ as his prick stretched her pussy lips apart.

“Oh shit! You weren’t fucking kidding. This is the tightest and wettest pussy ever!” He reached forward grabbing some of my sisters’ hair. He held it like the reigns on a horse. “Oh yeah I’m gonna love fucking the shit out of this slutty white girl.”

The manager held his cock at the base, holding it in front of my sister. Her face was wracked with both the look of pleasure and pain as her pussy was being tortured by the long fat cock that was pounding in and out of it. He slapped his prick against her cheek.

“Look at how messy you made my cock with your pussy. Now suck it clean!” As my sister moaned she reached out, grabbed his prick and slid it into her mouth. I knew she was enjoying the taste of her sweet pussy juice mixed with the flavor of his pre cum. She worked his prick like a true pro never letting it out of her mouth. Her muffled moans turned into soft mews as she slurped away on his prick while enjoying the hard she was experiencing. I stopped jerking off for a bit I wanted to hold off blowing my load for a while longer.

I have no idea how long the four of them kept this up. All I know was I watched and enjoyed seeing my sister getting fucked by each of them, one at time. Each of them took there turn at her pussy, never blowing their wads, just fucking her for a while. Pulling out and having her suck their cocks while the next guy took his turn taking my sisters pussy for a ‘test drive’ as I heard one of them call it. As the last of the four stood in front of Megan having her suck his prick clean their manager grabbed my sister again.

“Ok enough of this shit. It’s time to get down to serious business. I need to fucking cum and your pussy is mine!” He picked my sister up and roughly put her down on the quilt that was over the hood of her car. She laid there on back as he very quickly pushed her legs apart and moved in between them. I grabbed hold of my own cock, I knew I was going to enjoy this, I knew my sister was going to get one hell of a fuck now.

I watched Megan pull her legs up giving him very easy access to her pussy. The manager grabbed my sister legs, holding them by the back of her knees. She reached down, held his long prick in her hand and guided it into her wet and waiting pussy. As soon as his prick disappeared between her pussy lips she let go, never loosing eye contact with him. It was fascinating to see the look on his face change as he buried his cock into my sister. He went from having a normal look to one of a wild, out of control with pure lust and raging hormones. I could sense that my sister was no longer a person to him, she was now just a hot white slut to fuck and use as a sex toy.

I grabbed the empty cup I brought with me into the limo and positioned it between my legs so when I blew my load I wouldn’t make a mess in the car. I went back to jerking off while I watched my sister getting a great fuck on the hood of her car. Megan was moaning as loud as she could as she just lay there on her car hood, I heard her yell out, ‘oh yes fuck me! Fuck me hard! I want everyone to cum inside of me! Fuck me like a slut!’

That seemed to work the manager into frenzy as he pounded his cock into her faster and faster. I watched my sister’s perfect tits bouncing all around in mixer motion. She squirmed around as much as she could but he kept a death grip on her legs, keeping her steady as he groaned like a wild animal. He let go of her legs and placed both hands on her left tit. One of the other guys moved around to my sister’s right side and grabbed her other tit. I watched him fondle it, pulling and pinching her nipple. She moaned even louder once the two of them began playing with her tits. I felt my loins tightening up as my own cum load built up. I didn’t bother to hold it as long as I could. With a few more strokes on my cock and with the great visual stimulation of watching Megan being fucked I let my spunk fly. All I felt was spurt after spurt of my cum shoot out of my own prick as I deposited it into the cup.

The manager grunted out, ‘oh yeah bitch your pussy is gonna make me cum!’ My sister raised her head up a bit.

“Do it! Cum inside of my pussy. I want to feel your blow your sticky spunk inside of me. Come on…do it…come on and fucking cum!” Megan kept hissing this over and over to him. He released her tit and grabbed her around the waist and yelled out, ‘take this you slut!’ I knew he was about to release his seed into her. He groaned out and gave my sister hard, quick thrusts with his huge cock. I knew that unleashing his cum wad deep inside of her. She screamed out too as her orgasm hit. She arched her back; her tits bounced all over as the two of them came.

As soon as he emptied his balls inside of Megan he pulled out of her pussy. The guy standing next to him pushed him out of the way and took his place; giving my sister no rest he slammed his black meat into her pussy and took his turn fucking her. I listened to my sister moaning ‘oh god’ over and over again as he went to town fucking her. He commented on how tight, wet and sticky her cunt was, he laughed and said he was going to make it even stickier. I said under my breath, ‘yeah do it. Fuck’n fill my sister’s tight cunt with cum’.

My sister’s body was already covered with sweat. Her hair was becoming matted down from all the sweat coming off of her body. As I continued to watch the next guy fuck her I almost began to feel sorry for her. As she moaned and screamed out in pleasure I felt bad at how worn out she looked already and this was on the second guy to fuck her. She still had to pleasure him then the other two guys eagerly waiting their turn with her. But that thought quickly disappeared as my own enjoyment grew just watching her getting another good fuck. The other two black guys waiting their turn didn't just stand around, each of them moved around to either side of her, bent over and sucked her nice tits while they friend satisfied his own sexual desires.

"How's that pussy feel? Pretty good, eh." The manager said to the guy fucking my sister.

As he rammed his big thick black cock in and out of Megan he said back. "Oh fuck yeah! I'm glad this bitch didn't want to pay her bill. This slut has the best pussy I've ever jammed my cock into." He pounded my sister harder and faster causing her to raise her head and scream out, 'oh god yes...fuck me with that big fuck stick!'

I zoomed in with the camera to get a better look at my sisters' face while she was being hammered. Her face was glazed over and she was actually drooling a bit as she kept moaning 'fuck me, fuck me' while watching the fat black cock go in and out of her pussy. This little hot sex scene continued for a few more minutes before the guy happily told everybody 'the little slut is going to make me cum!'

Megan spoke up in a tired but sexy voice, 'come on do it! Blow your cum inside of me. Come on, fill my pussy with cum.' He pounded her faster as the other two guys stopped sucking on her tits, grabbed their cocks waiting for their turn with her. He was fucking my sister so hard I thought her tits would just fly off her body or that he was going to spilt her in half. That's when he looked up at the ceiling and groaned 'oh yeah I'm cumming. Take this bitch!'

He looked back down at her as he slammed his prick into her over and over again all he kept saying was 'oh yeah, oh yeah.' As he unleashed his jizz inside of her, Megan reached down and began rubbing her clit, trying to make herself get off at the same time. No such luck, he finished well before my sister was able to get her self off. He pulled out of her and I saw some spunk come out as he withdrew his massive, slick meat. He took a couple of steps backwards from between her legs and that is when the other two guys went into action. One of them grabbed her arm and yanked her up off of the car hood. The other guy grabbed the blanket and quickly threw it onto the floor.

"Megan, get on your hands and knees!" The guy holding her arm snapped at her, the pushed her down towards the blanket. She did as he said, assuming the on all fours position. Wow, did those guys move quickly. The manager got down on his knees in front of her, grabbed her by the hair and shoved his cock into her face.

"SUCK IT! CLEAN MY COCK OFF! You still haven't worked off your bill." The manager yelled at her. He grabbed his semi hard, slick cock and went right to licking it clean. I watched her run her tongue all over his prick as he moaned with approval. The other guy who told her to get on her hands and knees knelt down behind her. The manager looked at him and smiled, "You gonna fuck that pussy?"

"Naw man, I want this ass!" He slapped her ass cheek with one hand as he stroked his prick with the other. Then he pressed his cock between her ass cheeks, he grabbed them with his hands and pulled them apart. He stopped and then shoved his cock into her pussy, giving it a few strokes.

"I thought you were going fuck her nice ass?"

"I want to get my cock lubed up first. She sure is wet enough." Then he pulled his cock out of her pussy, it was nice and slick now. He pushed it between her ass cheeks and drove it home, right up her tight ass. Megan let go of the manager's cock and screamed out in both pain and pleasure. While her mouth was wide open the manager grabbed his prick and stuck it into her mouth, muffling her moans. He started slow but quickly increased his pace as he fucked my sister's ass. I watched the manager become rock hard again as my sister sucked him good. He pulled out and the other guy who just got finished fucking her took his place in front of her. He told her the same thing, to suck his cock clean. Like a good horny slut, my sister did what she was told and worked on cleaned his prick off with her tongue and mouth. He took his time working her hot ass with his cock which pissed off the last guy who was waiting his turn with Megan. He walked off and came back with a condom on his prick.

"Hey man stop fucking her ass for a moment. I got an idea." The manager asked him what was up with the condom and he said, "I want to fuck that pussy but I don't want a lot jizz on my cock." He laid down on the blanket and told Megan to take a ride on his prick. She did what he said without a word. She hovered over his prick and guided it right into her cum filled pussy. They both moaned as she slid all the way down on his big shaft. She began to bounce up and down on his prick but didn't last more than 30 seconds before he reached up and pulled her down on to his body. I saw him grab her tits and he began to suck on them. She was now bent over, her ass once again right there. Now the guy who was fucking her ass got a huge a grin on his face, he assumed the position behind her and I watched with delight as he slid his prick back into her ass. My sister went wild, screaming and moaning. I knew she was being stretched to her limit having a big black cock in both her pussy and ass at the same time. Now the two of them went to fucking her as the other two guys stood there slowly stroking their cocks as they watch.

The guy fucking her ass lasted another couple of minutes before he blew his wad. He tensed up and everyone could tell by his breathing and grunting that he was going to blow his wad. Sure enough he did. He didn't say a lot as he unloaded his spunk into her ass. He just kept groaning with each thrust of his prick into her ass, and then he quickly pulled out and jerked off the rest of his wad onto her ass cheeks. He stood up, looking down and smiling at the sight of his cum on her ass. The other guy pushed my sister off of him by placing his hands on her tits. He rolled her off, flipped her back over onto her knees, pulled the condom off and took his turn fucking her ass. The first guy to fuck her ass went around, faced my sister. She grabbed his prick and went to work on his black shaft.

This guy wrapped his arms around her waist and fucked my sister like a dog. It was very hot watching the way he arched his back and just went at her. For a moment I could picture her getting fucked by a dog like that, just thinking that gave me an instant erection. I don't know why, I am not a fan of bestiality but I never thought I would be into incest either. Any way’s I kept filming as he kept working her great ass with his fat cock. The other guys kept shouting encouragement to him, telling him to give it to her good, fuck that ass, etc. He grunted away for awhile working her sweet ass. I thought back to what it felt like fucking my sister, what her tight ass and pussy felt like wrapped around my cock. I lost track of time, snapped out of my own lustful thoughts when I heard him say, 'yeah Megan I'm gonna cum in your ass.'

He sat up straight on his knees still holding her at the waist, groaning louder and louder with each thrust of his prick. Finally he groaned 'fuck yeah' as he did he thrust his cock into her ass with long hard strokes. I knew he was cumming and my sister looked over her shoulder at him and moaned 'oh yes fuck my ass. I can feel your hot cum. More, I want more.'

My sister stood up; giving the four guys a glance she spoke up, "So can I have the keys to my car now? I assume I have worked off my bill."

The three guys looked at their manager, he gave a snicker. "Hell no! We haven't shot our wads down your throat. So get down on your knees and start sucking."

They all grabbed their pricks and began to wag them at Megan. She didn't say a word; she slowly dropped down onto her knees, grabbed two cocks and opened her mouth for the manager. He slid his hard cock into her mouth and she began to suck away.

She stayed on her knees working the managers’ long cock in and out of her mouth while jerking on the two other guys cocks. He kept saying to my sister, 'suck it, yeah that's it, suck it good. You are a great cock sucking slut.' A few minutes went by with her slurping away on his shaft. He suddenly pulled my sisters head off of his cock.

"Ok Megan, don't forget everyone else. I think we all want to cum in your mouth at the same time. Since you love spunk we will give you plenty to swallow." He then changed places with one of his buddies. The guy who was the last to fuck my sister was getting hard again just by watching her sucking off everyone else. Meanwhile I watched my sister orally satisfying the other three guys. It was so hot watching her sucking on big black cock and seeing her petite white hand stroking the other two. She went from cock to cock sucking away bringing them to their next climax. I started jerking myself off again; I really loved watching my sister pleasure other guys. Soon the forth guy added his prick to the mix, the four of them surrounded my sister. They let her concentrate on just one cock, giving her hands a rest. The three who were not getting sucked off were standing there watching Megan sucking and licking on the one cock.

They would stroke their cocks while watching. When they wanted my sister to suck on their cock they would slap her in the face and order her, 'ok slut suck on my cock now.' I think it took her about 15 minutes, sucking on everyone huge pricks to get them to the point where they were ready to blow their loads. The manager was stroking his cock looking down at my sister then he looked at his buddies.

"I'm ready to cum, you guys ready to give this slut some spunk?" All of them nodded yes and gave grunting 'yeah's' in response. I noticed all of them were grinning ear to ear. I knew what they were thinking and feeling at that moment. There is nothing like cumming in a hot woman's mouth; especially one who loves cum and loves to swallow. I don't think there is guy out there who wouldn't love shooting his wad into a willing open mouth. My sister released the cock that was in her mouth and just stayed on her knees looking up at the four of them wildly stroking on their big black cocks. I saw her lick her lips a couple of times which only encouraged the four of them even more. Then the manager yelled at my sister, "OPEN YOUR MOUTH SLUT! STICK OUT YOUR FUCKING TONGUE!"

Megan did exactly that, I watched her open wide; she stuck out her pierced tongue and tilted her head back ready to receive his salty load. I zoomed in with the camera so I just had her face, her mouth and his cock centered, I wanted to get the full effect of him blowing his wad into my sisters’ mouth. The manager jerked on his cock, aiming it right for her open mouth. I heard him say a couple of times, ‘oh yeah I’m gonna cum in that pretty mouth’. Megan kept her mouth open ready to receive some hot sticky spunk. Then I could see his body stiffen as did his huge cock and I knew he was going blow his load. His buddies kept jerking off while watching, telling him to cum in her mouth.

Without a word his cock exploded into my sisters mouth. A large stream of thick white cum jetted out of his prick and into her mouth. Then several smaller spurts of his thick white jizz blew out of his cock and I watched in sheer delight as he covered Megan’s tongue with cum. I could tell she was smiling as he emptied his balls into her. He was grinning ear to ear as well as he jerked the last bit of jizz out his prick and onto her tongue piercing.

“Ok now swallow it and don’t spill a drop or you don’t get your car back.” He said to her. Then he added, “And make it quick, I know the rest of the guys want to cum down your throat.” He pulled her cum covered tongue into her mouth, closed her lips and visibly swallowed the huge load. I could see she swallowed a couple of times before she opened her mouth again sticking her tongue out to show everyone that it was clean.

The manager said ‘now that’s what I’m talking about. A hot cum loving, cum eating slut.’ Two of his buddies nearly pushed him out of the way as they were wildly jerking off. My sister opened wide for them and they both moved in closer, their cock head’s just an inch over her tongue. Both of them unleashed a flood of cum into her open mouth. Both spurts I know went right down her throat, I saw my sister gag a bit as she quickly tried to swallow with her mouth still open. The two guys kept jerking off, blowing their cum all over her tongue and chin.

“Oh yeah let’s cover her face with cum.” One of them said. The two them did their best to jerk off the rest of the loads all over my sisters’ face. I saw cum on her forehead, nose and then on her closed eyes. Once the two of them were done they stepped back and let the last guy take his turn. As they changed places my sister quickly swallowed while wiping the cum off her eyes, quickly licking her fingers clean and opening her eyes again. The last guy told Megan to lean backwards on her hands. He straddled her body and proceeded to give her a nice cum shower.

The first spurt of cum he jerked off onto her tits. Then he moved up a bit more aiming his cock right at her mouth and he proceeded to jerk off into her mouth. He mainly blew his jizz onto her tongue and watched it sliding down back down her throat. My sister kept swallowing as each cum wad slid down her tongue. Once he was done they ordered my sister to sit back up and suck them dry. She did just that, holding one cock in her hand, running her tongue all over it before sliding it into her mouth and sucking the last bits of cum out of each shaft. Once she had done that then they let her use her fingers to clean off their spunk from her face. After that they made her lick the spunk off her tits but by then a nice stream of spunk had run down between them down to her pierced belly button. She saved all of that for last.

Megan then stood up, her body glistening from all the sweat and spunk. “Ok can I now have my car and I will straighten out the bill with my brother.” The manager laughed.

“Oh I read the bill wrong; your brother did take care of it.” They all gave evil laughs. My sister looked a bit pissed for a second. Then she smiled and replied, ‘well I had a good fuck and a nice snack.’

They all got dressed and when the manager handed my sister her car keys he gave a piece of paper.

“This is my home address. I have couple of other guys who have always wanted to fuck a hot white chick. If you want some more black cock let me know.”

Once she had left I got out of the limo with my camera. The guys thanked me for setting them up with my sister. They said how lucky I was to have a hot sister who was such a great fuck. I agreed, thanked them and left. I had a feeling Megan would be ‘thanking’ me for the work I had done on her car and I could hardly wait.

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